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What Cameron Wake says about going to the Pro Bowl

Miami Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake has been selected as a starter to the 2013 AFC Pro Bowl squad. The annual contest matching the AFC and NFC will be played on Sunday, January 27, 2013 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

No other Dolphins player was named a starter or backup.

So what does Wake think about being names?


(On how satisfying it is to be voted to the Pro Bowl for a second time) –“It’s truly amazing, truly an honor and I’m really blessed to be here in Miami, be surrounded by the kind of guys, the type of team, especially on this defense. (We have a) band of brothers and it kind of feels like an honor I’m accepting on behalf of a lot of other guys because I think they’re a lot of other guys who are obviously deserving. Obviously, I wouldn’t be here in this situation if it wasn’t for a lot of the plays they made throughout the season."

(On if there was much doubt in his mind that he would make the Pro Bowl) – “Well, I’m definitely one of those guys that I don’t count my chickens until they hatch. Growing up, I didn’t have chickens at home. It’s one of those things in the back of your mind you hope for. Throughout this season, I’ve kind of been concentrating on making sure week-in and week-out we get the job done. Those numbers and those kind of things kind of just take care of itself."

(On taking a teammate to the Pro Bowl two years ago when he made it and if there is anyone this year that will be going along with him) – “Well, I’m definitely going to take anybody who’s willing to go. A lot like I said earlier, I have a lot of guys to thank to even be in the situation I’m in – Coach (Kevin) Coyle on down to (Defensive Line) Coach Kacy (Rodgers) and then the guys I play with, play next to every Sunday. So there’s a lot of tickets I’m probably going to have to look into because there’s a lot of guys who helped me get where I am.”

(On if it’s a fair assessment that some players are not enthusiastic about playing in the Pro Bowl, but that is not the case with him) – “Definitely… To be able to selected is an amazing honor, an amazing accomplishment. You guys know my story – it wasn’t a walk in the park. It wasn’t a smooth road for me. I took the back roads to get where I am. I had to fight for everything and then to get this honor and kind of turn it down is something that I would never do. Not only am I excited to be representing the Miami Dolphins, but the icing on the cake was the story that I’ve had and, if you believe in yourself and you can fight and scratch and claw for dreams, anything can happen. I think that all kind of sums it up."

(On whether he would like to see the Pro Bowl continued) – “Of course, 100%. I’m 100% for it. I know there are a lot of guys who think about it that’s that part of their goals at the start of the season, and I just try to be one of those guys. It’s a total honor to be selected by the coaches and your fellow players, guys that you play against. So guys are saying, ‘you know what, I have a lot of respect for the way this guy plays the game.’ Obviously, this is someone who you’ve been trying to kill, and who has been trying to kill you all game, but at the end day, you should able to say, ‘you’re a heck of a competitor and I respect the way you play.’ Coaches are the same way. I think that’s something that you really can’t get anywhere else, and I’m all for keeping the game to honor and reward guys who go out there and do it the right way all season.”

(On the Arizona game where he had 4.5 sacks after not having a sack through the first three games) – “It’s always interesting, I mean I think back to that little stint and the fact is there is nothing more glorious and more glamorous than the sack in the pass rushing business, and I think it was something that you guys probably paid more attention to than I did. I went out there every play and gave it my all, and that’s the way pass rushing is. If you think about it, a great season is 15, 12 , 20 sacks or whatever it may be, but you think about how many times you don’t get there, how many times you’re not necessarily making a play. As a pass rusher you have to go out every time with that mentality that you’re going to make the play. It’s one of those situations if you’re getting the pressure, getting the hit, you’re getting the hurry or whatever it may be, people don’t talk about those as much, but at the end of the day it’s part of your job. I go out there and I don’t look at the stats or try to figure out how many tackles I have. I don’t care about any of that stuff. I just go out and say this play, I’m going to bring my best on this play and when it’s over I’m going to move on and do the same thing the next time."

(On how he feels about being among Dolphins’ greats like Bill Stanfill and Jason Taylor in terms of making multiple Pro Bowls as a defensive end) – “You’re the first to tell me about that. I didn’t even realize that, but I mean it’s one of the things that I guess for later on with the grand kids or whatever it may be down the line to say, ‘you know what, this is what I was,’ but I don’t even want to think about those things right now. I just go out there like I said, and to even be mentioned in the same company with those guys, obviously I know Jason Taylor pretty well playing with the guy, he’s an amazing player and an amazing person, and like I said just being in that situation and being able to play the game that I love and to be able to even step on the field. If you think about it, three or four years ago whoever thought I’d be sitting where I am now. In 2006 I was sitting on the couch watching the games, so to go from there to here is really an amazing feeling.”


