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The price of mediocrity? It's going up for the Dolphins

The Dolphins call this a measuring stick game.

And I would tell you that most observers who measure the Dolphins see them as a mediocre team -- at best. So what does a mediocre team do with starters that aren't quite stars but are good enough to threaten significant attention in free agency?

Whatever the Dolphins do it means the price of doing business with these players is going waaaay up after this season.

Whatever you think of Brian Hartline or Sean Smith or Randy Starks, all of them are going to get significant pay raises after their contract expire this year and heading into free agency. All of them. I tell you here the contract neighborhood those players expect to be after 2012.

I tell you where the contract talks are with those players. I also tell you here which player has had no contract negotiations with the Dolphins and is likely to be done playing for Miami after this season. (Hint: He plays running back).

Back to the measuring stick issue, today will offer comparison between the Dolphins and a team with championship aspirations. The Patriots, as you may know, are 18-0 in the second half of seasons since 2010, including 2-0 this year.

They're good.

So if the players we discuss above have a great game against New England or help the Dolphins beat the Patriots today, they will argue they're worth their high asking price. Fair.

But what if Miami loses? Does that mean those guys aren't worth it? I don't think so. The truth is the Dolphins can't really lose ground this offseason. They lost ground before this season in dealing away Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis and now wide receiver and cornerback are team needs.

So they're going to lose Sean Smith or Brian Hartline -- a cornerback and wide receiver -- and make a hole a bigger hole? It's an interesting situation.

By the way, there's a live blog today. Starts in the comment section. I'll be there around kickoff.


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Holding a drive killer.

R. Jones Is Our Best Player Back There.

Hartline Is a "Good" Player. NOT GREAT. Which is the PROBLEM WE HAVE HERE.

Like Matt Moore Good Player Not Great! Yet Some Here Think He is A GOD!


great 2nd and 20 call moronic sherman

Daniel Thomas fumbles.

This play calling is awful

Oh boy...And Thomas was starting to look better.

Daniel Thomas out of the game. See you next week.

what the hell are these play calls????????

I don't even think we'll get a FG, offense just going backwards on one of the worst D's in the league

horrible play calling just horrible

Crap. Patriots will get thew calls today. That ref was making it up as he went along.

so is coach tony FAILBIN going to pull thomas from the game???

We can't take advantage of anything. God this team stinks.

No pist fump please. Need a td.

2nd and 20 and you fu king run it??

bye bye thomas



1.. 2... 3..

Daniel Thomas should take a friggin seat for the rest of the game. Bring in Miller!!


Ok. I hope we get at least 3pts. Martin at right tackle might be a blessing. Lets see

this is sad and pathetic.

Craig, there go your Jake Long plans dude. When's the last time he's played an entire Season? Like Cris Carter said, the most important thing for a player is for him to be AVAILABLE! I don't hear about Joe Thomas not finishing a Season. You can't expect top money if you can't last 16 games.

Jones makes one of the best plays of the season & we can't capitalize.

How many teams run on on 2nd and 20 in the opponents side of the field...jeez wtf try a short slant or something

how do you run the ball on 2nd and 20 just amazing

guess sparano is back there playing for the FG

Jake Long is back on the sideline after being out with a triceps injury. He had been in the locker room.

I imagine Daniel Thomas will be back to help with blocking now that Jake Long is out for the season with a torn triceps.

FACEMASK no Call!!

Still early


ON A QB!!!!

time to chunk a FG.... just to show how bad they SUCK!!!

Clearly no call....

NO!!! that's not a facemask refs!!!!

personal foulnot called...the officials are a joke.


You kidding? Thomas all done because of the fumble? Wonder what Philbin would do if he Adrian Peterson or Ray Rice on the team. It's a 'no mistake' policy. How come the same rules don't apply to his QB? Strange strategy.

I hope the referees get off their knees!!! Seriously facemask!!!!!

Hey-one of you over paid millionaires-put in Lamar Miller-he can catch + run better than anyone on the field-he doesn't need to protect if he's doing either one

I think the refs are not our on side....again...and again...

We can't take advantage of anything. God this team stinks.


You said it.

Where is the flask mask!

Well that run got us in range

bye bye long.

when you are as good as the SUCKFISH you get the calls!!

Great chance to see if we need Long or not now!!! As for Tannehill, yes he looks a little off so far but that long ball was a shade too long, a true burner like we need would have it easy, plus Brady missed an even wider open Edelman by much more earlier, does Brady suck too????? Morons bashing the kid again, I hope people in your life arent as critical on you idiots!!!

we NEVER get calls just get used to it

REFs are clearly in the tank for NE today


Cris Carter? What teams has he built? He's just a talking head.

You suggesting they just let Jake walk away?

New England. Smart timeout. Make us kick at the bad end. Great coaching.

We capitalized on the turnover. VERY IMPORTANT!

Another fumble. We got it back but still can't bode well for bush.

field goals do not cut it vs the pats, never have never will

I guess Long's not allowed to get hurt now.

Good redemption kick

tannehill's pass to hartiline was not bad. you can't put too much air under those throws.

Just take out Brady!!! It's worth it!!!





like a bad picther.... the SUCKFISH won't get the corner call, but tom crybrady will get the tuck call all day long

How come the same rules don't apply to his QB? Strange strategy.

Posted by: Craig M | December 02, 2012 at 01:43 PM

Because Tannehill needs experience, as much as possible. They have determined Moore is not the future.

Sweet!!! On the board

By the way DC,

Last time Long played a full season? This year.

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