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Through 12 gamess Moore was better than Tannehill

Remember when Joe Philbin, faced with a rebuilding year, staunchly refused to admit the Dolphins were rebuilding?

We all expected it to be a rebuilding season and knew for certain it was coming when rookie Ryan Tannehill won the starting job in the preseason. Let's face it, many rookies need time to acclimate and grow into the quarterback position in the NFL.

(Well, maybe not Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson but you get the idea).

The point is Tannehill has so far proven one thing this year and it is not that he's a future franchise quarterback. He's proven what everyone said before the draft was right. He's raw, he's inexperienced, he's a project.

The proof of this is not so much how Tannehill compares to the other rookie quarterbacks within his own draft class. It is how he compares with the veteran who played with basically the same cast of talent in Miami last year.

The proof is how Tannehill compares to what Matt Moore did with the practically same offensive group last year. And this is the perfect time for that comparison because Tannehill has started 12 games for the Dolphins. And Moore started 12 games for the Dolphins in 2011.

Tannehill has completed 210 of 363 passes (57.9 completion percentage) for 2,559 yards. He has thrown seven TDs and 12 INTs. His quarterback rating is 72.3. The Dolphins are 5-7.

Moore in the same number of 2011 games completed 193 of 321 passes (60.1 percent) for 2,330 yards. He threw 16 TDs and 8 INTs. His quarterback rating was 88.7. The Dolphins were 6-6.

The comparison is valid now because obviously the number of games between both players is equal. But the point is not necessarily that Moore was better.

The point is the Dolphins this year have taken a step backward in quarterback performance. Moore delivered better QB play than Tannehill but still was not deemed good enough because Miami drafted a quarterback in the first round and signed another accomplished veteran in David Garrard.

But now the Dolphins are accepting worse quarterback play with the expectation that today's pain will lead to tomorrow's gain. No one is saying that Tannehill should be benched -- even Philbin this week admitted he's not considered it at all this season.

And no is is suggesting the Dolphins will need to look for another (better) quarterback in the draft next year -- no one is saying it yet, anyway.


Because this is a rebuilding year. Tannehill is getting something of a pass this year.

Even if Philbin didn't want to admit it early on.


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OKAY!so we make the post season,then who do we beat? We are not ready for prime time just yet, we still need more talent, then we can have a chance to win. What happen last year has no bearing on this year. Bill

bad slump? lol make up your mind people. after seattle game everyone acted like he was marino, now they act like hes henne. hes a rookie people, plenty of ups and downs. guy is developing

So I've watched Tannehill both in college and pros and I have no idea how he was a 1st rd pick.

so u havent seen much of thill cause he has started 31 games in his career only

Craig, would you feel that way if the dolphins sends the 49ners home with a serious headache and a loss?

Tannehill plays like a 7th rd project.

david bond are u legally retarded in florida?

Don Shula's own words:

"They've got the right leadership coaching now," he said. "Joe Philbin is an excellent coach, handles himself well. I like Ryan Tannehill - you can see he's a good athlete. He's going to just keep getting better. That's what this franchise needs: young players that are going to keep getting better. We're headed in the right direction."

But of course you clueless nitwits know better. Carry on.

People, the reason I did not want to scrap the season is because I did not see anything all year that REMOTELY suggest that Tannehill is going to develop into a good qb!

i agree, love how we have gotten much better already than anyone thought we would this year. now our biggest draft in franchise history is up and we better not let ireland run it

Guys, a co-worker at The Herald said it might make the point more clear to you to compare Moore in his first 12 starts EVER to Tannehill's first ever 12.

In his first 12 Moore:

199 of 332 (59.9 completion percent) for 2,369 with 17 TDs and 11 INTs.

Again, Tannehill:

210 of 363 (58 percent) for 2,559 yards with 7 TD and 12 INT.

So much for the argument about comparing Moore in his fourth year to Tannehill as rookie. The advantage still belongs to Moore.

The same people that loved HenneBust love TanneBust. TOO FUNNY!!

Pointless article - this is a rebuilding year & therefore the stats aren't really relevant. New coaches, new schemes, limited at WR & an O-line that is still a work in progress. Add to that that Tannehill has very limited experience as a QB and is in fact learning the position in flight! Nobody at Miami is going to admit this is year 1 of the rebuilding but only a fool would think otherwise. Despite all of this we've already won 1 game more than the pundits predicted - and narrowly lost 2 others in OT. I'd happily lose the rest of our games in OT to secure higher draft picks & speed the rebuilding process up. (This wont include future bust Barkley!) What has concerned me about RT is his failure to throw more than 1 TD in a game but I believe this years experience means he can be accurately judged next year. I Don't understand the point of the article - it just seems fatuous!


