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Through 12 gamess Moore was better than Tannehill

Remember when Joe Philbin, faced with a rebuilding year, staunchly refused to admit the Dolphins were rebuilding?

We all expected it to be a rebuilding season and knew for certain it was coming when rookie Ryan Tannehill won the starting job in the preseason. Let's face it, many rookies need time to acclimate and grow into the quarterback position in the NFL.

(Well, maybe not Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson but you get the idea).

The point is Tannehill has so far proven one thing this year and it is not that he's a future franchise quarterback. He's proven what everyone said before the draft was right. He's raw, he's inexperienced, he's a project.

The proof of this is not so much how Tannehill compares to the other rookie quarterbacks within his own draft class. It is how he compares with the veteran who played with basically the same cast of talent in Miami last year.

The proof is how Tannehill compares to what Matt Moore did with the practically same offensive group last year. And this is the perfect time for that comparison because Tannehill has started 12 games for the Dolphins. And Moore started 12 games for the Dolphins in 2011.

Tannehill has completed 210 of 363 passes (57.9 completion percentage) for 2,559 yards. He has thrown seven TDs and 12 INTs. His quarterback rating is 72.3. The Dolphins are 5-7.

Moore in the same number of 2011 games completed 193 of 321 passes (60.1 percent) for 2,330 yards. He threw 16 TDs and 8 INTs. His quarterback rating was 88.7. The Dolphins were 6-6.

The comparison is valid now because obviously the number of games between both players is equal. But the point is not necessarily that Moore was better.

The point is the Dolphins this year have taken a step backward in quarterback performance. Moore delivered better QB play than Tannehill but still was not deemed good enough because Miami drafted a quarterback in the first round and signed another accomplished veteran in David Garrard.

But now the Dolphins are accepting worse quarterback play with the expectation that today's pain will lead to tomorrow's gain. No one is saying that Tannehill should be benched -- even Philbin this week admitted he's not considered it at all this season.

And no is is suggesting the Dolphins will need to look for another (better) quarterback in the draft next year -- no one is saying it yet, anyway.


Because this is a rebuilding year. Tannehill is getting something of a pass this year.

Even if Philbin didn't want to admit it early on.


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O.K. Now we switch to Moore. Let's say he runs the table. Were screwed on a high draft pick ( not that Ireland and Philbin know what to do with one anyway). Moore should have started in the beginning of the season. We woul at least been in position to be a high wild card. Henne, I mean Tannehill only played 18 games in college as Q.B.!!! Issn't it remarable how he resembles Henne, close beady eyes, shaved head, can only read one sidde of the field. My question is Mando, why do you guys wait until the end of the year to get on these stories. You know Tannehill was way to inexperienced. The greatest said thing here is that our defense is decent.

Don't know if this has been said but way to stir things up Armando!!!!
As far comparing Marshalls stats with Hartlines, what you just are not getting is Moore was a 4th yr vet with Marshall, Hartline and Bess.
Marshall commanded double coverage and basically Moore put it up for Marshall to catch alot because of his superior frame, something Henne was too dumb to do and something Hartline is unable to pull off.
Having Marshall taking two defenders freed up Bess and Hartline for Moore.
Tannehill has not had this luxury, teams are taking away Hartline and/or Bess so he is left with nobody basically.
Moore was lost pre season without Marshall to throw to and take away a couple of good drives against the Jets he was unable to get Miami in the end zone in that game too later on, he kept giving the ball back to NY and they were too poor to come back as our Defense was kicking their ass.
Stupid, poor comparison designed to stir the pot, thats all this article is!!!!!!!

Really not a fair to compair the two right now. If this was T-hill's 5th year then yes it would be fair. You also have to remember that the phins first choice for QB this year was Garrard, not T-Hill. Only when it came down to Moore and T-hill did they go with T-Hill, which tells me that Moore was not up to speed with this offense. Also the argument that Hartline is as good as Marshall is also wrong, Hartline does nto command double coverage. The stats might be the same but Marshall demands extra attention from defenses and if he was here that might improve T-Hills TD stats.

