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Through 12 gamess Moore was better than Tannehill

Remember when Joe Philbin, faced with a rebuilding year, staunchly refused to admit the Dolphins were rebuilding?

We all expected it to be a rebuilding season and knew for certain it was coming when rookie Ryan Tannehill won the starting job in the preseason. Let's face it, many rookies need time to acclimate and grow into the quarterback position in the NFL.

(Well, maybe not Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson but you get the idea).

The point is Tannehill has so far proven one thing this year and it is not that he's a future franchise quarterback. He's proven what everyone said before the draft was right. He's raw, he's inexperienced, he's a project.

The proof of this is not so much how Tannehill compares to the other rookie quarterbacks within his own draft class. It is how he compares with the veteran who played with basically the same cast of talent in Miami last year.

The proof is how Tannehill compares to what Matt Moore did with the practically same offensive group last year. And this is the perfect time for that comparison because Tannehill has started 12 games for the Dolphins. And Moore started 12 games for the Dolphins in 2011.

Tannehill has completed 210 of 363 passes (57.9 completion percentage) for 2,559 yards. He has thrown seven TDs and 12 INTs. His quarterback rating is 72.3. The Dolphins are 5-7.

Moore in the same number of 2011 games completed 193 of 321 passes (60.1 percent) for 2,330 yards. He threw 16 TDs and 8 INTs. His quarterback rating was 88.7. The Dolphins were 6-6.

The comparison is valid now because obviously the number of games between both players is equal. But the point is not necessarily that Moore was better.

The point is the Dolphins this year have taken a step backward in quarterback performance. Moore delivered better QB play than Tannehill but still was not deemed good enough because Miami drafted a quarterback in the first round and signed another accomplished veteran in David Garrard.

But now the Dolphins are accepting worse quarterback play with the expectation that today's pain will lead to tomorrow's gain. No one is saying that Tannehill should be benched -- even Philbin this week admitted he's not considered it at all this season.

And no is is suggesting the Dolphins will need to look for another (better) quarterback in the draft next year -- no one is saying it yet, anyway.


Because this is a rebuilding year. Tannehill is getting something of a pass this year.

Even if Philbin didn't want to admit it early on.


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Well, Moore now, Philbin himself has said, "Pat Devlin is my kind of QB". What do you think about that Philbin's statement.

Geez Yesterday , stop blowing Mando just the other day you were saying Moore should be our starter , make up your mind already , Mando thought you were getting rid of all these multi posters YG , Dashi , Odin , Oscar they are all the same guy , he posts under all these names anmd goes around patting himself on the back for all his ignorant comments he makes with each , one day they are saying one thing the next something else geez its annoying as hell

Tom Clements was a great QB for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the CFL. Great offensive mind coached up here too.

Publicado por: Mark in Toronto | December 05, 2012 at 03:28 PM

I didn't remember the team but did remember his name given he played in the CFL while Rahib Rocket Ismael was playing in Toronto.

I don't think Tannehill has sukked sufficiently to bench him.

I think Matt Moore is far better then his preseason showing. Phlbin failed to take into account that Matt Moore is a known poor practice player but excels in real games. Also, Tannehill knew the playbook and it took Moore a litlle time to catch up. And Philbin neglected the fact that that Moore was the team MVP. We were all hoping Tanehill would be better but the fact is that Moore is way better then Tannehill. Hope Philbin wakes up very soon.

Posted by: Vazman | December 05, 2012 at 03:49 PM


Look guys,

Im not saying I have evidence Matt Moore threw the preseason qb compettion. Im only showing evidence of motive to do so is there. That you cant deny from what I presented.

Im also suggesting, that usually where there's smoke, there could also be fire. That you also cant deny.

Where there's motivation there's usually also smoke. Where there's smoke, there's also usually fire.

What? Are you expecting Moore to come out and admit he did these things? Well, dont hold your breaths, because admitting to is even more suicidal to his career than the actual act.

Sounds farfetched, but motivation is there. Where there's smoke. There also is usually fire. That's all Im presenting you fine gentlemen. Fair enough?

