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Cameron Wake is All NFL

The postseason awards are starting to filter in now and at least one Dolphins player is being recognized for a great season:

Cameron Wake.

Wake was today voted to the 2012 All NFL team by Pro Football Weekly and the Professional Football Writers of America. This is deserved as Wake had a career-high 15 sacks in 2012. I am assuming the big award, the All Pro awards by the Associated Press, will also recognize Wake in the coming weeks.

I am one of the 50 people that vote for All Pro and I voted for Wake. So we'll see. Meanwhile, the PFF/PFWA All NFL team and awards are below:

QB Peyton Manning / Broncos
RB Adrian Peterson / Vikings
RB Marshawn Lynch / Seahawks
WR Calvin Johnson / Lions
WR Brandon Marshall / Bears
TE Rob Gronkowski / Patriots
C John Sullivan / Vikings
OG Mike Iupati / 49ers
OG Marshal Yanda / Ravens
OT Duane Brown / Texans
OT Ryan Clady / Broncos
DE J.J. Watt / Texans
DE Cameron Wake / Dolphins
DT Geno Atkins / Bengals
DT Vince Wilfork / Patriots
OLB Von Miller / Broncos
OLB Aldon Smith / 49ers
MLB Patrick Willis / 49ers
CB Richard Sherman / Seahawks
CB Charles Tillman / Bears
S Earl Thomas / Seahawks
S Eric Weddle / Chargers
PK Blair Walsh / Vikings
P Andy Lee / 49ers
KR Jacoby Jones / Ravens
PR Leodis McKelvin / Bills
ST Matthew Slater / Patriots
MVP/Offensive MVP — Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
Defensive MVP— Texans DE J.J. Watt
Coach of the Year — Colts offensive coordinator/interim head coach Bruce Arians
Comeback Player of the Year — Adrian Peterson
Rookie of the Year/Offensive Rookie — Redskins QB Robert Griffin III
Defensive Rookie of the Year — Panthers LB Luke Kuechly
Most Improved Player — Cowboys WR Dez Bryant
Executive of the Year — Colts GM Ryan Grigson
Assistant Coach of the Year — Bruce Arians
Golden Toe (Best Placekicker or Punter)  — Vikings PK Blair Walsh
Pro Football Weekly/Professional Football Writers of America All-Rookie team

QB Robert Griffin III / Redskins
RB Alfred Morris / Redskins
RB Doug Martin / Buccaneers
WR T.Y. Hilton / Colts
WR Justin Blackmon / Jaguars
TE Dwayne Allen / Colts
OG Kevin Zeitler / Bengals
OG Amini Silatolu / Panthers
OT Matt Kalil / Vikings
OT Mitchell Schwartz / Browns
DL Fletcher Cox / Eagles
DL Chandler Jones / Patriots
DL Bruce Irvin / Seahawks
DL Michael Brockers / Rams
LB Bobby Wagner / Seahawks
LB Luke Kuechly / Panthers
LB Lavonte David / Buccaneers
CB Casey Hayward / Packers
CB Janoris Jenkins / Rams
S Harrison Smith / Vikings
S Mark Barron / Buccaneers
PK Blair Walsh / Vikings
P Bryan Anger / Jaguars
KR David Wilson / Giants
PR T.Y. Hilton / Colts
ST Johnson Bademosi / Browns


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Aloco I am not a plumber you pathetic human beiing.

typo- Being

Ireland should be fired on the basis barely any (if any) free agents made the team last year. The Egnew pick. The trade up for Daniel Thomas. Backtracking on Marshall & Davis. Paying $13.5 mil for 2 lb's that are barely above average as a duo. Not finding anyone to complement Wake. Not drafting Dez Bryant. Etc.....etc...

not to mention 4 losing seasons in a row!!! YIKES!

i think i know which blogger is half the trolls here.

Posted by: 2 twat | January 10, 2013 at 10:07 PM

LMFAO @ at you losers. bwhahahahahahahahaha

It's been a long Time since I haven't had a good laugh in this Blog or read a truly challenging commentary. What happened to that Pastor Gland, or to that incontinent Rabbi or to the Lady that peeed anywhere? What happened to fin4life, some Originals besides myself that were here? Shame.

Wow so many great GM's on this blog, everyone would pick a perfect draft! Amazing you're on this blog and not in a front office somewhere. After all you guys know who to pick after the season is over. You should all be celebrating your genius.

Hey, a blind monkey throwing darts would draft better then Irescum.

Oh, so it was the Dolphins management thru the McClatchy Co. that put a damper on this Blog. Figures. I called it Yesterday, $ and Power, for what use?

Man a few years back this blog was ripping it up every night! I used to learn stuff! Now it's down to kiddie jokers and nonsense

I am surprised anyone posts here more than a day or two. Maybe they are high school kids? Whatever. I guess the old timers are not so motivated to blog here any more.

