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Cameron Wake is All NFL

The postseason awards are starting to filter in now and at least one Dolphins player is being recognized for a great season:

Cameron Wake.

Wake was today voted to the 2012 All NFL team by Pro Football Weekly and the Professional Football Writers of America. This is deserved as Wake had a career-high 15 sacks in 2012. I am assuming the big award, the All Pro awards by the Associated Press, will also recognize Wake in the coming weeks.

I am one of the 50 people that vote for All Pro and I voted for Wake. So we'll see. Meanwhile, the PFF/PFWA All NFL team and awards are below:

QB Peyton Manning / Broncos
RB Adrian Peterson / Vikings
RB Marshawn Lynch / Seahawks
WR Calvin Johnson / Lions
WR Brandon Marshall / Bears
TE Rob Gronkowski / Patriots
C John Sullivan / Vikings
OG Mike Iupati / 49ers
OG Marshal Yanda / Ravens
OT Duane Brown / Texans
OT Ryan Clady / Broncos
DE J.J. Watt / Texans
DE Cameron Wake / Dolphins
DT Geno Atkins / Bengals
DT Vince Wilfork / Patriots
OLB Von Miller / Broncos
OLB Aldon Smith / 49ers
MLB Patrick Willis / 49ers
CB Richard Sherman / Seahawks
CB Charles Tillman / Bears
S Earl Thomas / Seahawks
S Eric Weddle / Chargers
PK Blair Walsh / Vikings
P Andy Lee / 49ers
KR Jacoby Jones / Ravens
PR Leodis McKelvin / Bills
ST Matthew Slater / Patriots
MVP/Offensive MVP — Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
Defensive MVP— Texans DE J.J. Watt
Coach of the Year — Colts offensive coordinator/interim head coach Bruce Arians
Comeback Player of the Year — Adrian Peterson
Rookie of the Year/Offensive Rookie — Redskins QB Robert Griffin III
Defensive Rookie of the Year — Panthers LB Luke Kuechly
Most Improved Player — Cowboys WR Dez Bryant
Executive of the Year — Colts GM Ryan Grigson
Assistant Coach of the Year — Bruce Arians
Golden Toe (Best Placekicker or Punter)  — Vikings PK Blair Walsh
Pro Football Weekly/Professional Football Writers of America All-Rookie team

QB Robert Griffin III / Redskins
RB Alfred Morris / Redskins
RB Doug Martin / Buccaneers
WR T.Y. Hilton / Colts
WR Justin Blackmon / Jaguars
TE Dwayne Allen / Colts
OG Kevin Zeitler / Bengals
OG Amini Silatolu / Panthers
OT Matt Kalil / Vikings
OT Mitchell Schwartz / Browns
DL Fletcher Cox / Eagles
DL Chandler Jones / Patriots
DL Bruce Irvin / Seahawks
DL Michael Brockers / Rams
LB Bobby Wagner / Seahawks
LB Luke Kuechly / Panthers
LB Lavonte David / Buccaneers
CB Casey Hayward / Packers
CB Janoris Jenkins / Rams
S Harrison Smith / Vikings
S Mark Barron / Buccaneers
PK Blair Walsh / Vikings
P Bryan Anger / Jaguars
KR David Wilson / Giants
PR T.Y. Hilton / Colts
ST Johnson Bademosi / Browns


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MiamiD20 says:
Only thing he needs is accuracy; unfortunately that's a big component to being a successful QB.
Well accuracy is important and teaching it is difficult. That said Tannehill did not have the protection at times or receivers. I agree that there is reason for concern but the protection and receivers are huge components also. The Dolphins OL has all low draft picks on it but they had problems protecting against the better teams. In my opinion Long was out of shape to continue playing at a pro bowl level and Martin needs to get stronger.

My friend Ralph has always advised me that I don't belong with you People. But I cant help it, I like to help others. So I'll continue to post here under my real name.

promichael, every team has problems protecting against the better teams. Our OL with Jake in there is one of the best.

I agree it's hard when your receivers don't get open and you have a bunch of coverage sacks but that doesn't excuse the wide-open passes he missed to Hartline. Sure we've seen Binns and others drop TDs in their hands but Tannehill has to throw receivers open not strictly rely on comeback routes. Long was breaking down but the guy was/is always 1v1 against their best DE, an island all to himself. The RB never had to look over to the left they always needed to block the right side (and that's with our RBs horrible pass protection as well).

