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What they said after loss and the reaction

Here is what the Dolphins said after Sunday's 27-13  loss to the San Francisco 49ers and my reaction:

Coach Joe Philbin envisioned making this game close and winning it in the fourth quarter:

"We wanted to play a game where we talked about winning 21-17. We thought it would be that type of game, a close physical football game. In a lot respects it was. But again, in the fourth quarter we had some opportunities to put some more points on the board but we didn’t. Obviously we were too generous. We gave them the ball on the nine-yard line on one possession. They took advantage of that. It was the type of game we envisioned. We told the team all week, ‘I anticipate that we’ll be in a position to win the game in the fourth quarter.’ I told them we had to play a clean game. This is a good football team, we had to execute well. We didn’t make the plays in the fourth quarter. They did. They deserve to win."

Salguero reaction: The Dolphins have scored 21 points only four times in 13 games this year. Sad, but truth is 21 points is wishful thinking by the coach.

The Dolphins tried to get an edge by putting running back Reggie Bush out wide so as to take advantage of a matchup against the linebackers. That advantage didn't last.

“I guess they saw some film and thought they could go 1-on-1 with our linebackers," 'Niners safety Dashon Goldson said. "They did a good job of adjusting, knew that was coming and put a DB on them. We got the best of that."

Salguero reaction: Bush averaged only 7.6 yards per reception. Not dynamic. The fact is Bush this year is averaging 7.8 yards per reception. Maybe it's time we accept the idea he's not quite the mismatch out there as we hoped.

Rookie Jonathan Martin got off to a bad start, giving up a sack to Aldon Smith early on when the NFL's sack leader basically blew Martin up. Smith finished with two sacks against Martin and the Dolphins lineman also had a false start.

“It was decent," Martin said. "He got me on that one bull rush pretty good. There is a reason why he is one of the best pass rushers in the league. He is a good player. It is a really talented defense, talented d-line. It is a tough defense, we didn’t make enough plays to win the game.

“It is a learning experience. I like challenges like that, going against guys that are the best in the league. It took me a little while to get into it, but after a while I felt really comfortable out there."

Salguero reaction: It's his first game and it came against arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL. Martin did ok. He didn't make us forget about Jake Long. It was, indeed, a step back from Long. It'll be interesting to see how much Martin improves over the next three games. So far, he hasn't made anyone forget Long.

Punt returner Marcus Thigpen fumbled a punt inside his own 10 yard line. The 49ers converted the turnover into a touchdown.

“I felt a couple of guys close to me, and I tried to take a peek at the last minute, then I looked back up and I lost the ball," Thigpen said.

Salguero reaction: Marcus Thigpen has been a net plus-plus for the Dolphins this year. He has a kickoff return TD and a punt return TD. Yes, he made a mistake. He also had a 56-yard kickoff return after the San Francisco score. I wish all Dolphins players answered adversity like that.

Cameron Wake had three sacks Sunday. He was more productive than NFL sack leader Aldon Smith.

“I didn’t even realize till just now," Wake said. "I would give away every sack I got for a winning record and opportunities that we are not capitalizing on. It is hard to contribute with that kind of stuff when we are stinking it up."

Salguero reaction: The Dolphins wasted Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas and Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison. They are wasting Cameron Wake's best years.


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I only say no to pass rush 1st rd, simply because this defense has shown(except for 2-3gmm maybe) it is more than good enough to win with. The offense just simply can not score points.

Have you seen this defense(pass rush) earlier in the season when they had double digit leads? Dont remamber whether it was the Raiders, Jets, or who it was, during the game we had 7-8 sacks in one game.

Comfortable leads also go a long ways in aiding your overall pass rush. Because the opposition offense becomes one dimensional.

Long has been getting manhandled like that week after week for 2 years, and obviously it's not the league's best rusher every week either.

Posted by: S. M. Gellar | December 10, 2012 at 11:06 AM

Remember the oakland game? Long gave up 2 sacks to some backup Shaunessy or something? Almost got Tannehill killed.

Yea, I think in his 1st NFL start at LT, Martin acquitted himself quite well against the leagues #1 pass rusher.

I don't think martin gave up 2 sacks either. Just because A. Smith had 2 doesn't mean both were on Martin. The one where he got mauled was 1. But, the other was on Incognito off a stunt if I recall correctly.