Well, I got me a dame to take care of.

If you have noticed, nothing good seems to last too long, specially in this Country.

If you would keep your claws out of People's affairs then we would be better able to determine where Humanity stands at this Moment.

I thought drafting Earl Thomas if was still there that year was a no brainer. Ireland doesn't have a brain. I hope that was one of those Parcells influenced decisions and Ireland is not that bad. We need him to pull his head out of his ass this offseason with the picks and money he has. Can't miss on obvious talent like that.

Why do you hurt my feelings?

Hopefully Jeffery will put on his bigboy pants this draft day and make it happen. One can only hope that Philpinhead will give him some imput as to what kind of player Phil wants or needs.

I think I will go to ICESHANTY.COM and mull over the fins season. But I will not judge philbins season on this blog crap.Atleast I have other interests.SOLITUDE.SADNESS and HOPE.I BELIVE.YA,I know .....pathetic...GOT NOTHIN BETTER TO DO.

Lord I hate Ireland...................I hate him so.

Jeffy is Guar-On-Teed to foul up the draft & FA.

count on it and stop all this useless draftnik talk.

Here comes the pain.

Sorry Trolls, I disagree with so much cap space and 5 draft picks in the first three rounds there's almost no way Ireland can foul up. Every one of the teams free agents could walk and you can make an argument how the team has options and could be better in spite of losing those players.

Could Jeff Ireland afford a big dollar, free agent failure? Hiring Jennings, Wallace, Bowe or any other big-name FA will bring accolades initially but if they fail to deliver; if the Dolphins don't make the playoffs; if the team is stuck with a big failed contract, what then?

In Ross' recent presser, the Dolphins owner had said he was a patient man and pointed to 2012 as the initial year of his big decision-making concerning the team. I got to thinking that Ireland could be around at least 2 more years because of Steve Ross' recent statements.

But what if Ireland reaches for the big, quick fix @WR and fails? He's already on the hook for unproven Tannehill and a big failed contract with negligible improvement in the passing game next year could land him among the NFLs unemployed quickly -particularly after Ross' recent cautionary statements concerning FA.

I think Jeff has to think long and hard before he puts his name on any big contracts this off-season. It sounds like the Dolphins owner has his eye further out in the future than next year and Ireland/Philbin will play safe rather than sorry. It's beginning to look like the Dolphins plan for success is measured in years, not months.

Hey Jeff Ireland at least lick us before you F.U.C.K us every year come draft time.

How did Egnew and J Mart get left off the All-Pro team?

There are no guarantees in the NFL with every player one hit away from his last play in the league. The only way to protect the team from the quick fix failing is to double down on the WR position. Which most people on here believe he will do so with one FA and one draftee. It's not like Hartline was injury free this year. He was on the injury report a lot of the season.

bill, good point, can't jsut spend all willy nilly, but there has to be a marked improvement in the team THIS YEAR! Not saying they need to be in the AFC championship game but another 6,7 win season and he will be gone - no doubt. Attendance is languishing - fans are barking loudly, Ross would have to fire Ireland or risk diminshing the franchise even further.

You know times are tough when I become one of Ireland's biggest fans when I don't even care for the job he's done. He hasn't been great but he hasn't been a dog either. 7-9 adequately reflects the job he's done as GM. He's made us delightfully average and at a certain point that activates the time bomb on your current job. Average only works with excuses ...

DC, martin did make the hot dog eating team ... lift a weight, you fat sack of sheeet!!!


It would have been nice if Egnew had a realistic shot at the "active" team...

Considering the fact we kinda, sorta had a need at TE.

Good to see Marshall on that list. Miami should sign him

Marshall also made it 6 years in the league with no playoffs. Congrats on that too!

we traded all-NFL Brandon Marshall and got 2 3rds - one of which we used on Michael (Useless) Egnew---AND we coudl have used that same pick on all-NFL Rookie TY Hilton who was available !!!

DR, the pick was actually used on Olivier Vernon who is a promising rookie .. but don't let the facts stand in the way of a nice story. Ty Hilton looks an awful lot like Randall Cobb though. Disappointed Joe Philbin couldn't see that.

but don't let the facts stand in the way of a nice story. Ty Hilton looks an awful lot like Randall Cobb though. Disappointed Joe Philbin couldn't see that.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 11, 2013 at 09:25 AM


Not bustin your chops here, but how do you know Philbin couldn't see that?

With all the support/belief Ross seems to give Ireland in the role of GM, why should it be on Philbin if that pick was missed?

Signal, you're right, I don't know that. I don't know what happened there. But considering how valuable Cobb is already in GB and Philbin saw him up close, I'm hoping someone would've pounded the table here. Maybe someone did and collectively or individually they decided to go in another direction - who knows?

All I know is it sucks that this guy played in the same city as the team and they let him go elsewhere though.

