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A Dolfan's warning to Joe Philbin

With his rookie season as an NFL head coach behind him, Joe Philbin probably has the trust of most Miami fans because, well, he didn't totally screw up.

He was fine.

The team was 7-9.

And like practically everyone else on the team, the coach needs to get better at his job.

So there's that. But I recently got a letter from a Dolphins fan in New England who doesn't compare what Philbin is to Cam Cameron any other Dolphins coach who failed. He compares him to Bill Belichick because that's the guy he's got to beat.

And right now, the comparison is not exactly kind.

The letter from Stephen Quigley of Massachusetts:


As a lifelong Dolphins fan living in New England I have a better feel for the Patriots than the Dolphins. It is clear that Tom Brady plays at a level that a Dolphin fan can only dream about.  I love Dan Marino but I would take Brady every day of the week and certainly twice on any Sunday that mattered.:

The problem I see for so many teams is conservative coaching.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  Miami is down two TD’s early in the game.  The second TD comes at the end of an all too easy 92-yd drive.  The Dolphins get the ball back and move down the field; the result of some nice plays and a questionable roughing the passer penalty.  Regardless they are faced with a 4th and 9 at the Patriots 24-yd line.  What do they do?  A 41-yd field goal attempt with a replacement kicker.  Why?  Even if Kaeding makes the kick it is still a two TD game.  The kick is missed and NE walks right down the field again and score a third TD.  The game was on the verge of getting out of hand (it did) so what is the benefit of getting 3pts closer when you are 7-8 playing against a superior team on the road?  Would Joe Philbin have been pleased with a 28-3 loss?

You cannot match TD’s with field goals.  That was Tony Sporano’s philosophy (see yesterdays Jets loss) and he is a bum. Belichick and Brady gamble all of the time.  They have talent and experience.  How can a team with less talent and less experience even consider playing any less aggressively?  The coaching staff must play to win the game and not play to keep their job.  In  Superbowl XXXVI, Belichick gambled on Brady against a superior team at the end of the game.  The result was a stunning upset of the high powered Rams.  Do you know why?  Because Belichick did not want to risk the Superbowl on a flip of the coin or wait for the other guy to screw it up.  He wanted to win it and was willing to deal with the fallout if they did not.  That decision took a lot of guts but that is how this game must be played.  Belichick was not a proven head coaching commodity at that time and neither was Brady a future Hall of Famer.  Not yet.

Joe Philbin did nothing this year that we have not seen for years.  Brady is going to be playing at a high level for at least three more seasons.  Will Joe Philbin be around still?  Not coaching the way he did yesterday.

I read your article today and I agree yesterday was a disaster.  My concern is that ownership might not see it that way.  It is not just the players in my opinion. 

In contrast the Miami Dolphins website notes that the Dolphins are clearly the second best team in the division.  Second best?

Thank you,


I think he makes a valid point. The Dolphins weren't going to beat the Patriots in New England in December by kicking field goals from the Pats' 24. Moreover, the team had nothing to lose and played as if this was some sort of battle for an AFC East title. I know that's history now, but it is something that merits consideration going forward.

So what do you think?



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I've been saying all year that Philbin is an inexperienced bum with zero accomplishments on his resume. Some guy in New England writes Armando a letter and he gets published?


M.Moore did have a shot to challenge tannehill in training camp and during pre-season or don't you read?

One of the best posts I have ever read on this rag..1/10/13 @ 2:56 PM.
I absolutely couldn't agree more with this post.

If Belichik had Miami's offensive & defensive talent he would be happy with field goals too

..I think before anyone gets to excited about weather Philbin is to conservative, or lacks aggression. Find some examples of times you may have questioned what was going on then take a look at the circumstances of the play calls you may have in question.

The author of this letter offered the idea he would have like to see Philbin go for it instead of trying a difficult fiedl goal. I don't think if we would have gone ahead and went for it, made it, even scored that the outcome of that game would have been different. Could we have been more aggressive there? Sure, but the reason we lost that game wasn't because of the decision to kick.(I understand this isn't the point of the letter)

We don't get to see the whole field on television. We don't get to study tape, or are we involved in any sort of gameplanning. So we can only give our opinions after the fact. So go back and give some examples of where Philbin could have been more aggressive.