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Clue, that offseason plan is a definite option. I've always said that our top two free agent priorities should be Hartline and Smith. Not because they are the best players, it's because they are good players in a position we have ZERO depth in. Also right about Odrick. I told everyone that Coyle was blowing smoke up everyone's behind by saying Odrick was a better De than DT and a wekk later he spends a million snaps playing in the middle on pass rush situations. He looks and plays like a DT. Probably not better than Starks but not far behind. And much younger. Odrick and Soliai will be our DTs next year.

And Cam has two top years left in this league. Need to get an elite pass rusher to help him out sooner or later. If there is one at our position, it would make sense in the first.

Clue, I hope Reggie and the Dolphins agree on a contract. A backfield of Bush and Miller would definitely be explosive. Get WR that can be explosive too and we are off to the races with Tannehill a year older and wiser.

Yes, Clue. More to the point is that the 1st round of the draft is overweight with DEs and DTs falling at just about where the Dolphins are going to pick. Having Odrick and Vernon enables the Dolphins to be quite flexible when it comes to resigning Starks and McDaniel. A good 1st rd talent could be a big boost for the cap as well as the defense.

Speaking of Henne, I think Belicheck trades for the guy in the offseason, ahha. 900 yards in his last two games against NE. Too bad he can't play against anyone else ...

Mark, whats your opinion on Long, I just wouldnt feel comfortable paying this guy like a Top 5 LT, injuries are def taking a toll on him. Martin at LT is serviceable, he can only get better. With his money off the books Im hoping Ireland will look more to some offensive positions players.

Mark, well said and so true. I've learned not to take this blog seriously 99% of the time. A lot of folks here fancy themselves 'realists' or (laughably) 'experts' and neither is true. They are pathological malcontents who represent only a sliver of the fan base.

Bottom line, the team is on an upward trajectory and has an intelligent leader on the sidelines. I'm optimistic moving forward.

mark we have a backfield of reggie and miller now and its not explosive

agree clue. let long go.

dusty, reggie may "dance" in the hole a lot but hes the only player and I guess Lamar Miller who can score on a Long TD, Reggie has always worked hard and represented the orgainzation great, you want to keep guys like that

im not saying let bush go, id offer a solid contract. if he says no say see ya


billcale. To piggyback on your point. having Wake, Vernon rushing the edges and a first round pick like a Dion Jordan if he lives up to the billing rishing from an OLB position in obvious pass downs would be something fierce. Not to mention Odrick up the middle is a good pass rushing DT. That four legit threats to reach the QB. Misi would make a fifth. That would stack us.

I'm hoping Dimitri Patterson has a good showing Sunday; McCann, also. It would go a long way to providing some insight as to what to do with Smith. My guess is he will want max money and if the other guys do well against the Pats, I think the Dolphins should let Smith walk.

Clue, I would offer Jake a contract worthy of the top 5 LT in the league purely out of respect and pedigree. But I would make sure it's a smart contract. That there is some kind of proviso that he must start a certain amount of games to kick in later years or something of that ilk. Something that protects the team too.

Regardless I think it would be all for not anyway as the Bears will make him the highest paid OL in the NFl. They can't find a OT to save their lives. And there's a lot of heat in that city to get it right. They are prone to making a signing that will involve a lot of risk and they have a false sense of comfort about doing so because Julius Peppers was the rarity in a non QB living up to an obscen contract.

We wont's and shouldn't be able to match their offers. We be better off in making sure we can re-sign all of Sean Smith, Brian hartline, and Reggie Bush for about the same money that it will take to sing Jake. It's sad but true because I'm still a big fan of his.

For as much as you guys beaatch about how the team is garbage, we have a chance to be an 8 and 8 team. An minimal improvement from last year but an improvement, if we can get 2 more games or maybe 3 next season were a playoff team. Ireland has once again another chance this offseason to really improve on this team if we dont improve in 2013 Ireland gone in 14.

