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After yesterday's press conference to announce the modernization of Sun Life, I was talking to a some Dolphins officials when one of them brought up the point that the push to get the public funding portion of this deal would have been much, much easier if the team on the field was better.

No doubt about that.

The 49ers won an ballot measure for funding of their new stadium right after going to the NFC championship game last year. The Heat got their new arena on the heels Pat Riley coming to Miami, promising a parade down Biscayne Boulevard, and trading for Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway. Yeah, the team was in the middle of a 61-win season when the measure was approved so nice timing.

The Jets and Giants got their new digs amid multiple AFC Championship game appearances by one and a Super Bowl title by the other.

The Atlanta Falcons, by the way, are really good these days so they're going to get a new stadium.

Good things happen off the field when good things happen on the field, folks. Politicians are more prone to jump on bandwagons. Fans are more apt to accept team requests for, say, a bed tax increase that doesn't really affect them anyway.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins are making this request right smack in the middle of the team's worst four years. Ever.

The team's current four-year string of losing seasons and failure to make the playoffs is the worst in club history.

And that brings me to this:

I just found another reason the Dolphins should be aggressive, big players in free agency and alike this offseason.

Look, I know it's bad policy to make football moves for the sake of helping the business side of the organization. But the truth is the Dolphins football moves have been hindering the business side for years now.

Why do you think the stands haven't been full and owner Stephen Ross has had to swallow hard and pay for his own tickets the last few years?

This offseason, which starts in mid-March, is an opportunity to help both the football side and the business side. If, unlike the past two years, the Dolphins can identify two, perhaps three bigtime free agents that are worthy of rich contracts instead of shopping for bargain basement dolts that end up cut or on the roster's margins, that might also help the effort to get the stadium modernized.

I grant you the tether between both issues is frail. The Dolphins need action from the Florida legislature and Miami-Dade government before the South Florida Super Bowl bid goes to an NFL vote in 18 weeks.

But free agency begins in nine weeks.

If Miami can play big and play to win the first few days of free agency when the prized players go anyway, that might sway some elected officials while also, you know, improving a roster that sorely needs the upgrade.

Understand me. My priority is the roster. That was proven Monday when I didn't ask any questions at the stadium presser. Even Ross kidded me about how quiet I was. I was quiet because I'm more a football and big picture guy than a micro stadium question guy.

I care about the product on the field more than the field itself.

But I've also seen how the stadium doesn't help deliver any sort of homefield advantage. I've seen how uncomfortable the place can be. I travel around the NFL and understand Sun Life is aging compared to other facilities that have come on line.

So I make room for the idea that success on the field can lead to success off as well.

By the way, Ross also busted my, um, chops about telling him which free agents I want signed. He apparently read my GM Salguero plan and wanted names.

I told him I would get him names of guys I want.

(Yeah, that will get tossed in the garbage).

Names not withstanding, I want to remind you of the philosophy I believe the Dolphins should follow this offseason: Go big!

Don't shop at K-Mart. You get marginal guys looking for bargains. The past couple of seasons have proven that. And the last thing the Dolphins need to do is add more marginal talent to a 7-9 team. The club would be better served not adding free agents than signing cheap, broken ones that will be competing to play special teams.

The Dolphins need difference-makers, folks. Yes, find them in the draft, by all means. That should be the nucleus to the team. But please, please, please don't avoid them like the plague in free agency or if they become available in trades.

Premium players cost premium money or picks. Anthony Gonzalez did. Robert Griffin III did. Peyton Manning did. Pierre Garcon did. Brandon Carr did. Aqib Talib did. And that was just last season. The NFL is filled with players acquired through free agency or trades that made a difference for their new teams, contrary to what the Dolphins said last week.

Wes Welker, Anquan Bolden (which I advocated for over Brandon Marshall in 2010), Jared Allen, Julius Peppers, John Abraham, Drew Brees, Vincent Jackson (another one I advocated for), Greg Olsen (another one I advocated for), on and on. All went to new teams as free agents or via trade and made an impact.

The Dolphins need to identify two or three such guys this offseason and do work.

Hint, Mr. Ross: WR Mike Wallace. DE Paul Kruger. TE Martellus Bennett (yeah, how about signing a former Cowboy that can make some plays). This off the top of my head. And assuming they're available, which is still to be seen.

I say identify two bigtime signings. And go get them. And then add somebody else that maybe thought himself a big-money guy but whose market has come back to earth. I believe Greg Jennings may find himself in that market.


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The Seer. Whoa! Metaphyisical karma dude!

What are you, 14? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the SEER. My eyes are Crystal Balls!


Hey Seer, what's the weather like a week from Tuesday?

I'm a tweener.............but even we've dropped that lame shorthand for laughter ro etc etc. I mean, OMG, IIRC!

Tannehill is Chad Henne all over again. Poor accuracy , bad foot work and a very low delivery for a guy his height.