Common sense its all they did the other day its all they do 98% of the time Reggie trying to bounce it outside he goes nowhere and then we have to throw , what games are you watching ,ur name should be no sense of sight

@ 3:52 Just to clarify things... was that meant to be ironic?


I think Matt Moore is far better then his preseason showing. Phlbin failed to take into account that Matt Moore is a known poor practice player but excels in real games.

Posted by: Vazman | December 05, 2012 at 03:49 PM

Preseason games arent practice. Moore performed FAR BETTER in preseason games in 2011.

IMO, something smells fishy and it aint just because we're the Miami Dolphins.


To answer Ur Question!

When I used the N word is to describe how Jenny(A loco) was acting. Not calling Him a Ignorant Black Person Like he was Calling ME!

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Again, even though I used the N word!! Dashi wasn't the One Being Racist!! Aloca was!! Look at it again!

And Beerphin,



Great Points Oscar!!

You just can't have your way all the Time as Reality dictates you.

Looking at the W-L record for all the teams with new or rookie head coaches and those with rookie QB's we are looking pretty good up there.
Colts 8-4
Jags 2-10
K.C. 2-10
OAK. 3-9
RAMS 5-6-1
Bucs 6-6
Phins 5-7
Comparing Moore to Tannehill based on stats alone is not possible. Surrounding circumstances should be taken into consideration. Opposition strength compared to last year. Bills did not have Mario Williams last year and we beat them both times we played them, but we got beat by them this year. Since the hiring of Philbin I looked at this year as "Lets see where we are going from here" and am pleased in the direction we are heading.

YG. you say preseason games arent practice? Really? LOL

Moore now,

Geez Yesterday , stop blowing Mando just the other day you were saying Moore should be our starter , make up your mind already

Posted by: Moore now | December 05, 2012 at 03:52 PM

If you can pull up where I said this, I guarantee if you send me you Paypal, I will send you $500.

The clock's ticking......right now! Bet you never find where I said this troll. ROTFLMAO! LOL...

Do you really believe that Jim Harbaugh is going to let Kaepernick lead them to the SB? I don't.

He didn t blow it , they blew it for him, by taking all the snaps away from him ,and giving them to Tanny and Garrard, coming into season after failing to get Manning , and Luck and RG 3 , they should of said ok ,Moore won 7 of his last 9 with very little to work with , lets go get him some receivers and if he doesn t pan out we can get a better QB down the road , at least we will have someone for him to throw the ball to , that would have been the smart thing to do , not waste it on Tanny who is another Henne that wastes 5 more yrs to admit you made a mistake

Terry Bradshaw first year:

24 interceptions
6 TDs

They wanted to drive him out of town


I posted the facts. The rest of your rambling post may or may not be accurate but:

FYI: Thompson was named GM on January 14, 2005; Rodgers drafted that same year. McCarthy hired in 2006.

It maybe good while the fins suck. But if we ever became good again. it would turn into utter caos. In Dade, Broward, and Palm Bch counties. It would be complete system overload.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 05, 2012 at 03:46 PM

Remember YG the Metro Rail already provided this service in the Hurricanes hey day when you got off at Civic Center then walked the 3 blocks or so to the OB. The Heat did it to with the Overtown arena and still with the people mover from Gov. Center. The problem lies with Tri-Rail which would need to run a couple of extra trains but if you've ever been on those double decker trains you know they can hold alot of people. You then shuttle fans from the Hollywood exit to the Stadium and I bet with those packages at reduced prices for endzone and lower deck seating that Robbie had at the old OB you would start to lure fans back but of course for at least a competitive team.

Trade Jake Long.

Moore Now,

Hint U Just answered To Odin!! And we all Know Dashi is Dashi!! YG Is YG!!





Moore now, Idk guess depends on the games you've watched. They try to throw on 1st/2nd a lot. Especially earlier in the year.

YG, wasn't throwing ya under the bus just find that highly unlikely. Not impossible though.

Anyway outtie for the day. Have a good one.

He is no Terry Bradshaw, his own Oc in college took him out of QB position and made him a receiver, did they do that to Luck , Bradshaw , Marino ? that would be a no on all three accounts

They need to move Tannehill before he becomes as totally worthless as Henne did. Some GM may think he'd be an ok backup.

