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Another hero's reputation bites the dust

This has been quite the sour year for those involved in hero worship -- and we're not quite free of January yet.

We recently found out Lance Armstrong cheated. A lot. We found out Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o had a mythical girlfriend and, at the very least, lied about her even after he knew she was fictional. This week, media outlets, themselves not exactly pristine in their reputation, reported Ray Lewis cheated recently by using preformance enhancing drugs derived from deer antlers to help him recover from his triceps injury. (Lewis has denied the allegation). Then there was the link between Alex Rodriguez and a PED lab.

And now a Dan Marino affair and love child comes to light.

You read right.

Marino, the Dolphins legend, former NFL Man of the Year, and someone whose career enjoyed a squeeky clean image, apparently had an affair and fathered a child with a former CBS production assistant in 2005, according to this report in today's New York Post.

Marino has been working on the CBS Sunday afternoon pregame show since 2003 and is scheduled to be on that show this Sunday prior to Super Bowl 47.

The report is more than just an allegation.

Marino, married 28 years to Claire, released a statement to the newspaper admitting to the affair.

"I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then," he said in the statement. "We mutually agreed to keep our arrangement private to protect all parties involved."

The paper reports Marino paid Donna Savattere "millions" to keep the affair private. She has since married someone else.

Marino has six children, including two adopted girls, with Claire. They are apparently still together. I saw them Sunday at the Dan Marino Foundation event at Sun Life Stadium.

There are ironies here: Chloe was born only a couple of months before Marino was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This story was confirmed by the Post on Wednesday, the day Marino and his wife celebrated their 28th anniversary.

It is unclear if Marino's bosses at CBS are aware he was having a relationship with Savattere. The network does have at several levels guidelines forbidding co-workers from becoming involved, according to a network source.

It is also unclear whether Marino's reputation will suffer once news of this affair spreads.

Tiger Woods, for example, lost sponsorships, his marriage and his sporting career was derailed when allegations of his habitual cheating became public. It is not known if Marino's dalliance is limited to one woman.

Things Marino did well is not deny what is apparently true. He also moved to take care of the kid financially. I assume he also made this known to Claire because one does not simply extract "millions" from the bank without the wife knowing.

The moral of this?

People are flawed. We make mistakes. We fall. All of us.

Hero worship is a bad idea.


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Back to the grind. Talk to you guys in a bit.

Kris, I just heard Denny the Dolphin had a love child with Flippers daughter. It's said his wife Petunia is distraught over the whole thing. You may want to send flowers. ;)


Got to go but in case you haven't noticed my word for the day seems to be "seriously".

Okay, now I seriously have to go,,,,seriously.


Its cool...I didn't know you didn't like me...but I guess you learn something new everyday...

as for you...I like you're football post...and have nothing agaist you in general....I did think you're response was a bit "high strung" considering that I have probably written more post agreing with thing that you have said than post opposing you're point of views....but either way...you are etitled to have an opinion about me...wether that be postive or negative....

Yeah sorry. For whatever reason I read your post as an attack. Not that I don't like you, I don't like some of your post lol. I don't actually know you. Our opinions clash on a lot of things, not a bad thing.

Immorality is easy to achieve, Morality harder to mantain.

Phins 78...

take a look @ the totality of my post....I am NOT offeneded by Marino's actions...nor on how his wife choosesto handle them....it is a matter for THEM to decide...

Ifedelity does not changemy opinion of someone (unless it was my wife)....my best friend of 18 years cheats on his wife everyday...and twice on Saturday (if he can)....he is on marriage #3...and I have been there for him thru all the pain he has caused himself and family...

I don't judge...and I am not trying to judge Marino...i'm just saying...its worthy of discusion...

My typing is horrendous....

hey TROLL....now is a good time to pull ut that CUT AND PASTE "malfunctioning keyboard" bit....

If I was Dan Marino, I too, would bang CBS Assistants.

Wouldn't you???

It is ridiculous to buy whole coffee beans and then RUIN them by grinding them in a cheap, blade-type grinder. These are good ONLY for grinding spices and nuts!

A proper cup of coffee is made by using fresh beans ground in a BURR type grinder (a good one costs about 150 dollars) that gently grinds the beans to an even consistency. You will then use a FRENCH PRESS to produce the best, most flavorful coffee.

Why bother, though. You people probably drink instant Maxwell House with hot tap water.

I Always heard Danny boy had a Quick "Release"

i betcha the by.tch wanted a new car and he said no.

who'$ his publisist?

"Another hero's reputation bites the dust"

Dan is/was my hero on the field. I look elsewhere for my off the field heroes.

Move along nothing to read here.

oooooooooooh, can't wait for chapter 4 where he says how he boned her in the cbs limo.


