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What Cameron Wake says about going to the Pro Bowl

Miami Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake has been selected as a starter to the 2013 AFC Pro Bowl squad. The annual contest matching the AFC and NFC will be played on Sunday, January 27, 2013 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

No other Dolphins player was named a starter or backup.

So what does Wake think about being names?


(On how satisfying it is to be voted to the Pro Bowl for a second time) –“It’s truly amazing, truly an honor and I’m really blessed to be here in Miami, be surrounded by the kind of guys, the type of team, especially on this defense. (We have a) band of brothers and it kind of feels like an honor I’m accepting on behalf of a lot of other guys because I think they’re a lot of other guys who are obviously deserving. Obviously, I wouldn’t be here in this situation if it wasn’t for a lot of the plays they made throughout the season."

(On if there was much doubt in his mind that he would make the Pro Bowl) – “Well, I’m definitely one of those guys that I don’t count my chickens until they hatch. Growing up, I didn’t have chickens at home. It’s one of those things in the back of your mind you hope for. Throughout this season, I’ve kind of been concentrating on making sure week-in and week-out we get the job done. Those numbers and those kind of things kind of just take care of itself."

(On taking a teammate to the Pro Bowl two years ago when he made it and if there is anyone this year that will be going along with him) – “Well, I’m definitely going to take anybody who’s willing to go. A lot like I said earlier, I have a lot of guys to thank to even be in the situation I’m in – Coach (Kevin) Coyle on down to (Defensive Line) Coach Kacy (Rodgers) and then the guys I play with, play next to every Sunday. So there’s a lot of tickets I’m probably going to have to look into because there’s a lot of guys who helped me get where I am.”

(On if it’s a fair assessment that some players are not enthusiastic about playing in the Pro Bowl, but that is not the case with him) – “Definitely… To be able to selected is an amazing honor, an amazing accomplishment. You guys know my story – it wasn’t a walk in the park. It wasn’t a smooth road for me. I took the back roads to get where I am. I had to fight for everything and then to get this honor and kind of turn it down is something that I would never do. Not only am I excited to be representing the Miami Dolphins, but the icing on the cake was the story that I’ve had and, if you believe in yourself and you can fight and scratch and claw for dreams, anything can happen. I think that all kind of sums it up."

(On whether he would like to see the Pro Bowl continued) – “Of course, 100%. I’m 100% for it. I know there are a lot of guys who think about it that’s that part of their goals at the start of the season, and I just try to be one of those guys. It’s a total honor to be selected by the coaches and your fellow players, guys that you play against. So guys are saying, ‘you know what, I have a lot of respect for the way this guy plays the game.’ Obviously, this is someone who you’ve been trying to kill, and who has been trying to kill you all game, but at the end day, you should able to say, ‘you’re a heck of a competitor and I respect the way you play.’ Coaches are the same way. I think that’s something that you really can’t get anywhere else, and I’m all for keeping the game to honor and reward guys who go out there and do it the right way all season.”

(On the Arizona game where he had 4.5 sacks after not having a sack through the first three games) – “It’s always interesting, I mean I think back to that little stint and the fact is there is nothing more glorious and more glamorous than the sack in the pass rushing business, and I think it was something that you guys probably paid more attention to than I did. I went out there every play and gave it my all, and that’s the way pass rushing is. If you think about it, a great season is 15, 12 , 20 sacks or whatever it may be, but you think about how many times you don’t get there, how many times you’re not necessarily making a play. As a pass rusher you have to go out every time with that mentality that you’re going to make the play. It’s one of those situations if you’re getting the pressure, getting the hit, you’re getting the hurry or whatever it may be, people don’t talk about those as much, but at the end of the day it’s part of your job. I go out there and I don’t look at the stats or try to figure out how many tackles I have. I don’t care about any of that stuff. I just go out and say this play, I’m going to bring my best on this play and when it’s over I’m going to move on and do the same thing the next time."