Moore also had Marshall! Who does this kid have to throw to? ... Any of the other rookie QB's #1 receiver would be head and shoulders the best receiver on the Fins. Tannehill has a rocket arm! has he made mistakes? Sure, but what Rook doesn't? Its time to invest in the future a bit and get this kid some weapons! oh and by the way Moore had a healthy Jake Long!


YG. you say preseason games arent practice? Really? LOL

Posted by: Jay | December 05, 2012 at 04:04 PM

Usually going against your own squad is considered "PRACTICE".

Preseason games arent games counted on your record. But they are live action games to get a limited gauge on how how your squad would perform against live compettion. "PRACTICE" doesnt really come close to this.

Preseason games are the only way to have a "SNEAK PREVIEW" into how your roster stacks up against the competition. Practice alone can not reveal this.

Why the hell do you think we have preseason games? Do you think practice(going against your own roster) alone would be enough?

Also big difference in the speed of the NFL compared to College. Moore has been playing in the NFL for a few years Tannehill has not. He did not even have enough starts as a QB in college. Given these facts Tannehill will be a lot better that Moore in the next couple of years. We can compare end of next year. If Tannehill had to sit on the Bench this year and started next year he would be much better then, but that would be a wasted year for developement, and Moore as the starter this year, I still don't think we would have been a play off team. Maybe 8-8 or so.

Howdy Home, notice that you haven't let the latino man hold you down! Go Home!!!

Haha, joker.

Beerphin...a good question that I'm not sure was answered. Dashi... Mando might not buy your alternate definition, sorry.

Jay is also Home


Dashi has always wondered Why They haven't thrown The Metro rail all the way Down 27th Ave!!

I heard a couple years back they were going to do this!! But Dade Wanted Broward to build It's Own Metro Rail! So That They Both will Connect at the Stadium!

Great Idea!! But the politician's Didn't get Enough Money to Back it!!

Sort of Like The Speed Rail! From Miami To JAX!! But Rick Scott Said NO!!

Heck even a Trolley!! Like The Cities On The West Coast!! Like San Diego!!

Mass Transit in Sfla!! Is Horrendous!! And To me It Is Because we have Some of the Worst Politicians in the country!!

I would have started Moore; I would have drafted and signed at least 2 pass rushers and a DB. And I would have drafted a qb in the second or third round. Everything else would have taken care of itself. And I would have traded BM and completed the rest of the moves that Ireland did. It was idiots on this blog that pushed Tannehill and at 8 he was a reach. Not saying he is a bad qb, just average. We would have done great with Kapernick or Wilson as well. We have to admit BT was a reach at 8.


When at the metro rail facilities, all of the tile work you see there, my father had the contract for all of it. Both Dade and Broward counties portions.

When you see the tile work there, youre seeing a piece of my geneology, although I never took up the tile setting profession myself.

Ok Common, ill give you that one , but like I said the other day he is a totally different Qb since he got hit , I was impressed with him before the injury, he had balls then , he`d stand in the pocket and wait for the trow to come open , wasn t afraid of the hit , but thats the risk you take starting a kid fresh out of college , he gets hurt you can ruin him , I think like I said before if they had to take him which they didn t we had Moore,he should of sat the first year and matured a little , this team needs to win games to believe in itself , Moore would have won 8 this year , not made the rookie mistakes tanny did in the 3 close games in sundays game he`d of hit a wide open Hartline for two more scores and we`d of won , but he`s scared of being hit now and panicked the throw overshot his receiver, since he`s not as accurate now they run on first and second down

Does anyone else think Dashi posts in the same style as Home?

He refers to himself in the 3rd person and types the same exact way.

He's still here.

