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Cameron Wake is All NFL

The postseason awards are starting to filter in now and at least one Dolphins player is being recognized for a great season:

Cameron Wake.

Wake was today voted to the 2012 All NFL team by Pro Football Weekly and the Professional Football Writers of America. This is deserved as Wake had a career-high 15 sacks in 2012. I am assuming the big award, the All Pro awards by the Associated Press, will also recognize Wake in the coming weeks.

I am one of the 50 people that vote for All Pro and I voted for Wake. So we'll see. Meanwhile, the PFF/PFWA All NFL team and awards are below:

QB Peyton Manning / Broncos
RB Adrian Peterson / Vikings
RB Marshawn Lynch / Seahawks
WR Calvin Johnson / Lions
WR Brandon Marshall / Bears
TE Rob Gronkowski / Patriots
C John Sullivan / Vikings
OG Mike Iupati / 49ers
OG Marshal Yanda / Ravens
OT Duane Brown / Texans
OT Ryan Clady / Broncos
DE J.J. Watt / Texans
DE Cameron Wake / Dolphins
DT Geno Atkins / Bengals
DT Vince Wilfork / Patriots
OLB Von Miller / Broncos
OLB Aldon Smith / 49ers
MLB Patrick Willis / 49ers
CB Richard Sherman / Seahawks
CB Charles Tillman / Bears
S Earl Thomas / Seahawks
S Eric Weddle / Chargers
PK Blair Walsh / Vikings
P Andy Lee / 49ers
KR Jacoby Jones / Ravens
PR Leodis McKelvin / Bills
ST Matthew Slater / Patriots
MVP/Offensive MVP — Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
Defensive MVP— Texans DE J.J. Watt
Coach of the Year — Colts offensive coordinator/interim head coach Bruce Arians
Comeback Player of the Year — Adrian Peterson
Rookie of the Year/Offensive Rookie — Redskins QB Robert Griffin III
Defensive Rookie of the Year — Panthers LB Luke Kuechly
Most Improved Player — Cowboys WR Dez Bryant
Executive of the Year — Colts GM Ryan Grigson
Assistant Coach of the Year — Bruce Arians
Golden Toe (Best Placekicker or Punter)  — Vikings PK Blair Walsh
Pro Football Weekly/Professional Football Writers of America All-Rookie team

QB Robert Griffin III / Redskins
RB Alfred Morris / Redskins
RB Doug Martin / Buccaneers
WR T.Y. Hilton / Colts
WR Justin Blackmon / Jaguars
TE Dwayne Allen / Colts
OG Kevin Zeitler / Bengals
OG Amini Silatolu / Panthers
OT Matt Kalil / Vikings
OT Mitchell Schwartz / Browns
DL Fletcher Cox / Eagles
DL Chandler Jones / Patriots
DL Bruce Irvin / Seahawks
DL Michael Brockers / Rams
LB Bobby Wagner / Seahawks
LB Luke Kuechly / Panthers
LB Lavonte David / Buccaneers
CB Casey Hayward / Packers
CB Janoris Jenkins / Rams
S Harrison Smith / Vikings
S Mark Barron / Buccaneers
PK Blair Walsh / Vikings
P Bryan Anger / Jaguars
KR David Wilson / Giants
PR T.Y. Hilton / Colts
ST Johnson Bademosi / Browns


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How good Matt Ryan is isn't the point. The point is the Falcons are so well-built, they can overcome almost anything. QB plays poorly, they win. Run game gets squashed, they pass. Take away the WRs, they still have Turner. Defense makes just enough plays though lack talent. They've done that all year. That's why they had the best record in the NFL this year.

My fellow countrymen need to stick to ice fishing and hockey. They know NOTHING about football.

DC @ 4:47,

Great post and on point!

Funny YG,

There's an awful lot of people who would say the same about you. Do we need to ask for a show of hands?

Matt Ryan = HOF


Atlanta's a good team but I wouldn't annoint them or Ryan anything yet. This isn't the first year they've had a great record in the NFL and haven't gotten it done in the playoffs. I actually think they were lucky to win today. They don't impress me. Yes they have talent but they don't have the killer instinct. I like SF to beat them next week and that will take Ryan to 1-4 in the playoffs.

So it's nice that they keep having these regular seasons but that's not what they play for. They need TWO more to win it all.....and they do have holes.

