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What they said after loss and the reaction

Here is what the Dolphins said after Sunday's 27-13  loss to the San Francisco 49ers and my reaction:

Coach Joe Philbin envisioned making this game close and winning it in the fourth quarter:

"We wanted to play a game where we talked about winning 21-17. We thought it would be that type of game, a close physical football game. In a lot respects it was. But again, in the fourth quarter we had some opportunities to put some more points on the board but we didn’t. Obviously we were too generous. We gave them the ball on the nine-yard line on one possession. They took advantage of that. It was the type of game we envisioned. We told the team all week, ‘I anticipate that we’ll be in a position to win the game in the fourth quarter.’ I told them we had to play a clean game. This is a good football team, we had to execute well. We didn’t make the plays in the fourth quarter. They did. They deserve to win."

Salguero reaction: The Dolphins have scored 21 points only four times in 13 games this year. Sad, but truth is 21 points is wishful thinking by the coach.

The Dolphins tried to get an edge by putting running back Reggie Bush out wide so as to take advantage of a matchup against the linebackers. That advantage didn't last.

“I guess they saw some film and thought they could go 1-on-1 with our linebackers," 'Niners safety Dashon Goldson said. "They did a good job of adjusting, knew that was coming and put a DB on them. We got the best of that."

Salguero reaction: Bush averaged only 7.6 yards per reception. Not dynamic. The fact is Bush this year is averaging 7.8 yards per reception. Maybe it's time we accept the idea he's not quite the mismatch out there as we hoped.

Rookie Jonathan Martin got off to a bad start, giving up a sack to Aldon Smith early on when the NFL's sack leader basically blew Martin up. Smith finished with two sacks against Martin and the Dolphins lineman also had a false start.

“It was decent," Martin said. "He got me on that one bull rush pretty good. There is a reason why he is one of the best pass rushers in the league. He is a good player. It is a really talented defense, talented d-line. It is a tough defense, we didn’t make enough plays to win the game.

“It is a learning experience. I like challenges like that, going against guys that are the best in the league. It took me a little while to get into it, but after a while I felt really comfortable out there."

Salguero reaction: It's his first game and it came against arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL. Martin did ok. He didn't make us forget about Jake Long. It was, indeed, a step back from Long. It'll be interesting to see how much Martin improves over the next three games. So far, he hasn't made anyone forget Long.

Punt returner Marcus Thigpen fumbled a punt inside his own 10 yard line. The 49ers converted the turnover into a touchdown.

“I felt a couple of guys close to me, and I tried to take a peek at the last minute, then I looked back up and I lost the ball," Thigpen said.

Salguero reaction: Marcus Thigpen has been a net plus-plus for the Dolphins this year. He has a kickoff return TD and a punt return TD. Yes, he made a mistake. He also had a 56-yard kickoff return after the San Francisco score. I wish all Dolphins players answered adversity like that.

Cameron Wake had three sacks Sunday. He was more productive than NFL sack leader Aldon Smith.

“I didn’t even realize till just now," Wake said. "I would give away every sack I got for a winning record and opportunities that we are not capitalizing on. It is hard to contribute with that kind of stuff when we are stinking it up."

Salguero reaction: The Dolphins wasted Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas and Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison. They are wasting Cameron Wake's best years.


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About the defense and defenses in general, thats mostly the case. Ity would be different if you had an offense putting up tons of points and your defense kept giving them right back. That isnt the case here.

Its just a fact, that if your offense always struggles to score, youre not going to win very many games.

Dude, Im with you on liking to Dansby replaced by T'eo. That I 100% give you. Yes, the db's need tweaking. That I'll give you. But the defense is far from the primary problem.

The greatest problem is we have a 4th rd pick and undrafted fa as the best wr's on this team. Then we have an inconsitent TE corps and finally an inexperienced rookie qb.

If Tom Brady were our qb, we would still need to address the recieving corps in a huge way.

And it all still boils down to this fact:if the Fins FO wanted to win,Moore would be the starter.

The Dolphins rank 28th in the league in time of possesion averaging 28 minutes to their opponents 32 minutes.