(On how he feels about being among Dolphins’ greats like Bill Stanfill and Jason Taylor in terms of making multiple Pro Bowls as a defensive end) – “You’re the first to tell me about that. I didn’t even realize that, but I mean it’s one of the things that I guess for later on with the grand kids or whatever it may be down the line to say, ‘you know what, this is what I was,’ but I don’t even want to think about those things right now. I just go out there like I said, and to even be mentioned in the same company with those guys, obviously I know Jason Taylor pretty well playing with the guy, he’s an amazing player and an amazing person, and like I said just being in that situation and being able to play the game that I love and to be able to even step on the field. If you think about it, three or four years ago whoever thought I’d be sitting where I am now. In 2006 I was sitting on the couch watching the games, so to go from there to here is really an amazing feeling.”


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Who cares. There is no pride in 7-8.

The team and fans are too happy with poppycock. Individual achievements are hollow. There is only winning it all. Nothing else deserves a celebration.

Armando, I have a feeling that Cam Wake has you down pat.(look it that, Pat, Pat, jeje).

So he was happy he went to the pro bowl. He said the same thing 5 times, 5 different ways. I wish he was going to the superbowl or even the playoffs. Maybe if had got a couple of sacks in the first 4 games we would have one of them and be in the playoffs. Knob.

Reading an article Today on how paranoid marihuana can make many People. Right there on the National Media.

I bet that you can't do what Cam Wake does physically.

Who cares. There is no pride in 7-8.

Posted by: Waiting and waiting | December 26, 2012 at 08:34 PM

Oh... I dunno.... I think there is more pride in working your way onto an NFL Franchise and being chosen by your peers, coaches and fans to play in a game that is by "invitation only" then there is being a Douche Bag, Whelp who has nothing good to say about anyone or anything that does not have something in it for him....

But I think YOU are the only one who would really know.... Huh, Mr.Waiting?

Good for Wake he gives 100% on every play!!!

Wake was by far the best addition Ireland made to the team. I thought for sure he was going to Pittsburg.

How can he get Wake, Bess, and Carpenter who didn't get drafted, then strike out on so many draft picks?

Congrats to Wake! He's fun to watch!

Waiting for waiting to keep waiting = mamma's boy






.................HE'S THE GUY WHO BP BROUGHT TO MIAMI ,,,,

A great find by Parcells. Too bad Wake will never sniff the playoffs.

Reading an article Today on how paranoid marihuana can make many People. Right there on the National Media.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 26, 2012 at 08:57 PM

Guess you didnt read it well enough to spell it right, dumbo.

To think how Taylor and Thomas's careers were wasted by sub-par coaching and terrible management.

I am happy for Derek (Cameron) but sad for what fans have had to endure the past 15 years. I truly hope that Philbin and Co. are the real deal...and don't waste this player's career.

Shula was a genius. If Miami beats New England Sunday, I will feel more confident that more Miami players will be pro bowl selections. Good for Wake, good for all of the players and us fans.

PS: Aloco, if any of those players were on the Patriots, they would be stars. Just like Welker....

Grats to Cam Wake as he deserves the accolades as he brings it weekly. I'll bet he would trade the individual goals for team goals any day.

This same Fins team should have at least 2 or 3 impact players on Offense by next season and that means they should put up more points, sustain drives better and get first downs.

Get a couple better, faster WRs with size a huge plus, a TE that can split a seam and pressure the Def, A safety worthy of playing next to Reshad Jones, A DE/OLB that has pass rush game to take at least some pressure off Wake and at one other solid CB.

Six players between all those draft picks and FA's with the Fins being so far under the cap. Just 6 players. If they nail 3 spots on head then they can still move forward with ANY Tannehill development in his second season.

Closer than many may think.


ajdczar you might be right. I'd be curious to see Bess and Hartline with a good QB.

bess and hartline are two cellar players..............

I absolutely LOVE the new logo!! Good riddance to the cartoon Dolphin. Great design job!!

fk wake! win some damn games!

"bess and hartline are two cellar players.............."

Who just keep getting 1st downs lol

Alco come on man, Bess would have had 1000 yards receiving had he not gotten hurt, Hartline does have 1000, and Dansby has 121 total tackles, and has played pretty good pass D.

preble, they did, they won 7 and maybe 8.

Hey if he wants to play in it more power to him. Be nice to represent Mia.