If I ran into Irescum, I'd ask him .....if his momma's a hooka?

Strange that Philbin didnt want Russel Wilson who played in his own backyard.

Mark, the Marshall pick was used on Egnew. Joe Rose detailed it on his radio show. You out of touch out of towners = TOTALLY CLUELESS

Looks like former Dolphin and current CFL coach Marc Trestman is getting the Bears head job. This guy is a good coach but good luck with Cutler and Marshall ...

Tradition, your wrong it was used on Vernon. Mark is correct not clueless in this case.

Listen Home, that pick was used on Vernon. It was discussed here the other day.

Aloco I am not a plumber you pathetic human beiing.

Posted by: KingShu|a | January 10, 2013 at 10:15 PM

Post of the month.

Discussed here?? By you out of towners?? ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussed here? TOO FUNNY MARK!!

You going to use emoticons too, like a 13 year old girl. FU Home, I've wasted enough time on you over the years. Unless you want to escalate this again, we all know how this ended last time for you - banned!!

Egnew was picked with the draft choice received for Marshall. Everyone knows that.

Mark, stop spewing your nonsense on here.

Egnew was the pick used for Marshall

Sure Home, make up as many personnas as you want with your New England born and bred arse.

Egnew was the pick used for MarshallPosted by: Realist | January 11, 2013 at 10:14 AM

Everyone knows that. But Mark tries to spew nonsense on here to fit his agenda.

The Redskins managed to draft not one...but TWO ROOKIES good enough to garner consideration for the NFL team....

That is how you beaqt up your division....win the division out-right...and have a 14 ZIP lead in a HOME playoff game....

That is until you're all NFL ROOKIE QB tears whats left of his knee in half....

bottom line....the SKINS have been getting it right since Shanny has been there....I'm not a fan of the guy...but he has assembled some talent....and cleary it was the QB postion that allowed the rest of the talent to shine....

Mark, go ice fishing, kid.

Strange that Philbin didnt want Russel Wilson who played in his own backyard.

Posted by: mike | January 11, 2013 at 09:51 AM

Yeah mike,

I can just picture that conversation, Phibin trying to talk Ross/Ireland to pass on their first round qb to take Wilson in the third...

Ross probably would have told him, "No offense Joe, but this is exactly why Ireland is my GM and you are my coach."

Kris, thats why we need to draft a QB early again.

Mark, tell us again how Ireland drafted Marino. lol

I seriously think the trolls get dumber by the day. Monte, I don't think you have ever posted an actual fact. One that was actually a fact, you have to be the dumbest person or personality that post here.

Fisher? .500 Fisher? Joke..

Congrats mattyb

Ross probably would have told him, "No offense Joe, but this is exactly why Ireland is my GM and you are my coach."

Posted by: The Signal | January 11, 2013 at 10:19 AM

Ireland is his GM because he picks all busts? lol

Kris, not sure anybody should be praising Shanahan this morning. A lot of bloggers here said from September that he was bringing up RG3 the wrong way. yeah, he got expedited results in year one but at what cost? Too win 3 more games than us this year, forego two first picks and not have any wiggle room cap wise going forward?

yeah, they had a much better year than us this year no doubt but dug quite the hole doing it.

Could've been much better going forward for that team if they used a little more patience and big picture mentality.

Noboy knows if tannehill is the answer but it's not unusual to expect improvement going forward. The coaches gave Tannehill a nice education in being an NFL pocket Qb this year. They could've ran the pistol exclusively from day one and might have won some more games but I much rather prefer this approach. If Tannehill doesn't improve much next year then what the heck, pistol away!!!

Also with the TY Hilton crap. Yeah I guess every team knew how good that kid was, thats why he was drafted so high...

This blog is great for hindsight form hindends...

Fin 77....

I don't think I am a fan of any of these QBs comming out early...

Its entirely possible we rushed to replace Henne...with....well...Henne....hopefully I am wrong...

I didn't like @ QB early last year...and I don't want one early this year....

Now if we can get a 4th rder with Kirk Cousin's/Russel Wilson potential....then yes....don't pass...but we can't draft more of the same early....

CmoomSense, please go find some. TY Hilton was still on the boards when Egcrap was taking. Hilton was a explosive playmaker that Ireland missed on, how many times will you defend your BF?


No doubt the philosophy in the way RG3 was used was wrong....and you re correct some bloggers foretold of this exaxt scenario happening....Dashi leading the way.....

but that still doesn't take away from the 2 gems he came away with in the draft....

Shanny's Defense was still bad....even during the winninb streak they were giving up points....but ALL OF A SUDDEN...the defense was being praised...because the Skins could put up PATS type poins on teams with consistency....

5-1 in the division speakes VOLUMES....

While I am sure NO PLAYER wants to see another hurt...

I have to believe the


are all breathing a bit easier today...

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