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Dolphins win Sunday or something is really wrong

I'm picking the Dolphins to win Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars have significant injuries throughout the roster -- including at running back where starter Maurice Jones-Drew is out and backup Rashad Jennings is out. They have the worst record in the league, along with the Kansas City Chiefs, at 2-11.

Honestly, if the Dolphins do not win today then something is seriously wrong and we might need to re-think everything.

But if you look at the breakdown below, you should come to understand that the Dolphins have advantages in practically every phase of the game as it stacks up.

When the Dolphins run the ball: The Dolphins go from playing one of the NFL’s best defenses one week to one of the worst this week and a reason for that is Jacksonville has been terrible stopping the run. The Jaguars are 31st out of 32 teams against the run. That bodes well for the Dolphins because Reggie Bush is making his push for his second consecutive 1,000-yard season. Miami is in transition, however, as last week Lamar Miller got more carries than Daniel Thomas, who was relegated to third down duty. One assumes that will continue this week otherwise the Dolphins will look like they are merely grasping wildly for answers instead of employing lineup changes for logical reasons. The offensive line remains the same. Look for more of that successful center sweep in which Mike Pouncey leads Bush around the corner. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

When the Dolphins pass the ball: Ryan Tannehill finished poorly last week when he threw four consecutive incompletions on a possession where Miami had a chance to tie the game. He needs to wipe that bitter taste from his mouth and the Jaguars offer the perfect defense to cleanse the palate. Jacksonville is not as terrible against the pass as the run, but bad nonetheless. The Jags are 24th in the NFL against the pass. Brian Hartline may have to carry the workload on the outside because Davone Bess is slowed by injury and will notplay. The Jaguars are dead last in the NFL in sacks so Tannehill should mostly have time to throw but the addition of sack specialist Jason Babin makes for a tough match up against Miami’s tackles. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

When the Jaguars run the ball: Maurice Jones-Drew has been a premier running back in the NFL for several years. But don’t worry because the Dolphins aren’t going to face him because he’s been out for weeks with a foot injury. And they’re probably not going to see his backup Rashad Jennings because he’s trying to overcome a concussion. So the Dolphins get the third man up that is, well, who knows? The team has been using backup fullback Montell Owens as its primary ball carrier while Keith Toston is listed as the No. 3 running back on the depth chart. Statistically, the Dolphins had a terrible day defending the run last week because they yielded 155 yards and a 5.5-yard per carry average to the 49ers. But 50 of those yards came on a TD by quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is a great running threat, out of the spread option. The Jaguars are not likely to employ that look. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

When the Jaguars pass the ball: Cameron Bradfield, a second-year player, will be matched against Dolphins sack leader Cameron Wake. It seems like a mismatch and it is. But the Jaguars, believe it or not, have bigger problems. They spent much of last week figuring out who would start at left guard because Mike Brewster is on injured reserve and Eben Britton was bad in replacement duty against the Jets. So the Jaguars plugged in recently acquired Steve Vallos as a possible option. The Jaguars also lost wide receiver Laurent Robinson to injured reserve because of several concussions he suffered and leading receiver Cecil Shorts is also trying come back from a concussion. Oh, and did I mention Chad Henne is Jacksonville’s quarterback? The Dolphins castoff is a good guy and a hard worker. Problem is he has yet to prove he’s a good NFL quarterback. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

Special teams: The Dolphins need to stop the bleeding with this unit because it has allowed or led to opposing touchdown in four consecutive games. Last week, it was a fumbled punt inside the 10-yard line. This unit is hurting the team’s chances of winning the past few weeks. This unit can’t blow it on a big play a fifth week in a row, can it? It seems about as likely as a punter pushing around a linebacker. Oh, wait Brandon Fields did that last week. ADVANTAGE: Even. 

Coaching: Two rookie coaches. Two losing teams. Both out of the playoffs. Both looking for answers and not finding many. ADVANTAGE: Even.


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this seasons record has no bearing on next years record.

the season is over. finishing 7-9 means nothing. a lot of teams could shoulda woulda had a better record.

you win or you don't.

Aloco, What Denny's do you work at, and is it safe to eat there?

Aloco, What Denny's do you work at, and is it safe to eat there?

Posted by: TK8 Wanna be. | December 16, 2012 at 10:47 AM


Just a thought... The game in Cleveland, where rookie QB and 4th round pick Kirk Cousins starts for the Redskins, could end up haunting Tannehill and the Dolphins.

Cousins saved Washington's bacon last week against Baltimore when RGIII went out and is being asked to keep the Redskins in the playoff hunt against the resurgent Browns this week. A bad game by Tannehill, a loss by the Dolphins and a win engineered by Cousins could have people thinking Tannehill is the 6th best quarterback chosen in this year's draft. YIKES!


guys first you're asking to see more of the rookies, to see what they can do then it's a "we must win this game" mentality. With a bit of luck we may get both, but for me I want to see a well prepared team(as stated by some1 earlier) and if that's good enough to win them great if not, all that tells me is philbin will know the players on this squad aren't good enough to deliver for him,the owner and more importantly the fans!!