You make a lot of really good points but I'm not sure if the overall 8th pick only gets a two year leash (this year & next year) to be judged.

I said this yesterday & I'll say it again it takes some QB's longer to develop than others. Both Andrew Luck & RG3 are making it look easier than it is. So did Cam Newton last year & he hasn't improved at all this year.

I believe it's really about how a QB plays in his 3rd season as a starter to see if he's good enough to be effective in the NFL.

td's > int's.

Wow, Great News! The Clown is Finally Gone!!

Good Post Mando! Again, I love to hear Both Sides Of The Argument.

U are Forgetting 1 Key Piece is Missing! Marsha!

We all dislike him. But the guy was talented.

If U tell me just cause Moore had More TD's! That Makes Him Better! I Beg To Differ! Moore had another 14 Turnovers cause of Fumbles! Meaning He Turned the Ball Over MOORE.

Yet, T-Hill threw for more yards!

wrong jay, i ripped henne for years while clowns in here acted like mhe would finally turn into something. i think thill has potential to be solid nfl qb. unless your a freak, rg3,lucl,marino, and no not manning or elway,etc u dont have much success in this league as a rookie. manning threw 28 ints to lead league and won 3 games. elway 14 ints 4 wins

Again, I think Armando is just stating numbers at this point. What guys want to read into that is entirely up to each other. Nothing wrong with posting some numbers to see how he's doing. God knows we saw enough numbers as it applied to Henne and Moore.

Home, don't try to address me. I will not be affiliated with people banned from the two major Miami Dolphins blogs.

Lets wase 4 years with TanneBust like we did with HenneBust.

dude seriously banned mark??

It's sad folks, but we are in for more foolishness and suffering.


My point wasn't to start Moore to get us any more wins, it was to delay the inevitable stupid 'sel-imposed clock' that fans like to put on young QBs. It's the 'if you aren't such and such by a certain point in time then you've failed' mentality. It's all NONSENSE. Joe Flacco has done what he's done because he has a good team around him and he executes what they want him to do. Tannehill can't do that right now because he doesn't have that supporting cast. Will he have that supporting cast before this fan base has turned on him? Don't know yet...

Tannehill is a total bust whether you admit it now or admit it later. Just like Henne everyone will eventually admit it. The homers are just a little slow. I guess some are not astute enough to see it yet.

In his first 12 Moore:

199 of 332 (59.9 completion percent) for 2,369 with 17 TDs and 11 INTs.

Again, Tannehill:

210 of 363 (58 percent) for 2,559 yards with 7 TD and 12 INT.

So much for the argument about comparing Moore in his fourth year to Tannehill as rookie. The advantage still belongs to Moore.


Where are you getting your numbers from???

Moore started three games for the Panthers as a rookie & threw 3 TD's & 5 INT's for a completion percentage of 56.8%

In his second season Moore started 5 games & threw 8 TD's & 2 INT's for a completion percentage of 61.6%

And in his 3rd season Moore started 5 games & threw 5 TD's & TEN INT's. That's right TEN for a completion percentage of 55.2%

In his first 13 starts over three years of 'development' in Carolina that's 16 TD's & 17 INT's okay???

Mando says he is but I still see him here.

The guy's a jerk but he's not stupid. (Home, not Mando).





Brandon Marshall was a pro bowl reciever.

I'm not saying yor this person but I actually knew someone legally retarded named David Bond. He loved football n was the mascot in high school

what he get banned for

Small world

(Well, maybe not Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson but you get the idea).


Btw during the Miami-Seahawk game didn't you say that Wilson "sucks???"


for impersonating people and make lewd over the top comments.

Check out Armando's comments, page 1, first post.

Ouu, WHDP laid the major smack on mando there. Not only were Mando's numbers wrong but he neglected to mention they were over three seasons. Kind of important, no??

12 games 14 Fumbles LOST!!

That is Moore Than 1 a GAME!

8 INTS + 14 FUMBLES LOST= 22 TURNOVERS IN 12 GAMES! ON A OFFENSE THAT WAS WITH THE TEAM FOR 4 Years! Yes, Daboll was the New OC! But Soprano was The Coach!

Sunshine Stats( My New Name For T-Hill)

12 Games 4 Fumbles

12 INts + 4 Fumbles= 16 Turnovers!

Just Saying! And when Ryan Fumbles Is Because He Gets HIT!! While Throwing!

Dashi has seen Moore Fumble just Throwing the ball! Like the Old Fins Clip when The kicker did the same thing! Phantom pass!

I see more problems that THill..For the most part we have had a weak running game...TEs that don't get open often...No speed wr...and an o-line that leaks way to often...I'm not sure of too many qb's that would have put up big numbers in this offence...THill has several areas to improve,I want to see a stronger support staff around him to make a judgement.

