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Another hero's reputation bites the dust

This has been quite the sour year for those involved in hero worship -- and we're not quite free of January yet.

We recently found out Lance Armstrong cheated. A lot. We found out Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o had a mythical girlfriend and, at the very least, lied about her even after he knew she was fictional. This week, media outlets, themselves not exactly pristine in their reputation, reported Ray Lewis cheated recently by using preformance enhancing drugs derived from deer antlers to help him recover from his triceps injury. (Lewis has denied the allegation). Then there was the link between Alex Rodriguez and a PED lab.

And now a Dan Marino affair and love child comes to light.

You read right.

Marino, the Dolphins legend, former NFL Man of the Year, and someone whose career enjoyed a squeeky clean image, apparently had an affair and fathered a child with a former CBS production assistant in 2005, according to this report in today's New York Post.

Marino has been working on the CBS Sunday afternoon pregame show since 2003 and is scheduled to be on that show this Sunday prior to Super Bowl 47.

The report is more than just an allegation.

Marino, married 28 years to Claire, released a statement to the newspaper admitting to the affair.

"I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then," he said in the statement. "We mutually agreed to keep our arrangement private to protect all parties involved."

The paper reports Marino paid Donna Savattere "millions" to keep the affair private. She has since married someone else.

Marino has six children, including two adopted girls, with Claire. They are apparently still together. I saw them Sunday at the Dan Marino Foundation event at Sun Life Stadium.

There are ironies here: Chloe was born only a couple of months before Marino was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This story was confirmed by the Post on Wednesday, the day Marino and his wife celebrated their 28th anniversary.

It is unclear if Marino's bosses at CBS are aware he was having a relationship with Savattere. The network does have at several levels guidelines forbidding co-workers from becoming involved, according to a network source.

It is also unclear whether Marino's reputation will suffer once news of this affair spreads.

Tiger Woods, for example, lost sponsorships, his marriage and his sporting career was derailed when allegations of his habitual cheating became public. It is not known if Marino's dalliance is limited to one woman.

Things Marino did well is not deny what is apparently true. He also moved to take care of the kid financially. I assume he also made this known to Claire because one does not simply extract "millions" from the bank without the wife knowing.

The moral of this?

People are flawed. We make mistakes. We fall. All of us.

Hero worship is a bad idea.


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Guys, you DO realize this happened EIGHT years ago, right?

Marino will not be losing his CBS gig over this. By next September when we kick off again it will barely even be remembered.

Marino was doing cocaine in college wasn't he?

Who cares, seriously. I'm so tired of reading stories about what athletes do in their personal lives. People should be appreciating what they do on the field. If you're "worshiping" these players for everything they do, even in their home lives then you should probably get a life of your own.

It's fun to watch them on the field and if they aren't committing heinous crimes off it who cares. Everyone makes mistakes, just because they are football players doesn't mean they should be held to higher standards by people who watch them play a game.

Doesn't matter when CBS finds out, it matters when the public finds out

Or slam...

Maybe they just get more press to help sheep like you feed into the stereo-type....

it took you 7 years to learn about Marino's Baby Mamma....and how long to hear about Arnold's...

Slam....you have neither facts nor figures what you posted @ 10:42....you merely "slammed" yourself into a corner that you can't possibly get out of....

I guess "judgementally"....you think more black are on welfare than whites too....am I right...."judgementally" speaking....

And some call Bellichick a cheater? Hypocrites?

Posted by: Pats Dynasty | January 31, 2013 at 09:13 AM

This post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. What do you mean "some" call Belichick a cheater? You mean some as in the entire NFL except Patriots fans? There is proof, loads of it, even AFTER Goodell burned the tapes (absolutely hilarious) so your attempt to pain this as well maybe they did and maybe they didn't is ignorant at best.

(attempt to paint)

"When it's a black guy, it's an indication of their recklessness and how "those people" are.

With a white guy, it's more "things like this happen" and "we all do it."


I'm sorry who are you speaking for? The entire white race?

Whether it's a black or white guy cheating,,,,WHO CARES. It has nothing to do with us, our families, our friends, our jobs, our well being, etc. It is up to the people involved to decide how they feel about it and that is all.

I'm sure a lot of people can find a way to turn this into a black and white thing like you just did but it misses the point.

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And 2 Wr's! With The First 2 Picks!

1- C.Patterson
2- D.Hopkins

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D.Robinson As An Athlete Could Work. And He Will Be A Better Pro Than S.Bailey.

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Plus! This Let's Us Know Down The Line! If A Guy Like J.Manziel Is In Our Plans.

Johnny Football Will Be A 3rd Round Pick At Best!!

Don't Want To Get Ahead Of Myself!

