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Through 12 gamess Moore was better than Tannehill

Remember when Joe Philbin, faced with a rebuilding year, staunchly refused to admit the Dolphins were rebuilding?

We all expected it to be a rebuilding season and knew for certain it was coming when rookie Ryan Tannehill won the starting job in the preseason. Let's face it, many rookies need time to acclimate and grow into the quarterback position in the NFL.

(Well, maybe not Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson but you get the idea).

The point is Tannehill has so far proven one thing this year and it is not that he's a future franchise quarterback. He's proven what everyone said before the draft was right. He's raw, he's inexperienced, he's a project.

The proof of this is not so much how Tannehill compares to the other rookie quarterbacks within his own draft class. It is how he compares with the veteran who played with basically the same cast of talent in Miami last year.

The proof is how Tannehill compares to what Matt Moore did with the practically same offensive group last year. And this is the perfect time for that comparison because Tannehill has started 12 games for the Dolphins. And Moore started 12 games for the Dolphins in 2011.

Tannehill has completed 210 of 363 passes (57.9 completion percentage) for 2,559 yards. He has thrown seven TDs and 12 INTs. His quarterback rating is 72.3. The Dolphins are 5-7.

Moore in the same number of 2011 games completed 193 of 321 passes (60.1 percent) for 2,330 yards. He threw 16 TDs and 8 INTs. His quarterback rating was 88.7. The Dolphins were 6-6.

The comparison is valid now because obviously the number of games between both players is equal. But the point is not necessarily that Moore was better.

The point is the Dolphins this year have taken a step backward in quarterback performance. Moore delivered better QB play than Tannehill but still was not deemed good enough because Miami drafted a quarterback in the first round and signed another accomplished veteran in David Garrard.

But now the Dolphins are accepting worse quarterback play with the expectation that today's pain will lead to tomorrow's gain. No one is saying that Tannehill should be benched -- even Philbin this week admitted he's not considered it at all this season.

And no is is suggesting the Dolphins will need to look for another (better) quarterback in the draft next year -- no one is saying it yet, anyway.


Because this is a rebuilding year. Tannehill is getting something of a pass this year.

Even if Philbin didn't want to admit it early on.


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Have a great day!

Moore had MArshall! big big difference! And the stats are not that much different please!

I said at the beginning of the year I would have started Moore over Tannehill. Yes Tannehill beat him in camp but my reasoning was that it delays the inevitable 'clock' that will be placed on Tannehill by the fans and media. Guys have hit us over the head that it's in a QBs best interest to start right out of the gate. I'm saying, 'we'll see'. For every guy that this strategy has worked well for, there are others who have benefited from time on the bench and others who's careers have been ruined from starting right away. I'm saying 'let's wait and see'.

while I get that there's benefit to starting a QB right away, the inevitable 'clock' starts, usually when a kid isn't ready for Prime Time. So Tannehill makes it through this year. What happens if he struggles NEXT year? How soon before this team bring someone in to compete for his spot and how soon before people start clamouring for his replacement. My way would have delayed this for a little bit.

About time and thanks Mando.

Please let Craig M be next Armando

Dude, Tannehill IS A ROOKIE!!! And yes there other rookies that you can point to but he still a rookie. Give a break!

Awesome news, Armando. That's the kind of stuff many of us have been hoping for for a VERY long time. Cheers to you guys!

Terrible article. Moore is a veteran who had a pro bowl receiver and was playing with nothing to lose. Tannehill is growing each week. Give him more weapons and I believe he'll grow into a great qb. Give him time. Remember Drew Brees first year?

Craig, Tannehill is on scholarship for one year.

If he struggles next year I expect he'll be subject to benching and being replaced after the season. I'm not even sure the Dolphins don't draft a QB in April, depending on how Tannehill finishes this year.

NFL is not for long. Two years is a lifetime in this league and more than enough time for today's QBs to figure things out.

Hello the poor guy has no wide receivers to throw to...Moore had marshall...stop with these senseless posts

His numbers don't look as good because of his his lack of TD throws. What I do like is that he gets the ball downfield (Checkdown Chad!) and he's accurate.

If the Dolphins re-sign Hartline and pick up a number one receiver/deep threat in the offseason then year two will look pretty good I think.

Better our position than the Jets!


Way to step it up.

I keep repeating that I think it is very hard to evaluate Tannehill. IMO it is 50/50 that he works out. We want to believe he is the future, and he gets his hall pass for the year. But if he performs poorly again next year..The talking heads are going to be claiming "I told you so. I never wanted him in the first place" The supporters will reply with the ol' ...It is only his second year look at Drew Brees' numbers..Eli's numbers retort that is just as tired

..At some point it will be up to Tannehill to play better. Yes he needs some upgrades. But part of being a good quarterback is elevating the play of the other guys around you...We have seen it a bit with Hartline. So the ability is there..the consistancy..not so much.

Moore is far better. Not even close.

