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What they said after loss and the reaction

Here is what the Dolphins said after Sunday's 27-13  loss to the San Francisco 49ers and my reaction:

Coach Joe Philbin envisioned making this game close and winning it in the fourth quarter:

"We wanted to play a game where we talked about winning 21-17. We thought it would be that type of game, a close physical football game. In a lot respects it was. But again, in the fourth quarter we had some opportunities to put some more points on the board but we didn’t. Obviously we were too generous. We gave them the ball on the nine-yard line on one possession. They took advantage of that. It was the type of game we envisioned. We told the team all week, ‘I anticipate that we’ll be in a position to win the game in the fourth quarter.’ I told them we had to play a clean game. This is a good football team, we had to execute well. We didn’t make the plays in the fourth quarter. They did. They deserve to win."

Salguero reaction: The Dolphins have scored 21 points only four times in 13 games this year. Sad, but truth is 21 points is wishful thinking by the coach.

The Dolphins tried to get an edge by putting running back Reggie Bush out wide so as to take advantage of a matchup against the linebackers. That advantage didn't last.

“I guess they saw some film and thought they could go 1-on-1 with our linebackers," 'Niners safety Dashon Goldson said. "They did a good job of adjusting, knew that was coming and put a DB on them. We got the best of that."

Salguero reaction: Bush averaged only 7.6 yards per reception. Not dynamic. The fact is Bush this year is averaging 7.8 yards per reception. Maybe it's time we accept the idea he's not quite the mismatch out there as we hoped.

Rookie Jonathan Martin got off to a bad start, giving up a sack to Aldon Smith early on when the NFL's sack leader basically blew Martin up. Smith finished with two sacks against Martin and the Dolphins lineman also had a false start.

“It was decent," Martin said. "He got me on that one bull rush pretty good. There is a reason why he is one of the best pass rushers in the league. He is a good player. It is a really talented defense, talented d-line. It is a tough defense, we didn’t make enough plays to win the game.

“It is a learning experience. I like challenges like that, going against guys that are the best in the league. It took me a little while to get into it, but after a while I felt really comfortable out there."

Salguero reaction: It's his first game and it came against arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL. Martin did ok. He didn't make us forget about Jake Long. It was, indeed, a step back from Long. It'll be interesting to see how much Martin improves over the next three games. So far, he hasn't made anyone forget Long.

Punt returner Marcus Thigpen fumbled a punt inside his own 10 yard line. The 49ers converted the turnover into a touchdown.

“I felt a couple of guys close to me, and I tried to take a peek at the last minute, then I looked back up and I lost the ball," Thigpen said.

Salguero reaction: Marcus Thigpen has been a net plus-plus for the Dolphins this year. He has a kickoff return TD and a punt return TD. Yes, he made a mistake. He also had a 56-yard kickoff return after the San Francisco score. I wish all Dolphins players answered adversity like that.

Cameron Wake had three sacks Sunday. He was more productive than NFL sack leader Aldon Smith.

“I didn’t even realize till just now," Wake said. "I would give away every sack I got for a winning record and opportunities that we are not capitalizing on. It is hard to contribute with that kind of stuff when we are stinking it up."

Salguero reaction: The Dolphins wasted Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas and Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison. They are wasting Cameron Wake's best years.


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We lost Craig, you know how I know, all the whiners here talking about the sky falling.

My prediction, wrong though it was, was pretty apt. That's what Philbin thought. That's the game he called. We could have won that game. Were in a position at the end to tie.

It wasn't going to be easy, and we were huge underdogs. So if you're trying to gloat that you were right and I was wrong, gloat away. Doesn't make you any genius. I was going out on a ledge KNOWINGLY, because I felt this was a game that could change the feeling about the team. And the team knew it. They just didn't have the horses to do it. They couldn't put it all together.