Posted by: Monte | December 10, 2012 at 01:25 PM

Monte, just as Ive been trying to tell these guys, when 27th in this stat youre not going to win very many games.

When your wr's cant consistently get separation and neither can your TE's. Plus have a inexperience starting qb, You will probably be 27th in the league in Time Of Possession.

We're lucky we arent 32nd. LOL...


Guys we were tied with SF yesterday and still lost by 14 points. This isn't the problem. It's an offence that can't get it done and therefore the defence and everyone else has to play perfect.

Phins78 is right, when you're down it's harder to play defence. When you're up you can pin your ears back and go after the QB. We're playing conservative defence a lot of the time and we don't win the turnover battle. It's a bad recipe for success. Every time we get a defensive TD it gets called back for some stupid penalty. Ill-disciplined and unable to make plays on defence when we have to. Has to improve.

There must be several YGs, or else he's an exceptional endurance poster, with nothing to do.

I can see that most of you remain clueless.

I gotta tell you, I think it's REALLy weird that someone posts under 'S. M. Gellar'. REALLY weird.

Armando, do you have a bunch of mental patients contributing to your blog?

When a reciever cant get enough separation, they had better be physical enough to outfight defenders for the ball. Or more often than not, the pass ends in an incompletion or pick by the defense.

Hartline and Bess arent going to outfight anyone for the ball. Nor consistently get great separation on the defender.

Yes Tannehill has missed about 5 throws total when the wr was totally open deep. But that's about the norm for a season even with great deepball passer.

Its just that great qb's get more opportunities to throw these type passes because thier wr's more consistently get open deep. Tannehill's hit maybe 3 out of 8 wide open deep throws.

He had like 8 opportunities when great qb's with far better wr's may have had 24 opportunities and connected on 9 of them. Thats about 3 times the amount of opportunities and about the same results. It maybe be slightly higher with some great qb's, but not grossly higher.

If a qb hits half of his deepball passes in a single year. They are usually named nfl mvp.


That is average! Meaning They are games That are Less! And Games That Are More!

Yesterday, the 49ers Held The Ball for 1:04 Seconds More!! Or about The last Minute of The Game!!

The Players Aren't Getting Tired!! Dansby Is Just Quitting!! And Again Total Plays!! Matter More Than TOP!! IN TODAY'S NFL!! THAT IS THE REAL PACE OF THE GAME!!



NO!!! These Offense Only Care About Running More Plays Than You!! If They Did It In 5 Minutes Less!! So Be It!!

Dansby and Friend!! Just Fold Once The Second Half Begins!! He has been Doing That His Whole Career As a Dolphin!! He Even Did It In The Superbowl as a Cardinal!! Dansby Is the Main One Quiting When Things Get Difficult!

Did anyone really believe the Dolphins would win. The Dolphins have a losing attitude, they dont know how to win in the 4th at or any qt. Someone always manages to fumble here or a int there, its always something. Looks like 5-11 which should get us a good #1 pick. And theres some good QBs out there.

if a qb hits on 40% of his deep throws, that's called great. If he hits 50% of those, he's called league mvp.

If a qb hits 60% of his deep throws, wake him up. Because, even he, is dreaming. LOL...


I take it you really don't like Dansby

Like I said earlier, even though I wasnt for the 8th overral Tannehill selection, even I know I belong in a psyche ward if I believe a qb will be selected 1st rd again this year.

Are nut houses allowing patients to use the internet now? WOW! LOL....

Agreed, they are not goinh to close the book on T-Hill after one season

..Yg..Some GREAT points today..

I agree lock step about TE'O he isn't our biggest need. Not at all. My opinion has been he is the best player in the draft, if we can get him we need to add playmakers. He addresses this need bigtime.

You are also right on the money, and I have been echoing this for the last month. The defense plays well enough to win games. A more efficient offense would make this team a pretty decent outfit. I think we have to look at the free agent market to add a veteran first. Who that is I don't know. I think that we will wait until the second round to explore reciever. It is not likely that a rookie is going to make an immediete impact. Even the very best take some time to adjust to the Pro game. Not to say it can't happen, just unlikely.