Ever since we left the Orange Bowl we have been sh*%, no home field advantage. get the fans up close and maybe the enthusiasm will inspire our team.

Nathan22 | December 05, 2012 at 02:06 PM

This is an interesting observation given that most attribute the lack of support being a bye product of alot of S.Floridians being folks who migrated South from the N.East but as a loooong time Season ticket holder at the old OB I can tell everyone that it's not necessarily the case. At the OB for decades you never saw big concentrations of opposing team fans in the stands unless the Jets were in town.

Then in the move to JRS the Fins were essentially moved to Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale) area with a 40% hike in ticket prices back in 87. That's were you began to see attendance dip and the electricity of the OB start to get lost. It also has to do with how far off the field the stands are although people were always complaining in the OB about not being able to see down close because of the players obstructing the view but remember as a kid how cool it was to be next to the tunnel when the players hit the field because you were close enough to high five and hit some shoulder pads.

Moving forward exactly 25 yrs later the homefield has been all but lost with that embarrassing showing last Sunday were Pats fans really made there presence felt and made more noise than the home crowd especially on 3rd and long for the Fins. It's now reached the point were I suspect alot of Coaches and players don't want to play here because every game is seemingly an away game but this phenomenon began well back to when #13 was under center. If your born and raised in Miami you know transplanting the Fins from the heart of Miami to County line road has long haunted the franchise and killed alot of fanbase turned off by the drive and 3rd highest ticket pricing League wide more than a large migration of out of towners.


Seems your only reason for being on a football blog is to promote discord. You are absolutely wrong. Anyone here will tell you that I was 100% for trading down and drafting the Stanford guard whom the Steeler took.

Unfortunate for the Steelers he was injured early in the season and is now out for the year.

ALoco, on numerous occassion youve tied me to conversations thaty never rolled off of my lips. At least if youre going to be 100% instigator here. Try to please be 100% correct.

But what can really expect from a guy whose highest level of education is tie to a dishmachine at his place of employ. Enuff said! LOL...

I know I have type-o's. sorry.


I would have to disagree with Moore Intentionally Sucking!

He was Playing for His Future!! His MONEY!!

Can we all agree that the Dolphins problems at quarterback are not the fault of Jeff Ireland?

Moore was better but he was throwing balls up for grabs that Marshall was bailing him out on just about every other series.

Moore throws a better deep ball nonetheless.

Tannehill has moments where he looks awesome and gets in a flow or has a good game but lately its tough to watch. Armando is right at this point it's true what was said and that he's a project.

Through 12 gamess Moore was better than Tannehill???

Armando, who isnt better then Tannehill?


Last few games I've found Tannehill really hard to watch. I thought he played a lot better against Seattle but there were a few games there where I was really losing confidence in the kid. I don't expect it to be any better this weekend. I don't believe the Jacksonville and Buffalo games will be 'sure-things'. Buffalo have been playing better lately and I expect them to beat the Rams this weekend. I picked them to be a playoff team this year and it's only recent;y that they've woken up.

Clearly, Ross needs to clean house and include Irescum this time!

Wow, the funny thing is, there's alot of you will be sucking this guys d*** next year when he has more experience and actual weapons too!!!!
I'll watch for the same poster's name's changing their tune as I would expect from their fickle natures!!!

The O line was no better last year, remember Moore getting pounded in the Bears game , and Marshall fasona and Bess all had the dropey`s four his first four games , he`d put the ball right in thier hands and they`d drop it touch downs too , Fasano, and Marshall dropped at least 3 TDs a piece through Moores fiirst 4 or 5 games , you are Clueless , who are you anyway Ryan Hennehill

Good for you Armando, far too much abuse of this blog!

Mando, I guess the fact that Tannehill is a rookie has escaped your mind. Everyone knew we probably would have won more games with moore but tannehill has upside moore doesn't We know what moore is. At best a 8-8 QB. And that's with brandon marshall.
The question you should be asking is why didn't we trade Moore if we had the chance. Maybe we didn't.

Lots of excuses for TanneBust.

Moore definitely wouldn t have missed Hartline wide open twice like that , we`d of won that game if he`d hit them simple passes

Craig M, it took Brees a full 3 years to develope, then he got injured and San Diego gave up on him, how did that work out for SanDiego?