This crap from a New England homer lost total credibility with the Brady over Marino statement. WTF? I'm amazed at people, and they don't have much company, that don't flat out consider Dan better than very few. And Brady is seldom an option. As time goes on there's too many who actually didn't even see enough of Marinos the games to bear suitable witness. As for Philbin, he has the team on schedule. I expect a
10win season and playoffs next year after a good draft job by Ireland thisSpring

I sure as hell wouldn't take Brady over Marino. That's not just the homer in my talking either.

Monday morning QB...

As usual, much ado about nothing. I get it as the frustration of losing sux. But are you freaking kidding me? Why should anyone even remotely listen to this Pats hack? This is basically his way of gloating and letting everybody know how great his Patriots are. Blah, Blah, Blah. Tannehill and Philbin need to improve, but both moderately exceeded expectaions in year 1. This team needs to add talent and gain experience and the risk taking will take care of itself. The opportunities have to be there. When they were there, Philbin rolled the dice quite a bit. On 4th and 9 when you have a good shot at making a field goal is not the time to "go for it". That's just stupid. Does anybody remember who we had at receiver that day? Hartline was banged up and I believe the go to 3rd and 4th down guy (Bess) was not playing. It would have been a terrible decision. And yes, Tom Brady has had a great career and is still great for the time being, but it's not like he came out of the gate torching defenses for 40 tds a year in his first 2 or 3 years. And I believe Bellicheat hasn't won a Super Bowl since he got busted cheating his ass off. I can't believe people just give him a pass on that and act like he wasn't gaining a huge unfair and very unsportsmanlike advantage all the years he did that. Those Super Bowls should have an asterisk by them.

FailBin's a nebbish. A nobody. A schlemiel.

Ireland's qualified only to be a Water Boy/

In Belichick's first 6 NFL seasons as a head coach he had 1 winning season. When did he start winning games? When he put a future Hall of Famer into the lineup. AND Belichick doesn't go for it on 4th and 9. Its tatistically improbable and he is too logical a coach to fall into that trap. Every coach on 4th and 9 from the 24 thinks, "Ok, we score here, get a stop, score a TD and it's 14-10 in about 10 minutes.

In other words...Not buying this logic, if we want to call it that, for 1 second.

Going for three points at that stage of the game could be justified if there wasnt a hundred and ninety mile an hour cosswind blowing at the time.The Patriots were faced with a similar choice on their first drive and eschewed the field goal try and tried for the first down.How is it we were unaware of the way the wind was blowing at that end of the field and if we did know why in the name of Hades did we even try to kick a field goal under those conditions?

One more thing.If Brady was on the same team as Marino there is no doubt that Brady would be the one on the sidelines carrying the clipboard while Danny led the offense.

Philbin had a very average year. We can only have hope for improvement going forward as he learns on the job. I didn't see all the glowing positives that some seem to have from Tannehill. He looks like David Woodley all over again (RIP). Before folks get all...he took us to a SuperBowl on DW...yes THE DOLPHINS TEAM he was part of went to a SuperBowl, but can't we just agree we need & want more than what he provided from the QB position? Tannehill's accuracy issues & lack of command late will doom Philbin's tenure. Jeff Ireland will ensure we never see the light of the top of the division because we will continually lack the top end talent to get there. This franchise has been a mess since Shula left & Ross is as absolutely clueless as an owner can possibly be so its not gettin' fixed on his watch. But hey, at least he'll ruin the last shred of tradition this WAAAY long ago proud franchise had when he puts his Barbie Doll Hollywood B-list celebrity twist on the uniforms! Its damn near impossible to be as bad as we've been for as long as we have...that just wreaks of rotting from the inside out. All the positive dream weavers - we went 7-9 against the lightest schedule in the NFL, probably the softest we will ever see! Looking at the schedule for next year I can't conceivably see more than 5, maybe 6 wins - even with this incredible influx of talent we will undoubtedly see with all the FA money & picks available (yeah right).

Philbin has been aggressive at times, onside kick against jets, fake punts as well. The key to these plays working is picking the right time tactically to give them the best chance to work. Also did you maybe think philbin was testing whether leading is worth a shot as our kicker?
i agree i would of liked to see more aggression but you have to do it in a plan with it or you lose by even more points,it looks like the coach hasn't got any real plan on what he is doing. Which in turn means the fans are even less happy with the team.

I would like to remind everyone that Bill Belichick went 5-11 in his first season coaching in New England. Philbin is off to a better start!

Go Fins!