It is not Danny boy's fault, what woman could resist him? She probably threw herself at him and raped him! Dan Marino is a stud and a god! I would sleep with him and I am a homophobic heterosexual man! I hope he had a son with her, so he might pass on his genes to him and give the Dolphins another great QB in the future! Obviously Clair's genes sucked as she couldn't make Marino any athletically gifted offspring!!

Dan Marino is a stud and a god! I would sleep with him and I am a homophobic heterosexual man!

Posted by: FinFanFoster | January 31, 2013 at 12:24 PM

Sure you are..(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

WHY wasn't he using condoms?

Because she was using birth control, not!

What did Dan pay millions for if this still got out? Like Kris said, he would've been miles ahead financially if he just paid child support.

It is a disappointment because of the person we thought he was, none of us are perfect, but he seemed to be a real upstanding guy, however it is not shocking, what is shocking is when a marriage actually goes the distance and the two people in it love each other their whole lives and no one else.

All those that feel ok about our drafting and those that say its horrible, read the following article found on miamidolphins.com:

It talks about how, over the past 5 years, the Fins are the 2nd best drafting team..


Scotty, Hand in your "Mancard" ASAP.

That's what happens when you let MR. HAPPY (the BRAINLESS head) make your decisions for you.

Come to think of it, Marino was never known to have had much of a brain.

Yeah Matty...

I read it...looks like Ireland is the 2nd best @ finding bench warmers...

and before we RUSH to CROWN IRELAND....is the popular talk to say that he is only responsible for the last 2 years....

just wondering...

Guy's lets face it, You all spend 9 months trying to get out and a lifetime trying to get back in.

He was never a "real upstanding guy". Shula hesitated on drafting him precisely because of those reasons, rumors of drug use and excessive partying. Though, one hell of a Competitor.

this is just the start you watch how many woman come out of the woodwork...Tiger the 2nd

Guy's lets face it, You all spend 9 months trying to get out and a lifetime trying to get back in.

Posted by: ( . ) ( . ) MaGee | January 31, 2013 at 12:40 PM


I guess this is what happens when we put athletes and others on pedestals. I've never understood the need for fans and the media to do that. It's why when the whole Tiger Woods' thing happened it didn't overly bother me.

I'm a fan of great athletes and performers and what they do ON THE FIELD. I'm really not that bothered what they do off the field. This will likely end up a bigger media story than it needs to be but for my money this doesn't change how I think of Dan Marino. To each there own....

If this changes anyone's views on Dan Marino, then you were pretty worthless to begin with. Athletes and celebrities should NOT be your role models. My role models are my family members and community elders I respect.

And Americans need to stop being so puritanical and realize adultery is a way of life. Heck, how do we know if this wasn't an "open" marriage? Maybe Claire's doing her thing too. No harm no foul. He's (financially) taking care of the mistress/love child, while respecting his wife (by keeping it out of the media).

I don't do it (cause it's too expensive and stressful keeping your lies straight, but I'm also not a millionaire HOF football player. And no fraternizing at work policies? Give me a break. We (as a country) work more than ANYONE ELSE in the world. 2 weeks vacation, while every other civilized country (maybe Mark and Craig too) give their citizens the month of August off. People dying of stress from it all, and we can't unwind with a little bump&grind? Why live at all? If that's the case they should just abort all fetuses at conception. Sorry, life's too short not to enjoy the finer things.

Interesting Matty. I agree, though I can see the arguement made on the metrics that some of the players shouldn't be starting. Which in some cases is valid. IMO, Ireland is doing an alright job. At the very least he doesn't make the real dumb moves (Kolb, etc)


Looks like we're TOTALLY on the same page on this one. Be afraid....be VERY afraid.....LOL.

Next topic.....

Not trying to be righteous here, but I don't know how Claire could accept an 'open' marriage if that is to be presumed. Sure, it could be surmised that she stayed for the kids, but what message would that send to her boys (that it's ok to be unfaithful?)? She could've walked away and taken Dan, his money and his reputation to the cleaners. Dan is one heck of a lucky dog to have landed Claire if she's willing to look the other way.


you're post would be perfect if it was yo getting BUSTED with some side tail....nobody would care (cause you're no a millionaire HOFer)....

But the story is about Dan Marino...the GREASTEST QB in franchise history...and some would argue EVER....

I think its a story....and I am interested in people's thoughts on it....


It's even worse in Canada, in terms of vacation time (or lack thereof). We've got many of the same problems you guys do....over-stressed people, infedelities, bankruptcies, health-problems, obesity.

