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A Dolfan's warning to Joe Philbin

With his rookie season as an NFL head coach behind him, Joe Philbin probably has the trust of most Miami fans because, well, he didn't totally screw up.

He was fine.

The team was 7-9.

And like practically everyone else on the team, the coach needs to get better at his job.

So there's that. But I recently got a letter from a Dolphins fan in New England who doesn't compare what Philbin is to Cam Cameron any other Dolphins coach who failed. He compares him to Bill Belichick because that's the guy he's got to beat.

And right now, the comparison is not exactly kind.

The letter from Stephen Quigley of Massachusetts:


As a lifelong Dolphins fan living in New England I have a better feel for the Patriots than the Dolphins. It is clear that Tom Brady plays at a level that a Dolphin fan can only dream about.  I love Dan Marino but I would take Brady every day of the week and certainly twice on any Sunday that mattered.:

The problem I see for so many teams is conservative coaching.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  Miami is down two TD’s early in the game.  The second TD comes at the end of an all too easy 92-yd drive.  The Dolphins get the ball back and move down the field; the result of some nice plays and a questionable roughing the passer penalty.  Regardless they are faced with a 4th and 9 at the Patriots 24-yd line.  What do they do?  A 41-yd field goal attempt with a replacement kicker.  Why?  Even if Kaeding makes the kick it is still a two TD game.  The kick is missed and NE walks right down the field again and score a third TD.  The game was on the verge of getting out of hand (it did) so what is the benefit of getting 3pts closer when you are 7-8 playing against a superior team on the road?  Would Joe Philbin have been pleased with a 28-3 loss?

You cannot match TD’s with field goals.  That was Tony Sporano’s philosophy (see yesterdays Jets loss) and he is a bum. Belichick and Brady gamble all of the time.  They have talent and experience.  How can a team with less talent and less experience even consider playing any less aggressively?  The coaching staff must play to win the game and not play to keep their job.  In  Superbowl XXXVI, Belichick gambled on Brady against a superior team at the end of the game.  The result was a stunning upset of the high powered Rams.  Do you know why?  Because Belichick did not want to risk the Superbowl on a flip of the coin or wait for the other guy to screw it up.  He wanted to win it and was willing to deal with the fallout if they did not.  That decision took a lot of guts but that is how this game must be played.  Belichick was not a proven head coaching commodity at that time and neither was Brady a future Hall of Famer.  Not yet.

Joe Philbin did nothing this year that we have not seen for years.  Brady is going to be playing at a high level for at least three more seasons.  Will Joe Philbin be around still?  Not coaching the way he did yesterday.

I read your article today and I agree yesterday was a disaster.  My concern is that ownership might not see it that way.  It is not just the players in my opinion. 

In contrast the Miami Dolphins website notes that the Dolphins are clearly the second best team in the division.  Second best?

Thank you,


I think he makes a valid point. The Dolphins weren't going to beat the Patriots in New England in December by kicking field goals from the Pats' 24. Moreover, the team had nothing to lose and played as if this was some sort of battle for an AFC East title. I know that's history now, but it is something that merits consideration going forward.

So what do you think?



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C'mon, Armando. This is definitely not a Dolphins fan. It reminds of the days when the Herald Fins forum actually had activity and there would be bogus posts from "Dolphins fans" bashing the Fins and sucking up to Brady and the Pats.

Were you at a loss for topics when you wrote this one?

Think you wrote it mando.

The Dolphins organization as a whole is average to below average. I am sick and tired of the teal jacketed folks blowing smoke up their own rear ends, and that includes Ross. Don't boast until you really have something to boast about, such as a consistent winner.

Philbin needs new Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. Oh yeah, also a new Special Teams Coach and General Manager.

Philbin knows the Dolphins are still tryin to learn to crawl.They can t even walk with the big boys yet...sad to say.

my move is i am GM.

In order to get all these players in draft we will have to move up and down:

After signing Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings and Brian Hartline. Sign Jake Long to play right tackle if not let him go.

Letting go Reggie Bush, Anthony Fasano and Sean Smith. Keep Starks, Soliai, Moore, Garner, McDaniel, .













Fellow Dolfans I need your help. Please explain to me how Steven Ross could say to us with a straight face that the team is headed in the "right direction." These are the facts that he seems to conveniently ignore:
We have no idea if our coach or quarterback are long term answers. Our quarterback was inconsistent and quite frankly, did not play to the level of the 8th over all pick in the draft.

Our Head Coach was mediocre at best and had a losing record just as Sporano did the past 4 years. Why is it acceptable for Philibin to have a losing record but Sporano deserved to be fired for posting the same record? I am not suggesting that Sporano should have been retained.

We have a General Manager who has not proven to have an eye for spotting talent and the team is sub 500 on his watch.

This franchise has become irrelevant and yet we are being told that the present course shoud be maintained. That view is absolutely laughable and clearly shows why this franchise is in the gutter.

The point many of you miss (I agree with the letter...totally) is that you MUST test your players, and what better way than a no risk 4th down. We're 7-8, going nowhere. Lets see who we have that will step up. Test them by fire, so to speak, against the best. It's like a free scrimmage. The Patriots took several so called "marginal: players like Ninkovich and through hard work and risk, made them starters. Us...not so much.

Yesterday, with all respect, IMO sometimes you're just a bit too smug. Just how much coaching have YOU done, my friend?
The letter writer (Stephen) has had YEARS to observe first hand the workings of our major nemesis. His observations are clearly those of someone close enough to the Pats to see it's not ALL Brady, but attitude.

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