But I have no problem with Philbin. Still encouraged he's the right guy. Still have faith in Tannehill. Slow progress, yes, but he's not out of his element. I have faith in the defense. Need a few pieces, but very formidable. Our problem, as always, lies in the offense. You have to score in the NFL today. You need to be dynamic. We aren't that. Haven't been for a very long time. That's what needs to change. And it DOESN'T start with a LT.

PS - for those of you who laughed me off this blog back in April for suggesting the Fins should take Russell Wilson in the 2nd round...well my boy is about to crack the top 10 in QBR and has his team on the way to the playoffs!


Don't jump ahead of what I'm saying. I'm simply saying let's compare. And don't give me this 'who gives a shyte about LT stuff'. You were the first one on here every week complaining about Colombo last year. So now what you're saying is that tackles don't matter. Yeah whatever, dude.

It's a simple conversation of Long vs Martin and what's best for the team. You have NO clue what money it'll take to resign Long. YOu want playmakers then stop f8cking opening up holes on this team.

Another great game by #24 yesterday...Back to square one at the CB position...2 High draft picks wasted...One got traded and the other one sucks...Way to go Ireland...You're lucky our owner is obsessed with you...Convinced you're a great GM...When FACT is we're out of the playoffs again...Same ch*t different pile...

It only takes me 3-4 games to know if a QB has IT or not. I dont think I have any special talent lots of people can do that. Anyway I can tell you that Tanneill does NOT have IT. He will never be an average QB. In time everyone will agree with me just like they did with Henne.

Fin 77....see my post above as I fully agree with your view.


Buy into the crap all you want. The team wasn't close to winning the game. They led in the game for how long, up 3-0. Thye never looked like they were in position to win the game. Down 6-3 at the half and then they come out to start the second half 3 and out. Four straight incompletions when they were down 20-13. NEVER close to winning. Tell yourself differenty if you want. Look around the league and at all the games that were decided in the last two minutes or went to OT. THAT'S close to winning. It was the same as the game last week against New England. NEVER led, never close to pulling ahead.

And didn't you say it would be a CONVINCING victory over SF this week? I'd hardly say you were close on your prediction.

I didn't get the play calling at all. At the end, in the 4th, there behind and they call nothing but run plays, and eat up the clock, but they do score. Then at the end they call nothing but long passes to the end zone, not even trying for a first down, how about some short passes to get the first down to keep the game alive.It was either all run or all long pass.After missing on a long pass why not get the first down with a short pass, which is the Dolphins only strong play and then take more shots to the end zone.


Well, I think Martin, once again, proved, he is quite capable at LT. He got overwhelmed on 1 play(sack) & gave up a couple of pressures but, he was facing arguably the best D in the NFL & was matched up against probably the best pass rusher in the NFL.

Everyone knows Martin needs to work on his strength. The times he has looked bad are when he's bullrushed after being set up with outside moves. (like this past game)

He needs to keep balance & stay upright. It's a strength issue, not technique. IF Martin continues to play like this, Miami cannot resign Long back. At least not to play LT.

Also, on your last blog you meantioned we should be disappointed. Why shouldn't we? Cause we're STILL rebuilding?

Guess what! The Colts are rebuilding! The Steelers went through massive changes on D this off season. They could be considered rebuiulding. The Bucs under 1st year coach are rebuilding and playing better than us.

See, people can continue to blame rebuilding as to why we always suck but, the fact is, other teams rebuild and yield INSTANT results. Miami doesn't.


Against maybe the top defense in the NFL, we did ... okay. Not great. Not much worse than the 49ers offense.

Here's hoping for some WR/TE picks in the draft. Hartline is a 2d-tier WR who's getting covered by 1st-tier pass defenders; get somebody better and we can fix that.

(Remember last year, we were all griping about Moore's always throwing to Marshall? Maybe we are seeing why that was, now.)

The silly Tannehill haters are beneath argument. They would be howling to fire Drew Brees after last night's Giants game, if they were Saints fans. Day-trader mentality is not how you build a football team.

But really, let's not avoid the big issue: SPECIAL TEAMS WTF??? *That* looks like Philbin's big test as a head coach right now.

