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What they said after loss and the reaction

Here is what the Dolphins said after Sunday's 27-13  loss to the San Francisco 49ers and my reaction:

Coach Joe Philbin envisioned making this game close and winning it in the fourth quarter:

"We wanted to play a game where we talked about winning 21-17. We thought it would be that type of game, a close physical football game. In a lot respects it was. But again, in the fourth quarter we had some opportunities to put some more points on the board but we didn’t. Obviously we were too generous. We gave them the ball on the nine-yard line on one possession. They took advantage of that. It was the type of game we envisioned. We told the team all week, ‘I anticipate that we’ll be in a position to win the game in the fourth quarter.’ I told them we had to play a clean game. This is a good football team, we had to execute well. We didn’t make the plays in the fourth quarter. They did. They deserve to win."

Salguero reaction: The Dolphins have scored 21 points only four times in 13 games this year. Sad, but truth is 21 points is wishful thinking by the coach.

The Dolphins tried to get an edge by putting running back Reggie Bush out wide so as to take advantage of a matchup against the linebackers. That advantage didn't last.

“I guess they saw some film and thought they could go 1-on-1 with our linebackers," 'Niners safety Dashon Goldson said. "They did a good job of adjusting, knew that was coming and put a DB on them. We got the best of that."

Salguero reaction: Bush averaged only 7.6 yards per reception. Not dynamic. The fact is Bush this year is averaging 7.8 yards per reception. Maybe it's time we accept the idea he's not quite the mismatch out there as we hoped.

Rookie Jonathan Martin got off to a bad start, giving up a sack to Aldon Smith early on when the NFL's sack leader basically blew Martin up. Smith finished with two sacks against Martin and the Dolphins lineman also had a false start.

“It was decent," Martin said. "He got me on that one bull rush pretty good. There is a reason why he is one of the best pass rushers in the league. He is a good player. It is a really talented defense, talented d-line. It is a tough defense, we didn’t make enough plays to win the game.

“It is a learning experience. I like challenges like that, going against guys that are the best in the league. It took me a little while to get into it, but after a while I felt really comfortable out there."

Salguero reaction: It's his first game and it came against arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL. Martin did ok. He didn't make us forget about Jake Long. It was, indeed, a step back from Long. It'll be interesting to see how much Martin improves over the next three games. So far, he hasn't made anyone forget Long.

Punt returner Marcus Thigpen fumbled a punt inside his own 10 yard line. The 49ers converted the turnover into a touchdown.

“I felt a couple of guys close to me, and I tried to take a peek at the last minute, then I looked back up and I lost the ball," Thigpen said.

Salguero reaction: Marcus Thigpen has been a net plus-plus for the Dolphins this year. He has a kickoff return TD and a punt return TD. Yes, he made a mistake. He also had a 56-yard kickoff return after the San Francisco score. I wish all Dolphins players answered adversity like that.

Cameron Wake had three sacks Sunday. He was more productive than NFL sack leader Aldon Smith.

“I didn’t even realize till just now," Wake said. "I would give away every sack I got for a winning record and opportunities that we are not capitalizing on. It is hard to contribute with that kind of stuff when we are stinking it up."

Salguero reaction: The Dolphins wasted Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas and Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison. They are wasting Cameron Wake's best years.


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Perhaps, Yg, but it is a matter of need and Time and not a matter of trends. We want NO mistakes in drafting a playmaker for our O. You be looking for It now, yahear.

Coach Philbin is another guy who will be back in the assistant coach ranks in a year or two. He is not Head Coach material.

The Miami Dolphins have been become the training ground for bad coaching ever since Jimmy Johnson left Dave Wangturd in charge.

We wasted lots of time, money and draft pick on Henne. Lets not waste any more on TanneBUST! HE IS NOT AN NFL QB!

78. shiiity qb play makes it easy to not watch the team u grew ^ w/ and luv.
real eaaaaaaaaasy.

Larry Fitz!!

Dashi was Asking If That Would Be The Answer a Couple Weeks Ago!!

And To Me That Can Be A Surprise Trade of The Offseason!!

Fitz for Both our Second Round Picks! And Probably a Future #2!

So we Can Still Draft Te'o!! In The First!!

Dashi is Telling U!! That Looks Like a Surprise Trade! And Larry Deserves Better than Arizona!!


To tell you the truth, the only 2012 draft move Ireland made that I really liked was the the J-Mart 2nd rd pick. All of the rest he had to try and sell after the draft.

