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Championship Sunday: Brady, Lewis, Jake Long

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- I'm covering the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game today.

It has become something of an annual rite that these two teams meet in the playoffs. They met last year in the title game. They have played six times since 2007 and this will be the third playoff meeting between the teams.

And all that time, the rest of the AFC East that is charged with knocking the Patriots down in the regular season has not been able to do it. The Dolphins did sneak in to win a division title in 2008 in what now seems like a mirage. And believe it or not, the Jets have had the most success unseeding the Pats from their playoff perch.

And still that hasn't been enough.

The primary reason? Let's face it, it's the quarterback. Tom Brady.

I believe as long as Brady is playing for the Patriots, the rest of the AFC East teams will be playing for a wildcard slot because Brady and the Pats are simply too dominant. So when will Brady, 35, go away? When will the door open for the other AFC East teams?

As I write in my column today Tom Brady is not declining. And in comparing him to Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas and others, Brady isn't suffering the ravages of time. Check out which QB I believe he is comparable to as he ages.

If my comparison is correct, it might be 2018 before we're done seeing Brady in New England, folks.


One legend that will be leaving the NFL after this season is Ray Lewis. I appreciate that dude. He is a great player. He is a great leader. However you feel about that long-ago murder charger (later dropped) is not the topic today.

The topic today is whether Lewis gets a chance to go out on top by advancing to the Super Bowl. Or whether he will bow out after this game.

On another matter, I want to share with you a good example of how uncertain things are for the Dolphins these days.

On Saturday, Jackie Long, the wife of Jake Long, tweeted what is a clear statement of how little certainty the Dolphins have given the Dolphins offensive lineman.

"Getting a little tired of not knowing where we'll be next year!" she tweeted. "I don't wanna move but if we have to leave I better start organizing!"

This seems like a sign that the Dolphins are quite willing to let Long walk this offseason if the price is not right on a new deal.


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My Nfc Championship Prediction:

If Falcons and Matt Ryan wins, this board is going to go ballistic with Fireland Hate. LOL...

I hope it is tonight I'm so so sick of Tom terrific I truly hate him

Mr medical already paid Brady a visit in 2008 going down with a knee injury and Cassell led the Pats to a 10-5 season that was the same year the MIRAGEFINS made it to the playoffs and got dismantled by the Ravens in that 1st round playoff game.Dont worry about the score they were crushed.

Its not just Brady folks its the WHOLE organization top to bottom starting with the owner.

Lets toast the demise of the mighty patriots GO RAVENS


I know it aint just Brady, but I would like to see them do it w/o Brady. I hate Brady and he needs to get hurt to slow him down a bit. I hope he gets hurt.

Oh yeah let's see how far they get without Tom Brady . They are far from dominant believe me

King Shula,

In 2008, Mr Medical only dropped Brady off a "couple brochures". LOL...

Has anyone heard when tannehill will be doing the autograph show in new jersey

Ryan continues throwing like this and the Fireland hate will be in "full bloom" before the end of the 3rd qtr. 46yd td bomb, Ryan to Julio Jones! LOL....

The only team I hate as much as the jets is the patriots

t wil be a shootout. All on Colin.

Matty ICE!!

Heck, you never know, the Falcons go to the sb and Parcells could be recieving "death threat" mail from crazy irrate dolfans. LOL...

Matt Ryan, the best QB in the league?

By a couple of brochures it seems to imply what you guys are hoping for is for a dirty team like the bounty saints to end his career.Although it is possible how many defensive coordinators do you think have thought the same thing,he just knows how to protect his body from the punishment of the NFL game as opposed to someone like say Daniel Thomas of the Dolphins.

SF is the beter Coached Team. It will show later on.


My concern about Kap right now is "shell shock". Matty ice has jumped on them quick and this is Kap's 1st game of this magnitude. The deeper you get into the playoffs, the more difficult it becomes to win.

If Ryan leads another td drive this possession, The game could very well get out of hand before Kap wakes up from the shock. LOL...

If they lose Brady they definitely will have less talent on the field but off the field they make all the right decisions as opposed to the team we follow and I know YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN.Lets see if their is an inflection point in this trend this off-season.

YES kingshula, maybe Brady and get hurt with a legimate hit, nothing dirty. who cares if he goes down, not me. Afterall, lots of players get hurt.

For this game, maybe it would have been a better idea for Harbaugh to have Smith at qb, than Kap. At least SWmith has been in this position last season. So he may have the more level head.

correction: can get hurt

How thrilled are the Falcons that the Fins took Jake Long? LOL

Aloco=YG4ever=oscar=90% of the posts on this blog !

Fin4life I don't necessarily AGREE with 100% of what you post or your opinions and politics but I do usually find your Football related stuff a good read.

Your PROBLEM last night and on other occasions is how easily you let yourself get sucked into the stupidity of the blogs ONE MAN SHOW!!

I have read you on more than one occasion give others ADVICE about ignoring the trolls and I think maybe you should take your own ADVICE!!

By the way the word isn't troll as in PLURAL but TROLL as in SINGULAR!

I really would give anything to see WHAT, WHO and HOW this PATHETIC LOOSER lives because this guy NEVER sleeps and seems to live to post under COUNTLESS ALIASES. I can actually picture some crusty dude in SOILED underwear JERKING OFF among other things posting on the only blog were people are STUPID enuff to take his CRAP 22 out of the 24 available hours in a day!

I don't always post but read enuff to know that there really only is about 7 or 8 guys on here FOR REAL AND EVEN SOME OF THOSE GUYS USE MULTIPLE SCREEN NAMES!