On Internet, nobody really knows who the hell is who. Just listen.

been beatin that up 4ever on here tanny never was ready moore sanfran sunday THATS IT

Training camp, Practices are all different way of learning and trying to perfect the play book, develope chemistry between team mates. Practicing against team mates can only develope/improve your technique. Preseason is evaluating your roster but then again by then you have most of your starters set. Hartline is the perfect example. Did not play a single down preseason but started the regular season. Opposing secondaries did not get to see him in pre-season and there was no tape of him, that is why he came out strong.

what really PMO is that people did not give Moore the respect he deserved. He won games. That is what we needed last year.
THill at times has been very good. But last week, he could have beat NE. He really could have. The D handed him the game. And he screwed up. Now a gunslinger would have put that baby to bed in the 3rd quarter.
Development would have been better with some changes. Like, dude one you get a half and if you suck, the second half belongs to him.

Everytime Dansby opens his big mouth he plays worse not better. Just like Crowdered did. Now our lb corps is less "CROWDERED".

I feel bad for the defense , even our corners played their butts off against the Brady the other day , but since we didn t win, their performance goes unnoticed , we should have won that game, we even beat the officials who tried to hand NE the game , if Tanny had just made them two throws to Hartline we`d all be singing a different tune this week

Moore now,

Your $500 is still waiting on your pulling up where I said Moore should have been the starter over Tannehill.

What the matter you hate $money? LOL...

Last year Moore had Hartline Bess and Marshall. Tanehill only have Hartline and Bess. Give to the Kid a playmaker after that start the comparations

I must have missed that post what did you write , I know for a fact early on in the year you were tellin me Moore lost the job he`s nothing but a second stringer, now that Tenehill is a bust you`ve changed your tune

I have been contesting that Moore would put the dolphins in a playoff hunt, but fans would rather forgoe that to see a rookie try to develop. Now explain to my why a guy who is raw with limited college play is picked 8th in the draft? Was it his wonderful stats? Everyone can argue both sides here but the bottom line is he will be around most likely as a starter (unless he turns into Sanchez)for 4 years. He gets an extra year because of where he was drafted. No coach or the front office will man up and admit they succumbed to the fan base and drafted a QB because everyone screamed for it. Could have continued to build offensive talent and when a legit QB in the draft is available over the next 2 years he could have been drafted on to a solid team. Matt Moore would have kept this team competitive while the team lines up more accomplished college QB's.

Well mando is basically saying that, mando has been slowly starting to rethink who have been our starter too , this artical says as much , you were defending Mando`s article,so where are you on the fence?

FYI: Thompson was named GM on January 14, 2005; Rodgers drafted that same year. McCarthy hired in 2006.

billcale | December 05, 2012 at 04:07 PM

I suggest you go look up all the facts before posting which is more than likely what you did here given exact dates you post. I post my knowledge of the top of my head not with google so mistakes on dates can be made but never by much.

I can tell you the best statistical time for Favre was with Sherman who was the H.C. when they drafted Rodgers to be the heir apparent to the then 35 year old Favre. If you say Wolf retired in Jan - 04 I will take your fact checking at it's word but Rodgers fell were he did because of the Cal situation I posted. After 04 going to the Feb - 05 S.B. the Pack were sitting watching because of a 4th and 26 play and I believe to this day the Pack had a better chance of beating the Pats given I was never a fan of the up and down McNabb and Favre had Javon Walker, Driver, Buba Franks and Ahmad Green to work with.

The Pack went in the tank in 05 and never under Sherman recovered from that play. Under your sage GURU McCarthey the Pack and Favre regressed Offensively with alot of people calling for McCarthey's head when he ascended Philbin from OL Coach to O.C. There is NO DENYING this some even questioned Thompson and wanted his head as well until Rodgers vindicated them but make no mistake it was the Ron Wolf way which meant drafting QB's every Yr. and is how they once even had M.Hasselbeck (2nd Rd with Favre at his peak), Mark Brunnell and Kurt Warner in the same camp backing up Favre circa 96. It was just hard for a team that was picking 25th in 05 to pass on the QB some had rated as the 2nd best player in that particular draft with others saying he was better than purple drank Jamarcus Russell which he was.