1-5, in the last 6 games after being 4-3. Tannehill through his first TD pass yesterday in something like 20 quarters. And all we keep hearing is, 'He doesn't have the weapons' and 'Philbin is doing a good job'. It'll be the same thing next year when we hear, 'It takes time for the young WRs to develop' and 'Tannehill needs to develop chemistry with these guys'.

I believe every team who picked after us in the draft last year, with the exception of Jacksonville, will be picking after us in the draft this year. THAT'S progress. Us? Not so much. We're content to lose by 7 to the Pats and 14 to Niners. We're content to continue to accept mediocrity.

NH, we are in agreement.

The fans need to fly that banner again...Apparently Ross doesn't quite get it...Again..

Henne is a joke compared to Tannehill. 1st of all Hartline couldnt get open against Seattle or San Fran. Why? Because big corners lock him up, which makes him a OK #2 or 3.
And the receivers cant hold their blocks like Marshall did. Which is why our running game sucks.
Wide receiver, Line backer and Corner are the highest priority. And Ireland must go!

Craig, so you expect Martin, a rookie, playing a new position (though it's a natural position from college) to play up to the standards of an elite, Pro-Bowler, 1st pick in the Draft player? Not sure what world that's even remotely a fair comparison. By the way against the best pass-rusher in the league who's going to break the single-season sack record. LOL! You have to know how foolish that sounds.

Who cares if you don't care about those excuses. They aren't excuses, they are the TRUTH. You want to compare those 2 players right now, FINE! Long's better, OBVIOUSLY! AND? What's that mean to anything?

I guess we're having 2 conversations here. You're speaking to the idiots who say Long is nothing, same idiots who say if we only started Moore we'd be in the SB, same idiots who say Henne is better than anything we have....

I'm trying to explain what Miami needs to do to improve (and their areas to focus on). Should Miami try to resign Long, SURE, at the right price. And before you ask what's the right price, it's the price that would keep him AND STILL allow the team to improve in the important skill positions on offense/defense to compete. THAT'S the right price! But, if they don't, either because Long wouldn't play ball, or they felt they wanted to move on, then they have to figure out how to minimize his loss. And Martin is going to be that answer (they believe), with whatever they do on the right side. Whatever they do they'll do.

My point is far more important than that is what they do at WR, TE and RB. And what type of development they do with Tannehill, who we all see isn't elite now but has potential to be pretty good.


So if Martin gives up two sacks every week, that'll be fine for you? Yeah OK....that makes a lot of sense. You blast Long for having given up 6.5 sacks this year but your guy's on pace for giving up 32 on the year but you're a happy guy. Does that math add up to you?

Martin should us nothing yesterday, other than he's another question mark. Aldon Smith is averaging a sack a game but gets TWO yesterday and you're a happy guy. You're a strange dude!

Amazing that all read is that Tannehill sucks although he did nothing to lose us the game. Am I the only one that watches the games? I see a 21 year old rookie having to make perfect passes all game because his leadfoot receivers can't get seperation (Bess). And when they get open, they can't catch balls that hit them in the hands (Moore). The only guy that can get even moderate sepration and catch is Hartline and even he can't get open in the end zone. Sure he didn't win us the game but up until that last drive he was very much the equal of Kaepernick. That was not the reason we lost.

We lost because we can't run, we can't get open and most importantly we gave up another 7 points on special teams. If you want the main reason we've lost 3 of 4 - that would be it. name one other team that consistenly gives up as mnay points on special teams as we do??? Even one!! And we are not in any position to give up points because we struggle so much on offense and provide no turnovers on defense.

And lastly, I saw Jake Long earn his contract extension in the first quarter yesterday in one drive. Two false start penalties on one red zone opportunity plus Martin got shot out of a connon on that one sack.... "in the words of Dan Dierdorff ... " that was embarassing".