Warfield42 says:

Its damn near impossible to be as bad as we've been for as long as we have...that just wreaks of rotting from the inside out. All the positive dream weavers - we went 7-9 against the lightest schedule in the NFL, probably the softest we will ever see!
The Cleveland Browns and Bills have figured out how to be as bad for even longer. It's frustrating but Ross is not the issue. Joe Robbie perhaps knew enough to stay out of the way. Billionaire owners like Ross and Huizenga have to rely on their GM's. Ireland was led by Parcells who was a dinosour. Morover a couple of control coaches like Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban took the money and ran setting the franchise back. Those are the issues for being bad for so long. Philbin has done a decent job with the current lack of talent at the skill positions. The jury is still out on Tannehill but he needs help. Philbin has stated that he will have input on personnel to improve the team but one thing is certain. The decisions made have to be the right ones because the schedule for next season will be difficult. I hope that someone in the organization knows what a good NFL TE, Receiver and Cornerback looks like.

Other than drafting or getting in FA the right TE, Receiver and Cornerback. The Dolphins should get someone to help Wake out with the pass rush. Taking away a QB's time to throw will do wonders to improve the defensive secondary.

going for the field goal was the right call, Every game developes differently so you cant assume dolphins are going to loose. Philbin showed coaching(teaching) this year, first since Shula for dolphans. If he had Bellicheats talent coaching would be easy...lets give him a chance ...the team was better prepared to play in 2012

Exactly promichael...ya hit it right on the head with the Jimmie's, Saban's and Parcells! I don't really even count the one FLUKE year that Brady was hurt & we tied for the division lead. It proved to be an abhoration (sp?). Ross should 'try' to stay out of the media as much as possible because he makes himself look bad every time he shows up. I'm not givin' up on Philbin, he deserves his time to try - but its gonna be a yoman's effort with Jeffy pickin' the groceries. I am NOT in Tannehill's corner. I do hope he proves me wrong but I didn't see ANYTHING that looked promising toward the future. Ya can't fix accuracy & ya can't teach stones in the clutch. And further troubling...watch about 1/2 his throws that final game - he alligator armed so many throws, it was VERY evident he does not want any part of the cold weather games. Buffalo? New England? New York? He'd better get over that in a hurry.

Opinions are like a#$%^oles, everybody has one , and like everybody on here we all have an opinion that we want to see the fins succeed. I agree and disagree with the new englander, I agree, that we need to be more aggressive regardles of what talent we have, show the passion for the game, but I disagree that philbin will be gone before brady??? really?? Now you have to be realistic, it is about winning in this profession and belicheck is well aware of that..(cheated) and got caught, havent won a superbowl since then...hmmmmm, philbin will get us there I believe. as a fins fan

Why are we still talking about the New England game? When looking in the rear view mirror you can't see the road ahead. Please stick to covering the buzz around potential free agents and draft picks. The time to turn the franchise around is now.

Excuse me but is this article really about a meaningless down, 4th and 9, in a meaningless game, played 2 weeks ago? And does it really argue whether Brady is better then Marino who hasn't played a down in 12 years? Armando and Dolphans...Move Forward!! Free agency is here and the draft is looming! It's go time for this franchise!

Brady would be nothing without Belicheat and being in the same system for his whole career. Belicheat went 11-5 with Matt Cassell...enough said on that. I am also a New England Dolphin fan and mostly agree with the letter. Philbin has proved nothing in year one as he and his staff were outcoached on many occasions. They were blown out by the Bills and Titans, which should not have happened. They need to get considerably better on both sides of the ball and need an impact player at every position. Tannehill had an OK rookie year, but we clearly missed on Russell Wilson. What irks me the most is how our talent evaluators keep missing prospects in their backyard like TY Hilton from FIU. How can Jeff irleand and his scouts miss these kids? Philbin and Ireland have one more year to drastically improve this team. If it doesn't happen both men should be fired. 7-9 should not have anyone feeling happy or optimistic. Potential is nothing. You can't pay your mortgage with potential.

The dolphins for years have played too conservetive for my likings. I do think that this down the field attack will help this team. If you watched the comeback in the Seatle game , that last drive to win the game is what I expect every game all four quarters.
I think Philbin is the right man and I think the dolphins will compete for the afc east and we will see our team dominate.

My question all year long was: Where's the wrinkles we need in the offense to make up for the fact that we have maybe three or four receivers (Bess, Hartline, Fasano and Bush).

The Dolphins did NOTHING to try and create mismatches or make people think. Last couple of games we saw Bush break out of the backfield.