If you really want to credit somebody then I guess you actually start with Favre himself who Rodgers watched for 4 Seasons given the improv style that Favre played with can be seen earmarked all over Rodgers play when the protection breaks down (the under handed forward pass in traffic ect...) when Rodgers 1st started out in G.B. there were times you did a double take at how much his game mirrored Favre I can't believe I'm the only one who saw it and it was NO COINCIDENCE. Clemments refined his skills and kept him level headed with all those negative comments the tempermental Favre would throw his way given at that point and with his age he felt threatened by Rodgers like NO OTHER time even though he ironically showed him how it can be done, those are facts I saw with my eyes not googled.

"He is no Terry Bradshaw,"

Wow pretty to say looking back now huh? What if RT had 24 interceptions for his first season? Would you be up here calling for his head?

Frankly, I'm leaning toward agreeing though, it's looking more and more like he was not the answer. Even when he has time and an open receiver, he misses quite a bit. Not sure you can teach that.

Thank you Dolffiman , its what I have been saying all along , if they get some talent in here , recievers , and tightends that can catch , we might entice a good QB , maybe manning would of come here if we`d had some talent , but like I said when they didn t get Manning, Luck , Rg3, or philbins boy out of GB , they should of just given Moore the job he earned and gotten some talent around him

As I said, I posted the facts. If I'm not sure about something, I look it up. But mine's an old memory I've learned to not trust. :)

I don t get Philbin , did he not see how Moore motivates the team when he plays , that Jet game every player, every single player on the team played their hearts out , he`s a general out there, and on the sidelines , he gets them fired up ,and that`s what good QB s do, Brady and Manning do it, the players want to play good for him ,they want to win for him , we destroyed the Jets on their own turf, there`s more to the Qb position then just throwing the ball , you have to have the whole teams respect and I think Moore has it and Tannehill doesn t

Even if we keep Hartline this offseason I think we still need two beastly WR's in either FA or draft, to make Hartline the #3 receiver. With him at #3 it would mean that we have two monsters at 1 and 2.

We also need a premier TE that can catch, stretch the field, ala Ferrel Edmunds, and can block for the run too.

We need a balanced offense. Without a running game, and some good WRs, a quarterback can't do much. Bush is not a strong RB, Hartline is just a so so WR, Bess is also a mediocre TE. Got to give Ryan a lot more helps or we would have wasted a first round pick.

Even if Hartline's numbers are as good as Marshall's last year, that just means that Moore had Marshall AND Hartline and Bess. Moore also had a better version of Jake Long, a better Reggie Bush and OK maybe a weaker right side of the OL. It's not exactly the same.

Here is my 2 cents worth on the whole Tannehill thing. I have said it before and I will say it again. Tannehill is a good athlete, maybe a good QB, but he IS NOT THE FUTURE. He is not going to be the next Marino or the next Griese for that matter.

RT is a better prospect than Henne, I did say Henne wasn't IT either, but RT is still not going to be that franchise QB most Dolfans are hoping for him to be.

I will give RT this year as a practice year, but come next season he better have more TDs than INTs and he better not miss on open receivers down field like he has missed on this year. It doesn't matter who the heck is at reciever, if the QB can't get the ball to him it then the problem is at QB.

To avoid another Henne scenario, if I were the Fins, I'd draft another QB (perhaps Barkley of Gino) just in case. I really hope RT developes and become a kick butt QB, but I just don't see it. Next season will be the telling season. RT doesn't have to be a Luck, RG3 or Wilson, he just has to show progressive improvement.

WhoTH is Home? Odin and YG are the posters here that most annoy thru their immaturity. But look out, when they want and are not angry, they can talk good Football.

People here saying, draft Barkley, Draft Te'o. Those are top 10 picks Players that will never get to Us as Kalil, Blackmon didn't get to us last year. When are you People here going to be ready to face the Truth as Jack Nicholson said in a Movie?

The Grammar here is horrible and you can see that it comes from the same Person.

Matt Moore did not come to the Dolphins as a rookie. He had several years of horrendous play. And only when he joined the Dolphins and got a shot, he started to look good. With Moore we know the ceiling, but with Tannehill we don't.

We're sticking with Tannehill because clearly, trying to plug in veterans (as we've done the past decade and some) does not work. The recipe for success is to build through the draft. That's it. Enough.


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