"My point wasn't to start Moore to get us any more wins, it was to delay the inevitable stupid 'sel-imposed clock' that fans like to put on young QBs. It's the 'if you aren't such and such by a certain point in time then you've failed' mentality. It's all NONSENSE. Joe Flacco has done what he's done because he has a good team around him and he executes what they want him to do. Tannehill can't do that right now because he doesn't have that supporting cast. Will he have that supporting cast before this fan base has turned on him? Don't know yet..."

I could care less what the so-called "fans" think of Tannehill. I only care what our coaches think of Tannehill b/c they forget more about QB's & offense in one day than any fan will know in their lifetime.
Marv Levy once said "the minute you start listening to the fans then you'll be sitting next to them." And he was right.

This team needed to bottom out this year (which it did) to see what we have to build on. It's not as much talent as I'd like but there are some pieces in place.

First off Mando, kudos to you for cleaning up the blog. That's good news to all of us posters that want to talk football.

Second, I have no problem with you posting those stats showing Moore to have done better over 12 games than Tannehill. I would hope so. Actually, the only stat that's really lopsided between the 2 is TD/INT ratio, which is a HUGE DEAL (not trying to minimize that). But the others are virtually the same, including W/L. So I think overall, it was wise to move to Tannehill. A new HC gets to have his QB, and Moore was not Philbin's guy. Secondly, Moore is a journeyman, and they rarely succeed in today's NFL. Lastly, if Tannehill sat on the bench, then we'd have wasted this year (with Moore) AND next with Tannehill being green. At least this way he has a year under his belt and next year he'll be more experienced when he should have more weapons.

Anyone who thinks Moore would have taken this team anywhere is lying to themselves. Maybe we'd have a couple more wins, 9-7 at the very best. If we squeaked into the Playoffs, we'd have lost 1st game, so don't kid yourselves like this was a SB team with Moore (or even Garrard).

Ouu, WHDP laid the major smack on mando there. Not only were Mando's numbers wrong but he neglected to mention they were over three seasons. Kind of important, no??


This is the same writer who said that Russell Wilson "sucks" on his live blog during the Seattle game.

At the end of the day I question how much he REALLY knows about this team, the NFL, & the game of football in general.

He likes to get a rise out of people. It's the same thing that Omar does at the Herald. Lots of negativity but not much substance.


As Long as His Tirades and Rants are Done! DASHI DOESN'T CARE IF HOME POST!

Just as long as it is about Football!

My Over/Under on Banning The Clown was Week 6!!! Thanks Mando!!

And NO! Dashi never wrote the Letter! Or kept stuff in waiting! That was Just To Punk Home into Submission! Enough was Enough!

Great to see This Blog Back to Respectability!! And Mando Didn't even have to change the Format! Like The SS! Which Dashi feels it hurt it more than anything!! Giving in to that PUNK!!

beerphin @1:11, does it make me a bad person to find that post too funny??

I was reading through last nights posts were everybody was asking about the compensation we receive should another team sign Long with somebody even posting that the Chiefs will get a 3 if Bowe walks.I know most on here already know the answer but should Long walk without the Franchise tag he's FREE to sign with anybody he chooses, hence the term FREE AGENT.

This of course being the most painful thing about losing him this route (Zero compensation) and the reason Craig M and I debated Sunday evening about just how much of an asset Long is at this point.I don't feel we can run the risk of Franchising him in the hope another team comes in with a 4 Yr./ 65 Mil. offer giving us their #1 pick as compensation, just not realistic at this point.

I don't know were the post about the Chiefs getting a 3 for Bowe came from. If you Franchise a guy you have to offer him what the top 5 players at his position make plus 10% or wait out another team to make him an offer receiving the RD-1 compensation. It's the restricted FA who gets tendered like M.Bush last Yr. in Oak. who if signed by someone else receive compensation in terms of the offer that's made based on the average salary or contract offered at his position. The Raiders tendered Bush for 3.5 Mil and would have had to receive a compensatory 3rd round pick for anybody wishing to go higher.

WHDP/Mark, I think Mando was saying Moore's 12 starts here in Miami (not in Carolina). He's saying they played with virtually the same team. That why I said above I'd hope so Moore was better. He was a veteran, had started games. Tannehill is a developmental rookie. Yet he's almost as good as Moore in his 1st year. WHDP showed Moore to have been way behind when he FIRST started in the league.

Anyway you want to cut it, it is still too early to tell how it will turn out.

Also, I think the Dolphins have a shot against the 49ers. The 49ers just lost to the Rams, and tied them at home with Kap at the helm. Their offense isn't really producing and the Fins have a good D. Same scenario as last week, if they limit mistakes they have a chance.

The other side of the ball is scarey though. Two tackles starting their first game at a spot going against possibly the best DL in football *joy*

Though it isn't an instant loss my any means, imo.

