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After yesterday's press conference to announce the modernization of Sun Life, I was talking to a some Dolphins officials when one of them brought up the point that the push to get the public funding portion of this deal would have been much, much easier if the team on the field was better.

No doubt about that.

The 49ers won an ballot measure for funding of their new stadium right after going to the NFC championship game last year. The Heat got their new arena on the heels Pat Riley coming to Miami, promising a parade down Biscayne Boulevard, and trading for Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway. Yeah, the team was in the middle of a 61-win season when the measure was approved so nice timing.

The Jets and Giants got their new digs amid multiple AFC Championship game appearances by one and a Super Bowl title by the other.

The Atlanta Falcons, by the way, are really good these days so they're going to get a new stadium.

Good things happen off the field when good things happen on the field, folks. Politicians are more prone to jump on bandwagons. Fans are more apt to accept team requests for, say, a bed tax increase that doesn't really affect them anyway.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins are making this request right smack in the middle of the team's worst four years. Ever.

The team's current four-year string of losing seasons and failure to make the playoffs is the worst in club history.

And that brings me to this:

I just found another reason the Dolphins should be aggressive, big players in free agency and alike this offseason.

Look, I know it's bad policy to make football moves for the sake of helping the business side of the organization. But the truth is the Dolphins football moves have been hindering the business side for years now.

Why do you think the stands haven't been full and owner Stephen Ross has had to swallow hard and pay for his own tickets the last few years?

This offseason, which starts in mid-March, is an opportunity to help both the football side and the business side. If, unlike the past two years, the Dolphins can identify two, perhaps three bigtime free agents that are worthy of rich contracts instead of shopping for bargain basement dolts that end up cut or on the roster's margins, that might also help the effort to get the stadium modernized.

I grant you the tether between both issues is frail. The Dolphins need action from the Florida legislature and Miami-Dade government before the South Florida Super Bowl bid goes to an NFL vote in 18 weeks.

But free agency begins in nine weeks.

If Miami can play big and play to win the first few days of free agency when the prized players go anyway, that might sway some elected officials while also, you know, improving a roster that sorely needs the upgrade.

Understand me. My priority is the roster. That was proven Monday when I didn't ask any questions at the stadium presser. Even Ross kidded me about how quiet I was. I was quiet because I'm more a football and big picture guy than a micro stadium question guy.

I care about the product on the field more than the field itself.

But I've also seen how the stadium doesn't help deliver any sort of homefield advantage. I've seen how uncomfortable the place can be. I travel around the NFL and understand Sun Life is aging compared to other facilities that have come on line.

So I make room for the idea that success on the field can lead to success off as well.

By the way, Ross also busted my, um, chops about telling him which free agents I want signed. He apparently read my GM Salguero plan and wanted names.

I told him I would get him names of guys I want.

(Yeah, that will get tossed in the garbage).

Names not withstanding, I want to remind you of the philosophy I believe the Dolphins should follow this offseason: Go big!

Don't shop at K-Mart. You get marginal guys looking for bargains. The past couple of seasons have proven that. And the last thing the Dolphins need to do is add more marginal talent to a 7-9 team. The club would be better served not adding free agents than signing cheap, broken ones that will be competing to play special teams.

The Dolphins need difference-makers, folks. Yes, find them in the draft, by all means. That should be the nucleus to the team. But please, please, please don't avoid them like the plague in free agency or if they become available in trades.

Premium players cost premium money or picks. Anthony Gonzalez did. Robert Griffin III did. Peyton Manning did. Pierre Garcon did. Brandon Carr did. Aqib Talib did. And that was just last season. The NFL is filled with players acquired through free agency or trades that made a difference for their new teams, contrary to what the Dolphins said last week.

Wes Welker, Anquan Bolden (which I advocated for over Brandon Marshall in 2010), Jared Allen, Julius Peppers, John Abraham, Drew Brees, Vincent Jackson (another one I advocated for), Greg Olsen (another one I advocated for), on and on. All went to new teams as free agents or via trade and made an impact.

The Dolphins need to identify two or three such guys this offseason and do work.

Hint, Mr. Ross: WR Mike Wallace. DE Paul Kruger. TE Martellus Bennett (yeah, how about signing a former Cowboy that can make some plays). This off the top of my head. And assuming they're available, which is still to be seen.

