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What they said after loss and the reaction

Here is what the Dolphins said after Sunday's 27-13  loss to the San Francisco 49ers and my reaction:

Coach Joe Philbin envisioned making this game close and winning it in the fourth quarter:

"We wanted to play a game where we talked about winning 21-17. We thought it would be that type of game, a close physical football game. In a lot respects it was. But again, in the fourth quarter we had some opportunities to put some more points on the board but we didn’t. Obviously we were too generous. We gave them the ball on the nine-yard line on one possession. They took advantage of that. It was the type of game we envisioned. We told the team all week, ‘I anticipate that we’ll be in a position to win the game in the fourth quarter.’ I told them we had to play a clean game. This is a good football team, we had to execute well. We didn’t make the plays in the fourth quarter. They did. They deserve to win."

Salguero reaction: The Dolphins have scored 21 points only four times in 13 games this year. Sad, but truth is 21 points is wishful thinking by the coach.

The Dolphins tried to get an edge by putting running back Reggie Bush out wide so as to take advantage of a matchup against the linebackers. That advantage didn't last.

“I guess they saw some film and thought they could go 1-on-1 with our linebackers," 'Niners safety Dashon Goldson said. "They did a good job of adjusting, knew that was coming and put a DB on them. We got the best of that."

Salguero reaction: Bush averaged only 7.6 yards per reception. Not dynamic. The fact is Bush this year is averaging 7.8 yards per reception. Maybe it's time we accept the idea he's not quite the mismatch out there as we hoped.

Rookie Jonathan Martin got off to a bad start, giving up a sack to Aldon Smith early on when the NFL's sack leader basically blew Martin up. Smith finished with two sacks against Martin and the Dolphins lineman also had a false start.

“It was decent," Martin said. "He got me on that one bull rush pretty good. There is a reason why he is one of the best pass rushers in the league. He is a good player. It is a really talented defense, talented d-line. It is a tough defense, we didn’t make enough plays to win the game.

“It is a learning experience. I like challenges like that, going against guys that are the best in the league. It took me a little while to get into it, but after a while I felt really comfortable out there."

Salguero reaction: It's his first game and it came against arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL. Martin did ok. He didn't make us forget about Jake Long. It was, indeed, a step back from Long. It'll be interesting to see how much Martin improves over the next three games. So far, he hasn't made anyone forget Long.

Punt returner Marcus Thigpen fumbled a punt inside his own 10 yard line. The 49ers converted the turnover into a touchdown.

“I felt a couple of guys close to me, and I tried to take a peek at the last minute, then I looked back up and I lost the ball," Thigpen said.

Salguero reaction: Marcus Thigpen has been a net plus-plus for the Dolphins this year. He has a kickoff return TD and a punt return TD. Yes, he made a mistake. He also had a 56-yard kickoff return after the San Francisco score. I wish all Dolphins players answered adversity like that.

Cameron Wake had three sacks Sunday. He was more productive than NFL sack leader Aldon Smith.

“I didn’t even realize till just now," Wake said. "I would give away every sack I got for a winning record and opportunities that we are not capitalizing on. It is hard to contribute with that kind of stuff when we are stinking it up."

Salguero reaction: The Dolphins wasted Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas and Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison. They are wasting Cameron Wake's best years.


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He DID hit Marlon Moore, only the latter, dropped it.

That's the Truth, Folks, only if you can't handle It, you shouldn't be here.

Phins 78,

The difference is, Schaub and Brady will probably have terrific all pro games tonight and you can forgive the mistakes. Tannehill threw for 150 yards yesterday and has 8 TDs all year. Russell Wilson a 3rd round rookie pick has thrown for 20 TDs. I am sure Wilson has missed some passes deep but when you have thrown 20 TD passes and are having the year he is having as a rookie you can over look some mistakes.

All I am saying is that T-Hill has to be held accountable also. We know he does not have elite talent around him but the jury is still out as far as I am concerned. Many of the experts like Adam Schefter are having concerns about T-Hill being the future of the Fins. I hope T-Hill is the franchise but I am just not sure.