Whomever is the GM this spring needs to bring in as many players as possible to create competition for playing time at every position. Then we'll be on track to becoming a great team. Currently once we get a few injuries on our starting lineup we are basically done. Depth will help bring out playmakers. Dansby could lay diwn and take a nap in a game and we'd still have to play the next week.

Care to respond to that one, smartass????.....

Posted by: Craig M | December 10, 2012 at 11:09 AM

Uhh no. Not only are you delusional, you post like an as*hole.

I see you have enough enemies here. Move along child!

Doesn't look like too many people want to talk football, just catfight.....have fun fellas! That's not why I'm here.

YG, last point (since you're one of the few that's actually here to talk football), I'm not ready to give up on Matthews after one year. Colston in NO was a 7th round pick and Cruz in NYG wasn't even drafted. We don't know what this guy may or may not become YET. I see no reason to add 3rd round WRs to take playing time away from him.


Yeah OK. Bunch of guys I don't even know, that I talk to online, are now my 'enemies'....LOL. Who's the child?

Instead of hiding behind many different names, show yourself. Stand up and be a man for once. I know it's hard for you but try....we're all here for you....


Also, even if we currently had another great pass rusher alongside C-Wake, it wouldnt aid in the inability of this offense to score points. At best, we may have only 1 more win with a great pass rusher.

Like I said, the defense has consistently shown its good enough to win with. If this offense could even average 21ppg, we would be about 9-4 right now on that alone.

Anyways, have fun guys....looks like the freaks are out today or at least one or two in particular.

I'm out now....(you can make you wise ass crack like we all know you will now LOL or better yet, do it under someone elses name. That will fool all of us)....

It truly is a real shame talent like Cam Wake's is being wasted. He should be playing for the 49ers. This coach Philbin is delusional if he thinks its so easy to plan schemes against smart teams full of talent, like the 49ers. That is why the Fins suck at 5-8. Ross is obviously a smart business man, (or he would not be a billionaire). When will he wake up and see that Jeff Ireland is the remaining stink of the Parcells era, and get rid of him?!!! This team, contrary to many optimistic fools, is miles away from being a contender. They need to hire an experienced GM, and clean house! As for Tannehill? I just don't see it. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, for this O-line has been, and STILL IS, in shambles. We'll see. Receivers that cannot seperate, lack of a bull running back, a defense that cannot pass rush., and way too many overpaid mediocre players. Today, I called in sick due to depression when my life is generally a happy one. I don't even want to watch anymore football this year.

I'm not ready to give up on Matthews OR Moore. BUT, Moore did miss a play yesterday (maybe 2). Neither seem to be the playmaker we need to score more TDs (good to have as role players though). We need a WR to take a game over. And make defenses roll coverage to him and make it easier for these other guys (hartline, bess, moore, etc.) to get open. And add speed to the WR core.

AND PLEASE JEFF, A FRIGGIN' TE to make some of those seam (and other) plays we see all the good TEs in the league make (though that was a nice TD catch from Fasano).


Don't Blame The LG!! When The LT GETS BEAT INSIDE!!




On teh bright side, the Dolphins will be favoured by 7 points next weeekend. I think Miami should be able to score 7 points every time they get the ball in the red zone. The Jags defense breaks all the time. They should also be able to run the ball at will. The Jags defense is soft all around. We have a distinct advantage on our offense vs their defense. However, we must not get careless and protect the ball. jax is actually pretty good at not giving games away.


It's all about PLANNING. For opposing offences, if they shutdown Cam Wake they shutdown our pass rush. I don't believe Starks will be abck next year, but let's see. If Wake gets double-teamed or hurt, we're done. You need to account for that. If you don't want Manning and Brady picking us apart you need to get in his face. We don't have enough guys on the roster that can do that. I'm not saying don't draft offence....obviously we need that. But fixing the D by putting NEW bodies at CB solves nothing. Sorry.

Give a first and a second rounder for Fitzgerald. And then draft corners and TE.

T-hill is a project he will get better.


I know you're talking about me but have no clue what your saying....cause I'm not reading it. Your posts are as worthless as when you try to talk football. Worthless and pointless.....but have fun typing all day...I'm not interested.


I think you are correct. Only 1 sack was J-Mart getting destriyed. The other, I place on Tannehill being a right haned qb rolling left, instead of right.