Couldn't have anything to do with our lifestyles, right? Europe and Asia (some parts) have it right. Balance and a chance to smell the roses more often. We're over-worked, over-stressed, overfed and over-caffeinated.....no wonder so many breakdown so often.

The same story line that is currently on this blog "nothing to see here"....

I believe is undoubtbly being typed over and over on Ravens blogs with they Ray Lewis situation....

Craig M...

speaking of health....how did you're cleanse go...

Im not trying to Crown the guy just getting different points of views from guys that say give him another year and the guys that say can him.
I give him credit for the past two years of it solely being on his shoulders, in which case he hasnt done that bad of a job.

this happens more than not with most sports athletes out there and more to the tune that "MARRAIGE" is overrated and might as well be "DATING" when it comes to celebs in love....

The only shocking news here is that danny boy got caught but im sure theres more out there that havent...just sayin!!!


when I said "we"...i meant others...not neccesarily you....I'm not sure what youre views on Ireland are....

Basically what I was saying was that I read the article...but still have my olympic gymnast (not impressed) face on....

First thing....

Second thing....
This has NOTHING to do with sports or sports reporting! NEXT TOPIC!

When do we get to ranting on Thomas Jefferson and all his ethnically diverse offspring??

Seriously, men bang ... that's what we do. bang and make money ... otherwise there isn't much more to us.

48 Go, that's how old school European marriages are supposed to work ... Men do stuff and always come home to sleep at night...

NY Post retailation for years of JET butt whooping by number 13.


"People are flawed, people make mistakes"?


This is quite a revelation coming from you. Oh..... it took DEan Marino falling from the lofty perch for you to "TEMPORARILY" come to this conclusion. Or do you only come to these conclussion for "only those that "YOU" like?

Your past views on players has always been:


Wow, Armando, you never cease to amaze.

Oh please, is this a joke?

Marino is a known womanizer and just not a very nice person. I went to PITT and know PLENTY Marino stories...especially his love of skiing, which is why the Steelers passed on him and he landed in Miami. Lucky for us quite frankly but rather ironic considering what Miami was like in the 80's.

Not to mention the roomate of one of my interns went home with him after a lot of the players were in town for a reunion. That was in the late 90's so this is no surprise.

Great QB, not a good person and not a surprise.

Dan Marino, the guy that always dissapoints.


I rather hear news about how America is under distress by the people we put in office.

What nation of LOSERS care about modern day Roman Gladiators taking drugs, cheating on love ones, creating fake love ones and loving people of the same gender?

The U.S Military are doing FEMA camp round up and gun confiscation drills in Miami. I dare you to REPORT on that.


Marino was a great passer, but far from a great QB.

I got ya.. I mean Im not impressed with the guy as I think he has evolved and is open to change as any good manager or person should be. I see him turning a corner this offseason. I just feel he should get one more shot for the picks he aquired and the money he is freeing up before we bring in another GM that was fired from another organization

Who am I to judge, I have never been an NFL QB and maybe the best passer ever. Never had the same ladies diving at me. Had a few groupies for the band I was in an that was always temting... Sucks it came out, sounds like according to the article Dana and his family fought through it and were passed the whole thing.

Now here it comes again. As a football player he was one of my sports hero's, so was Magic Johnson. This does not change my admiration of their gut and grit and drive to win. That is what I admired about them, and they both became the best at something that less than 1% of society can claim they became the best at.

So no Mando, he is still a hero for me for what I knew him as. He was never the "family man" I wished to be, just the athlete. And I was not good enough.


The story broke on the Day of the Marino's 28th anniversary. Anyone consider Claire Marino herself may have "leaked" the story in lieu of being fatigued of living Dan Marino's "lie"?

Now's the perfect time to get out of the marriage(lie) she may have promised Dan she would try and live with. Public embarrassment and shame is sure to follow, so next step, the "split".

First Jeff Irelands personal life and now Dan Marinos personal life, is the next article going to be about Jason Taylors off and on marraige???


Marino is an overrated POS SCUM.

Posted by: CMON!!! | January 31, 2013 at 01:45 PM

This is a NEWS paper sight. The object is to report the news not to help the team, jackass!

NO DUMBASS, This is a sports blog based on the miami dolphin team, not has beens or guys that havent done squat to improve the team for success in the future.

You want personal live news garbage, go pick up a national enquirer since you seem to care about what happens in other peoples lives so much, STALKER WITH NO LIFE!!!

I'll be damned. Marino is human.

Reporters report the NEWS!!

Coaches help the team!!


If this was a Marino and PED story it would change my opinion of Dan the Man as a QB. His personal life is not what I am going to indulge in. Will wait for the next post.

Sports News Related to Miami Dolphins team!!

Bev who stalks Celebs!!


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