Truth is hennehill sucks. All you hennehill groupies explain to us when hartline was wide open 2 times last week and your boy hennehill overthrew him both times. It's not the wrs it's the shi$$y qb. The td to fasano was overthrown and he had to make a one handed grab. The only decent pass he threw was to the bonehead who did drop it and the called a penalty.

Wilson has a much better set of receivers and a top 5 running back and a more open offense. He's also playing great. I have a Seahawks fan for a co-worker and he says Wilson does enough but the team leans on Lynch, if that's working, the passing game works.

When our running game went in the crapper so did our passing game.

After giving things a lot of thought... ( WARNING If you hate long posts keep scrolling)

In this let the offense win/ no contact down field / score for the cameras NFL our offense needs to be more "Fleet of Foot". Speed Kills and it is even more exaggerated now than ever. There were some piss poor calls (mostly against the Fins but some on the Niners) on P.I. So it stands to reason if you have a young gunslinger that has a pretty good cannon to go deep.

Tannehill has taken a number of shots down field but Bess and Hartline can only get so open. You also can forget elevating over DBs to make a tough grab at their heights. Zero knock on them as I believe they wring every bit out of their own bodies/abilities.

To fill this **MORAL IMPERATIVE** need I would use Ross's deep pockets to win over Pitt WR Mike Wallace to Miami. He is easily one of the fastest guys in the NFL...period. Like he has visible speed where he runs by people. This would put more pressure on the opposing Def to have to cover more of the field.

I would NOT stop their as I feel like the reason the offense sputters is for lack of "Fear inducing" athletes. Enter my first round selection WR Keenan Allen. A GREAT athlete with killer body control and the ability to stab the errant throw. If Tannehill has a weakness it is that he is not always right on target. He may work his accuracy to a higher level due to his limited starts but he has to bring it up. One way is to have a legitimate larger WR. Keenan is around 6'3" and about 215bs. Clocks in at around 4.5 in the 40. Flypaper hands and the willingness to go after rugged catches.

He could be the "go get it guy" of the Offense. The rebounder if you will. WR Keenan Allen from Cal could help improve Tannehill's accuracy by simply grabbing some of the off target throws Bess and Hartline can't get. Here is a vid to introduce him to you if you have never seen him play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhdVSwSPIoc

So the Offense could be transformed with WR Mike Wallace outside, Devone Bess in the slot, Hartline as the inside guy and Keenan Allen outside. I would have to believe that with Tannehill's arm that would spell some pretty amazing and fun to watch chunk plays. Plus they could mask some of Tannehill's inaccuracy while Tannehill works to bring the percentage up.

If the fins can draft a guy like ILB Manti T'eo I say that would be a great move also but I think he will go earlier than the Fins want to give up picks for. Sort of like I wanted the Fins to draft Von Miller badly but Denver took him much earlier.

The the blogger that keeps saying we all don't know about these players...you are right. It's a flesh lottery of sorts, I get that. No matter, it is still fun as hell to put your best guess vs everyone else's including pundits, fans n GMs though.

Sorry for the wind aided post...don't post much so I try to take shots when I can. Hard to put all my Fins thoughts over weeks into a lil three line stanza.


Rob in OC


I have seen Wilson play and he just looks better than T-Hill at this point. Even Brandon Weeden has 5 more TDs than T-Hill and has passed in QB rating (not sold on him yet either).

And then there is Andrew Luck. The Colts were 2-14 and they are doing it with a 35 year old Wayne and a 4th round rookie WR, a 6th rookie WR, and 2 more rookie TEs. At some point T-Hill has to be held accountable. He has some some flashes but he has to be more consistent. It is still a work in process. We'll see next year.


Those receivers sound pretty good. So does T'eo though he is out of reach. I also like the big DE from FSU; I think that he is going to be a stud. A big time pass rusher to compliment Wake sounds great also.

Kennan Allen looks good but most draft experts say there are no Cavin Johnsons in this draft.


Getting Wake someone to force the issue on the opposite side would be stellar too.

I am really a best player available type draft thinker and as all the testing processes, bowl games, all star games, combine etc play out maybe someone rises from the pack to be the best pick for the Fins.

Having a great pass rush is paramount to beating good QBs. Seems as though our front 7 can hold a tad vs getting more ability and play making studs on the OFF. Since the league is slanted towards making points I believe it makes it automatically a wider margin for error.