We'd be at least 9-3 with Moore playing. With this easy schedule the Fins picked the wrong year to play a rookie QB.

I liked Matt Moore for a starter this year, mainly because Dolphins didn't have to focus on #1 draft pick as a QB last year. It was known that the team was at least a few drafts and free agencies away from the kind of talent that could go to the superbowl. Still, Moore was guiding an exciting team to a fine finish and one could guess that playoffs this year would not be out of the question.

During the 9-game stretch closing the season last year, the Dolphins won 6 games and lost 3. During that stretch they faced 6 teams with winning records and won against 4 of them.

Every team the Dolphins faced with Moore at the helm last year had a better record with the exception of the Eagles in week 14. They were 4-8, same as the Dolphins and used their 26-10 victory over Miami to start a playoff run by winning out their final 4 games.

Notable games under Moore last year included 3-point losses to both 2011 Superbowl teams: NY Giants and NE Patriots in which defensive failures eroded Dolphin leads in each game. There was also a final game win over the NY Jets while the Jets were still in playoff contention.

Could Moore ever take the Dolphins to the big game? I dunno. But I think the Dolphins could have built a good, competitive team with Moore at the helm. And could have afforded to draft a franchise QB over the next few years while going to the playoffs year after year.


Yes Moore's TD to INT ratio was Better!

But His TURNOVER RATIO WASN'T. That is all Dashi is Saying.

And When U think about it Fumbling is WORST THAN A PICK! The OTHER TEAM USUALLY GETS BETTER FIELD POSITION! I.e. Fields last Sunday.

the CELLAR;;;;;;;;;''





Yeah, fin 77 but we'd be 10-2 with Flynn!

How do you know this? Just a bad argument.

The reality is Don Shula is a senile old man who doesnt know what it would take to run a successful franchise now a days he WAS an oustanding coach in the 70's but you can see as the years went by so did his knowledge of the new football era. The point is I wouldnt put too much stock in what Shula says about the Dolphins and Tannehill.


It all comes down to how much Tannehill will improve & what management does in terms of personnel to help him develop which NO ONE knows. One thing I do know--if Hartline is not re-signed it will hurt Tannehill. The kid has developed a GREAT on-the-field chemistry with Hartline so if we have to pay $5 or $6 Million a year to keep him in Miami then I think Ireland has to do it.

I also think that Jennings or Mike Wallace would be a HECK of an addition too. Give the kid some weapons to work with!!!



Posted by: billcale | December 05, 2012 at 01:30 PM


They did the right thing paying T-hill. The year experience was worth it. If we had marshal we are are 7-5.

Every time they let him sling it downfield he moves the ball. They should take the handcuffs off him for the last 4 games.

Moore’s talent is capped, so no point going there as you need better to get to the SB.

Shula 73
In the new CBA owners have to spend up to a certain percentage of their salary cap. Please stop making nonsense up.

DC, no Manod stated on this page those were the first 12 games of Moore's career. In the body of the blog, he states the 12 starts Moore had last year.

Anyway, Moore is a go nowhere. Where are you going to go in the NFL with a vet QB who averages under 200 passing yards a game???




I dont think this fair to Tannehill. .. mainly because a passer rating is not only based on the Quarterback getting the ball to the reciever but also the reciever completing the catch. ... Moore had a elite reciever that boosted his rating. .. Tannehill doesn't. If B. Marshall was still on the team we would probaly have a winning season. Our reciever s are terrible. .. and if one more person says Hartline is close to being a threat reciever, kill yourself! !!!

What's this Home was banned?? Happy chemtrails to ya pal!!

Bill Cale,

Before the draft I was all for starting Moore & drafting Kuechley this year. However this team needed to FINALLY address the QB position in the first round.

Bear in mind we had a unique opportunity where his college coach was just hired to be our OC. I know people don't like Mike Sherman put I trust him when it comes to knowing about Tannehill & whether he can be an NFL QB.

I Know Somebody already Posted This.


Shula Endorses What is Going ON! Enough for Dashi!

Shula never Endorsed None of the Other HC's or 17 other Qb's After Marino!

If Shula thinks Philbin is Football Smart! And That Sunshine is a Great Athlete That Needs Seasoning!! Good with Dashi!!


Moore Couldn't beat Out Garrard or T-Hill! And Even Devlin If U ask Dashi! In the Preseason!!

Plus, add that Moore Never Beat a Winning team!

And His First 12 Starts! Came in His Second Season! With Steve Smith, M-Something and Shockey as Weapons! Plus with 2 Good RB's Behind him!

And When U add The Fumbles from His First 12 Starts! He AGAIN TURNED THE BALL OVER MORE THAN SUNSHINE!

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