The Oline been in rebuild phase since 2008

Clearly, MOORE has the higher upside then TanneBust.


Dashi wa to young to experience the OB! But Do U think a Remodeling of the Seats can Work?

A New Stadium is out the Question. The Marlin Debacle Killed That!

But Bigger Seats! Put the Lower Level Back!! They can Upgrade JRS!! And Also RENAMING IT JRS!! Never Liked The Corporate Sponsorship!!


Wasnt saying Moore actually did it. Just saying that possibility could be entered into the equation.

Moore knew once T'hill was drafted, he himself had only 1 yr remaining on his contract, and Garrard was signed. Tne writing was clearly on the wall concerning his career as a Dolphin.

Sooo...... Garrard goes down. Brandon Marshall's already traded. So what better motive of revenge could there be, especially after clearly seeing youre not in the future plans of the organization, for trying to sabotage the young qb you have been unceremoniously are going to be supplanted by?

So you stink up the joint in preseason, knowing they cant afford to cut you because the only backup on the team is fresh from the practice squad. You sabotage him by handing him the starting job, because you know minus Brandon Marshall, he'll have nearly the worst recieving squad in the league to throw to.

Meanwhile, the organization cant cut you, even though youre in the final year of your contract, because next batter up is Tom Devlin fresh off of ps. So you ride the pine for 1 season, get a free paycheck, then the next season(fa) you show the team you go to what you really got.

Look, Moore's not going to be a Dolphin next year. Ireland telegraphed that to him with the drafting of Tannehill and signing of Garrard. So after a 7-3 start last season, Moore has all the motive in the world to sabotage Ireland for what he may have felt was "gross disrespect". Get it?

Finally. Thanks Mando. I was beginning to think every media outlet had blinders on for this kid. Tannehill was going to be a project for whomever took him. 19 games as a college starter does not warrant a selection at #8 overall in the draft.

I would not have had a problem if the group in charge had waited to take him in the 2nd round. I know there were stories out there that other teams were interested, but he would have fallen. Leave it to this group to take him.

Either way, if Garrard had stayed healthy, he was going to start the season. IMO, it should have been Moore once Garrard went down. Moore at least deserved a shot for what he did the prior season. Tannehill should have held a clip board for a majority of this season. He cannot be benched at this point. For better or worse he is out there.

I agree with the rest who don't think its fair to compare MM and RT. Moore did have Marshall, although I think Marshall dropped more TD's than he caught last year for the fins.

The problem I see is that you surround RT with better WR, TE etc, RT still misses guys that are open. That is a problem. In addition, his deep pass looks more like I will throw it up and let you run under it, than putting on a frozen rope to a guy in stride in the open field. At least that is what I saw on Sunday.

You have watched him all year. What do his passes look like to you?

They need to start Moore, trade Tanny for a 3rd or 4th and draft Barkley. Problems solved.

Guys, I think a lot of you are reading into Armando's comments WAY too much. He's just reporting the facts. If you want to jump to all kinds of conclusions from that then go ahead but he clearly says that the team is right to start Tannehill.

The kids had some good moments but lately he's looking shaky. Let's not sugarcoat this for anything than what it is. The kid needs to get better.

Tannehill is just terrible. No one should be surprised that Ireland has another bust on his resume'.

Before Don Shula brought Earl Morrall aboard as backup qb. He first went to Bob Griese and told him of his plans. So after bringing Morrall aboard there was never any discord at the qb positions. Shula handled it with dignity and respect.

Do you think Ireland did the same with Matt Moore? Hell no!

After going 7-3 with Matt Moore, not only did Ireland draft Tannehill 8th overrall, he signed David Garrard too. Having this being the final year on his contract, do any of you actually believe Moore deidnt have proper motive to feel greatly disrespected by Ireland?

Maybe we saw some of that during preseason with Moore. Maybe Moore intentionally handed a raw rookie qb the starting job knowing he would be minus a pro bowl wr(Marshall) and at some point would fall on his face because of it.