But T-Hill, D.Robinson, And J.Manziel On The Same Team! Playing On The Field At The Same Time!! Will Be Fun To Watch!!

Would Give BB A Brain Aneurism!!

But Phins78 if we don't squeeze every single stupid issue for racism then how can it survive?

People that say dumb things of that nature, don't realize they are actually racist because they see a distinction or difference between the two.

Phins 78....

I'm not sure I get 'all" that you're saying....

are you telling me we shoudn't talk about this....cause I plan on typing about this for the majority of my time @ work....

It happened dude....the tradegy is that it took 7 years to come out....

I neither condemn or pass jusdement on Marino for his indescretions...that is for Marino to deal with...but for you to suggest that this isn't news...or worthy of discussion or comment...well that's just silly...

There are no "ironies" here. That the girl was born around the time Marino was inducted into the Hall of Fame and that the announcement came on his wedding anniversary are just coincidences.

..Oh my. I guess I will have to get rid of my Dan Marino Isotoners. Who freekin cares?

CommonSense and Phins 78....

yeah that makes sense....

attack the poster for making an observation which others may or may not find to be true....

but don't talk about the issue @ hand...Marino's infedility...OH...and he fathered a child....

Don't look @ that...attck other poster's......if it makes you guys feel better about the events that have unfolded....

Has this paper been bought out by the people who own Lifetime network?

First we are asked about our emotions regarding Jeff Ireland after hearing about his home life.

Next blog, Marino cheated, how do you feel about that.

j/k but seriously, again, couldn't care less about what these people are doing at home. I'm not following the Marino's or the Ireland's. I'm a fan of the Dolphins, I only care if what they are doing at home is somehow effecting their on the field performance.

It's none of my business how their private lives are run much like it is none of their business how mine is run. I have my own family with our own problems and I don't have time to care about people I don't even know.


Your assumption is WRONG!I dont have the facts but why dont you look it up and get back to me. Lets look at the 5 tops players on each team and see how many baby mamas they have. And just to be clear its not a race issue its a society, environment and family issue.

Kris, I don't care about Marino's personal life or any other. I am not like you, all you ever do is whine and cry. Not to mention take everything personally.

But ya, the guy calling racism usual is the most racist (just the other way).

nothing better than to see all these FIN FANS in denial....

nothing to see here folks.....certainly not a 7 year old child...

The "issue at hand" for you should be getting a life and growin the f up.

Please, don't draft dumbassses like Cordarelle. Draft Smart WRs.


You don't like me....get over it....talk football...

the issue is Marino....and I didn't find anything wrong with the guys post....

Got anything to say about the subject...or do you just want to write another post telling the blog that you don't like me....

It's affecting, affecting, Phins78.

No Kris, I wouldn't tell anyone what they can and can't talk about. I do not possess the authority to do so. :) If I did this wouldn't be a topic of discussion because imo it doesn't really have any relevance to why I come in here to talk.

If I came in here to talk about people's personal lives then I could just go to a chat site on Yahoo. Dan Marino being a typical man and having sex outside of his marriage just isn't interesting news to me. That means I will either leave or try and steer the topic in a different direction. I'm glad you posted to me because now I know you guys ARE serious about talking infidelity. Therefore I will not try to change the subject.

Haha... you're the one off topic. Though I'm done, this isn't about football. Just a gossip rag.

And yes, I don't like you.

We need an NFL ready WR from the Draft. There are 3 there.

Whoa,,,,,,WHOA! LOL

Who did I attack and where? Kris can you point out my "attack" because I'm not seeing it.

Phins 78 and others,

I think you missed the part of my post (I even emphasized it) where I stated "SOME" people have those hypocritical, moral relativism standards that factor race into the equation.

I never made ANY kind of broad-brush accusation that you imply in your response(s).

No offense, but I don't think it wrong to simply request that you respond to what I ACTUALLY wrote rather than wht you IMAGINE I wrote.


What a joke @ 11:10....

CommonSense basically says...."don't question his post...(cause if you do....

he will tell you he "doesn't like you"....and you should "grow up"...lol....

again CommonSens (without getting all emotional)....would you like to address the issue...remember....emotion aside...dry your eyes....

HAHAHA Thanks oscar, I mean that. I was struggling trying to figure out which form to use. I hate effect and affect, always mix those two up!

Who gives a fu-k. Hell, I wish I could have been him.

"It happened dude....the tragedy is that it took 7 years to come out.."

Kris we just have a difference of opinion on this one. It's certainly a worthwhile topic of discussion for those who see this as a "tragedy".

For those who see it as an every day happening in professional sports it's 'time to move on'.

So obviously if the majority want to talk about it today I will just butt out and move on while patiently waiting for the next football related post.

