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Cameron Wake is All NFL

The postseason awards are starting to filter in now and at least one Dolphins player is being recognized for a great season:

Cameron Wake.

Wake was today voted to the 2012 All NFL team by Pro Football Weekly and the Professional Football Writers of America. This is deserved as Wake had a career-high 15 sacks in 2012. I am assuming the big award, the All Pro awards by the Associated Press, will also recognize Wake in the coming weeks.

I am one of the 50 people that vote for All Pro and I voted for Wake. So we'll see. Meanwhile, the PFF/PFWA All NFL team and awards are below:

QB Peyton Manning / Broncos
RB Adrian Peterson / Vikings
RB Marshawn Lynch / Seahawks
WR Calvin Johnson / Lions
WR Brandon Marshall / Bears
TE Rob Gronkowski / Patriots
C John Sullivan / Vikings
OG Mike Iupati / 49ers
OG Marshal Yanda / Ravens
OT Duane Brown / Texans
OT Ryan Clady / Broncos
DE J.J. Watt / Texans
DE Cameron Wake / Dolphins
DT Geno Atkins / Bengals
DT Vince Wilfork / Patriots
OLB Von Miller / Broncos
OLB Aldon Smith / 49ers
MLB Patrick Willis / 49ers
CB Richard Sherman / Seahawks
CB Charles Tillman / Bears
S Earl Thomas / Seahawks
S Eric Weddle / Chargers
PK Blair Walsh / Vikings
P Andy Lee / 49ers
KR Jacoby Jones / Ravens
PR Leodis McKelvin / Bills
ST Matthew Slater / Patriots
MVP/Offensive MVP — Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
Defensive MVP— Texans DE J.J. Watt
Coach of the Year — Colts offensive coordinator/interim head coach Bruce Arians
Comeback Player of the Year — Adrian Peterson
Rookie of the Year/Offensive Rookie — Redskins QB Robert Griffin III
Defensive Rookie of the Year — Panthers LB Luke Kuechly
Most Improved Player — Cowboys WR Dez Bryant
Executive of the Year — Colts GM Ryan Grigson
Assistant Coach of the Year — Bruce Arians
Golden Toe (Best Placekicker or Punter)  — Vikings PK Blair Walsh
Pro Football Weekly/Professional Football Writers of America All-Rookie team

QB Robert Griffin III / Redskins
RB Alfred Morris / Redskins
RB Doug Martin / Buccaneers
WR T.Y. Hilton / Colts
WR Justin Blackmon / Jaguars
TE Dwayne Allen / Colts
OG Kevin Zeitler / Bengals
OG Amini Silatolu / Panthers
OT Matt Kalil / Vikings
OT Mitchell Schwartz / Browns
DL Fletcher Cox / Eagles
DL Chandler Jones / Patriots
DL Bruce Irvin / Seahawks
DL Michael Brockers / Rams
LB Bobby Wagner / Seahawks
LB Luke Kuechly / Panthers
LB Lavonte David / Buccaneers
CB Casey Hayward / Packers
CB Janoris Jenkins / Rams
S Harrison Smith / Vikings
S Mark Barron / Buccaneers
PK Blair Walsh / Vikings
P Bryan Anger / Jaguars
KR David Wilson / Giants
PR T.Y. Hilton / Colts
ST Johnson Bademosi / Browns


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Neither Jake Long nor Chris Long score tds. Now with all of the offensive help available, many diots here are now convincing themselves to take a defensive player or olineman 1st rd.

I can only shake my head.

Karloff, you're the one making stuff up and you know it...Whatever dude...

Matt Ryan has TWO alpha receivers and one of the best TE's that ever played the game AND and excellent RB.

How would he look on our team with NONE of that?

Karloff, Ryan would have us in the playoffs every year.

I agree we have delayed far too long in acquiring serious offensive weapons. It's time to forget the hopeful bargain basement finds and reach out for some real deal talent. If anything these playoffs have shown us, more than ever, WE NEED TO SCORE POINTS!!!!

A team with one great player is years away from winning. With no one around to pick new talent, it looks like it will be many years. The teams in the playoffs are so much better than Miami and this owner thinks he is close and moving in the right direction. That's a bad sign. He has no clue how inept Jeff Ireland is and that makes him just as inept.

Yesterday, playing it safe is the main reason why we're stuck in mediocrity...You said it...
Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | January 13, 2013 at 09:46 PM

Yes, 4yrs after 2008, easily our best season since(7-9) we're "Safely Stuck" in the middle of the pack of nfl teams.