The comparison is NOT valid. When Matt Moore took the reins for the Dolphins last year, he was in his 5th NFL season and had been a starting quarterback for 2 years with the Carolina Panthers.

And just by the way, in Moore's 4th season in the NFL (his second starting for the Panthers), his QB rating was 55.6 - which is why Carolina benched him in 2010 and he ended up in Miami in 2011.

Tannehill is a rookie and Moore had one of the 10 best receivers in the game on his side and could BARELY put up better stats than him. I like Moore but you are clearly delusional or fishing with this argument. It was not the same offensive group that's a very misinformed statement.

HAhaha, AWESOME!!!

You gave me the best Christmas ever in banning Home.

Ov, I know Tannehill is a rookie. And he's getting the rookie scholarship. You read that part, right?

What? You're offended that I would tell people what his stats are compared to Moore's last year? A little sensitive?


I agree what you're saying. I just would have delayed the decision on having to evaluate this guy. He's a bright, athletic guy. I just hate to think they'd rush him and ruin him, especially when he doesn't have much to work with. Having him sit for part of the season might have had some benefit too. There's no evidence that he's progressing as we go forward. In fact, it seems evident that he's 'regressing'.

We drafted kid too early, then through him in fire too soon. Said it since day 1. I'm not saying that he won't eventually be good, just saying that by starting him right away, it may have caused us a potential play-off spot.(not that we would have went far). But he was primarily responsible for causing us 2 or 3 more victories. Matt Moore is no Marino, but def more productive.

And yes sadly, Tannehill is a project. Maybe he'll pan out in a couple of years but he's not we we all hoped he would be. I do believe his progress was hampered by the O-line. I mean, how can you even begin to go thru progressions or look off LBs/CBs when you don't have time?

But be that as it may, Tannehill is aways off from being (if ever) a franchise QB.

And BTW Mando, I think benching Tannehill might do him some good.

He's already better than Sanchez lol

Bobby, terrible comment. I know Moore was playing with nothing to lose. You think Tannehill is playing with lots of pressure to go to the playoffs? Most fans in Miami don't even care enough about the team to show up so they don't put any pressure on him.

As for the talent around him, that Pro Bowl receiver you talked about didn't do a lot to help Henne did he? And he also dropped five TD passes, including three from Moore, so if you want to go there, add three more TDs to Moore's total.


I TOTALLY agree on your point that Hartline will be PRIME target for the Pats. He'd be a great replacement for Welker and is exactly the type of guy they'd want for that offence. If I'm Ireland I get a deal done with Hartline before he hits FA or kiss him goodbye. It could very well be that we're not just looking for ONE WR this offseason but TWO.

Lies, DAMN Lies and Statistics!!! Matt Moore had B.- Marsh to throw the ball to. Big Difference!!!

Would you guys offer Tannehill for Tebow? The guy is a winner and would put fans in the stands.

Armando @ 11:51: Piggy-backing on what you said - If Tannehill faces a horrible sophomore slump next year, then it's Sherman and Ireland who will also be on the line.

First, Thank you Armando.

Second, To be fair Moore did have Marshall.

Perhaps they were right and he should have sat and the Dolphins would be in a better spot right now, maybe with a shot at the playoffs. Either way I don't think it was going to be a superbowl year, so getting the rookie experience is fine by me.

tebow???lol tebow is horrible. what is wrong with u

Matt Moore is a winner, was very good at keeping the plays extended, by avoiding the pass rush and not standing there like robo Henne__ I thought the Dolphins should have drafted a top notch WR with the 8th pick, after all B. Marsalls was already traded . Now we are stuck with another QB development and at this late in the season Tannehill looks like a BUST !!

When it comes to Tannehill, lets not look at the facts.

Game experience is invaluable. Better to have Tannehill take his lumps now than start Moore and go 8-8

From Ben Volin @ Palm Beach Post

"...The Dolphins could have more than $50 million in salary-cap space this off-season, and a team source has told the Post that signing Long is a top priority..."

A "top priority" people. LOL.

bill, Tannehill is horrible too


LT same
LG same
C same
TE same
H-back Same
slot WR: same
RB: same

Isn't Moore an FA after this season? If so, then would Ireland get him a new contract as an insurance policy? But then again, Moore would want to start. KC, JAX and AZ would be attractive teams for him to compete. What a quandary Ireland's got now.

Barkley should be available with the Phins first pick next year.....Or they could pick up Vick in FA....

I actually think this fanbase could argue about the colour of the sky.

Armando just stated FACTS. You guys want to jump all over them. The stats don't lie. BIG difference in the TD and INT totals if you look at them. What that means in the grand scheme of things is debatable but the stats are the stats.

By the way, all you whining about Moore having a Pro Bowl WR:

Through 12 games this yr, Brian Hartline has 60 catches, 891 yards, 1TD.

Through 12 games last yr, Brandon Marshall 63 catches 910 yards, 3 TD.

Practically the same.