Our defense played another game that gave us an opportunity to win. Plenty of teams with more explosive offenses would have took that effort we put out there. The defense although flawed, is not the issue on this team.


Agreed! Our Major Need Is Wr!!

But The Dansby Problem is Why The Fins D Quits In The 4th Quarter!

Did U see My Post! Or any of My Draft Predictions! Yes #1 Priority Is Te'o!! But I know where The Other Major Hole Lies!! On The Wr's!! And The CB's!! With replacing Clemons!! A Close Third!

Remember Dashi Always Said The Fins Need At Least 2 Wr's!! 1 More Starting CB!! and A Ball Hawk FS!!

Now Here Is Another Major Upgrade!! Picture This!! I Know U Will Love IT!!

Trade for Fitz!! Sign Wallace! And Draft Te'o!!

We can Also Go After 1 or 2 FA CB's!! Depending On If We Sign S.Smith!

How Will We do All That? Or Have The Money To Do All That!! Simple!! Don't Resign Long! And Cut Dansby!! That is a Extra $25+ Million In cap Space!! Which We can Use To Acquire More Talent!!

Another In The Long List Of Scenario's Of a Dolphin Fanatic!!

Mr 78,

You play the same game as Craig M. You accused me of impersonating you? LMAO GUESS AGAIN CLOWN!

It's funny how you people think you're important, ON A BLOG, for other people to impersonate you.

People impersonate you clowns because you act like oblivious, nonsensical, loud mouthed know it alls.

Funny, you guys are almost identical. You race to his defense like he races to ireland's.

Pathetic INDEED!

Run along now sonny boy. Mommy be lookin for ya!


Dashi Will Admit It!! I wanted Henne To Succeed!! But When The Season Started Last Year!! And Henne Was The Only One Playing Last Year!! My Hate For Dansby Was Born!!






Hopefully This Explains Some OF The Real Legitimate Reasons Why Dansby SUCKS in My Book!

Kap ran one in from 50 yards out, untouched. Actually no Fin got within 5 yards of him.

At what position, in which round, was Kap drafted?

Went to the game yesterday guys as i do every other year the PHins come out to the Bay area. pay a good penny for great seats. Always a treat to see them up close. But yes disappointing outcome. after the Kaepernick td run i had enough and left.
Can you really look pass the Thigpen turnover?? all was going good as could be expected considering and then Thigpen makes his biggest booboo of the year.
Yes we need more play makers and less mistakes...what else is new. But god i hope many of you are wrong on not believing in Tannehill. he is gonna get one more year regardless and i think he has looked the part and deserves it.
There were a number of overthrow and touch pass misses but dont forget about that beautiful TD pass to Fasano. Did take a great catch but the coverage dictated that throw. no interceptions by the way! Just hope to god he can improve his accuracy and that its not either you have it or you don't

I'll be resigning on account of my incompetence.

Press conference at 4 PM EDT.


I believe if we had some really good wr's we would be at least 9-4 right now. No worse than 8-5. Thats with the present defense.

Its really handcuffing to any offense to bring in a rookie qb with limited college experience. Then hand him a 4th rd starting wr(Hartline) and undrafted fa(Bess) as his greatest weapons. While also handing him a TE corps where Fasano is the best reciever.

I have no clue why some dolfans "greatly decieve" themselves into expecting more. This Team would need "A HUGE" recieving corps upgrade even if Tom Brady were qb.

You know what? I've had it. I'm sick and tired of the losing.

I'm out.

10 for 160. Another TD.



I like Hartline, but he is what he is, a 4th rd wr. If anyone saw any great upside in him, he wouldnt have lasted 4 rds.

Same with Bess, I like him. But 32 teams, including us, didnt see enough upside to take him 7th rd that year. The same year our 7th rd pick was cut in camp. Does that tell you guys anything?

I like both Bess and Hartline. They're both like the girl you shack up with for a little while. But you dont ever marry them.



...Fasano had a great catch yesterday. This doesn't change the idea we need more production out of the tight end spot. Clay goes missing at times, yet shows flashes of capapbility. A microcosim of the team as a whole really. Egnew, is the unknown. I would imagine if we do select a tight end, or search for a veteran via free agency it might give a hint as to the feelings about him being a contributor in the future.