Tannehill is the same QB in the pros that he was in college struggling to move the ball and losing plenty of games.

This was a good blog back in the day.

I guess most of you weren't around.

Armando really let it go down the toilet.

Nothing but petty nonsense now.

Ross is involved in celebrity co owners, the team logo, Hard Knocks, renovating the stadium......everything EXCEPT building a winning team on the field. The worst owner in sports?


.Crap Team = Crap Blog

This was a good team back in the day.

I guess most of you werent around.

Ross really let it go down the toilet.

Nothing but a laughingstock now.

Fin fans probably wouldn't be dealing with its SB drought if the Robbie family still owned the team.

Having to pay ESTATE TAXES after the deaths of Joe Robbie and then his wife years later made them lose control over their franchise.

They apparently didn't have a good financial planner that could have gotten them insurance that would pay for the estate taxes.

Nobody even wants the GM job at the Jets. The draft is on its way and they still have no GM. What kind of shape do you think they will be in next year?

It isn't Ireland! It is the coaching! Why do so many of our players LEAVE and become STARS on another team????

We have not had a coach since Shula! Don't tell me JJ! He was already retired when he started! Quit!

Philbin, too soon to tell, but Harbaugh and Carroll are new and had their teams JACKED PUMPED TO THE SKY! Can Phlby do that?

I don't think so.

Ross needs to get the team to the playoffs before he holds out his tin cup for government help.

Its always the same argument. "It's other people's (tourists) money. It won't be coming out of your pocket."

Ross would get a lot more respect if he pays for the stadium fix himself like Joe Robbie. And have a product people want to see like the Heat.

The stadium would fill up regularly when football was the only professional sport in town. There are only so many disposable dollars out there for professional sports and the Marlins/Heat have brought their fans championships. Fins have done nothing in 40+ years. Who wants to go see more of the same?

Philby is milk toast. He should be a coordinator. I DON"T doubt his knowledge. BUT...is he a MOTIVATOR?

He is more geared to read a bedtime story!

Philbin should be the GM

EMP! Just sent you a text! ANY Phins fan in SoFla. I'll be at Woody's Tavern in Miami Springs, google it, meet me and we'll talk football. Let me know by Friday!

The new computer generated simulations of the proposed up-grades for JRS (Will always be to me) look great and the idea behind the teams argument is solid. The problem is the horrible taste Jeffry Loria and his Marlins F.O. have left on the City of Miami whose new state of the art Stadium on the hollowed grounds were the Orange Bowl stood (and the sight of some of the City's greatest Pro and College team memories) is a real eye sore to everybody in Town. It's tough now driving into Downtown Miami or the Beach and looking at it and imagine a large number of Dade County constituents feel the same way with everybody from the City's policy makers on down feeling duped and anger growing over the bill yet to pay it off and you'd think there should be someone held to accountability (Loria, Dave Sampson) given the City was lied to over the Marlins finances and some athlete's paraded before Congress for allegedly lying about P.E.D. use threatened with jail time while the Marlins out-right lied and ripped the City off.

It would help Ross greatly if he put a better product on the field but with each passing Yr. the Legend of Heat owner Micky Arison grows to the proportions of Joe Robbie while Huzienga left everybody with a bad taste in their mouths dating back to his days as Marlins owner moving forward to his less than spectacular time as Fins owner. It only gets worse with a growing number of people feeling like Ross is/was actually another move down the rung ans still others (me included) who feel he maybe one of the worst if not worst Pro Sports owner in the Country. It's not the best time to be asking the City for anything regardless in a jaded Town (with great reason) peddling a perennial loser in an endless cycle of rebuilds. Mando is right about FA and I agree about Wallace being the top priority regardless of how some part time out of Town fans feel.


You give me the time and I'd meet you there for sure Buddy! Would be nice after all this time to meet and discuss Football in person over a few drinks.

It has come to my attention that there are those that make thier living by smoking bones. To them I say: Good Luck

So Chad Henne will never be in the Hall of Fame, BFD.
I can name 4 games in the NFL where Chad came up huge and they are all memorialized in headlines forever:
2009: Henne 60 yard bomb to Ginn as time expires for victory over the Jets on Monday Night Football
2010: With Lloyd Carr in attendace Henne throws more than 50 passes and beats the Pats and Brady (Both Henne and Brady played for Carr at Mich)
2011: Henne throws for 450 yards on MNF in season opener against Pats and Henne and Brady set record for most passing yards in a game.
2012: Henne comes off the bench for Jax against Houston and throws 4 TDs

So what if he wasn't able to elevate the horrible talent on this team in the other games. He won 7 games in both 2009 and 2010 without the help of a 1000 yard rusher and was never called scared or NoodleArm.

Come out come out whereve you are

Henne only completed 16 passes that Houston game.

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