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Cameron Wake is All NFL

The postseason awards are starting to filter in now and at least one Dolphins player is being recognized for a great season:

Cameron Wake.

Wake was today voted to the 2012 All NFL team by Pro Football Weekly and the Professional Football Writers of America. This is deserved as Wake had a career-high 15 sacks in 2012. I am assuming the big award, the All Pro awards by the Associated Press, will also recognize Wake in the coming weeks.

I am one of the 50 people that vote for All Pro and I voted for Wake. So we'll see. Meanwhile, the PFF/PFWA All NFL team and awards are below:

QB Peyton Manning / Broncos
RB Adrian Peterson / Vikings
RB Marshawn Lynch / Seahawks
WR Calvin Johnson / Lions
WR Brandon Marshall / Bears
TE Rob Gronkowski / Patriots
C John Sullivan / Vikings
OG Mike Iupati / 49ers
OG Marshal Yanda / Ravens
OT Duane Brown / Texans
OT Ryan Clady / Broncos
DE J.J. Watt / Texans
DE Cameron Wake / Dolphins
DT Geno Atkins / Bengals
DT Vince Wilfork / Patriots
OLB Von Miller / Broncos
OLB Aldon Smith / 49ers
MLB Patrick Willis / 49ers
CB Richard Sherman / Seahawks
CB Charles Tillman / Bears
S Earl Thomas / Seahawks
S Eric Weddle / Chargers
PK Blair Walsh / Vikings
P Andy Lee / 49ers
KR Jacoby Jones / Ravens
PR Leodis McKelvin / Bills
ST Matthew Slater / Patriots
MVP/Offensive MVP — Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
Defensive MVP— Texans DE J.J. Watt
Coach of the Year — Colts offensive coordinator/interim head coach Bruce Arians
Comeback Player of the Year — Adrian Peterson
Rookie of the Year/Offensive Rookie — Redskins QB Robert Griffin III
Defensive Rookie of the Year — Panthers LB Luke Kuechly
Most Improved Player — Cowboys WR Dez Bryant
Executive of the Year — Colts GM Ryan Grigson
Assistant Coach of the Year — Bruce Arians
Golden Toe (Best Placekicker or Punter)  — Vikings PK Blair Walsh
Pro Football Weekly/Professional Football Writers of America All-Rookie team

QB Robert Griffin III / Redskins
RB Alfred Morris / Redskins
RB Doug Martin / Buccaneers
WR T.Y. Hilton / Colts
WR Justin Blackmon / Jaguars
TE Dwayne Allen / Colts
OG Kevin Zeitler / Bengals
OG Amini Silatolu / Panthers
OT Matt Kalil / Vikings
OT Mitchell Schwartz / Browns
DL Fletcher Cox / Eagles
DL Chandler Jones / Patriots
DL Bruce Irvin / Seahawks
DL Michael Brockers / Rams
LB Bobby Wagner / Seahawks
LB Luke Kuechly / Panthers
LB Lavonte David / Buccaneers
CB Casey Hayward / Packers
CB Janoris Jenkins / Rams
S Harrison Smith / Vikings
S Mark Barron / Buccaneers
PK Blair Walsh / Vikings
P Bryan Anger / Jaguars
KR David Wilson / Giants
PR T.Y. Hilton / Colts
ST Johnson Bademosi / Browns


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#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal puts CraigM and Mark in Toronto to shame when it comes to intelligence.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal wishes the Gang of Duffus to leave the great nation of Canada.

Many of you would make awful GM's, all of you would. Every season you have completely forgotten what your mistakes were the last season and then you are chirping to repeat them. LOL.

Boring Karloff?

Yesterday, I've never had an issue with Mark in Toronto...Craig M is a different story...I never bought any of his bs...Makes up so much stuff he contradicts himself without realizing it...Comical...I don't care about that turd...Complete loser...

Some of you want Welker. He is in his 30's, how much tread you think is left on his tires? Do you think he will be nearly as effective outside the Brady offense that he has rehearsed for many years?

Of course not.

Cleo Lemon couldnt lead the Falcons to victory against the Cookie County Girls Scout team.

Karloff, how many playoff wins does Jake Long have?? Yeah, thought so...

If Bellichik would give us a 2nd rd pick for Brian Hartline today I'll take it. Just to bad we probably use it on another Pat White.

Orlando I forgot I would sign Andy Levitre as a fa and move Jerry to right tackle

Playoff wins mean nothing. Who cares. How many did Marino have? The only thing to celebrate is trophies.

Oscar is friends with far many posters than anyone on this blog. After all, he created them.

Farewell jake long we won't miss you and your 15 million dollar contract

Oscar is god of this blog. He created aliases in his own image.