Im not calling Tannehill a bust neither. Just I wouldnt have selected him 8th overrall. He has the tools and smarts to be a really good nfl qb. Just that lack of experience and weapons around him limits him rightaway.

it's interesting to watch other young qb's who have their oc's on the sideline, helping them throughout the game

why is it that tannehill is the only one out of these guys who isn't getting coached up when the O comes off the field? heck, even brady is working with mcdaniel's when he's on the sideline and he's a hall of famer been in the league since forever

we need an oc who is more hands on with this kid; pointing out mistakes when they happen

didn't tannehill just start playing the position at a&m last year or two and now this is his first year in the league... so he's been playing the position 3 years tops

Drew Brees was always considered good.

Posted by: TGH | December 10, 2012 at 12:08 PM

Yes, always good. His first season he was 8-8 and his second season he was so bad that they had to replace him with Doug Flutie. Then he was so good that the Chargers invested in Phillip Rivers and let him walk in free agency. Please people, do your homework.


Nobody reads your long stupid posts. Why don't you go get your balls shaved.


If we Trade For Larry! We Don't Have To Worry about Ireland Drafting a WR! Just saying!

2watt I guess we're different. I've been a fan for 34 years now. My teams failures don't make me giddy like they seem to make you.

Yet ANOTHER week where Tannehill has EVERY opportunity to show us he might be the guy but he lays an egg instead AGAIN – 5 straight incompletions with the possibility of tying the game late staring him in the face. I, we all, even the naysayers, want to believe, but this kid has very REAL accuracy issues, very REAL leadership issues.….. he should’ve led 1-2-3 comebacks/wins out of 7 very ‘win-able’ games and he has only done so once aided by a pretty bogus call after he threw a pick!!!
Hopes are dwindling………….I wanna believe but this kid just doesn’t stand up or take over & he’s had more chances than Luck, RGIII or Wilson COMBINED!!!! The guy just flat out STINKS!!


I wouldnt be against signing Mike Wallace in fa. But I highly doubt most good "black player" period, want to come here in fa and play for Ireland. Many view him racist, even if it isnt true.

These type players will only use Ireland as a "pawn" to raise thier value in fa.

The only fa we may have a chance to get is Jennings because he has played for Philbin before. But downside to that is, Philbin may have inside info we dont have that may cause him to steer away. We just dont presently know.

Anyways, in this draft, wr's are available that are higher calibre than we currently have starting or on this roster. Remember, Hartline's a 4th rd'er and Bess is an undrafted fa walkon. Even a 2nd rd wr is better than this.

The Dolphins need to do everything and I mean everything that they can to get Larry Fitzgerald from AZ. Call them now and begin preliminary discussions.

He is not happy in AZ and if it takes a 1st RD pick, then so be it!

Little boy,,,, I know you chased Craig away. I know you THINK you can do the same to me. It's not happening, use my name all you want, lol, it just makes me laugh. I will leave at some point because I'm on a break and actually have work to do today, but I won't be leaving because of you. In the meantime I will enjoy your usage of my sign in name. Have a blast,,,,make me laugh jester!

Tannehill is the only starting rookie qb whose best starting wr is a "4TH RD" pick. Then his 2nd best wr is a "UNDRAFTED FREE AGENT".

Geesh, what do you guys really expect? LOL...

The dolphins are terrible. Let's call it what it is. They are undisciplined, they make way too many mistakes, and the play calling is bad. So far, I don't like the new coaches. I don't like the play calling. They are babying Tannehill when we have nothing to play for this year. We have players making mistakes all over the place with fumbles, dropped passes, muffed snaps, catching a punt on the 8 and walking into the end zone, etc. It's week after week. The dolphins are a joke. Where's the coaching? How about some darn discipline? Where's the mental toughness???

Also, I am very weary of Tannehill. My biggest concern is that he doesn't make the easy throws. He misses deep receivers who have 5 steps on the DBs. Time and time again. 2 big misses last game and then against the niners he overthrew everyone deep. The only reason we had a touchdown was b/c our mediocre TE caught the ball with his fingers full stretched out. So far, I am not impressed with Tannehill. You gotta be able to make the easy passes, like Hartline all alone behind the safeties against the pats. Heck, I could make that completion. I mean geeze, come on! I'm so sick of this team year in and year out.

No sense in getting a WR until we get a QB. Remember Henne-Marshall?

Mark in Toronto, Sean Smith is useless...ALWAYS stays away on running plays, despite his size...He's a you know what...And he had another HUGE penalty against him yesterday...Gives WRs 10 yard cushions cause he knows he'll get smoked...But don't worry, Jeffy boy will re-sign him...We have to make sure we have consistency...Hell, we've had it since 2000...Consistently bad that is...


Had a Feeling That wasn't U!!