I told everyone he was too weak to start at left tackle - will be for another two years. jake will sign a contract for big money but will also have provisos to allow the team to escape it if he continues to be injured. Book it!

Henne > Tannehill

Nice job by Ireland on having a plan B after trading our #1 WR...Nice job finding a TE who can run...Egnew??? Nice job on picking up key free agents to give us depth...Nice job on having a plan B after trading one of our starting corner...Richard Marshall, Nolan Carroll and Sean Smith??? In today's NFL?? LOL!!! Mr.Ross, are you watching the games??? Have you ever wondered why nobody wants to go watch your team???

Actually DC, you're the one that attacked me this morning. I simply said 'Martin wasn't what everyone said he was yesetrday'. At no point did I say 'that's the reason we lost'. But I also said 'if Long had played like that there would be Hell to pay'.

Understand where the critism is coming from. It's from sad little boys that can't get past the fact we drafted Long over Ryan. Has nothing to do with how he played or who he is. Also, we're trying to find if Martin can be the answer at LT or not going forward. Unlike you, I consider it rather an important decision. Because he played it in College means nothing to me. Jason Smith of the Rams played LT in College and struggling mightily as the number two pick in the draft. You want your playmakers then stop geting rid of guys when we don't have to and drafting their replacements unnecessarily.

Irescum is setting new records for most busts ever by a GM. I wouldnt be surprised if less then 20,000 showed up for the Jags "cellar bowl" game.

20-13, 4 mins to go, ball on (around) the 30, driving. And FOUR endzone passes are called. That sound like good playcalling to you Craig? Did you see the Indy/Detroit game. Indy was closer, did pretty much the same thing (endzone 3 times). Guess how they eventually scored the winning TD? On a short slant, WR coming across the field and streaking to the endzone. NOT an endzone throw, and that was a pure passer in Luck.

But somehow, our brilliant OC calls not 1, not 2, but FOUR endzone passes from FARTHER OUT for our QB that's not up to Luck's level. Doesn't sound like setting up your team to succeed to me. We didn't even need to score that quickly, or would have given them the ball back with too much time. We SHOULD have continued what was working, running, shorter passes, misdirection. But that's too easy, OC wants to put it all on the QBs back and increase his chance to fail.

You can blame the QB if you like. Funny when it was Henne or Moore or any other QB you wanted to blame anyone BUT. Sounds like either/or with you Craig. I prefer to be more level-headed about these things.

3 picks for D Thomas? Really?

Tannehill has nothing to work with, look what the Buc's did this year for there QB got every top receiver and tight end in free agency.Tannehill is a rookie and has no help like other rookie QB'S. Philbin hasn't had a chance to get all the players he needs, it take's more than one year to undo all the mistakes from the " Fist Humpper ".

MOntreal, what exactly was your problem with Sean Smith?? Didn't really give up much yesterday. You expect his receiver to get zero receiving yards each week???


He's TWENTY-FOUR years old, not 21. He completed half of his passes yesterday for 150 yards. Not good enough. But the key thing for me was the three and out to start the second half and the four and out to end the game. He's not doing it enough when the chips are down.

Not the reason we lost yesterday but he WAS a contributing factor.


As DC has CLEARLY pointed out this morning. You sound like a moron. LOL

The TRUTH is Martin got beat on bull rushes by an ELITE player. What would have happened to Long? Long gave up 2 sacks to some back up on the Raiders!

Long, even when healthy, struggled against pass rushers.

You sound completely follish with your 2nd grade level reasoning.

Not to mention you deny the reality of the situation.

That Martin provides the same level of play as Long and costs 13 million less.

You are the nitwit wanting to sign long to millions of dollars for play. You don't reward declining play & age just because he was a former #1 overall pick.

A 1st rd pick for TanneBust? Really?

2 watt reaction: rt sux, he sux in college and he sux in the nfl.













DC, I concur with your 9:16 post 100%. I think that's the fair approach with Long. He should be re-signed but not in a way that will handcuff the franchise. Ireland will be made or broken in the next 12 months. And I'm scared because if he's broken ... it will be another 5 years until we can even consider relevance again.


