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Championship Sunday: Brady, Lewis, Jake Long

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- I'm covering the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game today.

It has become something of an annual rite that these two teams meet in the playoffs. They met last year in the title game. They have played six times since 2007 and this will be the third playoff meeting between the teams.

And all that time, the rest of the AFC East that is charged with knocking the Patriots down in the regular season has not been able to do it. The Dolphins did sneak in to win a division title in 2008 in what now seems like a mirage. And believe it or not, the Jets have had the most success unseeding the Pats from their playoff perch.

And still that hasn't been enough.

The primary reason? Let's face it, it's the quarterback. Tom Brady.

I believe as long as Brady is playing for the Patriots, the rest of the AFC East teams will be playing for a wildcard slot because Brady and the Pats are simply too dominant. So when will Brady, 35, go away? When will the door open for the other AFC East teams?

As I write in my column today Tom Brady is not declining. And in comparing him to Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas and others, Brady isn't suffering the ravages of time. Check out which QB I believe he is comparable to as he ages.

If my comparison is correct, it might be 2018 before we're done seeing Brady in New England, folks.


One legend that will be leaving the NFL after this season is Ray Lewis. I appreciate that dude. He is a great player. He is a great leader. However you feel about that long-ago murder charger (later dropped) is not the topic today.

The topic today is whether Lewis gets a chance to go out on top by advancing to the Super Bowl. Or whether he will bow out after this game.

On another matter, I want to share with you a good example of how uncertain things are for the Dolphins these days.

On Saturday, Jackie Long, the wife of Jake Long, tweeted what is a clear statement of how little certainty the Dolphins have given the Dolphins offensive lineman.

"Getting a little tired of not knowing where we'll be next year!" she tweeted. "I don't wanna move but if we have to leave I better start organizing!"

This seems like a sign that the Dolphins are quite willing to let Long walk this offseason if the price is not right on a new deal.


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I'm sure glad we didn't pick Matt Ryan the perennial choker.

ATL sold the farm for Julio

WASH sold the farm for RG3

Do you get the moral of the story here?

Ireland dodged a HUGE BULLET today! LOL...

I'd still rather have Dmitroff/Smith at the helm, rather than Ireland, but to each is own.

Plus........the issue as of SF's win is why didn't Ross land Harbaugh, who is CLEARLY superior to Sparano/Philbin.

Sure glad Ross took the Water Boy on that jet to Palo Alto to completely turn off Harbaugh!


Yes...........but did Ross?

I feel happy.

Hey Roger,

Your shtick is old.

Isn't about time to finger your butt for awhile now?

J. Long........comedy gold, dude!

Atl choking...no surprise


Every time I pull my finger out, all I see is bits of Ross & Ireland!

Instead of the ad hominem stuff, which is lazy, why don't you tell us why, in your eyes, Ross & Ireland make the future so bright?

Matt Ryan is a choke artist, drop the debate already. He can't win with the most talented receiver set in the league, he'd be a bust on any other team.

I gotta give Kaepernik "HUGE PROPS" after coming back from the early 17-0 deficit.

If the Pats win this next game, Im hoping the Niners win in a blowout. If the Ravens win, I hope Ray Lewis can go out in a blaze of glory.

BTW, Ray Lewis is a player the Dolphins could have drafted and I think it was "JJ the former U hc" who passed on him. But we all know the Fins story for passing on "ALL OF TH U's" great players.

Right in our own backyard!

Uff, closer than I thought. Great D adjustment by Harbaugh. Great Coach.

Matt Ryan couldn't win at home with a 17-0 lead. Enough said.

End the debate.

Am I envious or what?

Vegas nailed it. No surprise.

Matt Ryan couldn't win at home with a 17-0 lead. Enough said.

End the debate.

Posted by: Roscoe | January 20, 2013 at 06:12 PM

I'd say that puts it in perspective. Ryan is a middle of the road QB, and wasn't worthy of the #1 overall pick. We are seeing 2nd and 3rd rounders outplay him.

hey Roger......Harbaugh was a Stanford dude and wasnt leaving the Bay Area, and was going to SF all along......take one look at their roster and are you surprised he wanted to be the Niners coach?--he was never coming to Miami.

Not your best work Mando. Jake Long's wife? Really?

holy crap, can anybody believe Kaep is this good? Even the Niners didnt realize it to this degree, passing on him once before taking him......most had him slotted in the 3rd or 4th--dude is awesome, crazy talented.