YG is a self serving, lonely, condescending, blow hard that respects no one's opinion that doesn't coincide with his opinion of the day.


See how stupid you are? You ave the attention span of a faether blowing in the wind and a brain to match.

It far more enlightning to engage you in controversy than watching you consistently screw up trying to make a sensible football post. LOL...

Guys, teams have done it different ways. But what they have in common is the GM/HC KNEW how to put a team together, meshed with a great system and garnished with solid coaching. Welker was ok in Miami, in NE he's a superstar. Anyone else think Matt Shaub would be in the Playoffs with another team (say Indy or Chicago)? Doubt it. There's a reason Houston can win with Shaub. Elite WR + elite RB + great defense = winning even with a non-elite (but still better than mediocre) QB.


Also, after the other day of engaging you fellow duffus Canadian countryman(Mark), I knew it was a matter of time before you got discords cranked up again.

It hurt you to heart to see me engaged in discord with your idiot countryman and not be able to participate. It was only a matter of choosing your moment and I knew this. LOL..

Its all about the QB.

The Canadiens on here are all Jests fans.

Houston has a chance. The key to beating Brady (for that case most teams) is to hit him. Houston will get their licks on him. The question is will they score enough points. You beat Brady with tremendous pass rush. We need to get one of those big time pass rushers in the first round next year.


You're not making ANY sense, man. I called you out for what you said minutes ago. Ramble on about whatever you THINK it's about but the reality is it's about what you said. What happens between you and Mark or whoever else on here is up to you. Don't twist the situation to meet your needs.

Craig, you said it all in your first sentence. "Falcons are a good team." That's the point. In 2008, they were one of the worst teams in football (2nd to the Miami Dolphins). in 2012, they are a good team in the NFC Championship Game. In 2012, the Miami Dolphins are a mediocre team (same team they were since 2009). You wanting them to have won the SuperBowl or be considered a bust notwithstanding, they are exactly where they wanted to be after being nothing a few short years ago.

And that's because of good talent acquisition (blending FA with drafted players) along with good coaching. What's not to like (or respect) in that? Unless you're more wowed by elite talent on mediocre teams.

Anyways guys, I have things I need to gt done. YG, if you want to turn this into WWIII, that's up to you.

I picked you up in what you said. You don't even see the irony of the situation.

Enjoy the game and the rest of the weekend, fellas.


Is this true?

The Canadiens on here are all Jests fans.
Posted by: Zonk | January 13, 2013 at 05:01 PM


..DC. It would be evident that we have a system that works if in the future players that come here become better as Dolphins then in their old colors. It seems the opposite. Players leave here, and find success on other teams. Not always, but how many players the last 5 years have come here and had greater success as a Dolphin then with their previous teams? 1-2 guys?

Of course winning will be the ultimate baramoter. But if we really have something here. Ireland, and Philbin should be able to plug in their players, and these players should be able to contribute, not just be another player taking a roster spot.

Craig M,

Are you sure you are looking at Ryan in a non-bias way?

I know you have stated some here hate on Long regarding the choice of him over Ryan, but you seem to go out of your way to NOT give Ryan any credit.

It's very hard to keep winning despite adversity. Ask the 27 teams who are NOT left standing.


I'm not sure what the argument is about. All I'm prepared to say about the Falcons is that they are one of a NUMBER of good teams in the NFL right now. Until they win a Championship today I won't be convinced. If you're ready to get excited about them after a narrow victory at home over a well-travelled Seattle team, then that's your perogative. I need to see more.

I think SF is a better team and I think that will show up next week. When Atlanta shows up and beats them convincingly you can tell me next week that I was wrong.

I dont really like Matt Schaub as a qb. He seems to make every team they play look like they have a good defense. Its too difficult to tell if he could be a championship calibre qb.

Does Houston have championship calibre talent on the roster? Yes. Is Shuab one of those players? To tough to tell.

Ryan has more 4th quarter comebacks and more wins then any QB ever for his 1st 5 years in the league = HOF

The Signal,

What am I supposed to be giving Ryan credit for? Putting his team in position to kick a 'chipshot' of a 49 yard field goal. Matt Ryan's team won a game today....congratulations! Now let's see how it goes next week.

If I was an Atlanta fan I'd be VERY nervous. They'll playing a team that DOMINATED GB yesterday and is very well coached. Atlanta was up 20-0 at one point and seemed to fall asleep and actually let Seattle go out in front.