I say identify two bigtime signings. And go get them. And then add somebody else that maybe thought himself a big-money guy but whose market has come back to earth. I believe Greg Jennings may find himself in that market.


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With all due respect, you are nuts. Bowel games don't come anywhere near the numbers you quote.

But I didn't say just bowl games. We're talking major concert events, circuses, Super Bowls, Bowl games, World wide soccer events that would normally go out west being sold at Sun Life with people all over the world flying in, and many, MANY other events that sun life stadium loses out on now. They lose EVERY bid because there are better venues.

But really it doesn't matter , if the county sees this as something that will bring in money they will approve it. Word is they already see it as a great investment for the economic growth and future of Dade County. Sorry to inform some of you but the complaining is just a waste of your time. Tax payers will have zero say in this because it's not coming out of your pockets.

And the Hotel Bed tax already went up 1% a few years ago to fund the crappy convention center.

How many proponents in here actually live in Dade County? Please, show of hands.

Now tell me how many of you were this outraged when the Convention Center was able to push legislation to raise the hotel bed tax 1%. Do you use the convention center a lot? Does the convention center bring events from around the world? Is the convention center directly employing thousands of workers while also indirectly helping others outside of the stadium make a living?

Enough already you nuts. The NFL is big business and they will not allow one of their biggest markets to fade into obscurity. Whether or not you agree with the proposed plan matters very little. The town will do what it thinks is best for it's future growth. They don't care about your petty problems with Ross and the Miami Dolphins. This is much bigger than the team alone.

listen heres the deal. anybody who wants to resign hartline at the money he thinks he should get is crazy. yes he had a good yr, but hes not a play maker, not even as the 3rd option (slot). do any of you hartline fans watch these other teams where their 3rd and 4th options are actual play makers with size and speed? hartline has neither. that last game against NE every time he tried to make a move he fell down! with nobody touching him! he just fell down! i mean come on! the guy just does not create enough separation on routes, hes not fast, and he is not big. we need some real receivers who can make moves and get in the endzone. Hes not even good enough to be on half the teams in the NFL and he guys want to resign him for some absurd amount of money. he blows. move on. seriously. come on.

NJ looks like you're new to the blog so I will fill you in on the goings on.

99% of the ramblings, one line posts with no insight, and complete Dolphin bashing are the works of one nut job who is on disability and is in this blog morning, noon, and night.

He has no life and this is his only social interaction. That's why if you start watching you will see a thousand different sign in names all typing the same and saying the same exact things over and over again. He would like you to believe it's coincidence but he is very stupid and doesn't realize it.

So don't worry about "people" because it's really not that many. One or two at the most that type this stupid crap. They do it here because this is the only site on the net that can't kick them out for good. The Herald either A. Is so behind the times that their IT guys in their 60's or B. They purposely let the idiot post because it makes it look like a lot of people are checking the blog out. Good luck and just ignore all of that garbage. It won't take you long to figure out who is who. Like I said, the ones who hide aren't very smart, they hide in plain sight.

It's funny, this last Game vs NE, JMart allowed 3 sacks, Hartline slipped all over the place, Lamar would throw himself down before being tackled, etc. Uncharacteristic. Just saying.



Phins 78 = Village Idiot

Also, what's a bowel game? Does it involve a Gerbil? Because I agree, "bowel" games wouldn't bring in much money.

i also believe that L. Miller is going to be one of the best backs in the league. the guy is smooth

Also, what's a bowel game? Does it involve a Gerbil? Because I agree, "bowel" games wouldn't bring in much money.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 15, 2013 at 03:58 PM

LOL 78, It might....
Look at the gay parade in San Fran.
(Not that there's anything wrong with that)

Okay lastly Mark in Toronto we will have to agree to disagree. Martin didn't look any worse to me and that was after playing and practicing for 8 months at right tackle. He switched positions at the end of the season and still did as well as Long this season.

Long isn't worth 11 million a season can we agree on that?

I'm out, there is literally no one in here talking today. Peace.

There isnt a politician within 20 miles that'll vote for a Ross handout. They all got destroyed from the Marlins experience. Its a no win deal for the politicians.....unless they're getting bribes!