It's Funny Though! How Much My Nemesis Loves Dashi! He Even Wants Me To Be Well Groomed! Before I Put It In __ _____ !!

That's an option(Fitzgerald), Dashi. He big and strong.

'81 and i'm still a phan. just c things differently.

Can we get Da Beast back?

chuckp, that play where we caught our own punt at the 8 but walked into the end zone what PATHETIC...Like really...I didn't even get mad...I just laughed...I said to myself...This only happens with Miami players...That's why we're such a joke...Like our GM who brought them here...

5 straight incompletions with the possibility of tying the game late staring him in the face. I, we all, even the naysayers, want to believe, but this kid has very REAL accuracy issues,

Warfield with all due respect if this is your take then you are only reading a story. You couldn't have watched the game objectively. Every one of those 5 passes the WR was blanketed. And I'm talking no separation whatsoever.

If you watch Brady tonight, watch how many times his receivers have 4 or 5 feet separation. Count how many absolute perfect passes he is asked to throw, and then when you have the numbers factor in that he has been playing in the league for over what 14, 15 years?

WRs are supposed to get separation. If they don't the QB has to either make a perfect throw or over shoot the ball so he doesn't throw an interception. The greatest qbs in the league make this perfect throw MAYBE 2 times on average in any game. NEVER have I seen a QB have to make 5 perfect passes in a row in order to get a completion.

Whether that is the the fault of the wrs or offensive coordinator I don't know, probably a bit of both. But we definitely need at least one deep threat receiver and a TE who can run AWAY from coverage, not directly into it, before Tannehill can properly be judged.

Sherman is horrible. TanneBust will get him fired AGAIN! LOL

I though Fields was going to beat him up...Too bad he didn't...

It's all good 2watt, your entitled to your opinions, I can respect that. Didn't mean to be harsh, there are a lot of posers in here.

1001 Excuses for Tannehill. The same ones we heard for Henne. TOO FUNNY!!

great Qbs make mediocre talent look great...mediocre Qbs make great talent look mediocre. ..Great Rookie Qbs show themselves in the first two years...So Thill deserves a second year...then..if the same old stuff plan on drafting another Qb number 1 if possible...

Something else that's bothering me...The Dolphins defense always plays a pretty good first half...But in the second half, they usually suck..Why is that??? Coaches change things at the half and our DC can't figure them out?? We held them to 3 points in the first half and they kick our butts in the second ...How can we go from dominating to can't stop them so fast???

Clearly, Tannehill wasnt even the best QB on his college team. Thanks Ireland.

Montreal, our D wears down because Tanny cant move the friggin ball. He leads the league in 3 n outs.

The Dolphins don't produce enough turnovers in order to generate an edge agaist the opponents. On the contrary, it's them who turn the ball over again and again in a rather stupid way. Two games in a row. It's impossible to win this way unless you have a very explossive offensive, something the Dolphins are far from have it. This problem has been in the team for years. The root is in the drafts and the awful free agency: ergo Ireland is the main responsible. If he had some selfrespect and respect for the fans he would've resigned since last year. He's appalling and revolting.

Cam Cameron fired by the Ravens...Sparano most likely will get fired by the Jets...And these clowns were once our head coaches...LOL!!

fIN77 they are not excuses. There is a history of QBS to look at. Some make it right away due to their surroundings or just freakish ability. Others take a little while and need some talent around them. Dan Marino had two pro bowl wrs to throw too, Tannehill has an undrafted slot receiver and a #1 who would be a #3 at best on any other team.

You call them excuses the rest of the world sees it as the reality of the situation. I'm sorry, but I'm going to agree with the pros who all say despite the numbers, Tannehill has a ton of upside. I will give him another season, a full off season and some real weapons. For christs sake the kid doesn't even have a running game to take the pressure off. Come on, be objective.

Irescum has alienated players, coaches, fans , and media. Thats why no one goes to the games.

Montreal I see this question a lot and I want to take a stab at the answer.

The reason the defense lets down.

I saw it when Zach, Taylor, Surtain, and Madison were here too. When your offense sucks, it's deflating. You never can pin your ears back and just go, always having to play it safe to keep the score close.

#2, when your offense sucks you are on the field a hell of a lot more. So in turn, you tire more easily by the end of the game. If you can't sustain a drive your defense is working over time, I don't know of any defense in the league that could play the minutes the Dolphins defense does and be fresh at the end of the game. It's a big reason why Philbin thought he had to pull Wake and Odrick last week. The guys get gassed but don't want to tell the coach, he made a call, right or wrong it was dictated on how long they had been on the field. All my opinion of course.

did ya'll c ss running in circles back there?
woooooooooooow! is he f'n lost.