My question, if I could get a honest answer from a higher up in this orginization. What is the goal for next year? Does the team really believe we can be competitive with a few peices. Or is is another year of trying to win while rebuliding? Will we settle for younger prospects trying to find their way? This next offseason IMO will not only be difficult, but as important to the future of this team as any we have had in the last 20 years. I know this is hyperbole. But look at the state of this team, the free agency questions of our own vets, the cap space available, and the development of the first rookie first round quarterback drafted since Marino. It is time to get it right. IMO this offseason could set the table in the right direction for future success, or be a huge black eye that keeps this team irrelevant for years to come.

What's really frustrating is when people note (correctly) that winning games now only hurts draft position, remembering that we *had* the #1 pick twice in the last 7 years and game away with Jake Long and Ronnie Brown. Think of all of the difference makers that have entered the league with them who were drafted behind them. It's disheartening.

Dolphins need to sign Mike Wallace, cut Dansby,move up in the draft to take Teo and use 2nd round picks on pass rusher and cornerback. The team needs playmakers not a Qb,Martin will be fine and Garner needs to play more. We cannot afford to lose Smith even though he is so/so. marshall will be back but I do not know if he is the answer at other cb. This team can and will finish 8-8 but only if Ne rests it's starters in the final game. To finish 8-8 will show all the Tannehill haters that he is the Qb of the future and this team is only a few play maker away from making play offs. The dolphins have lost 3 games they should easily have won. The National Media feels this team is headed in the right direction and needs one Wr to stretch the field and they are a playoff team. Mike wallace!(7 rec.112 yds 2 tds)

The defense typically plays well enough to give the Fins a win,just to watch the inept Tannehill give the game away.


Jake Long was a great 1st overrall pick, though in hindsight, we could have had Matt Ryan and injuries seem to have Long declining the past 3 yrs.

Ronnie Brown wasnt a 1st overrall, he was 3rd overrall. We really screwed the cat with this pick. I could never for the life me understyand how a rb could be selected 3rd overrall and not be the starting rb even on his own college team(Auburn).

Even the guy who was the starter for Auburn(Cadillac Williams) was selected later by Tampa Bay. It never made sense to me how you make a non-college starter 3rd overrall pick. That was a horrendous decision!

Jake Long was a huge botch with Matt Ryan available.



JUSTIN CREDIBLE, nothing against you as an amazing human being, and these words are the most incorrect statement I have ever seen.

Henne did not get a chance? Our owner, gm an coach did everything possible, TO A FAULT, in supporting Henne. for what 3 or 4 years. He is one of the worst QBs I had ever seen. Every year we waited for the Phins to find a new QB and they kept going with Henne. It was a nightmare.

How anyone out there not see, obviously, that Thill is the best prospect to be a great QB compared to the garbage we have had the last 13 years, I don't know what to say. Best arm, best mobility, probably the smartest, best accuracy, etc. What was better, Fiedler? no friggn way. The guy is a rookie that has started 18 games before going pro. What did Manning do his first year, I remember Elway having a rough time.

Simply, no one is open! Our receivers and tight ends can not get seperation and our O-line is average. and he is a rookie. what game are you guys watching?

It is really frustrating to watch Sean Smith. How can people even talk about giving this guy 8, 10, 12 million a year, wow. From the beginning of his career, the guy gets beat consistently, lots of cushion, and seems lost.

Seems obvious to me who the ballers on the team are and who sucks, on the downhill and not worthing keeping.

Elite: Wake

Baller, must keep: Starks, Sollai, Jones, Pouncey

Let go: Misi, Sean Smith, pick your DB, pick your WR, pick your RB outside of Miller.

So, one elite player on the whole team; Wake. Only one baller on offense; Pouncey.

No playmakers. for many years now, our best players our linemen.