The Marino years were even more disappointing, always believing we had a chance, always falling short. What a waste of a phenomenal player.

Now we are just happy to score a td instead of a fg LOL.

Just think matty ice ryan what could have been

Oscar is a mo

Karloff, let me fill you in on something...Football is a TEAM sport...Dan Marino never won a SB but is a Hall of Famer and at a certain point held every record in the books...Trent freakin' Dilfer won a SB...I guess he should be considered a better QB than Marino right?? LOL!!! You're pretty smart dude...

Why are people hostile to Long? It is not his fault he was picked. Not his fault Sparano played him late into the 4th exhibition game.

Now we are just happy to score a td instead of a fg LOL.
Posted by: Karloff | January 13, 2013 at 09:10 PM

Dont say that dirty word around here. TD's are for other teams, not for us fool!

Do you guys know how difficult it is to score a td in the nfl? We've been proving this fact every season for the past 5yrs.

Marino choked in the big games.


Do you claim Craigm and Toronto as countrymen?


People hate on Long. All he did was make the pro bowl his first 4 years in a row. What more could he do? Let me explain something to you...it is a TEAM game.

It is mis-directed hate. Long is a stand out guy. If you don't like the pick that is a different issue.

Marino choked in the big games.
Posted by: Canadian Bacon | January 13, 2013 at 09:16 PM

Did he choke on your "thinly sliced" canadian bacon?

Canadian Bacon, you're right, he choked...When Thurman Thomas was rushing for 200 yards and our defense was getting pounded in the playoffs, he choked...Couldn't agree with you more...

Marino never had any kind of running game and the "D" usually stank...But it's all his fault...He choked...LOL!!!

Long got drafted. All he did was make the Pro Bowl every year but this one. And what does he get in return? Fan venom.

Only in low class ignorant Miami.

Peyton has proven time and again to be a big choker. More so than Marino. It's just that he squeaked out one SB trophy, but he has already ruined his legacy. Yesterday he played like a rookie when the game was on the line, once again.

Nobody hates Jake Long...He just wasn't the right pick...You always pick a franchise QB before a LT...Problem is our dumb GM apparently didn't know about this...Oh well...


My bad, you are as stupid as Craigm and Mark in Toronto. I posted to you thrice and you didnt answer idiot. LOL...

Do any of you pip squeaks REALLY believe Parcells walked in as chief with a GM that hadn't even reached puberty yet and let him make the picks in the first draft????

Of course not. Long was Billy's pick.

Excuses for Marino? Hilarious!

Fake Yesterday, don't even try...I'm not going to go at it with you...Sorry...And if you look at 09:03PM, I did respond to you...Oups...

Put Matt Ryan on miami right now and you'd have RT with similar #'s...

Matt Ryan, In atlanta you have actual weapons in Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez and a very good chance of winning a SB..

Or in miami you would suffer your fourth straight losing season where most people question wheather or not your GM should actually hold that title at all and an owner who has a better chance at signing a worthwhile celeb than a worthwhile WR to greet you on the Orange carpet as you arrive for your game in a half empty stadium and the talent of the likes of Brian Hartline, Devone Bess, and Anthony Fasano to help you succeed on offense....

Tough Choice??!!! *LOL*, Im sure Matt Ryan has absolutly NO regrets not being drafted by miami*lmao*


I remember very well that draft. Nobody, I mean NOBODY, on by draft day saw Matt Ryan as being worthy of a #1 pick. They had him pegged at 9 or 10. Most likely they tried to trade down and didn't like the offers.

Nobody has the benefit of hindsight on draft day. They took the safe pick. In hindsight, they should have taken Ryan.

In hindsight, many teams should have taken Kaepernick and Wilson...so how many GM's should we castrate?

Doesn't matter who's pick it was, bottom line is it was the WRONG pick...Who cares if it's Billy or Jeffrey...


My appologies, Im your idiot right now. I totally missed your 9:03 post. I thought you were ignoring me and didnt know why.

Again, my appologies, and Im the idiot! LOL...

Ok guys I know Boldin and Welker are getting up their. My thoughts are that you have to fix the main problems with the best use of cash.

Boldin, Welker, and Hartline are probably going to cost you what 13 to 15 million. Nelson from Green Bay wants 8 to 10. So does Wallace. So I dont want to be cheap, but to do this thing through the draft you have to fix the big problem at Receiver in FA. The WR are weak this year. Yes their are good ones, but on a team that needs upgrades in a lot of spots I want to bring in as many play makers for the buck. You get really creative and you can also afford to pay for a big time runner and pass rusher.

I hope they finally finish the line by getting Warmack in the first. You might even be able to pick up another pick by trading back a few.