Don't turn into a negative bitter nelly like Kris just because he compliments you.

Their rookie seasons aren't even over yet and some of you want to way WHAT IF our QB turns out to be the worst one.

Those that dwell on the negative are generally miserable people.

What is TK8 ??? What does it mean


please grow up and be real, not a fool

DC, Craig M....and Blog....

I'm being impersonated in BLUE @ 10:25....don't really care who it is....not spending my Sunday arguing with a stalker....did enough of that last week....you k now my saying.....You don't have to tell me the stove is HOT....

I guess on who it is...."LOL"....YESTERDAY he wanted to argue as well.....dude is like 65 years old....and still doesn't have a life....always looking to borrow mine....well...i'm GONE for the next few hours...but not FOREVER......

did I get them all????


Why is Kris even checking every hour on here to catch who is faking him? Come on bro you gotta have a life, dude

All good Kris. Get fired up! Time for Fins magic! I'm even starting Hartline in a Fantasy Playoff game. Putting my money where my mouth is!

My point about Philbin has to do with the fact that the Fins are 2 missed FG away from being 8-6.

Whereas, 6-10 and 7-9 are not acceptable, I don't blame Philbin for the missed FG.

I along with many others are frustrated and losing patience but as a fan I am doing my best to hang in there.

Gotta run but see you on the live blog later.

I never thought i would see the day my dad would actually give his ticckets away but the neighbors didnt want them eitheir Me - i gave up after the Tenneesee loss My dad will not renew his season tix until Ireland is gone and alot of people are doing this Mr ross you better sell the team

The Dolphins always win the meaningless games at the end of the year. They sux at suxing - they love to blow their draft position so we can keep spinning our wheels in Mediocreland every year. We will go from picking 5th or 6th and getting the WR we need so desperately to picking 11th or 12th and taking some D lineman who won't pan out. If you don't know this team by now - they win when it isn't beneficial to win but always lose when things like the playoffs are on the line. The AFC was there for the taking this year and...well, its the same old story.

This team has shown very little improvement from last season. Which is why I am not so sure, Sporano and Mike Nolan should have been let go. The Green Bay offense we were supposed to have with Philbin and Sherman is non existent in Miami.

Yes rookie head coaches make mistakes, but Philbin is older, experienced (Not a young Shula like Ross wanted) and has made some odd/head scratching mistakes this year.

The record between last season and this season is likely to be the same. Which begs the question, why change coaches. When Sporano had a QB, we won (Pennington, Moore), when we didn't (Henne) the team lost.

Yes, this team was a few missed FG's from two wins, but T-Hill also threw costly picks in both of those games as he has in many others.

Either way, staying with my fins and again having to say, well next season may be better.

Fatty, Really?, The AFC east was for the taking?
Ask Houston who ruls the AFC.
I hate to say it but New England as wn the AFC-East for over 12 years.
Till Brady-Belichet retire they'll contiue to rule it.

Just saw that Rob Nincovich was on the Dolphins in 2008...then he went to the Patriots and has been there ever since. Wish we would have kept him!!

The relevance of today's game is the same as the relevance of the entire season this year, last year, the years before and the next few years to come.

As long as Jeff "THE SCOUT" Ireland is the GM we will never change.

The rest of today, tonight and this week some on here will be posting the same ole that we are a few players away or a FG away from a W.

I have no clue where these people have been for these years but apparently they work for Jeff Ireland as the fans have been feed this crap by him and the owner for years and you bought it?

Case and point. The seats at Sun life are empty which shows that the fans with knowledge know there is no hope for this team with Ireland around and hopefully Ross will feel the pinch with the empty seats, concession revenue at the lowest, and do what he should have done which was to send Ireland packing. Bring in a proven GM type like Bill Polian, throw him a bag of loot and fire all the dolphin Scouts as THEY have no clue on talent.

I have been asking Armando for YEARS to do a report on the Dolphins Scouting.

5 -11 and at best with a late flag from the official 6-10.

Are you really settling on a season at 7-9 and clapping?

Insane, just remember the definition of that.

Wow!! The Dolphins finally make it to a Bowl game---The Stupid Bowl. Which stupid Q.B. that the Dolphins wasted a draft pick on will win the game?

The problem with the Dolphins has been with consistency in what type of team they are. With Saban, the Phins were a Pro set run first team,with Cameron a finesse passing team, with Sparano a power running team with huge O-linemen, and now with Philbin a west coast offense with a zone blocking scheme. The problem with this is that you need a different type of player to be successful in each scheme. So those of you that are advocating firing both Ireland and Philbin, or firing Philbin, that we are going to have yet another offense, and yet another defense that we may not have the best players skilled for. That another recipe for disaster.


Check Your Boy!! Talk all The C R A P!! U want!! Just stop with the Trolling!!

And Mando! Great Way Of Saying!! If The Fins Lose!! You are Going To Write a Masterpiece!!

My Problem Is The Fins Need To Lose!! Right Now!! 6-10 or Better and we are Drafting anywhere from 15-20!!