AGAIN, I didn't say the QB lost the game. Quit projecting bud and read my words.

Yeah defend him if you want but the excuses are growing thin. I'm not expecting him to win games right now but I'm not seeing the progress. Completing half your passes on the day and NONE when it's needed is not a good sign. Blame the receivers if you like but he was off on some of those passes and that's not a good sign either. You can't teach accuracy and that's been one of the knocks on this guy.

Well....what an off-season we'll have to look forward to: Ireland blowing another draft and Ross turning our uniforms into clown outfits. Should be fun.

zonk, at least j phil is pixxed off after every loss and he knows where the blame is.
[ qb ]


Martin Did Well Yesterday!

Maybe Other People Are Right! And This is The End Of Jake As A Dolphin! Martin Has 3 More Games To make a Impression! And He's Not Facing Anybody That Can Whoop Him!! Let's See How He Does!!

On The 4th Quarter!!

Do We Pay Dansby ENOUGH To Show Up at The 4th? Apparently Not Because he Disappears!!

Mr.W Is A Beast!! And a REAL Professional!! I Wish We Had 10 Other Guys On Defense That Play With Mr.W's Effort!!

Dansby Sucks!! And Is A Major Part Of The Problem!! He Quits In The 4th Quarter Of Every Game!!

The Defense Doesn't Get Tired IN THE 4th Qtr!! Dansby Just Quits!

And for the record, I am pretty sure Martin only gave up 1 sack. The one he got knocked over on.

The other Aldon sack came on a stunt where Martin picked up Smith outside & Smith came from the middle & beat Incognito.

I think Armando should check the film & confirm.


A week ago you told everyone 'Martin can handle the position no problem. It'll be an easy transition'. Now you're saying 'He needs to add strength'. NEWSFLASH Einstein, he hasn't suddenly become WEAKER in a week. But we'll trust you, because you know all about Olinemen. Couldn't be because you have an axe to grin with Jake Long, you piece of shyte!!

Craig, I don't think he played badly. he was very much the equal of Kaepernick until Jared Odrick forgot how to play football.

To be clear I mean Martin picked up Justin Smith stunting out & Incognito wiffer on Aldon Smith stuntiung in.

Well then. If NH thinks he's no good so do I.Hahahahaha. Pathetic knee jerk crap.


Go have another drink bud!! You don't make a decision on someone after one week.

Yeah I know. Tell me again, how I can't post because I didn't sit clued to my television like you yesterday and watched every play.

Has anyone seen Egnew?

We should have drafted Matt Ryan with that #1 pick...thanks for nothing Tuna.


A week ago you told everyone 'Martin can handle the position no problem. It'll be an easy transition'. Now you're saying 'He needs to add strength'. NEWSFLASH Einstein, he hasn't suddenly become WEAKER in a week. But we'll trust you, because you know all about Olinemen. Couldn't be because you have an axe to grin with Jake Long, you piece of shyte!!

Posted by: Craig M | December 10, 2012 at 09:33 AM

No I diodn't you knob! I like hopw you now make stuff up to make other ppl look bad after you spent the whole morning looking like a fool!

I said & HAVE ALWAYS SAID, Martin's issue, and everyone knew coming it was coming out of College, was his lack of upper body strength.


It isn't a coaching deficeincy. Or a talent deficiency. IT's UPPER BODY STRENGTH. It will come through hard work.

Now, wanna spread more lies?

Egnew has a bad case of Popeye face and has not sniffed the field. Also, our receivers seem to slip and fall alot. Problem is that the fields are dry.


So you didn't say 'Martin will be fine at the position. It's his natural position'?

Let me remind you....it was about a week ago.

Yep. Matt Ryan wins all by himself. He would win the Super Bowl with our current receiving corps. Matt Ryan can throw it to himself, catch it, score, and kick the PAT.