Wow Kris... way to take the grow up advice. Seriously don't care homie.

Who cares what Marino does in his private life? I don't. Do you really think CBS is going to fire him because he had a consensual relationship over five years ago? Doubtful. So why interject the "guidelines" bit?

He had an affair - people make mistakes. Seems like he owned up to it, as opposed to denying it happened. He also made good with the kid's mom financially. Great reporting, Mando - why not just copy and paste the NY Post story? It's written better than this new age tripe.

Hero worship? Dude, read your last blog post about Jeff Ireland. THAT is some serious hero worship. Is your nose still brown from writing that?

- Bebo

What do you know of GODS RATH? He will judge ALL SINNERS HARSHLY and in our Holy Bible He comands that MARRAGE IS SACRED UNTO HIM! Yes, there is ETERNAL DAMNATON for all SINNERS!

Good point, and funny Bebo...

seems to me that commonsense needs a tissue & a new tampon.

Oh No, seems I offended Kris and now he must post under different names. **Shucks**

Sorry you know it's true. Just a simple internet misunderstanding.

Either that or a wrath of the troll (sorry Kris, don't mean to accuse you I know people get offended by that)

Why are these guys always looking to boink these anorexic Barbie dolls with too much Botox? They look like freaks.

If I'm a star athlete I'm going after the plus-size ladies with the big, jiggly trunks like that fat chick on The Facts of Life. What was her name?

i aint kris, momo. kris can fight his own battles.

i see you actin like a woman with a shredded hymen & you will be treated as such.

man up, francine!


you are far to emotional for me....I post in BLUE so i NEVER have to change my name....

I haven't been disrepectful....I merely challenged you on you're post....something you aren't developmentally ready to deal with yet....

but you think i need to "grow up"...

pot meet kettle....

heres a tip. stop worryin about trolls & focus on bloggin like a man.

Phins 78,

No probem at all! Just didn't want my thoughts misconstrued into something other than what I meant.

What did I complain about? I answerd Kris question that I didn't like him.. Pointed out it wasn't racist and not about football? Don't see where I shredded my Hymen...

Though it could be I'm answering the post of someone telling them to "man up" under a fake name. Not to mention this is a blog on the internet. Obviously the tough guy hangout. get a life

Jerry, Kim Fields!! Great rack too!

re read your post you know it's true. You definitely said some and I missed it because I had already seen the words "white guy/black guy" and I assumed you were turning it into a race thing (it has happened in here so many times I'm too sensitive to it now!). Once again, my sincere apologies for misinterpreting your meaning. My bad.

Marino = Scumbag

"Blog like a man?"

THAT has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen on this board.

"Men" are doing productive things at 11:30 a.m. on a weekday. They are assuredly not blogging furiously about a game.

"bloggin like a man" haha this place if fing hilariuos. New I shouldn't have posted got sucked in. Kris, that was more in a response to the rants you have in here on the daily. But whatever, outtie.


Phins 78
Odin aka Dashi

heh.. excuse the typos... terrible...

Okay truce guys! hahaaha, Kris and Common too!

But seriously Kris I don't think I attacked the guy, just called him out. Turns out I called myself out because I didn't read his post correctly!

I got all crazy with the black and white thing :)

Kris, I re-read your first post and my response was too high strung. Sorry the racist thing just annoys me.

It's all good, guys! I respect anyone that backtracks and sees they may have responded to something that was never really said. Lord know I have, too!

Who is calling me a douchebag?! :D

Man I wish for once people would just use their regular sign in names when writing posts that may go against the grain. Why do you change your name, I'm not even mad. It's actually kind of funny to be included with Marino and the Trolls, the post was semi clever and you will never get credit for it!

Just use your regular names people sheesh. Who cares if someone knows what you said. Man up and own your comments for the love of God.

blog like men, not like you have menopause, sissies!

Dashi @ 11:03 I agree Robinson is an interesting prospect. I'm just not sure the guy will be able to take so many hits in the NFL.

I think that Patterson and Hopkins would be excellent picks even if it means we have to trade a third rounder to move up and get Hopkins at the back end of the first.

indeed it does.

Common Sense it looks like we have that in common. I see red when reading about black and white.

(I was trying to turn that into some kind of color chart joke but got bored and that's what you got)

But seriously, every time someone types those words I seriously get annoyed.

This time my exuberance got me in trouble.

Haha, Yeah I do the same. I get annoyed because racism isn't as bad as it was. Now I feel that people have to look for it and make things bigger deals than they actually are. Also of the opinion that the person looing for the racism is racist (since they see a distinction between groups). Though I guess you can drag race into everything, just don't see the point. Only adds fuel to the fire, imo.

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