Karloff, did you read my post about football being a TEAM Sport???? Why would I take Sanchez before Ryan??? Sanchez is garbage, the only reason he has 2 playoff wins is because the Jets had a very strong defense both times...Exactly like Dilfer having a ring because of the amazing "D" the Ravens had that year...Duuhhh...

Irescum couldnt draft an offensive weapon if his life depended on it.

28 - 41 was the range of scores for this playoff weekend. How many times have we scored in that range?

Probably the most ridiculous pick ever was easily Ronnie Brown at #3 overall.

How do you justify drafting a guy #3 overall when he didnt even start for the team youre drafting him from?

At least at #9 overall, Te Ginn started for his team.


I read your post saying Ryan has more playoff wins than Long too, so then what the hell is your point? If you even have one. LOL

Thats the whole problem with Ireland having personal control right there, he has shown a lack of trust in finding offensive talent for this team to succeed when compared to the team that has OWNED this division over a dacade. Instead he waits these guys out in late rounds while selecting safe picks like long and his hopes rest that his late round picks such as QB and WR/TE turn into Playmaking GEMS for miami.

And people wonder why he's isnt the most liked guy in front office.

Montreal contradicts himself. Playoff wins only matter when it supports his argument of the minute.

And that post about having 2 great WRs and TE, what's your point??? Yeah, he's got weapons, so now he's good only because of that??? That's total ignorance...So Troy Aikman was an awesome QB but Michael Irvin, Jay Novacek and Emmitt Smith had nothing to do with it??? Joe Montana was great but Roger Craig, Dwight Clark and Jerry Rice had nothing to do with it??? Get real bro, you have no idea what you're talking about...


In what decade do we get an elite QB?

Montreal, 9:59, well now you contradict yourself AGAIN. So is it a TEAM game or isn't it? LOL

You are all over the map.

Yesterday's Goon,

How I enjoyed our day at the mall together! Shopping for heels at Macy's, having our hair done at Elizabeth Arden, and that WONDERFUL manicure we both enjoyed! Oh, and how I treasure our special conversations over coffee and biscotti at Starbucks. I am blessed to have a friend that shares such intimate details of her life. I am not ashamed to tell you that I shed tears of grateful joy when you excused yourself to take a dump. You are special.

Sometimes I think I am even developing lesbian feelings for you but please don't tell Don!

Karloff, my post about Ryan having one more playoff win than Long was a sarcastic one because so many idiots like yourself still think Long was the right pick for the SIMPLE reason that Ryan hadn't won a playoff game yet...Do you get it now or do I have to explain myself even more?


Do they have microwave ovens in Canada? I know winter there is cold. You might want to thaw your brain before doing any more posting LOL

Dumb and dumber man...I mean really...LOL!!

In hindsight Ryan would have been the right pick. On draft day, NOBODY, despite what garbage you want to feed me, NOBODY saw Ryan as worthy of the #1 overall pick.

Karloff, my posts make sense...Your posts are clueless...Big difference...

Karloff, thats hogwash.

In hindsight, every GM in the league whiffed on Kaepernik. So should we castrate all of them?

Parcells was quoted as wrestling with the decision QB or LT?

Zonk, Karloff is on a roll...Let him speak...He's getting more stupid by the minute...LOL!!!


Russell Wilson went farther than Luck, RG3 and Tannehill, so I guess all those GM"s should be burned at the stake.

The point is guys, yeah man, GM's whiff, ALL of them do. Holding them hostage and being forever bitter about them missing on a pick means you probably are lacking fulfillment in your lives.

Everybody knew Ryan was going to be the first QB taken in that draft...Nobody said anything about Kaepernick being the best QB of that class...Compare apples with apples my man...Again, you look foolish...

Posted by: Karloff | January 13, 2013 at 10:03 PM

No one's to thrilled about making a LT 1st overall pick when you dont have a qb either.

If Montreal calls me stupid, some how that makes me feel smart LOL.

If he thought I was smart I'd for sure be stupid LOL

I'm surprsied Philbin missed Wilson since they were both in Wisconsin.

My question is, 5 years from now, are all of you still going to whine over the pick? At what point do you move on? Never?

10:10, ok, now the lady boy imposters are out. A clear sign of defeat LOL. What shallow losers some of you are. Does mommy still do your laundry?

GM's whiff, we all know that...But the good ones find a way to draft playmakers and make the playoffs...Bad ones give you 6-7 wins every year with zero playmakers......Unacceptable...

Well, we'll always discuss it. Heck, we still discuss 1972!!

Karloff, you're making a fool out of yourself...Time for bed...

