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The price of mediocrity? It's going up for the Dolphins

The Dolphins call this a measuring stick game.

And I would tell you that most observers who measure the Dolphins see them as a mediocre team -- at best. So what does a mediocre team do with starters that aren't quite stars but are good enough to threaten significant attention in free agency?

Whatever the Dolphins do it means the price of doing business with these players is going waaaay up after this season.

Whatever you think of Brian Hartline or Sean Smith or Randy Starks, all of them are going to get significant pay raises after their contract expire this year and heading into free agency. All of them. I tell you here the contract neighborhood those players expect to be after 2012.

I tell you where the contract talks are with those players. I also tell you here which player has had no contract negotiations with the Dolphins and is likely to be done playing for Miami after this season. (Hint: He plays running back).

Back to the measuring stick issue, today will offer comparison between the Dolphins and a team with championship aspirations. The Patriots, as you may know, are 18-0 in the second half of seasons since 2010, including 2-0 this year.

They're good.

So if the players we discuss above have a great game against New England or help the Dolphins beat the Patriots today, they will argue they're worth their high asking price. Fair.

But what if Miami loses? Does that mean those guys aren't worth it? I don't think so. The truth is the Dolphins can't really lose ground this offseason. They lost ground before this season in dealing away Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis and now wide receiver and cornerback are team needs.

So they're going to lose Sean Smith or Brian Hartline -- a cornerback and wide receiver -- and make a hole a bigger hole? It's an interesting situation.

By the way, there's a live blog today. Starts in the comment section. I'll be there around kickoff.


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How can he misss a pass wide open like that?

That was a Henne overthrow

Bet Hartline signs with the Pats next year and destroys us for the next 10 seasons.

Man that was 7


Yeah the D/L is getting a little pressure early. But I want to see them sack him or see them when NE runs the no huddle.



def on you that time tannehill i cant defend that pass. UGH

Even a rookie qb has to make that throw

Horrible Guard Play!!

Try a field goal!!!!

I think the Pats will have more TD's than we have first downs today.

Missed an easy 7 points. tannehill has no toutch

Tannehill sucks folks, that's a textbook nfl throw and he completely overthrew him.

Cmon D

how do you let someone that fat get around you?

Was that John Jerry that Vince Wilfork blew up? Nasty.

Relax. Tom Brady also had one overthrown...

Armando is right. Hartline is a very good player. If he had Brady throwing him the ball, he would be a pro-bowler.

Its only his first year. Give him time

Wow thought Henne was playing for the dolphins again with that Tannehill overthrow. Sad to say Tannehill reminds me way too much of Henne.

"Let's settle the argument on Hartline now. He's a good player. Period."


Of course he is & we need to re-sign him. What's the argument exactly???

Our D will be totally exhausted by the second quarter.

We really needed that long pass. Can't let those chances slip against this team.


No seems the Pats are picking on Incognito and he has been anything but the way Wilfork is abusing him.

Brady goes deep on this series.

lol Brady did overthrow someone wide open too so chill.

Tannehill should have made that pass but it happens as frustrating as it is. But every mistake he makes people get on him hardcore about it

Guys I don't think the argument is whether Hartline is or isn't a good player. The question is what his worth in FA is. If we're getting anywhere close to $7 mil a year, I'm not interested.

D is looking good


Forgot To Say That. U Can Still Throw Screens. Or Should At Least Throw Screens. For The Blitz. And To Change it Up.

On Bubble Screens. The Fins Don't Have a Deep Threat. Even Though A Couple Screens To Hartline Won't Hurt.

tannehills pass wasn't that bad. hartiline was not fast enough to catch up, plain and simple.

Burnett just got lit up!!!

Clemons. Sucks.

Ryan Tannehill, the WORST QB in football.



RESHAD! Best DB we have!

That's what I amtalkjng about

Ryan Tannehill, the WORST QB in football.

wow you are an idiot

Wow. When was the last time you saw one of those?

Refs figuring out a way to take this away from Miami

Translation: Good news. Not great news.

Jones! But a penalty...crap

rashad jones is a good football player

At least we kept the ball.

These refs suck

And We Still Get Screwed!!!!!

What a beautiful play by Jones!!!!


Where is the reply of those fouls

Of course Fins get a INT and a TD and a stupid penalty kills it

Man I a pumped

Refs save Tom Brady from an embarrassing SportCenter highlight

Wow we needed that TD. I don't have a lot of faith in Tannehill driving us in for a TD. I hope I am wrong.

Jake Long is out of the game (injured) and Jonathan Martin is in at left tackle.

always find a way to take away great plays

We are getting 7 here


Refs just hate the domphins

Refs conspiring to keep NE ahead

thigpin is a stud

Long is done for the day...

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