A dynamic receiver or 2 would certainly help, and a TE threat would do wonders for the kid but he needs to be able to throw touch passes not just laser them in.

Tannehill isn't as physical as Kaepernick? That's a stretch. How many hits does Tannehill take compared to Kaepernick AND the guy is built better than Kaepernick...? No he isn't as fast but he is more mobile than any of us give him credit for. And no he isn't as accurate as Kaepernick that's obvious. But you're just drinking the haterade for the sake of hating

No doubt SF will win the SB.

Nat Moore says:

promichael, every team has problems protecting against the better teams. Our OL with Jake in there is one of the best.
So then Tannehill is the issue with the offense? Which is what I responed to.

Jim Harbaugh was correct in his decision we know now.

I took Atlanta -3.

It doesn't matter Vegas Mike, they will all perish at the hands of SF and Jim Harbaugh in the SB.

Scout did not have Colin Kaepernick ranked and all the experts missed on him. Well the 49er's took him in the 2nd round. Colin gives credit to his offensive line. Certainly that gives reason to resign a healthy and in shape Jake Long.

See, both Harbaughs, unlike let's say Coughlin of the Giants, are very consistent and uniform HCs who do not admit ups and downs of their Teams from Season To Season or from Game to Game. They play to Win, always. We only hope that Philbin turns only half as good as them.

Colin Kaepernick was not NFL ready when coming out of Nevada. Lucky guy, he fell into the best of hands.

Pouncey is a great pick stop being whiners for the niners

I have to agree with part of what Monte was saying. I was watching the Playoff QBs (especially Flacco) and comparing/contrasting with Tannehill. And of course, Tannehill came up short. I don't go as far as calling him Henne, or saying he's already a bust, but it's something that can't be overlooked. Simply saying Tannehill didn't have weapons isn't telling the whole story. Sorry, but I've seen Hartline open behind the defense EXACTLY like the Ravens WRs were yesterday. The only difference is Flacco got them the ball, and Tannehill either over or under threw the ball. He REALLY needs to work, not just on accuracy, but to be at his best WHEN IT COUNTS. That's why Russell Wilson is having such a good year.

Secondly, on Kaepernick, what I'm worried about is Miami being behind the curve...AGAIN! First, it was passing offense. How disturbing was it, year after year, to see the game changing to pass first, and we seemed to be stuck in an outdated style of football. Well, we've FINALLY moved to a pass first offense, but, seems the game is changing again. Now we see the prominence of an athletic, running QB and the read option. Kaepernick, RG3, Wilson, forget about when Johnny Football enters the league. We dipped our toe in it with Pat White, it was a miserable failure. I hope we don't spend all this time mastering a new style, only to find out it's outdated...AGAIN!

Err, Tannehill can run fast also, and proven he can take a good shot.

So here's why I don't make predictions and never gamble. I wrote my picks in here a couple of days ago.

Said Pack win and Rodgers shows Kapernick how to win a playoff game. Exact opposite happened.

I said the Broncos would win in a very close game. Yeah, ummmmm nope.

So today I have the Patriots dominating and the Falcons getting over the hump finally.

QUICK! Call your bookies and bet the exact opposite, you WILL win!

Eventually, Ds will adjust to these great running downfield athletic QBs that have come into the League and probably rip the heads off of 1 or 2 of them. Remember, super-Athletes of now have come into Ds also. At least, that's my view on the thing.

Tannehill is not worthy enough to clean Kapernick's game-day jock.

You guys are climbing onto another lame horse in Tannehill.

Time for a new GM to clean house & right-the-ship.


Don't really know how long this new style will last...

You mentioned Miami actually tried it a few years ago with Pat White. He pretty much got knocked right out of football.

RG3 has already sustained multiple injuries in his rookie season.

Granted, Kapp and Wilson seem more adept, or smarter, at avoiding quite as many hard hits, but it will catch up to them in the nfl.

Not only that, just give it a little time...

Nfl defenses usually end up solving these "new styles"

Signal/oscar, that's a distinct possibility. But have you guys seen Johnny Football? These kids in college are getting better at making the defense have to guess, and then taking advantage of that split-second freeze. I think these kids will become more accurate. You'll see MORE RG3's (who have speed AND are accurate passers).