At least either Armando has finally Banned Odinstank for life or the Old Coot passed away, Either way we're rid of the Parasite.HAPPY TIMES.

Bess and Hartline=no touch downs, ever.

Please dear lord.............win a frikkin game

For Christ sake!!!!!
why do people have to talk the utter rubbish they do??
some of the comments early on offer absolutely nothing to the human race, why cant people just have sensible debate(of course a bit of emotion is welcome) instead you have to trawl through the trash to find any decent comments worth replying to!!!

Back on topic i think wake thoroughly deserves his selection and would think that other young players on the team who are developing see it as inspiration and the belief that if you work hard EVERY day and are coached well,you'll have a chance yourself.
so for me the more player we have that get selected the more successful the team MUST have been.
Ireland has definitely picked up some hidden talent, but now needs to raise his success rate in this draft to give Miami their best shot at being a contender for the upcoming years.

Congratulations to Cam Wake on an honor well deserved. Although the porous Dolphin secondary has allowed the pass defense overall to be ill-regarded, it's gratifying to see that Cam's contributions have not been overlooked. This year we also saw the development of a more complete player as Cam defended the run better and was used in coverage. It is a comfort to know that he was signed to a 4-year contract extension this year.

Further on the subject, I can't help but agree with NFLdotCOMs Gregg Rosenthal that 2 other Dolphins -Reshad Jones and Mike Pouncy -were robbed, as he put it, in the Pro Bowl selections. Even as they missed out this year, these 2 are certainly future Pro Bowl prospects at any rate. Their play is consistently good and rated at the top of their respected positions.

Further still, does anybody doubt that if Wake, Pouncy, Jones and Brandon Fields played for, say... the Pats... they would all have been Pro Bowl selections? Obviously exposure and team success has a lot to do in the selection of Pro Bowl players. Hopefully next year the Dolphins add a few more players to this budding core of stars and end up deep in the playoffs.

We need to get another 1 or 2 starters in this upcoming Draft like we did last year(Tannehill, JMart). We have the ammunition to do it and I believe we ARE going to do it, even a big Playmaker among them.

Is the new logo official?

Wish list in FA. Mike Wallace only!!

Resign our players.

Solid draft. CB's a must. LB a must. TE a must.

Oh!, btw, we know the mentality of the young Cubans around here, they don't get what they think they deserve(and they have done nothing to deserve it), they get angry and start throwing dirt on others Primitive stuff and the reason for most this Blog

The more I read this AM, the more I see that Jones and Pouncey (my bad on the spelling above) were a few of the biggest Pro Bowl snubs on the lists of many. Mike and Maurkice must be having a few good brotherly jabs at one another over this.

In light of Pro Bowl selections, an honorable mention from Dolphin fans should go to punter Brandon Fields. I don't think the Dolphins season would have turned out near as good without his skills. Many times the team benefited from the field position he crafted from his kicks -could have be many more if not for some lunkhead-ed plays by a few.

Congrats to Wake, he definitely deserves it. However, with each passing year, the ProBowl becomes less and less relevant. So, you're telling me on a 2-win team, there are FIVE players who are tops at their position? R U KIDDING ME? So, just as many on KC as Denver? Anyone else see the illogic of that? Most of the KC players chosen were defenders too. Let me repeat: THEY HAVE WON TWO GAMES! That means the defense wasn't good enough to stop the other team from scoring more points in THIRTEEN GAMES. Doesn't sound to me like anyone on that defense is all that ProBowl worthy.

Just goes to show, individual achievement is pretty meaningless in a team game.

Also, shows the mistakes GMs make in their strategy. Jake Long made the ProBowl for 4 years in a row, with no QB worthy of his blocking. Now, he'll probably move on, and the best he's done for the team is 1 winning Season (and Playoff appearance). For Miami, that's actually a pretty good achievement. In the same vein, a ProBowl WR (Larry Fitzgerald) will miss this one due to the lack of talent at yes, once again, the QB position. One year of the guy's career just WASTED! It should really be criminal. Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they have any football I.Q. whatsoever. Who CARES who you have in any other position if you don't have a viable QB? Doesn't matter one bit. You could have a ProBowl roster around you, and if the QB sucks, well, there go the team's chances. That's why you "Suck for Luck." That's why you give away WHATEVER IT TAKES to get a RG3. That's why you do whatever you can to land a Peyton Manning/Drew Brees as a FA. That's why you draft a QB EVERY YEAR until you find a franchise player. That, or else spend decades in the mediocre wilderness with the likes of the Dolphins, Browns, Jags, Bills, etc.