In the 1st place, a right-handed qb rolling to the leftside of the pocket handcuffs himself because its more difficult for a righthanded qb yo be acurate throwing rolling to his left. Because he's rolling away from his power hand.

Then the other, during that sack, both Marting and the rb had his backside, but Tannehill rolled right into the sack rolling the wrong direction. Had he rolled left as he was supposed to. ALodn Smith had to chase him down from behund and he would have had chance to throw the ball away and avoid the sack.

The 2nd sack wasnt on J-Mart, it was on Tannehill. Thats what I saw happen on that play.

Dolphins had won 3 straight going into the Indy game. They are 1-4 since......They have not recovered from that tough loss. The Defining moment of the season so far.

Tanehill is another CHad Henne. He is miles apart in talent from Luck and RGIII. Talent-wise he is very limited. I would have given the house for RGIII. In 2 years we'll be back looking for another QB and headcoach.

Draft from Stanford, rather than Alabama.

Cam Cameron fired as OC in Baltimore today and replaced by Jim Caldwell. Interesting move...

Not surprising to any of Us here, Craig M, is it?

I agree with Mark in Toronto. Not just because I am fellow Canadian.

Unreal how fans are giving up on T-hill. Drew Breese anyone? Guy has showed twice the promise of Henne with no Brandon Marshall?

Ball hit Marlon Moore in the hands? Bess runs a 4.9 and Bush out wide can’t get a step on LB when he is on position?

Like Armando says, we need more Cam Wakes here, specially on O, before it's too late.


If you notice, the defense usually breaks down at the end usually because of the offense's inability to get into the endzone. Yesterday was "classic example" of this. Another great pass rusher wouldnt have changed this.

We're always one great play by the opposing offense and breakdown in any area of our defense from losing the game. Beit the opponent does it with a great run or pass play. Eventually this defense wears down because of the inability of the offense to get into thwe endzone.

This defense, even as it is, could easily be a top 10 nfl defense if this offense's ability to get into the endzone wasnt so wretched. I just dont think drafting a pass rusher 1st rd addresses the greatest problem with this team, which isnt pass rushing. Although pass rush could be added to the list, just not at the very top of it.


I think he's a good OC, just not a HC. There's been a lot of talk of friction between Flacco and Cameron. I guess when you lose a couple in a row you need a scapegoat. Flaaco played well yesterday but I still have questions on this guy. Rice and the defence carries him much more than he carries them.

YG @11:34am,

Some very good points. I could be talked into other plans too. I'm just saying, not planning for it, is planning for disaster. Cam Wake's not a kid any more and he will break down at SOME point. I want to get a second threat and start planning for his ineffectiveness, which will come.

Cam Cameron fired as OC in Baltimore today and replaced by Jim Caldwell. Interesting move...

Posted by: Craig M | December 10, 2012 at 11:28 AM

NICE!!!! 2 Years too late. They should have some trophies...


Even my T'eo wishlist doesnt address this team's greatest need. I admit that. Just Im sick and tired of this team by-passing hof calibre talent to draft scrubs too. I also believ T'eo would be a better "true leader" for this defense than Dansby could ever dream of being.

I believe T'eo could have the same type of impact on this defense as "a leader" as Ray Lewis has on the Ravens. Please dont confuse this with I'm saying T'eo is Ray Lewis.

I just believe this defense could evolve into the personality of its leader. On defense, I believe Notre Dame defenders feel they have great chance to dominate that side of the ball with both T'eo onfiled play and onfield leadership. That goes a long way and this type of player doesnt come along every year.

That's why I would draft T'eo 1st rd even though he isnt a "high team need" in the "conventional" way of thinking.

No, Craig M, all these failed coordinators that failed as HCs eventually will show that they sukk as assistant Coaches also(We have 1 of them, hope he is an exception). Strictly MO.

As for the game, thought it was very similar to the game vs the Pats. The Defense did a fine job, again got screwed on a PI call on 4th down (was 3rd vs Pats) that lead to a scoring drive. Which in both cases was the winning points...

OL held up well considering who they were facing. Offense looked ok at times, terrible at others. They can't go pass happy! The OL isn't good enough to always stop 4 man rush, and the D just sits in coverage. Not a good thing for the QB, especially a rookie. Trying not to be negative on Tannehill, but there is no excuse for throwing the ball away on 4th down.