Look, there will ALWAYS be success with a Brady/Manning style QB. And Tannehill is MUCH more mobile than those 2 QBs. But the NFL is a very fluid league. New teams in the Playoffs every year. New stars. We can't spend years and years waiting for everyone to have it just right, because we'll realize now we've got other problems.

With FA, you can't build a team slowly anymore. Waiting 4 years for a QB to develop is way too long. I need to see major improvement from Tannehill in 2013 for me not to start jumping on the "draft a QB" train once again.

And I'm a Tannehill/Philbin supporter (have been all year). I'm not a hater. I like the direction of the team. I just don't want to be sitting out of the Playoffs next year admiring the teams that are there playing in mid-January.

Phins 78, good thing ya dont bet cause you're football clueless.


I'm a Tannehill/Philbin supporter too.

By the way, by choosing Pat White, Miami may have actually been ahead of the curve...

Problem was they picked a lightweight who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

Side Note -

I've got the Seahawks and Patriots as my picks today.

Is Mike Nolan SB bound?

DC, how do you compare Flacco a 5 year veteran surrounded by players that make the playoffs every year, along with a veteran HC, to Tannehill, a rookie QB with very little college experience on a terrible team that never makes the playoffs with a brand new coaching staff and rookie HC?

Get real. I'd say RT showed more promise in his first year than Flacco did in his first year. They still didn't give Flacco a new contract - he is still on trial.

RT would have made the playoffs if it wasn't for some missed FG's that have nothing to do with him.

sure Brasa

Brasa, that's not what I was comparing them for. By the way, I in no way say sit Tannehill, trade Tannehill and try to upgrade via Draft/FA this year. I agree with you, Tannehill progressed MUCH more than I predicted (I didn't even think he could START this year).

But the league isn't waiting around, and as fans, we want to see our team in the Playoffs. So I'm comparing Tannehill (as we see him) to what he needs to do to be a Playoffs QB. Obviously, it needs to be paired with more talent, good play calling, all the intangibles to a Playoff-caliber team. But, as far as QB play, Tannehill has be able to improve in these specific areas to not become just another in the long line of failed post-Marino Miami Dolphins QBs.

This game is a total mismatch.

Peyton's career will be forever marred by his last two playoff games ending in rookie like interceptions.

Kinda like Marino being known for No Ring

Is this the chatroom?

Correction, Peyton did have play appearances between his last SB and yesterday.

1:43 is a guy with no girlfriend impersonating me. Have fun with the name.

The real me is out.

Why do the fans of crappy teams always assume that a QB that has success on a good team would have the same success on thier crappy team?

If we had drafted Russell Wilson and Seattle had taken Tannehill then Seattle would still be in the playoffs and Wilson would be hospitalized from the lack of blocking.

I think you meant to say, "...another in a long line of failed post Bob Greise QBs...".

Winning postseason games is what makes a QB great. Jerking off the fans for 18 years is not amark of greatness. If it is then Rivers, Romo, Ryan, Cutler are all on the same road to greatness.

Seattle in the playoffs with TanneBust?? Thats hilarious....

2008 1st round, Miami took with the #1 pick, Jake Long. His time with Miami might come to an end in 2013. Many said he was the right pick (that's not why I'm bringing this up). Later, with their 2nd round pick, they chose Chad Henne (and remember how thrilled Parcells was, saying he was the QB they wanted all along).

The Atlanta Falcons chose with the #2 pick, Matt Ryan (hoping he could be their franchise QB). THEN (this is the part no one talks about), Atlanta TRADED multiple picks to move UP, back into the 1st round, to get a LT to protect their investment (Sam Baker).

Which team had the better draft strategy/execution?

If Eli Manning cannot take the SB Champions to the postseason then how an you hold Tanne to a higher standard?

Matty Ice went to a team with 12 pro bowlers. Had Matty Ice come to Miami then he would have held Penne's clipboard while Penne ran on and off the field like an a s shole running a BACKDOOR offense.

And another thing:
These teams in the postseason didn't let thier draft picks leave and then have to fill in the holes with unemployed former NFL players.

Zach Miller being put to use in the Seahawks offense today.

Take Egnew for example: isn't he the all-time Big 12 leader in receptions by a TE?
But we can't find a spot for him because he can't block?
I guarantee you NE, NO, GB, ATL, Sea, Indy, Wash, NYG etc could find a way to work him into the offense.