Yeah, Mark. Good comments. All young guys, strong and hungry for opportunities. I like the sound of it already.

Dusty, I think it ahsn't been explosive because of Miller's slow integration into the offense and the baffling reluctance to use Reggie as a receiver up until the last few weeks.

My vision when I see this backfield used properly is to have Lamar get about 15 carries, Reggie 10, and 5 receptions. Thirty touches between the two in that fashion I believe is optimal.

By the way, i started to read the book Undefeated (about the 72 phins). Got it as an Xmas present - nice read. The bit on mercury Morris (who is similar to Reggie in some ways) is crazy. At 185 lbs he had a 420 lbs bench press - best on the team that included 3 hall of fame worthy offensive lineman. Insane.

Give T-Hill Some Transformers!!

Let The Jets Sign Polian!!

31-27!!! Miami!!

I think Ireland is in full sync with Philbin, getting his players in. Ireland has to realize hes been here 5 years with one winning season which was the playoff year. He has to see the writting on the wall and is going with what Philbin is wanting. I believe he is throwing all of his eggs in the Philbin basket, drafting and brining in whom he wants. We shall see this offseason if that is true or not but last draft pairing with the fact he got rid of two people Ireland brought in shows it.

And Dusty, agreed on Reggie. 5-6 M, 3 years or so. If he gets more good for him, but it shouldn't be from us. he's a very good player but only a marginal pro bowler. he's not Adrian peterson or Arian Foster.


'Ross is the worst owner in pro sports'? Maybe you need to ask a Cowboys fan how feel about Jerry Jones. Maybe you need to ask a Bills fan about Ralph Wilson and how the Bills haven't made the playoffs in 20 years or how he strips them of one home game every year, so that he can pad his pockets by playing a game in Toronto.

Like most of your predictions bill, you're not even close.


Wondering who the bidders might be for Bush? Packers maybe? Steelers? Colts?

I don't see a lot of bidders for him, so my guess is if he likes it in Miami and the money is close, he'll be back.


One other team that potentially could be players for Bush....the Titans. They have an opt out clause in CJ's contract that I could see them utilizing. They'll need a running back. Would Tennessee be more attractive for Bush? Doubtful.....but money talks.

Reggie Has Show Muscles!!

L.Miller Runs Hard!!

The Fins Can Find Value Low at RB in The Draft.

Reggie Would Have To Sign A Fair Deal To Stay. Knowing That In 2 Years L.Miller Is The Lead Back!!

D.Thomas Is Alright For Depth!! And Sherman Needs To Cut Somebody In TCamp! Might As Well Cut A 2nd Round Pick As An Example!!

The Fins Should Still Use A 4th Or Lower On A RB! Dashi Expects M.Lattimore To Be Around!! Or The Kid From W.Kentucky That Was Challenging B.Sanders Season Record!! For All Purpose Yards!! Ireland Will Find Some Acorn!! Ireland Might Not Know Wr's!! But He Knows RB's!! I Hope Watching Sweetness Growing Up!! Taught Him Something!!

Craig, i don't see anyone offereing more than $6M for Bush. I mean, he's barely broke 1,000 in two seasons. Is this the guy that is worth $7m a season?? He's worth more in Miami because of the work he's put in there and his weight in the locker room. As we saw in HK, he's one of the links between the players and Coach Philbin in a way that is very respectful. I think he signs three years 15-17m over three years. If someone comes over the top, I'd be very surprised. I mean look at how hard Matt Forte had to work to get his deal from Chicago and he has better numbers.

And as far as Tennessee, that owner is one cheap bas...d. he was the one that was too cheap to pay a 24 year old Randy Starks a mere $4M a season that Miami got him for among other moves. Bud Adams will release CJ and he will replace him with a draft pick. Tennessee doesn't play in the high end of the free agent market.


I think you're dead right. Only thing is sometimes there's no logic in the NFL. You look at the contracts that guys like Fitzpatrick and Sanchez signed and you just have to shake your head.

Term and size of contract for Bush sound about right. Seems fair and it minimizes the risk to Miami as well. Yes Bush is 28 now but he doesn't have a lot of miles on him and should be good for another 2-3 years. To me that's a smart deal.