Dropping giant money on a player who cares little about team is going to be Marshall all over again. Welker and Bolding bys you one or two years to get to a better receiver class. Proven receivers with great hands are what we need. Not another rookie project, that may or may not work.

Use draft picks on shore things. 100% shore things that dont have injury issues and work ethic problems.

Go Dolphins!!


You don't get it You want to punish someone forever for making the wrong pick. If that is the case, there is no GM in the NFL that you wouldn't find a reason to punish. There is no GM that meets your standards of perfection.

9 or 10 is a load of crap and you know it...Bottom line is Ryan was viewed as a franchise QB and we haven't had one since Dan Marino...You have a franchise QB and you make the playoffs almost every year...You draft linemen and try to win with Jay Fiedlers and Chad Hennes and you draft in the top 12 every year...


Also, Mark in Toronto is a defender of CraigM. Im surprised he hasnt attacked you for getting into with CraigM. he does it to everyone else. Maybe he wasnt around during your spats with CraigM.

Thats why ALoco calls CraigM and Mark in Toronto "The Love Boys".

What was worse

The Long pick or the Sanchez pick?

The Long pick or giving Fitzgerald a nice contract?

The Long pick or any of the #1 overall total bust picks on QB's?

You just never know.

Try to have some perspective.

A GM that gives us 6 and 7 wins a year after 4 years doesn't meet my standards of perfection, you're right...And you know what, a lot of other fans feel the same way because the stadium is usually half empty and they even flew a banner to "fire the GM"...Hhhmmm...How would you explain that one?

Top 7 QB's

1) Tom Brady
2) Matt Ryan
3) Peyton Manning
4) Drew Brees
5) Aaron Rodgers
6) Ben Rothlisberger
7) Eli Manning

Oh and if you want to shorten Bradys life expectancy start taking away his security blankets. True you take Welker away and things are not going to fall totally apart.

But you take Welker out of the equation and Brady starts to come back to Earth a little. That Zip strike he does with Welker is almost unstoppable.

I think Welker is what opens up the TE's half the time. You are picking your poision. And Welker and those two TE's make for a nightmare across the middle to defend.

Lets Chip away at the middle game of these guys. After all the promise land goes thru New England Right now.

Go Dolphins!!

The Long pick was worse, in terms of beginning blocks to build a team. If at all possible you want to begin at qb.

At least the Jets get an A for effort, it was a much more solid plan. LT's dont score tds, nor lead thier team. LT wasnt even or worst position when Parcells made the move. It was qb.


Your memory sucks period. Ryan was rated 9 or 10 in that draft, 8 at best. I could care less what crap you want to feed up now.

NOBODY had Ryan worth the #1 overall pick. There were doubts about him. No point in arguing it because I am certain. Move on to the next subject but don't try to convince me otherwise.

I guess you meant Fitzpatrick...LOL!!

No blames nor hates Long for the Parcells decision. We hate the decision alone.

Karloff thats dead wrong. Half the mocks had Ryan as their 1st pick.

Parcells promised Long was by far "the safet choice". Now the injries are piling on and free agency has come.

Im sure Parcells may even want to "rethink safest choice".

We were choosing between Long and Chris Long, Chris Long went second. So that is two teams that saw LT and LB as a better choice than Ryan. Facts are facts,

Oh my you are a very impressive expert in hindsight.

NOt true Shula, and to anyone else who says the mocks by draft day and Ryan as #1, I say go blow yourselves LOL.

You guys are high on drugs for sure.

Yesterday, playing it safe is the main reason why we're stuck in mediocrity...You said it...


Go on and hate the Long pick forever. But in the mean time, please provide your list of GM"s that never missed on their first pick.

Chad Henne was considered a safe pick too, after all, when he failed to become a franchise QB, at least Ireland and the then VP of operation parcells had a safe exscuse for losing and most fans still had the same thing to say year after year...

No franchise QB!!! But at least we still had an all pro Safe Pick in Jake Long becuase we all love players in the pro bowl as oppossed to players leading their teams to the playoffs!! LOL LOL LOL

Parcells ended bringing in a qb with a chronically noodle arm and one who chronically underachieved at Michigan. Then tried to sell that bs along with Long being by far the safest pick bs.

Henny-Penny are gone, now it seems Long's career in Miami could be done at year 5. Its not a given he will be back.

Debate is fine, different opinions are fine, but let's not make stuff up just to make ourselves sound right and righteous. LOL

Shula 73, don't bother...He was projected 9th or 10th...My memory sucks...LOL!!!


Sanchez has more playoff wins than Ryan, so I guess you want to make a play for Sanchez LOL

Dude your logic is down the toilet.

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