The proof of this is not so much how Tannehill compares to the other rookie quarterbacks within his own draft class. It is how he compares with the veteran who played with basically the same cast of talent in Miami last year.


You're absolutely wrong. Moore had Brandon Marshall on top of Bess & Hartline plus Bush had his best season as a pro last season.

Judging from everything I've seen, heard and read, Ross will pocket a good portion of that cap space money rather then upgrade the team.

I don't argue that Moore's stats were better in some areas. However, is it really fair to compare a 5th year pro to a 22 year old rookie?

A vet who had a Pro Bowl left tackle and a Pro Bowl receiver?

However I still point to the fact that Moore wilted every time we faced a competitive team? Tannehill has elevated his play at times against pretty good teams in Seattle and Cinicinnati.

In short, forget Moore, he wasn't the answer either.

And I don't care that we may have squeeeked into teh playoffs this year with Moore. I don;t believe it but even if it's true, we would've been squashed by Denver or New England. Might as well invest in a young guy with better tools and see what happens even if it means taking our lumps for a year.

Matt Moore would be a GREAT backup for this team again. But I believe he'll get a chance to start somewhere and that wil be appealing for him. Teams on that list include NYJ, Arizona, KC and even Philly. Not sure what the cap ramifications are for Philly to get out from under Vick but I believe whoever the new coach will be will want that. Moore knows Tannehill's the guy here. It'll be him and Flynn and Vick competing for different spots next year to start.

This was a horrible thing to do to the whole team. We could have won our division and could have possibly went to the big dance with Moore or Devlin at the helm along with our great defense; but that made way to much sense in Miami. First our best receiver is cut for rating; then we start a 5th round caliber qb before he is ready to save face. I knew that we were in trouble when Chad Johnson was disrespected and cut. The sad thing about this whole ordeal is, there is more stupidity to come!!!!!!!!

And let me be more accurage on the Marshall stats compared to Hartline. The previous looked at Marshall's first 12 games of the season. I should have looked at the last 12 which coincided with Moore starting.

In those final 12 games Marshall actually had 59 catches (one less than Hartline) for 901 yards (10 more yards).

So what's the big difference Pro Bowl WR or guy who is playing very well this year? Basically none.

Lets make the same excuses for Tannehill we made for Henne.


I don't think it's fair to say 'Moore wilted every time we played a good team last year'. He played very well against the Giants in NY and very well against Dallas on Thanksgiving and against the Pats at the end of the year. In a lot of those games it was the conservative play calling and the fact the defence let down, that cost us those games.

Not sure why the hatin' on Armando's post. He's not saying "replace Tannehill."

Do I think RT has played well? Nope. Has he played as well or better than could be expected? Yep.

Draft the kid a WR and TE and let's give 2013 a try. Lucky '13!


The reason Hartline and Bess are having career years is because of Tannehill. He took then to levels that guys like Henne and Moore never could.

Hypothetical... Which scenario is better? allowing Long to walk and then he returns to form for another team but we have cap space... Or franchise Long for a year and see if he can rehab into his old self for 15 mil a year?

My opinion is they can afford to pay him but they can't afford another hole on the online.

thill is a rookie who has shown promise. tebow has never shown a thing. guy is awful, cant even beat out dirty sanchez

Draft Matt Barkley and sign Michael Vick. Get some competition in here.

Tyler Eifort & Mike Wallace would be nice additions.

Mando the numbers are only slightly better. #1 Moore is and was a vet last year!
#2 Even tho Hartline numbers are pretty much the same , Hartline doesn't have defenses game planning around him. For the numbers to be so close you have to give it to the rookie for what he's done so far this season.

One last thing before I have to get to camp:

I'm not saying Moore is better than Tannehill or should be playing ahead of Tannehill.

My point is he played BETTER and it still wasn't good enough for the Dolphins. Tannehill is playing WORSE but everyone is being waiting and seeing, and as you see in some comments, actually defending him.

My point is he's on scholarship and this is a REBUILDING year.

Talk later.

Where's the comeback to what Armando's saying guys? You guys were pretty quick to jump on him, as far as Moore having Marshall but now you've all gone quiet. I don't hear a single, 'yeah, you know what, I guess you're right after all, Armando'.

Just silence....

armando u have to be smarter than that. marshall draws double coverage and takes it off the other wrs. much harder for him to get stats than hartline when single coverage is always on a guy like hartline who doesnt scare anyone

I think the real difference is Moore probably would have won more games. The ONLY advantage to starting Tannehill was to evaluate him in game conditions. And now what is the real question.

The running game was more productive last year & Marshall was here. Look Miami could have to 1000 yard receivers this year & if Bush has a few good games he could be a 1000 yard rusher.1 game difference in the win loss record is well worth starting Tannehill now

If I'm Ireland I make Moore the highest paid backup in the league.

everyone has some good points the bottom line is T-hill is our started i think the coaches did right by starting him the first game. Yes t-hill gets a pass due to he is not the only problem with the offense. I do question i have will T-hill become just a game manager or a top tier QB

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