As for Bud Adams, he's getting old. He doesn't have a lot of years left. He may be inclined to do some of the stuff that Ralph Wilson has done the last couple of years in Buffalo. He gave CJ a big contract and while I don't think he'll get crazy on a contract for Bush, he may want to be the high bidder. I guess Bush will have to decide if money and playing will make him happier than playing in Miami.

The One Team!

That Fits and Reggie Would Want To Play For?

Are The Chargers!!

His Hometown!!

They Need A RB!! And He Can Get Paid!!

Don't Get Me Wrong!! Reggie Would Be Good In Part Of A System Here!!


Its like Saying B.Hartline Is A #1 WR!! Or Even D.Bess!! (D.Bess is A Great Slot Wr! Will Be Better Than Welker!!) But Neither Is A #1!! Binns & Matthews Have More Potential To Be A #1!!

That is Why Hartline Is Even More Expendable Than Reggie(More Depth at WR). And Neither Are True #1's at Their Position!! Making Them Replaceable!!

You Hear That Matt Moore!! Almost Forgot He Was A Free Agent!! When We Have Real FA's To Talk About!!

Matt Moore Is An After Thought!! When Talking About Pending Dolphin FA's!! Think About That M&M Fans!! Let It Melt In Your ...

Can't Use That Joke!! Some H o m o!!! Might Get Offended!!


Chargers are a fit for Bush. No question. However, are they ready to admit that Matthews was a mistake after only three years? Maybe. But it cost them two picks to move up and get him.

I could see Bush being in play for SD....you're right.

No ownwer is as cheap as Ross.

craig m ur responding to the wrong guy. i havent mentioned ross on here. u should say your sorry

The Chargers Need A New GM and A Coach.

Agreed Craig, The Chargers Are A Perfect Fit For R.Bush.

Matthews Is The Reason I Feel Reggie Fits. The Chargers Feel Matthews Still Has A Future, but is Injury Prone. And Reggie Will Take A Hometown Discount and/or PlayTime Discount. It Buys The Chargers 2 Years. Matthews Plays Out His Contract. And R.Bush Will Be Hitting The Wall In 2 Years!! By Then The Chargers Should've Drafted Another RB.

Will Reggie Accept Being The #2 RB In Miami? He Might Accept that role in SD.

L.Miller Will Win The #1 RB, Next TC!! And a RB Who Learned How To Be A Pro! His Rookie Season!! Will Be Extremely Dangerous!! His 2nd Season!!

L.Miller Has A Standard To Keep!! A REAL RB STANDARD!!

L.Miller Doesn't Grade Himself Against Reggie!!

He Grades Himself Against Real RB's!!

Right now Bush is an option in SD. It's too early to tell because there will likely be a lot of FO turnover. Who knows who will run the show next year.

If we dont sign Bush we're looking at 4-12 next year.


I was responding to your comment at 9:06 am this morning. 'Ross in a coma'. That not you?

8-8 DOUBLES my preseason prediction. Think I'm not wildly impressed with the Miami Dolphins? WHO CARES if we beat the Jags/Bills? We're winning in December. 2-2, have a chance to go 3-2. December is when you NEED to win. If Philbin can show in Year 1 he can win in Dec, then there's nowhere to go but UP!

Haters can hate all they want. Nothing will dampen my spirits. Miami is a team ON THE RISE!

nope not me craig

disagree on bush, if we have a good off season we will win with or wout bush

No one says Reggie is a featured back, think about iot there arent many featured back in the NFL, maybe 5. Bush is the only offensive playmaker on the Dolphins with the ability to take it to the house on a long TD and just dump him for nothing. He already stated he loves everything about the Dolphins and wantes to resign here. The guy works hard, put in extra time after practice and stays out of troouble, pay the man a decent conteract now if he wants top 7 rb money let him walk

If Bush can make $6mil on a playoff contender than a crap team like us has to pay at least $7mil.

However if Ireland lowballs the offer and Bush walks then Ireland did not make a shrewd business decision. All he did was jerk us off and then he'll still have to replace Bush's production. By the way he still has not replaced Tedd Ginn's production (1200 return yds + 600 rec yds/season)

Either offer the correct amount or don't make an offer at all.

Pay Bush whatever the market price is. He's our entire offense .

Either offer the correct amount or don't make an offer at all.
Posted by: CadillacDeVille | December 27, 2012 at 11:42 AM

Thats what should be done. But you know cheapo Ross will make an insulting offer.