While the (apparently) new logo for the Dolphins looks better to me, it still connotes a certain softness. Why can't we have an aggressive looking Dolphin representing the team? Heck, how about a shark or barracuda -the Bills use a big American BISON instead of their namesake, the buffalo. :)

go finssssssssssss, cait wait for monday to start this off season

1 pb = no p/o's again.

the new logo is horrific! The Miami Dolphins are, well were, one of the historic franchises in the nfl. they should stick to an updated traditional look. Keep the history, but bring a fresh, clean, modern feel - like NY Giants, Packers, Bears, etc. the wannabe 'futuristic' look is wack and dated. it's worse than the new Marlins logo!

dusty, your favorite part of the year, the offseason. Not sure what you're going to do next year when we start becoming a relevant team.

winz + post season.that's it.
all else u wipe u'r axx with.

Tannehill runs the "prevent offense". TD's are scarce.

Congrats to CW...

the la dolphins.
cheap ross doesn't care what the so flo phans think.
he is moving the team.

jax jags to move south.
miami gators here they come.
welcome back henne.

I think that Ireland should invite Keron Williams to try out for the Dolphins since he's leading the CFL in sacks. They could have bookend DE's from the CFL and cause havoc in the NFL. Hey, lightning could strike twice!

Ross is in a coma. Worst owner in sports?

I think a lot of CFL players would start on the Dullfins lol

Lots of negativity coming off of a 2-game win streak. I guess people can't take yes for an answer.

win streak against Jags and Bills? LMFAO!!

Hey guys we beat the Bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets throw a parade!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats easy dc, then the reg season will be my fav

DC, like I said a few weeks back, there are some people who can't see the forest from the trees and then there are some people who just like to complain no matter what.

If this team continues it's upward climb and becomes a playoff team, these same trolls will complain that we aren't a 12 win team, then when we are a 12 win team, they will complain that we aren't the Super Bowl champions, etc.

They don't realize that even the most successful champions in our sport have six super bowls out of 50 plus super bowl seasons. That means if these people are steeler fans, they'd be writing ridiculous nonsense for 47+ years of that time frame and on top of that, writing sutpidity in those weeks they lose games in those super bowl seasons on top of that. The fact that people like this exist are sad.

Anyways, up here the Dolphins are getting a lot of love from the Buffalo Bills talk people. They say next year they want to find the next Joe Philbin, they want to find their Ryan Tannehill. But all these local b****ches will still complain. FUKKKK EM

and half of the guys on this blog wanted to appoint Matt Moore the starter because he only beat teams like the Bills and Jags lol 6-7..winner winnner .

Guys, now that I think about it I think the first pick we should select an elite pass rusher we can put on the other side of Wake. Think about it let Starks walk hes getting old anyways, move Odrick fully inside, he is 300 pds plus in addition he isnt quick enough to play the end. Get Cam some help on the other side, Let Starks, Long walk. Resign Hartline (dont overpay) and Smith (unfornetley).

We want to find our Chad Henne!

exactly matty, and if these people were Bills fans and they drafted a rookie that would've ended up playing as Tannehill which wasn't great but shows something, they would be crying for Fitzpatrick. Absolute lunacy.

Resign Bush as well, the guy is a flat out playmaker, think about it hes the only player we currently have on the roster with the ability to take it to the house anytime he touches the ball. No one else on the roster is even capable of doing this. Reggie can be our Roger Craig.

Nah, it's just that these Children have identified with Us so much, that they expect without a doubt the Marvels we have accomplished here and elsewhere. When, for some reasons, those expectations fall short, they start to whine and blame others, instead of recognizing the obstacles and limitations that we know are there and always will be. In essence, we believe that Our Children, are still Children.

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