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Tannehill's decision-making light years better than Sanchez

I just got done watching the Jets and Tennessee.

And when I stopped shaking my head in disbelief (this took several minutes) it dawned on me that one thing Mark Sanchez has been unable or refused to learn through nearly four full seasons as an NFL starter, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill seems to do seemingly by instinct.

Sanchez, a mistake machine who has turned the ball over and NFL high 50 times the last two seasons, throws into double and triple coverage time and time and time again. It's like he's almost trying to throw interceptions.

He does it when he's got time. He does it when he's under pressure and seemingly panicked. He does it a lot.

He'll see one receiver and maybe two defenders and somehow believe that's a good place to go with the football.

It's incredible that he does it.

Tannehill rarely if ever does this and he's started only 12 NFL games.

"... On the film, there’s not a lot of they’ve got four, we’ve got one," Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said. "I think that’s a good place to start. And I think his overall awareness as a young player is very good.”

I'm not saying Tannehil is a great quarterback. He's not yet. I'm not even saying he's going to be great once he gains more experience and has more talent around him. We'll just have to see if that happens.

But Tannehill's chances of being good are, well, good if he makes good decisions. It's a fundamental principle. If he keeps the football out of harm's way, he already has the game-managing thing licked.

It's good to have the Miami quarterback in that place.

It's especially good when you consider the Jets quarterback isn't anywhere near that place.


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I guess we will never ever know what impact Brandon Marshalls would have had in the development of Tannehill .. Ireland is tooooo questionable with his ego power , the same thing with Vontae Davis __ I'm saying this and I really believe that with Marshalls and Davis still on the roster, that coulda been 2-3 more wins the Fins could have had for this season

oscar, get a life

We'd have 3-4 more wins if Moore played. These idiots wasted the season.

Why would Fins stunt Tannehills growth playing Moore, who doesnt even have a 2013 contract?

Cain't read the Herald anymore. Now it's the Herald Plus at $0.99. I don't have a debit or credit card. What should I do?

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Casselll played well on the patriots when Brady got hurt and has sucked ever since in KC so there is something to be said about the players around a qb and the system they are in...Stop comparing tannehill to henne, tanny is much better and more confident and has a very short memory. plus don't forget he played qb only one year in college while henne played 4 yet I don't see tanny overwhelmed even though he is highly inexperenced. Brady has been a very good qb in a very good system that has not changed much his very long career. Brady's first few years were nothing like they are today and even today with all the talent he has he still gets beat by Eli manning. You all have to stop hating and start supporting your team and the future of this team because it has not looked this bright in a long time....so stop your whining the loses we have had this year have been team loses and the wins have been them wins. Stop blaming a rookie qb for the inability of a team.



so true Finfan in Orlando

I would like to see us pick up 2 wide receivers M.W. and D.B. keep D.B. for slot and also keep B.H for crossing routs that will take away 4 or 5 defences players thats not on the line a good T.E that can block and catch now your up to 6 players off the line now you can run the ball with running backs and RT. pick up some good CB and saftys for our back field to defend the pass. were be in great shape.

I had a dream once that the Dolphins used top draft picks on guys like Yatil Green, John Avery, Eddie Moore, Jason Allen, Ted Ginn JR., John Beck, and Pat White. What's that...that wasn't a dream? Well no wonder we're not a playoff team.

If you can recall, Sanchez college coach said he was not ready for the NFL. Of course you do not tell anybody from NewYork something they do not know. They now have Sanchez and should have to keep him until he qualifies for all NFL benefits as a penalty for stunting his College degree.

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