But I look at the what the Saints do with their personnel, spreading them all over the field. When Bush was there, they took care of blitzes -- particularly A-Gap blitzes -- by using Bush on screens.

Sometimes I wonder if Mike Sherman believes in the screen pass. We had a few blown up, but you gotta keep trying. And when your OL is getting blasted like it did during the NE game, you gotta do something to keep the D honest.

We are a long, long, long way from becoming a contender. The OL is STILL a disaster. We need not just one, but possibly THREE TE's, Bush should come back and there are questions on D.

The defense dropping down the ranks was very disappointing.

The Patriots have a grading system. They have a style of play. They have a SYSTEM. Belichik has adjusted it over time as he has taken advantages of the players he's acquired and adapted to the changing face of the game with spread offenses.

What are we doing?

If Philbin can help us install a Packers philosophy, well, at least that's a start.

That's really what I want to see out of Philbin this off-season.

Comparing Dan Marino to tom Brady is like comparing hitting 600 hr's in baseball in 1980 vs 2000. Much easier with the parks and BS going on is 2000. I am not trying to be a homer here, but if Maino played in this NFL with the o-line and players on NE, he would throw for over 7000 yards per season. I did not make that line up, Mike Ditka, Chris Carter, even Phil Simms and Boomer Esiason said that same thing. So the reference is stupid. However his point about taking chances is valid.

Plain and simple, Miai needs more playmakers. We are at the good end of an average team, who slipped in some important places in games where 7-9 could have been a 10 win season. so it seems with the limited talent the structure and the philosophy can work. Now Philbin NEEDS to tell Ireland the pieces he needs and help pick those pieces.

And I need typing lessons.

I agree wholeheartedly, and as a Dolfan in New England as well (since 1994) that could not have been said more clearly. I've seen the conservatism of the Dolphins be lapped by the agressiveness of the Patriots. Win or lose, but you have to do it agressively, because it's infectious. The offense gets aggressive and the defense follows, they play off of each other.
I believe in Philbin and hope that he and Sherman when they acquire a player or six will be able to get just as aggressive.

I too live in NE and its hard to hate the Pats up here because they dominate the local sports news.

Red Sox...rebuilding
Celtics....aging and average
Bruins....solid fans base, but its hockey folks!

Tom Brady is the sole...I mean SOLE reason the Pats have risen to the top of the NFL. Sure Belichick prepares his team as well as anyone...but honestly folks, I could coach the Pats to a win with Brady under center.

I have to agree, Miami needs to be mor eagresive on the play calling, Tannehill needs to throw the deep ball, giva achance to your receivers to go and get the ball for you, on the New England game we knew we will not win, our record was 7-8 what else can you loose? play to win, go for it on 4th down to extend your drives, aggresiveness is what lacks in Miami.
If Miami gets a probowl caliber WR either FA or draft they need to give him the best use, Sherman needs to do a better job calling plays, noy just 5,10 yds passes, go for the 40-50 yard play more often.

The Patriots have an MIT statistician, if just one, on the payroll studying the game in the back. Back a couple years ago when Bill Belichick made that questionable 4th down play that at first seemed like a disrespect to the opposing team, he stated that was the best move for the team. If these NFL teams invest hundreds of millions if not billions into the organization, shouldn't you have a Pentagon-style braintrust working in the back??? Come on, man!

Why is it that so many people want to ignore Belichick's losing record over 5 years in Cleveland and the 5-11 record in his first year at NE?

Thank God the fins didn't go 5-11 in Philbin's first year, there would be a total fan mutiny.

If you want to compare the fins to the pats, I would start with the O lines. Compare Brady's pass protection to Tannehill's on any given pass play. The fins need to give their young QB more targets and more time to throw the ball.

Also, I see Philbin as a methodical kind of guy who is not about to throw his philosophy and approach out the window just because he has "nothing to lose". A meaningless win against the pats is still a meaningless win. I'd rather think the "something to gain" in the long run meant more to him than a win would have, at that point in the season.

Just another negative posting from Armando. It would be so GREAT if the Herald would ever hire an OBJECTIVE sports writer. I absolutely deplore this no-talent.

I don't have an issue with Philbin- yet.