If Atlanta wins again next week, I'll tip my hat to Ryan and the Falcons. But it's a show me league, and I haven't seen it enough from them when it counts.

Gotta run fellas.....have a good one!

Posted by: The Signal | January 13, 2013 at 05:06 PM

Be careful, that's when CraigM decided to come after me when I called him out on this. LOL...

Exactly DD. Well built teams find their core, then master their systems, then can plug & play with new talent. Ireland didn't have the system or philosophy to be successful in the past. Philbin seems to be on the right path, so hopefully that will improve the talent acquisition process. But it's not just finding good talent, it's the RIGHT talent in a TIMELY manner.

When Atlanta shows up and beats them convincingly you can tell me next week that I was wrong.

Posted by: Craig M | January 13, 2013 at 05:07 PM


Craig, no argument. And the comparison I'm making is Atlanta and Miami (not Atlanta and any other team). The point I'm making is Atlanta made good moves to get to where they are. Miami did not. And knowing where you went wrong is half the battle to knowing how to get right. It's not about you being wrong or me being right (who cares), it's about Ireland/Philbin and the Miami Dolphins organization getting it right so that we're watching our team in the Post-Season while fans of a team at home is saying, "Miami isn't all that. Tannehill is ok, he's not great. Let's see beat the next team before we give them credit.."

If I was an Atlanta fan I'd be VERY nervous.

Posted by: Craig M | January 13, 2013 at 05:11 PM

Gotta laugh at that...

I would guess most Atlanta fans are celebrating a victory and the fact they are advancing to the NFC Championship game.

Just a Long shot on my part, I know.


Over the past 5yrs, the primary problem in Miami has been not correctly addressing positions, and creating new holes. We finally addressed the qb position with a #1 pick.

We've needed a wr since the days of Ginn, 5yrs later still need 1, maybe 2. The TE position has never been correectly addressed, going into yr 6 of "rebuild". The oline seems like an ever ongoing mess that will never seem to as a whole get solved.

We seem to spend every offseason needing to address issues that should long have been solved. While also having to deal with new issues.

That is for those that don't think that Welker is a play making receiver. He just caught a 35 yard pass. Sounds like a big play to me.

IMO Welker is the top FA WR next year. His production is tremendous. He seems to be open all the time and is great after the catch. He is Brady's go to man.

Its almost like our management thinks if it pretends a problem really isnt there. At somepoint it will just magically go away. LOL...

Agreed YG. That's especially detrimental when you keep switching systems. We were a 4-3 defense, then went to a 3-4, now back to a 4-3. Had big bruising o linemen for a run-first approach, now are looking for quicker linemen for the zone blocking scheme. How can you ever build a team with so much change?

There is nothing wrong with the Dolphins that an elite QB wouldnt fix.

YG - Major AssWipe

Why people continue to engage the likes of him and a few others here is beyond me.

YG is only here to pontificate from his self perceived lofty position but if you follow him he is nothing but an arrogant, ignorant dufus.

Half of you suffer from self esteem issues and want to be liked by YG DB FOOL, and he only laughs in your face.

Protect your dignity.

DC Dolphan,

You are right. That is why you cannot keep changing your team every year. Hopefully we see some progress with Tannehill and the Dolphins next year. The last thing you want is for the Dolphins to fire Ireland and hire a new GM to come in and fire Philbin. We would be starting all over again. Like you said we are going from a big lineman mentality to zone blocking and going from 3-4 type players on defense to a new 4-3 defense. At some point you need continuity. Our O-Line is not built for the type of zone blocking that Philbin wants. That is why we need two new gaurds and perhaps another Tackle.

We seem to spend every offseason needing to address issues that should long have been solved. While also having to deal with new issues.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 13, 2013 at 05:25 PM

Agreed YG,

Yet some have no problem at all giving Ireland credit for a job well done...

You'd almost think he had Miami in position to play for the AFC Championship.

But wait....Even that wouldn't be good enough.

Ireland deserves a new honeymoon period. He was handcuffed by Parcells. Now he gets what most of us think is a franchise QB and has to put pieces around him. In addition, as we have been discussing he now has to find players that fit Philbin's offense and defense. In other words, he has to start all over again.

So far his first draft with Philbin: Tannehill (franchise QB ?), Martin (zone blocking LT), Vernon (pass rushing DE), Miller RB (has a future), Kaddu (don't know yet), Egnew (bad pick), Rishard Mathews (looks like he could develop). Not too bad but too early to tell.