Shame really, if only the offense could put up 21-24 points then they could be winning games. Really, really need a reciever that can get seperation.


U Know The Answer!! To The 4th Quarter!! Dansby!!

The Defense was Not Tired!! Dansby Just Quits In The 4th Quarter!!

T-Hill Lead a TD Drive To Start The 4th!! Where The Defense Was On The Bench For a While!! Remember I was SCREAMING!! FOR A COMEBACK!!




I am Saying HIS!! Because Even Though Mr.W!! Is The Best Player On Defense!! the Fins Defense!! Falls On Dansby's Shoulders!!


We need Playmakers for our O, YG. If we draft Te'o, it might cost us a chance to draft a truly great O playmaker. Think about it.


But, if this offense was one that was putting plenty points on the scoreboard, I could "EASILY" side with you on adding a pass rusher 1st rd. Then that would be truly beastly! LOL...


I disagree. I believe guys like Wade Phillips and Norv Turner are meant to be co-ordinators. Cameron was a good OC in SD, just never a HC. He's bing made the scapegoat right now and I'm saying I don't believe Joe Flacco is the guy. I think that will proven as the defence ages and Rice breaks down.

Dashi, not knit picking, but Odrick was out of position on that final score. Thats why Kapernick got outside, Odrick blew his assignment (cheated towards RB). Otherwise he played a good game.

Yeah I'm going to keep the troll happy and disappear because I have work to do. When my name shows up under posts again it'll be whatever psycho is obsessed with me.

Flattering but disturbing....

I'm out now....(you can make you wise ass crack like we all know you will now LOL or better yet, do it under someone elses name. That will fool all of us)....

Posted by: Craig M | December 10, 2012 at 11:18 AM

You guessed it, he didn't leave.

Keep it up troll....I'll have you off the blog before long....PROMISE!


WR position is 2nd rd deep. We have two 2nd rd picks. Socalled experts, say Stedman Bailey, who btw leads nation with 21 tds, is a 3rd nfl slot wr. I dont quite agree with them on that. But if he's still there in 3rd rd with our pick, snatch him up.

Because 2nd rd we can still get a wr better than our current starters and as a slot wr, Stedman Bailey is Devon Bess on "super steroids. 21 tds screams of this. Bess will be lucky to have 21 tds for his entire nfl career at his current pace.

Yeah I'm going to keep the troll happy and disappear because I have work to do. When my name shows up under posts again it'll be whatever psycho is obsessed with me.

Flattering but disturbing....

Posted by: Craig M | December 10, 2012 at 11:54 AM

Keep it up troll....I'll have you off the blog before long....PROMISE!

Posted by: Craig M | December 10, 2012 at 11:56 AM


Im leaving. I'm here.

I'm leaving..I'm still here.

I'm really leaving. No, I'm not.

I really mean it, I'm leaving...Wait, I'm not.

You gonna get rid of us? Another promise you can't keep. Don't threaten America you dumb canadian!

My Arch Nemesis,

Craig Only says He is Leaving!! So People Stop Exposing Him!!

Word of Advice Craig!!

Nobody Cares When U come and Go!! Or Anyone else For That Matter!!

Now If U and Another Person!! Are Having A Conversation!! And U don't Want To Be Disrespectful!! Leaving Them To Talk Themselves!! When They Might Be Waiting For a Reply!!

THEN!!! Telling THEM!! That U are Leaving Out Of Common Courtesy!! Is OK!!

But To Say U are Leaving!! And Come Back Right Away!! U are Just Showing Everyone How MUCH of a SISSY!! U REALLY ARE!!


Talking about CC. Who was the GM that brought Cameron here as a HC? Randy Mueller? The same GM that traded Wes Welker to NE? Under Huizinga as Owner? By their actions you will know them. And some here call me creepy. THOSE are the creepy ones and we will have them by the Fireside.

Any chance we can get Larry Fitzgerald?!?!?!?


Just my opinion, but I believe Norv Turner is neither great Oc nor hc material. The guy just struck it really lucky that he had an offense in Dallas that consisted of Try Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith. Plus one of the greatest olines to ever play the game.

That would make the crappiest oc in the league look great. Turner's struggled wherever he's been since leaving Dallas and that team of hof offensive players. His talent there was far better than his ability to coach, imo.