Joe, yeah thats right. Considering Bess and Hartline are having career years might be a positive for Tannehill.

He really needs more help before you can judge the guy. As Phin78 keeps saying the WRs get no seperation and most of Tannehills completions are put only where the reciever can get it because there is very little room for error.

I understand trading Marshall, but not replacing him with something was a very big mistake.

Get Eric DeCosta in here FAST...

cs, who else* is rt gonna throw 2?

2 cell
Why do you even post in here?


Johnny football is a true freshman. He's the 1st true freshman to ever win the Heisman. Geesh waddaya mean Tannehill wasnt even the best qb on his team last year.

If he wasnt, please tell us who was? Im waiting... LOL

dt 2 - 3yds w/ a long of 2.

Our D is on the field more then our opponents. Tannys incompetence puts extreme presssure on our D.

Phins78, exactly. But who's to blame if our offense sucks so much? I mean, you decide to trade your #1 WR but you don't have a plan B. WTF is that? I don't have a problem with trading anyone, but it's your job to replace him. Ireland didn't. He knew he was losing a 1000 yard WR who can actually make plays from time to time. He never replaced him. Didn't sign anyone, finally used a draft pick in the 6th round to get one...That's ON HIM. He should get fired just for that...That's like telling your fans "Yeah, we traded our best weapon on offense but didn't replace him, but you know what? We'll take care of it next year..."The hell with this season...Now would you spend money and go watch a game about a team who thinks like that??? I wouldn't. And evidently, a lot of people are thinking like that as well...

Johnny Maziel is a redshirt freshman... brought in by Sherman.

YG, Manziel is a REDSHIRT freshman. He was on the team just redshirted last year.

Redshirted after enrolling in January … made the travel squad.

Ireland has to go...And with that, have a good day everyone...Time to go back to work..


I already posted why the defense deflates late in games. The offense doesnt demoralize them. The inability of the offense to get into the endzone and having "ZERO MARGIN FOR ERROR" is what happens.

This is a good not great defense. Even great defenses eventually crumble late when on the field 8 miutes or more than the opposing defenses.

Thats why "TIME OF POSSESSION" is so important by your offense. Its the 2nd most important thing next to actual score. At least 80% of the time team winning time of possession wins the game.

When being a defense having "ZERO MARGIN FOR ERROR". Being on the field a lot longer than the opposition, it only further increases "MARGIN FOR ERROR".

On offense, we must sustain drives longer, and they must end in the endzone with far greater frequency. Thats what decreases margin of error for defenses.

but you were correct saying he was the first freshman that ever won it.. hes just not a true freshman

I think it was a good effort, but they just dont have enough talent to beat the best teams yet Wrote about it on phins news here!! come read and enjoy!! http://phinsnews.com/another-valiant-effort-but-same-result/

Ok, cool, Manziel is a redshirt freshman. Just means Tannehill wasnt lousy enough to play a true freshman last season. Nothing's uncommon about that. Happens all of the time.

Yeah def not.. More than likely Sherman saw he was going to be an elite talent and red shirtted him so he didnt waste a year of eligibility.

How is The Defense Getting Tired!!!!!!

When The 49ers Held The Ball For Less Than 1 Minute More!!

I'm Tired Of all These Excuses!! For That Quitter!!

Dansby Quits Every Game!! Specially In The 4th!!

Look It Up!! Time Of Possession!! Is Never That Big A Difference!! Look It Up!! U can Count The Games With 1 Hand!! On Games That The Other Team Held The Ball More Than 5 Minutes!! Compared To The Dolphins!!

This Defense!! Specifically Dansby!! Quits!! Every 4th Quarter and after Every Turn Over!!

Again!! How Is Our Defense More Tired!! Than The 49ers? When They Only Played 50 some Seconds More!!

Look IT UP!!

So on Barry Jackson's buzz blog post this afternoon, Philbin says there's no need to give playing time to the young players to see what they have, and Sherman said Egnew isn't consistent enough. More good news!


I wasnt a fan of drafting Tannehill 8th overral neither. Remember, I was calling him a "2nd rd pick". Still, someone would have drafted 1st rd out of desperation of what options remained after Luck and RG3 were gone. Cleveland would have snatched him up.

Still, I dont land the total offensive blame at Tannehill's feet. Does he deserve some? yes. You guys seem to forget our "STARTING WR's" are a "4TH RD PICK" and a "UNDRAFTED ROOKIE FA". This doesnt tell you guys anything?

Didnt you guys hear the tv announcers say all game long the Miami wr's werent getting eough separation? Are you both bling and deaf?

The Dolphins rank 28th in the league in time of possesion averaging 28 minutes to their opponents 32 minutes.

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