No nothing wrong with that at all! :) Hey if there is such a thing as a bowel game I'll watch. The Dolphins haven't been that fun lately, maybe this will be entertaining. Talk to you later MaGee. PS, nice cans

LOL, Thank you sir.

Right On, Mando!

Spend Big, get some LEGITIMATE playmakers & game-changers.

The Artical has nothing to do with the Dolphins, It's all about Money, Lets see how the VIPs feel sitting in 30 degree weather in Jersey for the super bowl this year....
,Let them enjoy that 20 degree weather in Indy Next year for all there pre game partys.., Other then Tampa. Miami is the place the people want to be in Feb..
JMO, Then again WTF do I know??

OhYeah Also Arizona it's IllegaL To sell Alcohol after 11 PM., How much fun can you have when Alocohol is stopped at 11 pm, Trust me, They'll be back, Dont waste 400 million $$$$ for what lloks like a 40 Milliom dollar job to have a screen over the stadium....
It's a Ross way of making a few million dollars...

And BTW, I've lived in all the city's I've commennted on, And got married in Arizona, We (My Husband and Myself) Went to buy a bottle of champiagn at 1 am and the the doors to the Beer/Wine were locked, the Clerk said Liqour cant be sold after 11 pm.. CRAZY.

I wouldnt mind signing Tedd Gin Jr to a min deal as a 4th WR, PR and KR. He'll be the explosive down the field threat that would scare teams

Truth, Did'nt you have enough of ted ginn fall down,run outta balance,and just S@ck his first tour of duty here?You wabt to bring back this loser?, He's the 49ers 5th reciever and there # 3 KO returner...

uh no thanks on awful ted ginn

Magee, He returned a KO and PR for a TD against Jets, that alone is enough for a min deal for me. Let him run a 9 route and blow the top over the defense. I said a 4th WR.

Bring on Ginn!!!

Guys Ross needs to be sent a message. You want a state of the art house. Give us a state of the art team. This request shows just how poor they run their business.

You have a very bad product on the field. So you are going to go to your customers and ask them for 150 to 200 million.

You are putting a product on the field that is not drawing many fans to your current stadium so you want to hurt the whole area by imposing a tax on people obviously who are going to other venues and attractions.

It would have been smarter to shelve this request till the end of next season. Maybe then your choice to run the football side of the operation (Ireland and Philbin) will have put a better product that deserves the new upgrades.

Very arrogant business man who puts a crapy experience on the field and not realize your choices as Owner (Keeping the GM), GM choices as to your scouting and drafting, and Coach Choice as to play calling and preperation are not effecting the product in a way that is costing you customers.

The last game of the season said it all. The owner hired a Gm who choose players who did not care to play hard, and a coach that prepared and motivated his players so poorly that they tanked on their last opportunity to impress the customer.

Lets focus on fixing the product then we can fix the packaging. Still hopping they dont screw up the logo. After all us fans have to wear the crap and take the heat for rooting for a team that obviously cant figure even the most simpilest of problems. Half the fans could figure out better draft choices.

Go Dolphins!! Get Real Front Office/Ross!

Truth he had 2 great plays in 4 years, even a squirrel finds a nut sometimes...

Magee, what about the Henne to Ginn 55 yard TD.

Ross' timing is a perfect example of how screwed up this organization's priorities are. Put a quality product on the field & then you can worry about renovating the stadium. Instead of being so consumed with designing a new logo & re-branding the Dolphins, Ross should be taking a closer look at how incompetent Ireland & his staff have been. You want to put the blame on Parcells for the first three years go right ahead BUT just understand that Ireland has not brought in enough talent over the last two years. If it's not acceptable for fans that we're bereft of talent then why is it acceptable as owner???

Just too many bad draft picks, too many bad FA signings, & I'm sick of seeing former Dolphin castoffs becoming starters on playoff teams.

Thank you Shula, Well thought of and stright to the point...
If I mess up as bad as J.Ireland I end up killing people, Lets just say we're lucky Jeff Ireland choose football and not medicine....

Truth PLEASE...
Jutcheck out this Video...


Mando, you're way off the mark. Fans might show up at first to check out this or that star FA. But it's winning that keeps them coming back. I didn't go to the last two home games simply because I was sick of losing.