Posted by: Karloff | January 13, 2013 at 10:07 PM

We all know that gm's whiff, but its been a reoccuring theme for the past decade or so in Miami. To ake matters worse, its been at the most crucial positions.

Its happened so regularly every new incoming regime will have less margin of errors. Most long suffering fans cant take it anymore. Fans are totally sick of more of the same, even when bringing in the new.

Error is one thing, but its the cluelessness fans are done with.

Matt Ryan was projected by both Espn Scouts Mel Kiper and Todd Mcshay as a #1 overall selection in 2007 before miami locked up their choice for long. CNNSI thought miami made a mistake in judgement after the selection in not taking a QB as their top pick even though they thought highly of long and there were plenty of fans who were crying for miami to take ryan on draft day instead of long.

Nothing Hindsight about that choice....just a wrong one!!

We had 4 years to move on from it but the results are still the same...LOL!!!


Here is my take, yeah, the drafting has been unacceptable. Ireland started out in not exactly the most liberal situation. I'm judging Ireland from the 2011 draft one. Last year was his best draft. That to me is a good sign he is moving in the right direction. He has to back it up though this year. I'm good with giving him another year, I really am, but if this team is not significantly better next year it is time to make a change.

Get Sense, amen...I rest my case...Ryan 9th or 10th?? LOL!!!...Dude is taking some wicked meds...

Get Sense, nice try, actually poor try. You are citing something many months before draft day. By draft day, Ryan had fallen. That is the fact. I won't let your silly postings of outdated material confuse my excellent memory of the day.


In your humble opinion, how many years more should bloggers be endlessly whining about the Long/Ryan pick? Or should we whine forever?

I used to work in Seattle, Whenever we had a bonehead employee, they'd say - yeah, a Canadian. LOL.

It's true. Not my words, theirs.

Karloff, the Canadian thing doesn't bother me...Only total ignorants go down that road...Be more creative in your insults please...LOL!!!

Get Sense quotes an article from 2007 LOL. The draft was well into 2008.

Senseless that fellow.

Those are not my insults, I was just passing along information ;) I only knew one Canadian, a sorta fat chick that I sorta fkd LOL.

Anyway, good night Karloff...Keep up those awesome posts... Now you can insult me all you want, I'll be gone and you'll be the man...LOL!!!

There are two people doing the insulting Montreal, you and my imposter LOL


Last year was Irelands best draft? Absolutely, but the irony of the matter is that it was at possions never properly addressed or problems created.

Qb(out with Henne finally), RT(brought Columbo here last year), RB( traded back into 2nd rd for Thomas). On and on.

But when you look at last year's draft Ireland was trying to correct previous years mistakes. Still got TE wrong and will have to use this year's draft to correct that mistake.

Give any of us 2 or 3 drafts to correct previous drafts mistakes and we probably finally get it right too. Matt Millen eventually found Calvin Johnson. LOL...

Karloff, you stated that nobody projected Ryan as a #1 overall pick, i just cited a source that proved you were mis-informed. Attack me if you want, but it seems to me like you just like to whine more about false presumptions in forgettable facts.


Citing the Egnew mistake is a bit disingenuous when you fail to mention he otherwise had a very solid draft. The lowest score from the pundits I saw was A-. Tannehll, Martin, Miller, Vernon, Rishard...

Scoring over 50% is excellent by any standard.

Get Sense, I understand your generation has basically no reading and comprehension skills. I said many times by draft day Ryan's stock had fallen. For your information, draft day was April 2008. And you presented an article from 2007

You are so freaking stupid I won't even consider responding to you any more.


I cant give this draft very high merit when it was more about correcting past draft mistakes. All of these mistakes should have never been made in the first place.

Then you have to cite Egnew because he fall in the same line of mistakes that will have to get over the next draft. Burning 2 picks for the same position and hopefully get it right 2nd time around.

At this rate we'll never close the gap with the Pats. We're just here for Belichik's amusement, nothing more.

Actually ,it was pre draft mock article presented two days before the draft so please dont try to force feed me your prime time almighty BS knowledge of nothing you know is true, You sound more like an idiot and this is my first time even talking to you.

Belichik see us as potentially dangerous but far from becoming a present threat. We would have to be far more lucky than we are good before Belichik looks our way and even raises brow.


So you are discounting this draft as being good because of the previous draft? A good draft is a good draft. At this rate means what? If his next two drafts are as good as the previous one I believe we will be in good shape. Some people learn with experience.

There is absolutely no assurance the next GM will do any better, witness our last several GM's.

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