Defenders nowadays have to be perfect down field. So getting DBs that can be in the same zip code as WRs/TE's/RBs they face is crucial too.

Ireland has to net some studs in the next draft...OFF,DEF, ST I don't care...some players that start off with a bang just cause they are that talented. That is what the Fins need along with more growth from Tannehill and guys like Clay, Miller and Martin.

The theory goes that Tannehill has the most upside of any QB in last years draft as he only has had the few starts. If he gains more accuracy and the play execution improves, with a few key additions the Fins will be in the playoff mix next year.



You are correct about the WR's in the upcoming draft. Megatron's like Jerry Rice's don't grow on draft trees...especially Ireland's orchards.

Come on Fins... ya gotta yank some legit players from next years draft with that much ammo.


What I'd like to know is why the change in punt return philosophy in this game? We always put Bess back for punts when it was expected to land inside the 15 yard line or so, we always put Thigpen back to receive if the ball was expected to land at the 20 or beyond so we could let him run with it.

I understand that philosophy, it makes sense, you put your "hands" guy back if you're backed up to the goal line to prevent a mistake like what happened. You put your speed returner out there if there is a chance to break one.

So what happened here? Why the sudden big change? Why roll the dice when you know you have to play close to the vest to even keep up with the other team?

I totally disagree with the personnel move on that punt, with Bess back there we get a fair catch and we start at the 10 on offense, instead we take a gamble with a guy that does not have a proven track record of clutch punt receptions near the goal line and the result is a HUGE costly mistake we could ill afford to make.

One reason for that POOR COACHING!! Plain and simple!

As usual, the always negative Armando breeds pathetic comments from guys who never touched a real pigskin in their sorry lives. If one were to use this groups criteria for a rookie QB, then Marino would have been a bust and shipped out. Even if we look past the fact that Moore did not look good as a starter this year when he had the chance, it is more important to give RT the reps. He needs them more than any of the other rookie QB's because of his limited college experience. He is the rare combination of skill and brains and will be a future All Pro. His biggest problem that he has now is his receivers don't do a good job of separation. I also think the play calling is dubious. With some good cap moves and picks, the team can flourish next year.

same ole sh** different game. yadda, yadda, yadda.

Armando you say: "Maybe it's time we accept the idea he's not quite the mismatch out there as we hoped."

Because the coaches are using him wrong! If you split him out it gives the D a chance to adjust. Now this will only work against man coverage but if you come up to the line and see that: Split 3 WR to the left side, then run Reggie on a curl out to the right. That should get him 1-on-1 with an LB, who he should beat 9 times out of 10 and get 15-20 yards downfield before a safety of other player can get over to catch him.

Tanny is a rookie you effing morons... you look for good things and don't expect miracles. Hartline cannot deal with double coverage & has been eliminated, which leaves Bess. Most qb's have 4-5 decent options, we have 2. Upon occasion, Fasano steps up & I am really disappointed in charles clay who I thought would bust out.

Sign Bowe or Jennings.
Sign a decent vet for CB depth
Sign a lower grade WR for depth.
Trade back in the draft as it is full of DL LB which are not a pressing need.
Draft a difference maker at TE
Draft a CB
Draft a OL
Draft a S in middle rounds
Get a pass rusher somehow

There U idiots go again. How many teams make the playoffs? Get a grip,as long as Brady is in the Division we all fight for 2nd place. Look what they did to Houston. Tanny will be fine. The other rookies have more playmakers. Sorry Idiots we are not drafting another QB.

Craig M says:

And then we have to listen to this crap from promichael that Hartline and Bess are 4th and 5th receivers.
Dude I have posted this before and will indicate again that you are one of the most delusional and irrational posters on this site. I'm a fan also but the reality is clear. This team can not win or produce the points needed for today's offensive NFL football. Craig M, stop trying to pretend you know so much about NFL football!

Craig M or whovever this wanna be is says:

Tell me again how I said 'these guys ar great' or that 'I use your sign name to make posts'.....you f8cking loser!!
You obviously have a loser mentality and can not engage with intelligent dialog. I will not waste anymore time on an idiot like Craig M who either needs a job or a new hobby to keep himself busy.

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