Darryl Dunphey
Craig M
Mark in Toronto

The rest are a combination of a couple of dudes and then the one!

Nah, Kap overcame an early int last week.

ATL will blow their wad and then go cold.

I would settle for the Patriots winning tonight as long as Brady is hurt and out for six weeks. LOL

Ultimate Truth,

ROTFLMAO! "ULTIMATE TRUTH"? You claiming people are posting under aliases?

WTH is "ULTIMAT TRUTH" then. Geesh you proof what an utter bafoon you are. Youre probably the "COWARD" Marcie In Toronto. LOL.....

We would've made the playoffs if Tannehill got hurt!

Geesh, at least if youre going to call anyone out for being a troll and post under aliases. Dont post under an alias yourself dumbass! LOL...

I can actually picture some crusty dude in SOILED underwear JERKING OFF among other things posting on the only blog were people are STUPID enuff to take his CRAP 22 out of the 24 available hours in a day!

Posted by: The Ultimate Truth | January 20, 2013 at 03:23 PM

just that you would even come up with that says maybe you are like that.

odinseye has 82 names fool.
kris has been busted over the years mult-naming. tried to blame it on a faulty mouse once LOL.

don't be so gullible.

Ultimate Truth, those guys are all out of touch out of towners. CLUELESS!


I can actually picture some crusty dude in SOILED underwear JERKING OFF ........

Posted by: The Ultimate Truth | January 20, 2013 at 03:23 PM

You have to be "A CREEP" to even want to "PICTURE" another man "JERKING OFF". God help you son, youre one extreme "PERVERT". LOL....

How thrilled is Mike Nolan he left Miami? LOL

Give Kap one more possesion. If he doesn't get going, time for coach to make another BOLD move and put in Smith.

Atlanta is playing a magnificent Game up to now.

Kap sacked! Harbaugh had better put in the more experienced Alex Smith. This game can get out of hand in a hurry.

Oh, wait a minute, it would be "egg in the face" for Harbaugh to go with Alex Smith now. Lets see how it plays out. Will Harbaugh be ruled by brains or ego going forward in this game? LOL....

I really would give anything to see WHAT, WHO and HOW this PATHETIC LOOSER lives because this guy NEVER sleeps and seems to live to post under COUNTLESS ALIASES.

Posted by: The Ultimate Truth | January 20, 2013 at 03:23 PM

Well simple, just look in the mirror.


If this game gets to 17-0 Falcons. Putting in Smith will become an even more difficult decision for Harbaugh.

Smith isnt exactly close to being a great come from behind qb. LOL...

Kaepernick > Smith

Matty ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matty f u c k i n g Ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All day to throw today. 17-0 Falcons! LOL...

Man, what a throw and catch!

The Dolphins would be in the SB if they drafted Matt Ryan instead of Jake Long.

Does anyone know why we picked Long over Ryan?

This is a great "DOLFAN" game. SF wins and it lesson's the Jake Long vs Ryan debate.

Falcons win, its egg in Harbaugh's face for not accepting the Fins job(at least in Ross' view), but brings up the Long Ryan debate in "full furry". LOL...

Is that Jerry Rice or Julio Jones out there today? LOL....

Does anyone know why we picked Long over Ryan?

Posted by: Junior GM | January 20, 2013 at 03:48 PM

Cause Ireland's a MORON!

Best thing to happen to Falcons: Big Tuna spurning them for the Fins!

Hey.........all you HenneFanboyz & Tuna/Ireland Loverz still glad we passed on franchise QB to select Jake "IR" Long??

The blunder that will take ten years to overcome.

Julio Jones:

6 catches 120yds 2 tds. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

It isnt even halftime yet. LOL...

Taking Long over Ryan was as big a botch as taking Culpepper over Brees.

Parcells is soooooo............. glad he took the money and ran now. Poor Ireland is only one left to take the heat.

I'll bet Armando even writes a blog about it should the fFalcons/Ryan advance to the sb today. LOL...

I mean,what a Gun!

Falcons/Ryan advance to the sb, Miami media has to ask Treland his role in the Long over Ryan decision. I mean it absolutely has to be addressed once and for all! LOL...

Think anyone on ESPN will have the gall to ask Genius Tuna why he downgraded Ryan?


The team has stunk since Parvells quit.

Ultimate Truth @3:23

I made a statement last night about Miami not having the largest Latin Community in the U.S. and it somehow turned into something racial. I usually never post anything but football and learned my lesson. By the post figure your someone posting under multiples yourself and prefer not be included in your computer hang ups with somebody else on here.


I agree with you about the irony of this game for us given we would have been the ones hiring Dimmitroff had Parcells taken the Atl. gig. The Dolphins just can't seem to catch a break and this game is the perfect measuring stick given we both started in 08 in the same boat. I got to tell you though had you told me the Falcons were going to walk all over the 49ers D in this fashion I would have called you crazy.

Ultimate Truth

I read the blog in my spare time often and post sometimes. It gets discouraging the amount of stupidness that goes on here. I actually have a life.

..Yg. I agree, I think there will be some that cannot just move on from the Ryan-Long debate. I would say reguardless of the outcome of this game. Should the team decide, or fail to re--sign Long. Those who want to shout about which pick was the right one really gains steam. Those folks would have a very very good point on which they could base an argument.

Still, IMO. What does it matter now? We can't go back in time and change the choice. Being upset, or telling everyone" I told you so" won't change anything as far as the past. Perhaps it may change the way the team drafts in the future. But those who want to bash Parcells, or Ireland over this pick have nothing to gain by making this point.

O.K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets go 9ers!!!!!!!!!!!

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