Wow. VegasMike is looking good. Atlanta is stoked.

Every day the Falcons thank the Dolphins for passing on Matt Ryan.

The spandex on the Atl cheerleaders is working hard to hold in that cornbread eatin a s s.

Mr. 2 watt,

I admire your devotion to the cause of Tiny Nectarines and Chihuahuas.

It is shameful that society scorns these precious items and mocks your efforts to protect and promote them.

Because of you, there IS a future for Tiny Nectarines and Chihuahuas.

May God bless you and anoint you in his healing oils.

Great article by Dan Le Batard today about what Jason Taylor did to play football (catheter's in his heart while playing, scrape off the nerves on the bottom of the foot, hours away from having his leg amputated). Sick stuff. These guys are gladiators.

Oscar Canosa says:
Colin Kaepernick was not NFL ready when coming out of Nevada. Lucky guy, he fell into the best of hands.
Was Ryan Tannehill NFL ready coming out of College? He lucked out by having his College Coach who was fired as his current NFL OC.

"I was blown away by Colin Kaepernicks performance yesterday.".......Terry Bradshaw


I read that article and found it kinda odd there was no mention of how he managed to dance with the stars while he was suffering through all of that horrendous pain...

Gladiators indeed.

I've read posts about Tannehill's accuracy. There really isnt a great issue about his "overall accuracy". He finished 59%. Andrew Luck finished 54%, yet you never hear mention about his accuracy.

Go to espn or nfl.com and "Breakdown" Tannehill's accuracy. Then you will find, as I found, Tannehill's "real accuracy issue" has been during "4th qtrs of games". Its during 4th qtrs that his accuracy fall 7-10 percentage points.

This leads to me to believe his "true accuracy issue" may not be a "real accuracy issue at all". Seeing this is a "trending 4th qtr pattern". Its sounds more a "conditioning issue" than accuracy issue". He's getting tired or his throwing arm's getting tired.

Still, nearly every qb in this league needs to continuously work on "deepball accuracy". Its very difficult for any nfl qb to be "consistently accurate" with this. Except for the "extremely rare" 2-3 league qb's.

AtlFin says:

Every day the Falcons thank the Dolphins for passing on Matt Ryan.
You're right about that. They also thank the Dolphins for letting Mike Nolan go. He had the Dolphins as the Defensive Coordinator ranked 6th on defense in the NFL when he was DC in Miami. Now he coordinates the Falcons who might be on their way to the Super Bowl.

Im not saying Tannehill is out of shape. But the 7-10 percentage points that his 4th qtrs accuracy wanes does suggest that there is an issue that most rises its ugly head in 4th qtrs.

Whether mental fatigue, physical fatigue, or whatever. So if for the season he's 59%. If not for the 4th qtr accuracy isues, he would be at least around 63% completions for the year.

With a hugely upgraded recievings corps, I expect to see Tannehill's 2013 completion percentage at 63% or higher based on that alone.

Wow Sparano's career in a tail spin. He was on top of the world as the Head Coach of the Dolphins. He is then fired from Miami and is hired by the Jets as the OC. After just one year he is fired by the Jets. Now teams are looking at him as the Offensive Line coach (Chiefs are talking to him for their O-Line job). Parcells definately reached for Sparano as a HC and in the process set the Phins back.

Mike Nolan, Mike Smolan. Even when Nolan was here, we were still crying the exact same tune about our defense, we still cry now. The secondary.

When actually, this year was the best this secondary has played since assembled. The run defense has always been very good. The same Mike Nolan youre now praising id the same Mike Nolan whose secondary was torched for over 500yds passing in game 2 against the Pats in 2011.

At somepoint it comes down to both coordinator and talent.

How happy is Mike Nolan he left this cespool franchise?

In looking at this game, the biggest mistake in the Parcells/Ireland era was taking Long over Matt Ryan. Think of how this coud have changed the fortunes of Sparano and the fins. The fins could have been what the Falcons are now. Instead we have a broken down Long who probably won't be on the team next year and they are now starting over again with a rookie QB.

Wayne Hyzinga made a huge mistake hiring Parcells. He came in here with his 80s mentality of winning games by playing good defense and running the ball. He handcuffed Ireland from the beggining by not letting him draft a franchise QB.

parcells handcuffed ireland? lol

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