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Another hero's reputation bites the dust

This has been quite the sour year for those involved in hero worship -- and we're not quite free of January yet.

We recently found out Lance Armstrong cheated. A lot. We found out Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o had a mythical girlfriend and, at the very least, lied about her even after he knew she was fictional. This week, media outlets, themselves not exactly pristine in their reputation, reported Ray Lewis cheated recently by using preformance enhancing drugs derived from deer antlers to help him recover from his triceps injury. (Lewis has denied the allegation). Then there was the link between Alex Rodriguez and a PED lab.

And now a Dan Marino affair and love child comes to light.

You read right.

Marino, the Dolphins legend, former NFL Man of the Year, and someone whose career enjoyed a squeeky clean image, apparently had an affair and fathered a child with a former CBS production assistant in 2005, according to this report in today's New York Post.

Marino has been working on the CBS Sunday afternoon pregame show since 2003 and is scheduled to be on that show this Sunday prior to Super Bowl 47.

The report is more than just an allegation.

Marino, married 28 years to Claire, released a statement to the newspaper admitting to the affair.

"I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then," he said in the statement. "We mutually agreed to keep our arrangement private to protect all parties involved."

The paper reports Marino paid Donna Savattere "millions" to keep the affair private. She has since married someone else.

Marino has six children, including two adopted girls, with Claire. They are apparently still together. I saw them Sunday at the Dan Marino Foundation event at Sun Life Stadium.

There are ironies here: Chloe was born only a couple of months before Marino was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This story was confirmed by the Post on Wednesday, the day Marino and his wife celebrated their 28th anniversary.

It is unclear if Marino's bosses at CBS are aware he was having a relationship with Savattere. The network does have at several levels guidelines forbidding co-workers from becoming involved, according to a network source.

It is also unclear whether Marino's reputation will suffer once news of this affair spreads.

Tiger Woods, for example, lost sponsorships, his marriage and his sporting career was derailed when allegations of his habitual cheating became public. It is not known if Marino's dalliance is limited to one woman.

Things Marino did well is not deny what is apparently true. He also moved to take care of the kid financially. I assume he also made this known to Claire because one does not simply extract "millions" from the bank without the wife knowing.

The moral of this?

People are flawed. We make mistakes. We fall. All of us.

Hero worship is a bad idea.


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I'm curious as to how this story leaked? Very well timed too.... Extortion ignored?

Honestly, I could care less.

Yes, I am a life long Fins fan. Yes, I think Marino is one of the best QB's to ever play in the NFL. My opinion is based on his play and accomplishments on the field.

So, Marino had an affair and had a child. Unlike many he paid for the welfare of this child. Call it hush money. Call it whatever you like. He at least stuck with his wife and family. If his wife chose to forgive him who are we, as fans, to call him out and judge him.

So many talented athletes get caught up in their fame and fortune and they are tempted regularly by many people and things. Some turn to drugs. Some cheat on their spouses. Some have many children out of wedlock. Some ruin their financial situation by over spending to the point of poverty.

Its all just common today....Welcome to being a celebrity. Welcome to America!

JEFF FIRELAND. HE IS A LOSER IN HIS OWN RIGHT! But as a human being maybe he isn't a loser, no one is perfect his family and wife forgave him, so we can also forgive him, presidents of this great country had extramarital affairs and people in America admire them. We all human we not perfect. I quote Jesuschrist words. He who have no sin throw the first stone. Dan is still the man!

this one hurts...now he is just like the rest of them...idiots..been a fin fan so long if i could i would switch...not going to be ez...

Disappointing.. Marino 1 of the greatest QB's in NFL history. Sad to see.

This is no news this is life, we all got problems in our family and this is The Marinos source of perplexity.

Mando, You're the one the makes him out to be the hero. To the large majority of us, Dan is just a great QB

Salguero, every day you become more stupid and your stories more irrelevant.
What Marino did on the football field got nothing to do with his personal life. He must be judged by his excellence as QB and by the charities he's been done as human being.
Maybe you're disapointed because you're an imbecile. This affair is not you business nor everybody's else.
Why should we be disapointed ? Because you thought Marino was a perfect man ? That's your fault pal, not ours.
Do you think we would be disapointed if it was found you had sex with a cow ?
We don't give a damm man.

You americans always care too much in these matters. The Tige Woods case is incredible. If it is a private matter just leave it at that.
Marino had a child with another woman. There are millions of you in USA in the same situation.
I bet if some of you got the chance to meet Marino tomorrow you would all want to be his best buddy in life! So put a sock in it.

I am disapoint.

Dan just got a commercial contract with a new product. Called ivesaBONER Glovers!!!

Gloves.. i mean lol!!!

I really don't care in the least. If I ever heard of non football story on a sports page this is it. The guy is still a hero and like any one of us able to make mistakes.

Hey Mando....Maybe we should be more careful with the word hero to begin with.

I appreciated Marino's career, loved watching him play and he seemed like an ok guy. But hero....I use that word very sparingly and only in the context of what makes them extraordinary.

You're a religious man - and a conservative...isn't there something in the ten commandments about false idols.

No one knows what was happening in Marino's life 7 years ago. That's between his wife and him. Who are we, or anyone in the media to judge? "Let he who is sin free cast the 1st stone!"

Mando, thought u had more class. Your just another media pilling on, giving your version of fidelity. Azzholes and opinions, everybody got one.
And talking about closets, if I had the correct information I bet I could find one or two in yours. This sticking your nose on someone elses business is low class. Bottom dwellers, or feeders. I bet you have been waiting years to chop ole Danny Boy, down. I don't believe its anyones business what Marino does or doesn't do. He wasnt caught DUI, he hasnt hurt anyone, he hasnt murdered anyone. Why dont you write about R lewis double murder case that he so surprisingly got out of.

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