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Another hero's reputation bites the dust

This has been quite the sour year for those involved in hero worship -- and we're not quite free of January yet.

We recently found out Lance Armstrong cheated. A lot. We found out Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o had a mythical girlfriend and, at the very least, lied about her even after he knew she was fictional. This week, media outlets, themselves not exactly pristine in their reputation, reported Ray Lewis cheated recently by using preformance enhancing drugs derived from deer antlers to help him recover from his triceps injury. (Lewis has denied the allegation). Then there was the link between Alex Rodriguez and a PED lab.

And now a Dan Marino affair and love child comes to light.

You read right.

Marino, the Dolphins legend, former NFL Man of the Year, and someone whose career enjoyed a squeeky clean image, apparently had an affair and fathered a child with a former CBS production assistant in 2005, according to this report in today's New York Post.

Marino has been working on the CBS Sunday afternoon pregame show since 2003 and is scheduled to be on that show this Sunday prior to Super Bowl 47.

The report is more than just an allegation.

Marino, married 28 years to Claire, released a statement to the newspaper admitting to the affair.

"I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then," he said in the statement. "We mutually agreed to keep our arrangement private to protect all parties involved."

The paper reports Marino paid Donna Savattere "millions" to keep the affair private. She has since married someone else.

Marino has six children, including two adopted girls, with Claire. They are apparently still together. I saw them Sunday at the Dan Marino Foundation event at Sun Life Stadium.

There are ironies here: Chloe was born only a couple of months before Marino was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This story was confirmed by the Post on Wednesday, the day Marino and his wife celebrated their 28th anniversary.

It is unclear if Marino's bosses at CBS are aware he was having a relationship with Savattere. The network does have at several levels guidelines forbidding co-workers from becoming involved, according to a network source.

It is also unclear whether Marino's reputation will suffer once news of this affair spreads.

Tiger Woods, for example, lost sponsorships, his marriage and his sporting career was derailed when allegations of his habitual cheating became public. It is not known if Marino's dalliance is limited to one woman.

Things Marino did well is not deny what is apparently true. He also moved to take care of the kid financially. I assume he also made this known to Claire because one does not simply extract "millions" from the bank without the wife knowing.

The moral of this?

People are flawed. We make mistakes. We fall. All of us.

Hero worship is a bad idea.


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Say it ain't so Danny!

Just the other day I was talking with a friends and brought up Marino as a superstar who was able to go through his life clear of any drama or scandal.

We both agreed he and Joe Montana were probably the only ones like that.

And now this.

Marino was dogged by allegations of cocaine use when he came into the NFL but he beat those down.

Can't deny this one when the evidence is three feet tall with blonde hair and calls you daddy.

I'm sure some people here will say it doesn't matter. Tell that to Claire Marino.

Obviously Marino paid a lot of money to keep this quiet. That's a sign he was worried it might get him fired or damage his rep.

Too bad.

Dan Marino, cheater and choker?? What a POS!

I think he quit working for the Dolfins FO in 10 days when asked to take a drug test.......

Why is the Miami Herald one of the last news outlets to report this story? It is the first place I looked when a friend told me they heard the news on the radio. Not even a mention. The Sun-Sentinel and many other outlets were reporting the story, but it seems the Herald was one of the last.

sign me and trade me

I used to date a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader back in the late 80's and it was common knowledge amongst the cheerleaders at that time that he was having affairs with at least two different cheerleaders (at different times, not at the same time). He was always known to be a dog even back then so this was not surprising when I heard about it.

People make mistakes, no one is perfect, Superstar athletes are prown to mid-life crisis too.

Is it shocking? Upsetting? Sure

Does it change the positives he's done for the community off the field? No.

The moral of the story is nobody is perfect and most have something in their past that they are not proud of. Lets stop putting these guys on mountaintop's and expect them to be Jesus like.

It's well known that Marino was a serial philanderer. He had many women on the side in Weston. Why is this even news? His wife knew for years also. They have an understanding. If they don't care, I certainly don't.




And some call Bellichick a cheater? Hypocrites?

At least this chick looks kind of hot, unlike the maid that Schwarzenegger knocked up. Dan > Arnold.



No more hero. Another scumbag.

him a f'ing hero?????
wtf armando, hero my axx.
scu.m bag yeah.

Are you kidding me? It isnt new news regarding Marinos fidelity or lack thereof. He's probably banged more quiff than "Gunny" Highway. I didnt know about the "love child" but Im sure Claire did. Honey knows when money gets spent, no matter how much of it Hubby may have.

Marino would have been better off paying child-support....it would have saved him MILLIONS.....

Now the stage is set....Marino has been humiliated via the press...Ireland gets his walking papers mid-season....and Marino can come back and rebuild his reputation...and the FINS @ the same time...its a win-win...

I see most of the REGS are in mourning....

Get over it men....woudn't it be MORE SHOCKING if we had learned that Marino was faithful after 28 yars of marriage....

Then I might be crushed....