Why should we win? For Foolish Pride!!


Just as Long as the game is Competitive Dashi will be Happy!! My eye is on a Bigger Prize!! Te'o!! We Need To Lose Out!! To at least Have a Shot!!

Even Though Dashi will be OK with The Fins Drafting Ogletree!! In The Top 15!!

cuban where r u

Oh and we didn't even talk about the defensive side of the ball, 4-3 to 3-4 and back to 4-3.

Fatty, I'm not a "lose for draft position" guy. Honestly, UNLESS it's the #1 pick (like the Colts) and there's a game changer available (like Andrew Luck or RG3) it doesn't matter WHERE you pick in the Draft. It matters much more your draft strategy and WHO you pick. We always have the debate between Long and Ryan in 2008. But if Andrew Luck came out that year, anyone really think Parcells wouldn't have taken him? I'm sure a few, but it's doubtful.

Anyway, while I agree the best WRs generally come out of the first round (Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Roddy White/Julio Jones, Randy Moss, etc.) if you look at the Green Bay philosophy (before and under Philbin), they preferred to get their WRs in the 2nd round. Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb ALL were drafted in the 2nd round. When asked, Philbin admitted to that preference. So, taking him at his word (especially with Miami having 2 2nd-rd and 2 3rd round picks), I don't know that a better draft position would mean we'd draft a WR 1st-rd anyway. More likely 1st-rd picks are pass rusher, CB, S.

A loco works on Sunday?

Wow!! Now Dashi Knows Why he is always Mad!!

I Would be To!! If I was Such a Low Life!!

Dashi, Te'o is a great player, and would definitely improve the defense. But will he single-handedly change the mediocre arc of the team? NOPE! Actually NO DEFENDER will. The problem with the Miami Dolphins ever since Dan Marino is they couldn't compete offensively consistently enough to win ballgames. If the offense can't be fixed, there is NO HOPE for improvement.

Not saying you shouldn't continue your crush on Te'o. Just accept that if we got him and no one to improve the offense, we'll be sitting here next year at the 5-11, 7-9 position we're in now.

Why is Kris even checking every hour on here to catch who is faking him? Come on bro you gotta have a life, dude

Posted by: cocoajoe | December 16, 2012 at 11:10 AM

Hey dip$hit, go impersonate someone else. Better yet, get a fu&king life.

Kris, that (11:10 AM) wasn't me....looks like it's time to email Mando

Mr. DC Dolfan:

Do you think a nest of wasps will fall on an old Chinese woman's head today? Do you think she will scream and flail her arms as they sting her repeatedly?

I will meet you in Morgan Adams this evening for cake.

We will also go to Circle Dupont and the House White.


Leadership!! The Will To Win!! All This is what Te'o Brings!!

And DC! Two words!! Ray Lewis!!

2 More Words!! Patrick Willis!!

Offense Scores Points!! But Defense Wins Championship!! (Yes, Willis hasn't won a Title Yet!)

Why Are The Pats Back? They Finally Have The Best Set Of LB's Since The Superbowl wins!! How Many Has Brady Won Being The Prolific Offense?

A Great Offense Is Just Flash!! A Great Defense Can Dominate!!




Anyone wanting to see Egnew, don't hold your breath. He's inactive AGAIN! So, couldn't get into a game all rookie year. Is that the trajectory of a future star, or a future bust?

You're thinking too much. Bottom line Dolphins win one of the next three games and they have progressed from last year because they subtracted talent and added no one noteworthy in free agency. They were without Marshall and Davis , without a good running game and with a rookie QB who only started 19 games in college. Not to mention a new coaching staff, new offense, and new defense. Win two games and their record improves over last year even with all of the obstacles.

That should end the ridiculous talk of whether we should start over again with a new coach.

" We need HC's that have winning records CONSISTENTLY"

Agreed. The key is consistent. Including keeping the HC for more that 1 year.

Egnew is a bust of course. So is J. Martin. As well as D. Thomas and Odrick, keeping in mind the rounds they were picked in and the players we could have had insted. My biggest concern is that Tanne will be one too. I see major accuracy issues with him, which is a death sentence for any NFL QB.

NYG, calling Jeff Ireland a scout is giving him far too much credit. Scouts are charged with finding talent. Ireland has failed for three consecutive years to find a wr or a te. He is no scout, maybe intern would fit him better.

Mike excellent analysis at 11:41.

Jeff Ireland is a very busy man. He has a multitude of tasks as GM of the Dolphins. If he didn't have time to find a TE or WR it is hardly his fault. His work load is murderous, we are really quite fortunate he found time to find the players that he did.

Dolphins lose today if we can't conceal our weaknesses with effective schemes and we make mistakes, both penalties and turn overs. It's the same every week. Seeing as we have many weaknesses if the other teams personel is a bad match of us and we turn the ball over game over. Look at our losses this year, you'll see it.

Another poster mentioned Finley becoming available. He's a problem child for sure, never reached his potential in a pass happy offense, makes you wonder.

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