I don't really have a whole to say about the stadium upgrade since its not effecting my tax dollars.

I did think it was cool though watching the National title game and the announcers were complimenting how nice the stadium and the city was and what a great venue it was for a big game.

It would obviously be nice if we packed the house and had that kind of electricity for a meaningful Dolphin game sometime soon.

The stadium is due an updrade if they hope to continue to host these kind of events which the area does see some revenue from.

As far as our free agents and free agent signings there are a couple things to consider.

I think we need to look at our rb depth if we don't retain Bush. It's one of the few positions we are fairly deep at now. If we lose Bush though it gets thin in a hurry.

I don't like the sound of just the 2nd year man Miller and the often injured Thomas as our depth.

Also another one of our few stengths is our defense against the run. Starks and Solia are the main reason for the this. Those big guys that clog up the middle are hard to find and I believe Odrick literally has steel rods in each of his legs so I woudn't trust his durabilty.

I keep seeing you guys discussing rather its best to build through the draft or free agency. I think its both. The hope is to bring in some playmakers one way or the other and not to end up with egg in your face.

Our FO just haven't proved they can do that thus far.

Who ever said Ted Ginn. I think not, but stealing Welker back from our main competition for the division Yes.

I like the thought of throwing some of that money at Freeney. Him and Wake could be sack producing machines. It will also put enough heat on the likes of Brady that you wont need the best Defensive Back Field in Football. So maybe you give Randy Starks money to Frenney and move Odrick into Starks spot.

That would allow you to spend the money you might have to give to Sean Smith on a cheaper option at CB and FS.

And I do like Rany Starks, just we all have to realize when you spend on A it effects what you can spend on B, C, and D.

Go Dolphins! Welker and Boldin buys you enough time (probably 3yrs) to draft and groom their cheaper replacements. Wallace will be Marshall all over.

Go Dolphins!!

There are maybe 3 different opinions here on what to do at each position, which you have all been endlessly regurgitating for weeks.

Doesn't it get old? Boring? What new can be said?

Still, it will be the same exact posts ad nauseam until the draft.

Nobody could care less about any other persons opinion.

It is funny how some of you state your case like you have such authority when in fact you have no inside info on anybody and can't even begin to understand all the ramifications of managing salaries and the cap.

There is a good reason no NFL would pay a nickel for any of your opinions. None of you have any pro level experience in anything and you all know less that rodent poop.

And then what is really funny and RIDICULOUS...is how you fight over your opinions LOL

Get lives.

Armando Salguero great work at the STADIUM upgrade panhandle the government media gig.Now that you have Ross's ear it will be easier to schedule Ireland's media interogation until AFTER THE DRAFT.If he gets it right it will help lubricate the purse strings of the government.

What's up losers?
Got the team fixed and ready to roll?

Currently we have 35 players under contract.
Of those Wake and Pouncey are the only 2 legitimate NFL starters.
Can the other 33 provide the labor for the renovation?
They're getting paid they might as well make some contribution.

P.S. the GOV is kinda sore after the lubrication job completed by LORIA coming to a premature ending before the season ended for THOSE FISH.

I knit my own socks and will knit some for you for a very reasonable price.

Good for you Queen Shula I think you should apply for the uniform department for the Dolphins.

Came in for a quick congrats to John Denney for making the pro bowl! Long snappers get no credit but Denney is one of the best, great job JD.

Came in for a quick congrats to Phins78 for being the most knowledgeable, intelligent and interesting poster on this blog. I know I'm speaking for everybody when I say we ALL learned quite a bit from his daily observations and fascinating commentary.

And BTW, I've lived in all the city's I've commennted on, And got married in Arizona, We (My Husband and Myself) Went to buy a bottle of champiagn at 1 am and the the doors to the Beer/Wine were locked, the Clerk said Liqour cant be sold after 11 pm.. CRAZY.

Posted by: ( . ) ( . ) MaGee. | January 15, 2013 at 04:57 PM

Husband?, either Arizona Allows same sex marrage or this guys a chick. Whats up?

Brandon Marshall BPD needs hip surgery. LOL. I guess this will give us a break from all those chastising Ireland for trading him.

Marshall - 0 playoff appearances on 3 different teams.