Armando, having covered the Dolphins for as many years as you have, are you honestly going to sit there and say how surprised you are to hear this? I'm sure you knew of Marino and how many women he had on the side. We are talking close to Tiger Woods level here...The fact is that he and his wife have an understanding about this, and it's been that way for many years, so that is okay with me.

So? That is common among Personalities and People with Power and $. My Father had 2 other Families besides mine and tended to all of Us.


Shocked Face....

c'mon claire,dump the pos,i'll bang u'r brains out every nite and we can pixx away all of the axxholes $$$$$.

maybe if the moron and his 1-10 road p/o's stayed in bed in lieu of dipping his pp in some floozie the phinz might have 1 a raod p/o w/ the pos at qb.

d = dumb
c = choking
m = moron.

Now, much more than Personalities, it is common knowledge that non-Gay Priests and Hairdressers bang the most quiff.

looks like all of those pizza boys and wait staff/valet/bar tenders u'v stiffed + all of those kids u pushed away for wanting 2 get ink
over the seasons r getting the last laugh now axxxxhhhhhooooooole !.

Of course, he has never been a rocket scientist.

This news is a surprise, i have been a dolphin fan over 35 years. It was a honor watching dan marino play for 17 years. But that being said im not surprise because we all have made mistakes. These players are no different from us. Hopefully things will work out at the home front and he is taking the reponsibility for his actions. Dolphin fan for life

If Marino cheats at marriage.......

2 watt...

Tell us how you really feel about Marino....

and don't hold back this time....

This news is a surprise, i have been a dolphin fan over 35 years. It was a honor watching dan marino play for 17 years. But that being said im not surprise

Posted by: andre | January 31, 2013 at 09:46 AM


So, you're saying that you're surprised and not surprised. Thanks for that.

lol @ 10:02....

You get the feeling 2 watt got stiffed over an autograph? Probably one of those grown men who would plead like children for one at training camp.

Can't wait for acutal football news... Go Offseason...

More QB's for the NFL

"Tell that to Claire Marino."

Only two people know what goes on inside a marriage. If Dan's been a cheater like this thread says, Claire knew, and she stayed, despite there evidently being enough $$$ that a divorce would've worked. So maybe she's accepted how Dan is (like Hillary Clinton has done with Bill), maybe she's stayed together for the kids, I don't know.

But it's a bit obnoxious to act like YOU are speaking on behalf of Claire Marino. Chances are, you don't have a clue how she feels about this, and won't unless she makes a public statement.

Dan The Man.

Money, money, money.

More QB's for the NFL

Posted by: Pitagoras | January 31, 2013 at 10:08 AM


Great comments today, folks. Keep 'em coming!

Com'n Vic who cares marinos live

If it's a boy, draft him!

anyone know when craig will arive and ruin the blog with his obnoxious, holier than thou attitude?

what percentage of superstar athletes dont cheat on their spouses?

C'mon! Son!!

What Would Have You Done?

You Are Dan Marino!

The Most Prolific Passer In History! (He Still Had All The Records At The Time.)

Dan Gets A Pass.

Specially In Miami!

Heck! I Might Even Go To Maronne After This!!

We All Know He Lost The Nutrislim Commercial Because Of The Diet!!

(Look At Last Blog Picture.)

Now! If The Ireland Thing Is/Was Personal. This Is Even More Personal! (I'm Done Talking About It!)

Some Of The Pressure Is Off On Tannehill.

One Less Thing! He Doesn't Have To Live Up To! As The Miami Dolphin Qb!!

Yeah, cause Jesus would hate communism... smart one aren't ya?

money and fame = the gift and the curse!

Slam, Not Just Superstar Athletes!!

Dan Is An All Time Great!!

One Of The Best To Ever Do It!!

I Can't Blame Him!!

That Is What I Am Saying! It Is Personal! That Is Between Him And His Wife. Not The Viewing Public.

Marino Should've Just Adopted The Kid!!

Pay Her The Money! And Taken The Kid In! It Would've Had A Better Home!

It Would've Had A Better Mother.

Who Is CBS Going To Get To Replace Dan Marino?

Phil Sims?


Dan Marino Is Catholic.

It Is Acceptable!

Always interesting to see the reaction to something like this among some (emphasis on 'some').

When it's a black guy, it's an indication of their recklessness and how "those people" are.

With a white guy, it's more "things like this happen" and "we all do it."

So many freaking hypocrites out there.


I'm a Marino fan when it comes to football...

but as an analyst....talking head....

you could replace Marino with a card board box...and it would make for better TV....

Replacing Marino the TV personality isn't hard @ all....

Now Marino the QB....12 years and waiting...

1) we don't care care about Marino's private life.
2) we don't care abour Ireland's kids.
This is SB week; we are in the midst of a decisive offseason; and you chose to talk about those absolutely uninteresting issues? Put the pipe down and start talking football Armando.


and **POST OF THE BLOG** (last blog) to Marchcool...imo....@ 9:09.....

I think he summed it up best....and I share his views ion that post...

well you know its true facts are facts. Just look at the difference of how many baby mamas black verses white athletes have. I wouldnt say hyprocritical but definetly judgemental.

"A man is only as faithful as his options .."

- Chris Rock

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