Not sure you can expect much of a team that trades away play makers on both sides of the ball prior to the start of the season without having suitable replacements. I think I read earlier where someone hit the nail right on the head - Miami needs more play makers, and the play calling needs to be structured such that every effort is made to put the ball in the hands of the offensive play maker(s). In my opinion, Reggie Bush was the only real play maker on offense, and somehow managed to fall out of favor with the coaching staff. I think of all the soon-to-be FA's on this roster, Bush is the one who should be a priority to bring back. I also feel Hartline should be brought back at the right price.

I posted exactly the same comments in this blog after the Patriots win over the Dolphins concerning Philbin's decisions. So the letter by this fan doesn't add nothing new that we all fans don't know. Philbin should know, though, and if he doesn't learn to be agressive very soon he will end up hated like Sparano by all of us. By the same token, Miami play is boring most of the times. It was't the case when Bowles took the team after Sp-anus was fired. We saw bombs by Moore very often. It was fun !
So next year is going to be a challenge for both Philbin and T-hill. I'd like to say the same thing about Ireland, but he's more secure at his job than F. Castro was before getting ill.
Sad, sad, sad. So it goes.

Therion, faversham,

Amen, guys, amen ! Excellent points, I could't agree more than that.

It seems that the only good thing Salguero has done here is deploying this uncensorship blog for all of us.
Apart from that, most of his stories, wild guesses, articles, etc. Suck !
So it goes.

I think anyone who refers to Sparano or any other NFL coach as a bum doesn't have an opinion worth listening to.

Philbin say's and I agree that the game is about the simple things, blocking, tackling and making plays. He is trying to instill that in these players.
Panicking and going for 4th and long does not do that. He wanted the players to think that they were still in the game. An unsuccesful panic mode would have told the team that he had no confidence in their ability to come back.

Philbin was 2 missed FGS away from 9-7 thats far from average with a rookie QB that is way more of a rookie than all the rest with only 19 starts in college add that to no explosive wrs or TE....Philbin doesnt kick the FGs is he far from average period!!!! would have love to see what Belechek would have done with this team

Most of the coaches in the NFL would have not got this team to 7-9 including some of the good ones and to think he was 2 missed fgs away from 9-7 is unreal with what this team lacks on both sides of the ball!!!!

Philibin does not impress me as a coach. I don't see him as a source of motivation to his team. He was too dam concerned about how neat a player kept around their lockers during the past preseason. Also, Sherman is not the answer at OC. Philibin only chose him because that was a former teacher from grammer school. You would think that a guy would select the most promising offensive mind when this is your FIRST head coaching gig. Philibin is a career assistant and clueless moron. He didn't even call plays at Green Bay. The head coach there calls his own plays. Philibin just wore the title. I don't see anything close to resembling a precision-runned west coast offense.

How did Belichick do in cleveland whwn he first started out...NUFF SAID

It's easy to say to go for the TD when the Pats are on the field --- Miami is as uncertain as a box of chocolates, and you never know what you're gonna get on any given down.

Also, the Vontae Davis deal negotiated by Ireland is a bust since Vontae did not play the required 65% of the time - the Fins will not get their second round pick and might have just given up our best CB for free.

Stephen has made a great point. Nothing we fans didn't already know. This team has been nothing near exciting for years, boring to say the least. I personally don't think neither Philbin nor Taneehill will be around in 2 years. Until Ross sells this will be all we'll have.Sad but proven.

I agree with everything that was said, minus the Brady over Marino comment. That was pure lunacy, but anyway. It is a different game now. Teams throw more than they run -- they are aggressive and take chances. The NFL is win or go home/fired.

Dear Pats fans,

Eat a big bag of cocks. You do not possess an innate football sense because the team you follow has done well over the last decade. So STFU.

All Other NFL Fans

The guy that wrote that letter should have signed it "Captain Obvious"... Sounds more like a Pats fan. Belicheck walked into a turn key situation with Bledsoe as the QB. Parcells made that team, and took them to the dance and they lost. Belicheck took the Jets job, and dashed on them once he was offered the Pats job... Wonder why?? He knew what he was getting. Made ONE adjustement to Brady and boom, he's the greatest coach ever? How long did the Pats meander around the AFC getting thier butts kicked while the Dolphins were on the top of the food chain?
It goes in cycles. I hate that Miami has been as truly poor as they have been. But, I think they may have actually gotten it right with the Coach. And some of the personel decisions have panned out well... Tannehill will be ahead of the curve next season. Hopefully the game slows down for him a little. I don't think he sucks at all. And as many Veteran QB's that have given him the nod, gives me confidence in him to mature into a good QB... I'll listen to thier assesment as opposed to the assesment of people, of which most never played football... Armando you are about as fair weather as they come.