Maybe it wasnt aimed at Tannehill, but was aimed at the guy Moore thought disrespected him most. That guy is Jeff Ireland. The evidence of the motivation for it sits right in front of our face.


The Loca talks about Integrity and Dignity!! Like he has any!! Yet!! From His Ignorant Ramblings!! U Can See he is even Worst than HOME! A TRUE IGNORAMUS!!

Neither Sherman nor Philbin have experience developing good QBs. Sherman was fired from Green Bay because, among other reasons, they wanted to get and develop a new QB for the future. They felt Mike McCarthy could do that better. It was McCarthy, not Sherman or Philbin that brought Aaron Rodgers along.

billcale | December 05, 2012 at 02:11 PM

This is by faaaaaar the DUMBEST POST I've seen on the blog in sometime!!

1st and foremost it was GM Ron Wolf and H.C. Sherman who drafted Rodgers in 05 when the NFL was skeptical about the Cal QB given the one before him Kyle Boller lite up the PAC Conference and in 03 the Ravens traded up to grab him and he bombed spectacularly causing some to think that Rodgers and Boller were products of Cal H.C. Tellford's spread O. So while today then Scout Director Ted Thompson (now G.M.) and McCarthy get the credit it wasn't there pick.

It's also a fact that while Favre won his only S.B. with Holgrem he didn't have his greatest statistical success till Sherman was his H.C. and they didn't go to a S.B. in 05 because in the playoffs with less than a minute to go against the Eagles McNabb hit on a 4th and 26 play to Freddie Mitchell of all people which dwarfs what Ray Rice did Vs. the Bolts a couple of weeks ago. It was actually Sherman's QB Coach Tom Clements (06-11) who replaced Philbin as O.C. this Yr. that worked with Rodgers throughout.

It is also a fact that while McCarthy calls his plays gameday it was Philbin who designed the game plan and put together the sheet McCarthy called from and I don't know about everybody else but this particular Season it seems the Pack are a little off scheme wise with Clements orchestrating the plan instead of Philbin. Some will say it's the OL play and lack of running game but those same problems were the ones Philbin worked with and got them to a S.B. win and close to undefeated last Yr. AGAIN DUMB POST WITH BASELESS FACTS!

The difference here is in the talent level and yes when you see certain players out of the game at key moments with younger ones in it relates to seeing at game speed what we have moving forward. I suspect we see more of R.Matthews on out and Miller isn't playing because apparently he doesn't get the blitz assignments yet but at least acknowledge the 180 guys like Clay are giving us which were after thoughts last Season.

Shula 73, everyday Barkley... Barkley... The guy is going to suck. Big Time.

No. Do you know how Matt Moore would have performed had he started this year, Armando? No? Of course not. Neither does anybody else. Except Me. Matt Moore would have been benched and Tannehill would have had to come in and play. Tannehill is the more superior QB on our Team, now.

Tom Clements was a great QB for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the CFL. Great offensive mind coached up here too.

Lmao fin4life, you really stuck it in there n twisted. nice work.

Good article Mando,but one stat that you omitted,and I think is very important,is the Fins played a much tougher schedule last year.And yet Moore was still better than Tannehill.Further proof that the Fins staff are playing for next year and not this one.

I think Philbin has seen enough of Pat Devlin to feel comfortable with him as our back-up QB. Therefore, Matt Moore will be expendable.

Garrard was another of Irelands desperate bonehead moves just like Tannehill was , they failed to get Manning and Philbins own boy from GB, so they bring them two losers in , Garrard was garbage , the Jags got rid of him for a reason , all both did was screw Moore out of learning the new offense and winning the starting job which after winning his last 7 of 9 should have been his period , but as long as Ireland is there we will waste 3 more years on Tenehill and still be rebuilding 5 yrs from now its a vicious cycle this team never learns from its mistakes , mean while moore will go elsewhere and become a great starter

Ralph, he also left out fumbles...

@ Andy Moore never put balls up for grabs , I`ve taped all his games , he hits the receivers right in the hands and in stride ,if you don t know what your talking about .....don t talk

Nobody knows yet how Colin Kaepernick will respond under pressure and being hit hard and often. We might be the first ones to let everybody else find out.