Dashi, I don't quite like you either but, at least you see through Craig's shinnagians!

That's all he is, hot air & empty promises.

This is after all the same guy who said Ireland & Sporano deserved their extensions. He & idiots like bobbyd12.

This is the same guy who can say he's leaving only to never leave. Zero credibility!

He denies it now but, he thought Sporano & ireland had done enough to merit extensions and actually thought they were actually a result of the good work they'd done. LMAO

"Greatness shows up early and often"

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | December 10, 2012 at 08:58 AM

Except if your name is Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, or Eli Manning. Then greatness doesn't show up for a couple of years. Probably too early to give up on Tannehill bud.


tannedownhill is light years behind the other 4 1st season qb's.
light years!
he doesn't have it*

zoro flashes at qb, zip.

QB is the weakest link.

Drew Brees was always considered good.

Draft Geno Smith or Matt Barkley in the 1st.


As the college offensive explosions continues to evolve around the great aerial assualts. The draft for wr's will get deeper and greater.

This isnt the same collegiate game that used to be built around running the ball. So naturally, qb's and wr's will become more nfl ready. As the mfl has gotten more "pass happy". So has the collegiate scene they recruit from.

Tannehill wasnt even good in college. How in the world was he the 8th overall pick? LOL

I guess its just me. But I cant for the life of me figure out why anyone who thinks Tannehill sucks would suggest drafting Matt Barkley.



Posted by: Trolls Love you for obvious reasons! | December 10, 2012 at 11:59 AM

Guy,,,,seriously,,,,why are you here? To annoy people? This is what your day is going to be, purposely trying to annoy people? Are you an adult? It's REALLY strange, you might need to see a professional. No , not a psychiatrist. I'm talking hooker, you obviously need to get laid. Good luck with that Mr. charming. :)


That was a Team Breakdown! Not Saying U were Wrong!

But Who Contains The Outside after The DE? The Second Level!! Not Saying K-Nick wouldn't have Gotten 10-15 Yards!! But I've Seen To Many Times This Year!! After a Player Passes Our D-Line!! Nobody else Stop Them!!

And These LB's Are Horrible IN PURSUIT!!

I Saw SOLIAI ACTUALLY TACKLE R.MOSS 15 Yards Down field!! On 1 Play!!

The Reason! Dashi Always says Power Backs Don't Hurt The Fins!! Speed Backs Do!! Because Are LB's Are Worst Than Clemons In Pursuit!! Our D-Line Is Our RUN DEFENSE!! Which Makes It Even More Amazing!!

I Bet Dansby Thought!! I Don't Have To Make That Play!! I made The Last One!!

Did U see P.Willis Stop Bush From A TD on One Play!! Dansby Will never do That!!

Dansby Doesn't Play With FULL EFFORT!! So By The 4th Quarter The Whole Defense Gets Lazy!!

Why Don't the Ravens Quit!! All Game!! Ray!!

The Fins Had a Horrendous Offense During Zach's Day!! And Zach was The ONLY LB!! On The Team!! Did The Defense Quit In The 4th Quarter Then? NOPE!!

Dansby is a Quitter Nd IT SHOWS Every 4th Quarter!! No Effort!! The Final 15 Minutes of The Game!!

The Offense Sucked!! Did T-Hill Quit In The 4th Quarter? Nope!! U Keep Trying!!

And Dansby Has A History Of Quitting!! Look at Last Year!! He Quit On Henne and Soprano!!

Te'o Will Never Quit!! And It Shows With "HIS" Defense!!


17 qb's since dcm,
now it's 18.
ross don't waste the phans $$$$$ on henne part ii.

That's your opinion 2 watt. I'm saying we really don't know yet. You can guess, but he still has time to prove himself and should be allowed to have maybe at least two play makers on offense? I mean is it too much to ask when evaluating a position that relies heavily on play makers to actually have said play makers on the team? I'm not saying he's the answer, but you knee jerk fans need to chill. Some qbs take a little longer.

And sorry for calling you a fan because you definitely are not. Fans don;t take delight in the fact that their rookie qb isn't doing well. And if a fan came to the conclusion that his rookie qb was a bust (like you did) they certainly wouldn't be rejoicing in the fact. Because that would mean having to start over again,,,,AGAIN.


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