"Dolphans Warning To Joe Philbin".......What a bunch of BS.
YES Belechick is the guy Philbin must compete with, but there is only ONE Belechick...
Name me another one Ross could possibly hire??
Ain't gonna happen. At least Philbin is intelligent enough to make a run a Belechick...
Jump on board the Fan Wagon, Mando....and give the guy some support

How far are the dolphins from the patriots? If the patriots had home field advantage going into that game he would of beaten the dolphins with his 3rd string team and probably would of dropped kicked some extra points again!!!

Why doesn't this guy compare Philbin's play calling season during GB's Super Bowl run to Belichick? When Philbin actually had offensive weapons and an elite qb.

Also a phins fan living in new england, I think Billicheck is an arrogant prick. The only thing I agree with is that we should have went for it on fourth down because there was nothing to lose or gain so why not practice real game scenarios and see what happens. Other than that we dont have the players to be aggressive and you dont want to rattle your own rookie qb

The facts are that Philbin remains unproven. His job is to perform at a level where it is clear that he is cut our to be a Head Coach. Some pertinent data:

1. Watching him on Hard Knocks it was crystal clear that he was inarticulate, danced around the point instead of making his point, and showed no sign of natural leadership or charisma. If I watched a prospective employee for my company manage a problem and they acted in that manner, the probably of hiring them would plummet (unless they had some huge compensatory capacity).

2. Throughout this year we did not see clever plays, surprising plays, plays where the coach understood the Xs and Os and came up with combinations that work. I remember watching Bill Walsh do this game in and game out as an example. Maybe Philbin has that creativity but did not have the players to execute on it. But in any case it was not evident. Indeed the failure to use Reggie Bush, a guy who could be a huge problem to defend with a short passing game, in a manner using his ability was just a criminally bad failure.

3. Some coaches have a great ability to teach and elevate their players over time by teaching, by technical improvements, by inspiring excellence. Chuck Noll was a great example of that. Many players started playing for him being decent and ended up being excellent. Personally I think I saw some players improve a lot this year - Tannehill most of all. Maybe Philbin will prove out in this.

4. Some coaches have a complete package and are resourceful because they understand the big picture. Shula was a great example of this. Charismatic, understood the nature of culture and how to shape it, knew the rules and how to take advantage of them, went with the run when his personnel best fit that and the pass when his personnel best fit that, able to attract great coaching talent. In Philbins case I have seen no evidence of resourcefulness at all - he has a model in his head but does not have the personnel to effectuate it and the result was . . . blah.

Bottom line - there are many ways a coach can succeed. Philbin did not show any strong signs of being great at any of them. It is early and it will probably take a couple of years for him to get the people to fit his system and to get his legs under him as a leader. I hope he develops into a great coach. But personally, so far I am not seeing much.I can say almost without any doubt that he is better than Sparano but most coaches are. Whether he rises to the level of being a good coach or whether he is just someone like a Fisher who is, as I see it, a middling coach remains to be seen.

I love how they try to convince us that they are a dolphin fan, then try to tell us how great the patriots are ... WHAT A JOKE!!!

Denver will take care of the stinking Patriots.

This is so confusing to me. To be a Dolphins fan you have to be such a homer that you don't recognize your teams shortcomings? Miami's offense is an atrocity, so any time you get into the redzone, you must treat it as 4 down territory because god only knows when the next time you get back there will be. I agree with the letter, and when you have nothing to lose, you should be playing like you have nothing to lose. I hope philbins the guy, and I hope Ireland really can figure out how to identify, draft and sign talented players at positions that effect the game directly, but averaging 19 pts a game wont win you many games against playoff teams, so if you are already handcuffed by an unimaginative offense with no playmakers, you need to call the plays in the redzone to make it easier than 4th and 9 because field goals just wont cut it anymore.

First of all, 14-3 is not necessarily a 2 TD deficit, if you score and get a 2-pt. conversion. Secondly, no coaching decision was the difference in that game, the difference was that one team had the talent to take advantage of its opportunities, and the other did not. Miami had a receiver drop a pass on the 1-yd. line that either would've been a TD or 1st and goal - there's 7 points. Bush fumbles on the 3-yd line - there's 7 more. Add the missed FG and the TD that was overturned on replay, and suddenly it could've been 28-24.


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