Wes Welker does it again! Best WR in FA next year.

Maybe it is all of you Ireland haters that are plain stupid.

His boss is a billionaire. Do you think he got there by making dumb decisions? You know-it-alls are merely peasants with meager salaries and budget two week vacations.

Stupid people think they are smart because they can't recognize intelligence.

Bash Ireland all you want, but none of you will ever make as much $ as him. So who is smarter?

Wes Welker in this game: 6 receptions 120 yds for 20 yds per catch. Why not Wes Welker next year?

Wes Welker . Wow what a catch
What and who did we get in return again?

Orlando Dolphin says:
The last thing you want is for the Dolphins to fire
Ireland and hire a new GM to come in and fire Philbin. We would be starting all over again. Like you said we are going from a big lineman mentality to zone blocking and going from 3-4 type players on defense to a new 4-3 defense. At some point you need continuity. Our O-Line is not built for the type of zone blocking that Philbin wants. That is why we need two new gaurds and perhaps another Tackle.
Finally some sense after the Armando therapy hour on this blog. The above is the only reason why Ireland should not be fired. Another tackle? If Long comes back which tackle should be replaced?

Amazing how few people here have even bothered to notice or mention that this years playoffs largely featured the best RUNNING teams in the NFL.

Most of you guys are such sheeple following the same mantra about a "passing league" that you fail to see what is going on right in front of your noses.

YES, you need a good QB to even think about making a playoff run but if you think the NFL is suddenly pass happy and that's he only ticket to succes you are woefully out of step with reality. Every single one of these teams leans heavily on the run and does it very well.

Same thing we got in return for B. M.

Over the past 5 season, the Dolphins management, only seems to league in creating its own problems. Its amazing how we have, the special gift, when even in solving 1 problem, creating 2 more problems in doin g so.

..Actually Watching The Games. If you had actually read any of the comments here the last 2 weeks you would know that this point has been disscused, and debated. Good try though. It seems the bloggers here have been paying attention.

Charles Barkley said it correctly:

"Today's athletes are bigger, faster, and dumber"!

I agree Ireland had a great draft last year with many of the draftees have potential.

I've noticed we don't have a true #1 RB. And these playoff teams all can run the ball and that helps keep the defenses guessing so the QB doesn't have to run for his life every play.

Wow, JJ Watt absolutely manhandled nd blew a double-team block to get to Bradt. WOW!

Darryl, all I see is people prattling on with the same tedious garbage about Tannehill and Ireland 5-million times with only the very occassional deviation into somethingactually new or insightful.

I read this blog frequently, probably three or four times a week. I would honestly only classify two or three of the regular posters here as intelligent.

Run the ball, seriously?

Did you guys also notice these team have dangerous recieving units that also forces the defenses to play the run honestly?

Just saying...... Every team in this year's playoffs had a far better recieving corp than the Dolphins.

Here is the plan for Play makers next year:

The following walk: Long, Starks, Bush, and Fasano. You need to free up some money to resign players and to sign free agents. Sign Wes Welker and Dustin Kellar in FA. I would also sign guard Levitre to improve the line.

Draft Jarvis Jones with the first pick, 2a. Zach Ertz, 2b. Best Available Tackle to replace Long. Use one of the 3rd round picks on Steadman Bailey.

Our receiving unit: Hartline, Welker, Bess, Bailey, Mathews, Benns. OL: LT Martin, LG Levitre, C Pouncey, RG Incognito, RT Rookie (2nd round pick).

There are only 5 players on our entire roster today that would be allowed on the roster of anyone of these postseason teams. The 5 are: Long, Hartline, Bush, Starks and Smith.
Like I said they are on our roster today but will be off o our roster on the first day of FA.
And we will get nothing for them.

Levitre is an ED medication, no?

Word's Bond,

LOL, I think that is how you spell it but it is an ED medication.

When is Armando going to write a new blog? We are up to 18 pages now. Is he on vacation or has he ran out of topics.

There are too many needs to fill them all in 1 offseason. No matter which direction we decide to go in this offseason addressing them. In 2014, there will still be at least 3 urgent positions left to address, plus dealing with our own fa's.

This is why I like the talk of the Dolphins already being in talks with Reshad Jones about an extension. That's one less thing to deal with in the 2014 offseason.

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