Magee = another illiterate clown blogger with hairy butt fantasies.


Not to beat a dead horse....


When One year before Wake hit FA....he had a new contract....

Armando is tweeting that the FINS are in negations with Jones....and Jones is under contract thru 2013....

So i'm sayin whatever the CAP hit....if the player is seen as "worth it"....to keep them off the market...The FINS lock them up....

You're list...while TRUE (in names...not money).....and Irelands HISTORY...says that most of those guys will be gone come mid-march....or come crawling back for a deal more within Irelands guidelines....

The more people try to EMPHASIZE there words here, the more trivial their posts come across. It is like they are screaming to say 'look at my important post, I know what I am talking about'.

Then of course some are so in love with their posts they copy them from blog to blog.

Why so few people can write they way we were taught in the 5th grade is beyond me.

So of course I write there for their, but y'all git my point.

BE .......................


you trolls are COMICAL....

never a FOOTBALL POST......just hanging out in a FOOTBALL BLOG....looking to CRITICIZE .....and HOPE to start a FIGHT...LOL....PATHETIC.....

YOU guys are THINK you are MAKING fun of US.....but in REALITY...YOU are the PUNCHLINE....

cause we don't give a SH@T about what SOMEBODY who doesn't care about FOOTBALL thinks about our FOOTBALL POST....


never a FOOTBALL POST......just hanging out in a FOOTBALL BLOG....looking to CRITICIZE .....and HOPE to start a FIGHT...LOL....PATHETIC.....

YOU guys are THINK you are MAKING fun of US.....but in REALITY...YOU are the PUNCHLINE....

cause we don't give a SH@T about what SOMEBODY who doesn't care about FOOTBALL thinks about our FOOTBALL POST....


Posted by: Kris | January 15, 2013 at 08:35 PM

Evidence of a trite, deranged mind. What can you do?

I guess anyone expecting literacy and stimulating ideas on a football blog can as well be considered a loony.

Yet again, for seemingly tne 37th year in a row, Mr. Ross is amking headlines for NON-team-related things. Stadiums, signing coaches, chasing coaches, celebrity co-owners, allowing Hard Knocks... Mr. Ross says he is devoted to the team, yet he gets involved in all sorts of other distractions, and it ends up hurting us.

TO BE,,,,,,,,,,,,

The best way to deal with yg/dying breed/aloco/jack sparrow is to ignore him. Nothing gets his panties twisted more than being ignored. Thats why he's freaking out lately, most have started to ignore him and his aliases. Last time people ignored him he threw a fit and seemed to have a stroke. Everyone laughed and he changed his demeanor so people would talk to him again. Now his true nature has reared it's ugly head . Pretty soon it's back to the drawing board, Charles is his newest creation and is already being ignored. He's not very good at this, but it's a lot of fun watching him lose control and lash out. Good times and lots of laughs for all. Just sit back and enjoy the show

Who is the idiot that said its Brandon Marshalls fault Chicago didn't make the playoffs?

Truth, with a name like that you should try to be at least half right, instead of dead wrong. LOL. Your fantasies are not reality. LOL

Ok here is my shot at something else to talk about. Just read on one of the other miami papers, that we should double down on qb this draft.

That Tanhill though talented did not put up the sort of numbers that make you feel comfortable. They were talking about how Sherman is to vested in this QB. And we might make the same mistake Ross (former Michigan man) made with Henne.

So they are advocating we draft a QB in the second round.

Does anyone wonder if Devlin is really the QB being groomed here?? Philbin seemed to really have a hard on for him during the Hard Knocks Thing.

We are probably going to let Moore walk. Do you think they feel Devlin has more up side than Moore???

Personally I would like them to sign say an Alex Smith and let him compete with Tanhill. Push them both and see what happens.

But from a using the money wisely point should we let Tanhill have the open field and just let Devlin and some unnammed rook man the back up?? Maybe you play your cards close and just wait to see if Tan gets hurt then you bring in someone.

Ok there is my best creative shot. Now sign Boldin, Welker and Freeney.

Go Dolphins!!

Shula, RT put up the best numbers of any rookie fin QB in history. WTF you yappin about?

Groom Devlin?? Tney're barely grooming TanneHenne!

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