Hey Ho!!! Joe. Must. Go!!!

But Bigger Seats! Put the Lower Level Back!! They can Upgrade JRS!! And Also RENAMING IT JRS!! Never Liked The Corporate Sponsorship!!

Dashi | December 05, 2012 at 03:10 PM

It would help alot also back in the OB there were always special packages for endzone and lower deck seats which is something Ross needs to look at fast because in part nobody wants to pay top dollar to sit through the growing pains.

Also they need to set up shuttles from the Metro rail - tri rail station to the Stadium. It would save people the parking costs and traffic hastle which for me in particular would lure me back to games alone.

Mando, thanks for finally at least addressing the troll situation and banning, even if we don't know who's who lol. Were aloco and dashi really going at it, or is that the troll! Whoever, theres an n-word slipped in that wasn't cool.
I Hope-- remember the coaches are rookies, I think most of the positions are first timers, at least at the current positions.

After being greatly disrespected by Ireland, it isnt farfetched to think, Matt Moore intentionally threw the qb competition. Especially since knowing he was in the final year of his contract here and the writing on the wall saying he wouldnt be back.

Ireland dumping his pro bowl and most important wr(Marshall) may have only added to that motivation too.

In life, it isnt what you do that is most important, it's how you do it thats most important. Ireland handled the Matt Moore situation with zero respect and zero dignity. After going 7-3 over the final 3 games Matt Moore has all of the motive in the world to sabotage things for Ireland.

Ireland's like the great inventor who thinks he had made his greatest invention. But never entered into the equation of the mice that comes in a sabotages it all. I guess he thought of Matt Moore as a meaningless mosue. LOL...

What has Pat Delvin don, nothing!! he came in in pre season and played against the other teams third stringers , you guys with your Pat delvin comments are so out of the loop , he`s never played in a real game against first stringers their is a very very big difference, geez use you head

I have to agree with many on this blog, who have said, quite rightly, Moore had Marshall. Marshall, for all his issues, is a great receiver with the ability to take over games, consistently. The Dolphins have no one like that this year. Trading Marshall, understandable for many reasons, was a mistake. Had he been on the team the Dolphins would have been a better team; a more dangerous team.

Another difference is scheme. Last years scheme shorten the field for Moore so he was able to complete more passes, shorter to intermediate passes. The old scheme also suited the talent on the offensive line better. Incognito and Long are power run blockers, which is why I believe both have had "off" years and why I think if Martin plays well Long will be gone. Yes, they will make a run at him but if he wants top-tackle money and Martin is good; Long is gone! It might be the best in the long run too. The Dolphins need zone blocking lineman.

Lastly, the Dolphins need a veteran west coast wide receiver, and letting Long walk will allow the Dolphins go after a Jennings, Wallace or another such receiver. They could then address both needs, line and receiver in the draft too. This seems like a reasonable approach too. It will allow them to get the most bang for their buck!

Interesting off-season coming!

Dashi, that arguement has already been heard by mando... He has backed ALoco n YG whom were both being accused of trolling w other names. They're both good posters IMO in their own way


Agreed. But Moore doesn't have that Good of a Resume. That is what I'm Saying.

And To say Moore was Being INSUBORDINATE is a Little Far Fetched. U know Dashi is not a Moore should be a starter Fan! But one thing Moore is not is a Guy that is Me First! The Fins Only have 1 of Those! Dansby!

I would agree with that Maybe Moore is COMFORTABLE being a Back Up! Maybe some of That Happened. But Even The MOORONS would Agree! Moore wouldn't try and Knowingly Hurt the Team! He doesn't look like he is that Type of Guy!

Now If Moore was like DANSBY!! Then Yes! Dashi Would TOTALLY AGREE!!

And U Guys are Reading WAY TOO MUCH! In Mando's Comment! Mando has never Said Start Moore! He even Replied To Some Of U Today! Mando was just Writing a Comparison!!


He said it Himself!! This is a Scholarship Year For Sunshine! NEXT YEAR IF HE DOESN'T IMPROVE!! PREPARE TO SEE THE RAFT OF MANDO!!