CD, we are not a crap team. WE aren't New England but we aren't Oakland or Jax either.

We could've made the playoffs this year if everything went our way. it didn't but in the end that's ok. I know the team played hard in 15 of their 16 games (Tennessee being the big WTF of the season)

and Clue, no worries, it's already been reported by Mando that Bush will get a fair contract from the team that's been worthy of his contributions. The only way he walks is if someone overpays.

Mark, 4 consecutive losing seasos IS CRAP! Players in Miami KNOW there is no playoff shot.

I would let Long, Starks, Bush, and Fasano walk. We can move Odrick inside to replace Starks and won't miss a beat. Our OL has held its own without Long and he will want too much to resign. Priorities to resign are Sean Smith and Brian Hartline. I would also resign Clemons. Releasing the 4 aforementioned players will enable the Fins to sign big time free agents. I would sign Bowe (WR) and Finley (TE).

The draft is loaded with DL help. A top DE will be available where they pick. They should have a choice between Werner, Jarvis Jones, Damontre Moore, and Dion Jordan. Otherwise I would take Guard Chance Warmack with that pick. Take a corner and another TE (Zach Ertz) in the second round.

Funny that Fins 77 claims that Bush is our entire offense despite providing 1,229 yards from the LOS on 252 touches and Brian hartline provided 1,014 yards from LOS on a mere 69 touches. That's 200 more yards on 183 more touches. He's a good player yes, but far from our entire offense and far from irreplaceable.

41 years since a SB win, 15 years since a playoff win, 4 consecutive losing seasons = CRAP!!

Bottom line--We need more players like Cameron Wake.

In looking at the draft order for 2013 we will be no higher than 14. In the end it looks like our strength of schedule was not so soft. Assuming that we lose to NE this week which I expect, even if the four 6-9 teams win they will have a lower strength of schedule than us. Thus, even by losing this week the best we can do is pick 14th. Also, we need the Steelers and Saints to win because if they end up with the same record as us we will be picking behind them. Therefore, it looks like our pick will be between 14 and 16 unless we win then who knows how low we pick.

Bush is an interesting case. He is not a RB that can carry the load that is clear but I don't hink that the fins used him properly this year. He creates mismatches in the passing game. Bringing him back and using him properly would give the Fins another weapon in the passing game. That is a tough call for Ireland to make. Is he expendable with the emergence of Miller and with a healthy Thomas?

I actually think there are guys on here who call themselves 'fans' but revel in this team not winning. Sad commentary on the fan base....but VERY true!

If you can't get excited about this team has accomplished this season, you're not seeing the big picture. More wins than last year, very easily could have had 2-3 more and all of this with a rookie QB, rookie HC and the trading of two of our starting players. Which part of that spells CRAP?

Mark, Bush is the only guy D's have to game plan for. They dont have to game plan for Hartline. lol

Oh yeah.....and we have 5 of the first 90 picks, and in excess of $40 million to spend in FA.

Yep, it's all doom and gloom.....NO QUESTION!

Id prefer Hartline be the number 3 WR, and Bess the number 4 truth is neither of them is that great

For as much as you guys beaatch about how the team is garbage, we have a chance to be an 8 and 8 team. An minimal improvement from last year but an improvement, if we can get 2 more games or maybe 3 next season were a playoff team. Ireland has once again another chance this offseason to really improve on this team if we dont improve in 2013 Ireland gone in 14.


Realistically we're going to be 7-9 this season. This was not a season where there was much to get excited about BUT it's the first year in what SHOULD be a rebuilding process. If Ireland does it the right way & Tannehill improves then we will build a team that is competitive for years to come.

IMO--The right way to rebuild is not to re-sign Long. Like it or not the guy's body is breaking down & he's not the player he once was. We just drafted Martin who is clearly a better LT than a RT so you're talking about a younger, cheaper, & a healthier option. Last time I checked Long is on the IR & the play of the O-line has improved.

The Fins just cant match up against Brady and Bellichick. Maybe when those 2 retire the Dolphins will have a fighting chance.

BTW we only have 37 miliion in cap

Hartline wouldnt start on any other team.

Id prefer Hartline be the number 3 WR, and Bess the number 4 truth is neither of them is that great


There a number of teams like the Lions out there that would love to have Hartline as their Number 2.

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