Why don't you just admit you don't have a f8cking clue what you're talking about and you 'hope' Martin can play the position. I think people could respect you a bit more if you just said that.

Admit it, you're pissed this team drafted Long instead of Ryan and you have it in for Long. You actually have NO clue whether Long will bounce back or not or what kind of money he wants or if Martin can even play the position. Try it...we're all here for you.

Craig, NO ONE played good enough yesterday. Not the QB, the LT, the WRs, NO ONE (but a few defenders). So I'm not making all-or-nothing statements here. Martin IS a question mark. No, I'm NOT fine with him giving up 2 sacks a game. I'm just fine him giving them up in his first start EVER at LT against the BEST pass-rusher in the league. If he does it next week vs. Jax, then yeah, probably he's not the guy, yet.

Tannehill's accuracy IS an issue. But he did some good things as well. If you don't understand the difficulty in the plays he was given at the end there, then I'm sorry. But those are tough for the Rodgers and Brees and Mannings of the league. I'm certainly not throwing in the towel on a rookie QB though. Neither is Philbin. We'll have to see if Tannehill can improve or not.

But it's everything that's at issue, not one thing here or there. Overall, the team isn't good enough. Don't have the talent. That's on the GM, the coaches to develop players and put in the right game plan and call the right plays, and then the players need to execute. It's a total team improvement that needs to happen.

Just like you, I predicted a 4-12 Season. They are one game away from tying last year's record. That's why I'm not very concerned right now. Don't really see the reason to be hysterical. I guess you see things differently.

To Phiblin: Look at your discarded WR in Bears uniform. Besides under used Bush the other are complimentary. Need a good WR diva and another TE to give a real opportunity to Tan. right now this team looks worst than last year.

Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, RG3, and Russel Wilson have all singlehandedly turned their teams around. P Manning too. Thats what elite QB's do.

DC @ 9:43am,

A LOT of very good points. Yes, I agree the playcalling at the end was questionable. That's a good point. Hard to expect a QB complete some of those low percentage passes.

A lot of rationale points in your answer. Certainly brings you back some credibility after your hairbrain prediction on the weekend....LOL. You did say we would 'dominate' did you not?

We have a losers mentality. That's why we lose. "keep it close and win it in the 4th quarter.". Are you serious? The coaches should be driving to "let's dominate, attack and won this game before halftime, then crush their will to live in the second half." sweep Daniels leg and cobra Kai. Let's get an oc with that kind of attitude.

Admit it, you're pissed this team drafted Long instead of Ryan and you have it in for Long. You actually have NO clue whether Long will bounce back or not or what kind of money he wants or if Martin can even play the position. Try it...we're all here for you.

Posted by: Craig M | December 10, 2012 at 09:43 AM

let us guess, you do? The all knowing I'm smart & you're dumb.

Your arrogance is clearly on display!


Nice caps bud....try decaf next time!!

Admit it, you want Long off the team 'cause you can't stand the fact they drafted him over Ryan. Has nothing to do with Long's play or contract. In fact, you don't even know what an OLine is. It's just something you heard people talk about. You've never actually watched them play before, right?

Here come all your aliases LOL....WHAT a surprise!! Can you not fight your own battles, without making it look like it's you and an army of others.


I could care 2 sh*ts less where he was drafted, you know it all big mouth.

It's about his declining play & money he'd get.


You can deflect & cherry pick my posts if you want.

The only 1 looking dumber is you.

Now, talk to your simple minded nitwits who actually take stock in anything you say. I'm dumb with your ignorance & arrogance.


lol, this team is just 15-16 playas away.

Funny indeed when the anti craig posters come out his recycled line...aliases, etc..

Only a dummy would not know that when you act like a doucher, people notice.

That's the names you are seeing, not my aliases


Am I the only one that sees that we played the best three teams in football who had everything to play for - played them with one arm tied behind our backs - got our butts kicked the first time but gave them all they could handle the next two and if it wasn't for abhorent special teams - may have won those games???

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