Jake wasnt a bad pick as he has been a probowler from year one. He just wasnt a playmaker. If im not mistaken the Rams passed on Ryan too for Chris Long. For whatever reason they decided the OL and DL were more of a sure pick. This was def a Parcells pick as his coaching style was to get huge lineman that he could install his pounding style offensive style. Who here honestly thought that having Parcells as a Football dictator would be bad? It seems to have screwed the fins..

Im not really feeling Wallace as the "lone answer" to our recieving corps. I see Wallace as more of the "Duper-mode" wr. He isnt a "Clayton". Duper's skill eroded far before Clayton.

Like Duper, Wallace has speed and hands. My personal opinion is Wallace is more a #2 wr on roids, than true #1 wr. That's why I feel the Steelers are finding it so difficult to pay him as a "true #1 top 5 wr".

Wallace has speed and hands, but he isnt your ideal "complete wr". Its really scary trying to justify paying a Mark Duper-type top 5 nfl wr money.

I see Wallace as easily the best #2 wr in football. He's better than a lot #1 wr's but he isnt truly your ideal #1 wr. He's just an upgrade over Hartline, who himself is a "middle of the pack" #2 wr.

With Wallace, I dont feel we truly address the #1 wr spot. We just gave a huge upgrade to the #2 wr spot. Which I believe is why the Steelers havent gave him top nfl wr money yet.

The heart of our problem as Dolfans, as a family of Dolphins, is lack of talent. it is so obvious, we have a run stopping defense and that is it. we do not have the talent to compete and win, unless we play perfect football and are lucky.

We will continue to bounce around 5-8 wins a year without upgrading talent.

So to have any hope of getting back to the playoffs, priority #1 is acquiring potentially great talent. Do we have the guys in our front office to do that? Given the last 4-5 years, consistently I would say no. I do not have faith in Ireland, given past history, to find us great talent in the draft and through free agency. I do not have faith in our owner to find the guy to acquire the talent. So, I guess we are stuck for now, even after a decade of misery...

So ironic that after not looking for a QB for 13 years post Marino, we are here with a new 1st round QB and we lack talent around him. what have we been doing all this time, not drafting QBs and not drafting other talent either. wow.

Perfect example is drafting Ted Ginn over Patrick Willis. It is not about where we are picking in the draft it is fully about who we are picking.

What are your thought on Jennings? He has been prone to injury but knows Philbins system and is productive and draft a WR..

Ok, my turn to take a stab at our problem.

When you have subpar talent, it shows up in mental errors (not just physical issues). The reason our problem isn't limited to Dansby, Tannehill, Hartline, or any one player or part of the team, is that every week it's something else. One week it was the RBs/OL's, next it was the secondary, next it was Tannehill, next WRs/TEs, next special teams. That means we have too little talent on the team, creating mental errors at critical times of the game. That's also attributed to coaching. This is why I got mad when YG/Dashi said Philbin couldn't have said he didn't have enough talent. My point was if that were true, then he should feel he can coach up the talent he has. Obviously he can't.

Like YG said, it's because the margin of error for the team to win is SO MINISCULE. One or 2 mistakes, they lose. Look at Atlanta, Green Bay, even SF yesterday, all those teams make errors. Pats make MULTIPLE errors every week. But these teams score, and scoring covers much of that up. They score because their best players are in skill positions on the offense. That's what NO MIAMI TEAM has had since the Marino era, thus, we've been a mediocre franchise ever since.

I'm a broken record I know, but if they got not just playmakers, but the smartest football players on our team, in the offensive skill positions, we'd win many more games with exactly the same defense we have today.

Long was an elite LT for three seasons. Last year he was good but not great. This year he was below average. Plus, he's had injuries for three years now to one degree or another.

He is the only player left from the Dolphins 2008 draft, which basically means the entire draft was a bust after just five seasons. Even if Long is resigned, his play the past two years suggest he will be average at best and Marc Columbo at worst.

The overall OL is not very good. At least Martin did pretty well yesterday under the circumstances and against elite competition.