Reading Mando For many Years! Dashi Knows! Mando is Giving T-Hill and Philbin Enough Rope!! Before he Goes OFF!!

That's Why what Aloco said Earlier Makes No Sense! From The Last I Can Remember!! Ireland STILL Doesn't talk TO Mando!! For Mando Being One Of the Only Reporters in SFLA!! Exposing Him!!

Mando was the Main One On The Herald!! Going in On Soprano and Ireland!!

Mark in French Canada: Home is not the only one who knows Tebow is a winner. I'm not Home.


However you turn it, Kaepernick is a rookie QB in the League with only 2 starts in his favor. He CAN be tricked, cajoled and oterwise make his Game miserable next Sunday.

How many Moore TD passes did Marshall drop last season? Those would have made Moore look even better. Im supporting Tannehill ... because he is a Dolphin. I was not on board with drafting him at #8. You live and die (as a fan) by the choices others make. I believe that Moore would have been more effecive than Tannehill this season but again, not my choice. I hope Im wrong about Tannehill, but I think he ends up being a guy that succeeds because (IF) he has plenty of talent around him. Not a QB who can win by lifting those around him to a higher level.

Tannehill is officially a project. He doesn't have the seasoning or skill in some cases of Andrew Luck, RG3 or Russell Wilson. That's not saying I don't feel he can get there.

The reason the other 3 are so successful right now is because of the old Parcells rule of X amount of college starts. It doesn't always work out but those other 3 have a lot of talent.

Tannehill has a lot of talent too. He can make all the throws but the game is fast for him still so he rushes his throws and even when guys are wide open he looks like he is pressing. The other 3 have seen those looks maybe 50 times in college he has seen them maybe a dozen or more.

His growth and learning curve will be far different then the other 3 but that's not to say he will or won't be a successful NFL QB. He is after all a rookie and that goes without saying the success of these 3 is unprecedented and Tannehill at this point is just a typical rookie QB who is learning to be a NFL QB.

His ceiling his high but it remains to be seen what he will do.

So YG let me get this straight. Moore's career move was to suck so bad in preseason that he gets beat out by a rookie, so that someone else lets him start? Just because he doesn't like Jeff Ireland (who gave him a shot at playing when he was basically sol)?


It is a little far fetched man. These guys are pros and they like money.

Moore had his 15 mins and is no longer a consideration to start in Miami (short of Tannehill getting injured in the final 4 games).

Philbin is an old school guy who believes in "developing" his QB. Therefore I see zero chance he removes T-Hill this year, or next. We are officially married to Ryan Tannehill, for better or worse...richer or poorer till death (or free agency) do us part.

The starting QB of the 49ers is, once more, Alex Smith. He's won about 23 of his last 27 games.


Also they need to set up shuttles from the Metro rail - tri rail station to the Stadium. It would save people the parking costs and traffic hastle which for me in particular would lure me back to games alone.

Posted by: fin4life | December 05, 2012 at 03:37 PM

I think this is a fantastic idea. Only drawback is would the tri and metro rail be able to handle the gameday overload on the system.

It maybe good while the fins suck. But if we ever became good again. it would turn into utter caos. In Dade, Broward, and Palm Bch counties. It would be complete system overload.

I thought this new coaching staff was going to be the answer , but they suck , they messed up big time with starting Tanny , and the play calling is so vanilla it isn t funny, run on first and second down nearly every time , then with a very limited receiving corp try and get 3rd down through the air, when they know you have to throw the ball , I thought we were going to get Green Bays, great style of offense , but no we got garbage, why bring in their OC as head coach ,and use this other washed up idiot to call our plays

run on first and second down nearly every time

This is how I know you are talking out your arse

I think Matt Moore is far better then his preseason showing. Phlbin failed to take into account that Matt Moore is a known poor practice player but excels in real games. Also, Tannehill knew the playbook and it took Moore a litlle time to catch up. And Philbin neglected the fact that that Moore was the team MVP. We were all hoping Tanehill would be better but the fact is that Moore is way better then Tannehill. Hope Philbin wakes up very soon.

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