I agree the lack of talent around a 1st round QB has hurt. I mean look early on in the season. The running game was prominent and minus the 1st game Tanne looked pretty good to the point that analyst had him between the 3-4 mark of rookie and sophmore QB's. The running game halts for whichever reason you want to use so they are forced to throw the ball. Team figure out that they like to throw short and take away the underneath passes forcing them to go mid to deep. Thats where the talent comes in. Yes Tanne has missed on throws, it happens as a rookie, Luck RG3 WIlson included, and with vets.. Its a rookie growing pain. He will work on his accuracy/ leading his WRs in the offseason and pair that with getting him help on the outside so they cant stack and take away the underneath then he will be better, the O will be better, and the team will be better..

What do you do if T-hill's passing TD total is the worst for any starting rookie (or he tanks these last games)?

Do you let Moore or some other FA QB compete for the job next year?

Or do you pick anothe QB in the draft?

If I recall correctly, the Dolphins had a severe lack of talent Bill Parcells first year with the club. I believe he saw an opportunity to get a solid lineman with Jake Long who could step in and start. Which he did and was an all pro.

He took Henne late in the 2nd round and thought they could develop him. It had its moments that you thought Henne would develop but it just never materialized. He could just never deliver routinely plays like the bomb to Teddy Ginn against the Jets that Monday Night in Miami.

For the record, I felt better knowing this organization had the Tuna around calling the shots then since he began being on the outs with Ross. Looking back, the year the Fins went 11-5 was one of the worst things that could have happened. Everyone expected this team was a player or two away from the Super Bowl.

OC, DC and HC game plan and call plays based on the strenghts of the personel on the field for that particular play. Guess what? We have no strenghts. Too many holes in the O and D. We do not even have players that can disguise our weaknesses. Hats off to Philbin, knowing very well we do not have the weapons that are needed for a good WCO he is still able to keep it close. On the Kaepernick run, that was one of the best play actions I have seen. The phins bought the play all the way. The 49er's O line pulled to the right with Gore running in that direction after the play action, drawing all our defenders in that direction and no one even touched Kaepernick. Simple play great exercution. We could never imagine doing that because we dont have the O line or the running game to pull that off. As for the D I expect to see major changes in our defense next year. All those of us who thought that Smith should be resigned needs to think twice after yesterdays game. He was clueless.



I Believe If We Would've Went A Different Direction!! Instead Of Wanstedt!! This Franchise Would've been Different! Real Fin Fans Know!! The Ultimate COULD HAVE BEEN!! Marino-Barry! But No HighSinga Screwed US!! ROYALLY!!

Dashi Understands The Ireland Hate!! U Don't Want Him On The Team!! He Personifies Bill Parcells and Soprano!! For You Guys!!

The Problem Is Who Is Better Out There? SERIOUSLY!!

This Year Is The Last Year We Are Feeling The PAIN!!! Of The MIRAGE 11-5!! When MORE THAN HALF OF PARCELLS FREE AGENTS WERE BUST!!


Ireland Has Learned His Lesson! Almost All New Fin Contracts Are Cap Friendly!! Meaning If The Fins Cut The Guy It Doesn't Hurt The Cap!!

So Guys Like R.Marshall Can Be Released After 1 Season!! And It Doesn't Hurt The Cap!! Like A Smiley Contract! Or a E.Wilford Deal!


Dashi Believes The Coaches Ireland Hired KNOW MORE THAN HIM!! AND IRELAND IS WORKING FOR PHILBIN AND NOT VICE VERSA!! The Coaches Have Told Him What To Look For! And Have Used This Season As A Test Run With Ireland Into Looking For What They Want!

Reason Every Week!! Ireland Brings In WR's And CB's!! For TRYOUTS!! The Coaches Want To Make Sure Ireland And Them Are On The Same Page!! In what They are Looking at!!


But Ireland Can!! The Coaches Just Want To Make Sure Ireland Knows What To Look For!!

You Are Seriously Telling The O-Line Coach!! Had No Say In Picking J.Martin!!

YG, it's a combination. We need good play-callers. SF set up that read option ALL DAY. Each time, they gave it to Gore. Gave it to Gore, gave it to Gore, then caught us slipping (by the way, if Misi was in I bet he wouldn't have bit like Trusnik). That was a great call, and ALSO a great read by Kaepernick. Very heady play. Then everyone was on board, the oline, WRs didn't get any formation penalties, everything worked as planned.

But, besides a WR to take the top off defenses, they need to be sure-handed (Wallace is NOT). We can't have dropped passes if our chances are limited (have to make the most out of every one). Which leads to taking more chances (though I think Philbin/Sherman understand that). But we also need a TE who can work the seam. We need the QB to throw receivers open (or look defenders away). We need RBs to pick up yardage and force the defenders to react to them to free up the receivers. It ALL needs to work in unison. That's why ALL the skill position players need to be stellar. Not all elite, just all smart and understanding of how the offense works. It needs to run like a machine. Then you can plug and play. If one guy goes out, next man up can come in and just do his role and not mess anything up.

Moore is gone and unless he thinks he can compete for a job in Miami next year dont expect him back. After he lost his the starting job to the rookie this year he knows he doesnt have a shot.
As shown in HK's Devlin was favored by Philbin and theyll prob bring in a vet to back up. It wouldnt hurt to take another QB in the draft either.. you have to reload bc you dont know what tomorrow brings

The Dolphins have one playmaker on the entire team: Wake.

The other elite talent is Pouncey.

The SS and DT are pretty good most of the time.

Tannehill has simply not looked good the past six weeks or so with the exception of the Seattle game. For the season, his rating for the season put him ahead of only Sanchez, Cassel, and Skelton. In short, he's awful.

People forget the importance of experience and accuracy.

Pennington had it. Henne couldn't get it done with the same receivers. Pennington could have led the team to winning seasons if not for his injuries.

Pennington could override Henning's idiot playcalling but Henne didn't know any better.

Thats what they said after the loss yesterday what the hell are they going to say when they lose the rest of the games?

DC @ 3:06.....

I'm glad your starting to see the LIGHT about out talent....or LACK thereof.....

Nothing like a disappointing loss to make you come SEE this team for what it was....

I know ONE of your favorite phrases was "Ireland will be the GM next year...so get use to it".....do you still feel that way.....or are you now HOPING for a change.....

Thats my question.......

Schefter said on The Sid Rosenberg Show (640-AM) on Monday that rookie Ryan Tannehill may not be the answer after all.
"I'm not as convinced [they have their QB] as I was six weeks ago," said Schefter. "Week after week Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson continue to make plays and continue to win games. You walk away from their games and say, 'Those guys are really good.' Have we done that with Ryan Tannehill?


Sherman was going to be fired from Texas Tech because of their losing seasons. T-hill being the QB the last two years only because he couldn't beat out the existing QB.

I believe team will end 5-11, 6-10 at best. If so,

How safe is Sherman's job?

How safe is Ireland's job?

By rating stats, Tannehill is ahead of only three other QBs. That's not a good sign.

Maybe with the addition of elite talent at WR and TE, Tannehill will improve. Maybe.

The Dolphins would be wise, as a few others have posted here, to draft another QB next year just in case.

There is something wrong with the fact that Wake is the only playmaker on the team and that the only other elite talent is Pouncey.

Will T-hill make it to ten passing TDs?

Hell, Vince Young did better.

Hey, ya could surround Tannehill with an all star team and he'd still stink.

It isn't what we think it is. We always dink and dunk seasons. Never a first round pick and never a team the anyone wants to sign with. 8 and 8 is the worst possible outcome of any season. You end up drafting anywhere from 8 - 20 and all the game changing guys are gone.
Then because everyone is mediocre you can't spend money because everyone is basically a decent player and you pay them 3 mill a season. But they aren't game changing players, just soldiers.
When we went 1-15 who was at the top of the college heap. Matt Ryan and Jake Long. The rest weren't top 5 players. This year we are drafting 8. At least 5 players were game changers and they were all drafted ahead of us. Ronnie Brown was selected because it didn't really make a lick of difference who was selected.
Can we sign Fa's? No, who the heck wants to come to Mediocrity. They are FA's because they want to win with a winnig team and make a few dollars.
So really we don't want to win anymore games. We will draft in the top 6 and maybe get a game changing player or two.
Otherwise we are back to 6-10 7-9 8-8

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