True benz. It's exactly that. Nothing to do with Ross or Ireland.

hey Senso, I actually give Ross props for having the nuts to put himself out there and go out and try to get the guy---no, it has nothing to do with Ireland or Ross......Harbaugh obviously aint stupid, just take a look at the rosters.....would he be in the SB in year 2 if he was here?--its a simple question......

You can see clearly that the SB belongs to the great Organizations.

The level of Pony78's stupidity has no ends. In 13yrs, Bellichik and Brady has been together, 7 Afc Championship games, and 5 sb appearances.

Yet, Phony78 doesnt believe we need to be built to beat the Pats to get thier. In-f-u-c-k-i-n-g-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e! ROTFLMAO............................
I know you were in here by yourself and got really excited to see my name. Calm down, I'm not staying, unlike you most of us have lives that don't revolve around trying to pick people up in a football blog. Just some notes before I go and then you can go back to screaming to yourself about how stupid I am.

My opinion differs from Armando's. Losing the division in no way is a precursor to playoff failure. That is my opinion. But here are some facts.

1. "level of stupidity has no ends" should be level of
stupidity has no end.

2. "Bellichick" is spelled Belichick, one l.

3. Championship is not capitalized in the middle of a sentence.

4. sb should be SB as in Super Bowl.

5. "doesnt" is actually doesn't.

6. "Bellichick and Brady has been together" should be Belichick and Brady have been together.

7. "thier" is actually spelled their.

You must be in bliss.

Have a great night hanging out in a football blog. Quite the productive life you lead. Someone, somewhere, must be a very proud parent.

We'll soon find out if there's going to be a HAR Bowl (per a local radio station). One is in, Ravens are next.

Matt Ryan's loss makes not picking him over Long any better?


Maybe Harbaugh would have given Ross and his offer a little more consideration if the Dolphins actually had a head coach vacancy at the time.

Bellicheck got tired of those types of references made on this board by the likes of screen name Phins78 and even worse by new screen names that magically POP UP on this blog depending on the topic.HE JUST DONT WEAR THE FREAKIN SCARF NO MORE.

His name is BELL-A-CHECK cause that nigga always GETS PAID

Surprising (perhaps) confession:

Y'all are probably right about Harbaugh. I just have trouble getting over my anger & disappointment that we've been stuck in the mud for so many years.

I do also agree, though 'honor among thieves' in the NFL is rare, that Ross' failure to fire Sparano before beginning a coach-search turned off Harbaugh.



Not a comment from the Ireland bashers. Had Ryan won the blog would be 9 pages longer by now!

Repeating....Matt Ryan couldn't win AT HOME WITH A 17 poiint lead going against a QB with less than a full season of experience! In a BIG GAME.

Matt Ryan wasn't rated to go #1 overall and he didn't deserve it. He is Mr. Average.

Signal.....sort of a formality if he really wanted the job, no? Wouldve fired Sparano on the flight home......Harbaugh wanted to go the team with the best players, and its not hard to see now how stacked they were/are--just took a good coach to turn them around last year, and now further this year--Niners roster is/was stacked.....ours isnt.....he knew that.....whats hard to understand?

Jay Glazer is reporting that Parcells and Ireland are right now in a hot tub drinking champagne.

Harbaugh didnt wanna work for Irescum.

phony 78,THE ROOFER .

Harbaugh wanted to stay in California and join one of the best run sports organizations, not one perpetually in turmoil.



Ross inherited the worst situation imaginable. Let's keep our expectations realistic. Next season, if we are on the right track, we should be in the playoffs. I don't think that was realistic to expect in Philbins and Tannes first year.

fin4life quit beeethcin about your racial rants last night fool. I hate you for what you are!

Irescum ruins the team and Ross stands by and watches. LOL


Nothing hard to understand...

Great choice by him to choose the SF job.

I guess I was implying it was kinda bush league to offer a head coaching job while still having a head coach.

If you are going after top notch talent, at least appear to be top notch management...



Folks Ross cares more about gettin 200 million from the GOV for the stadium upgrade then hiring a talent evaluator to get Ireland some help in the draft and free-agency.

Armando the media needs to schedule another interrogation/circus for Ross.

That's no TE, man, that's a huge WR.

Sometimes, Belichick gets too cute. He might lose this Game. Harbaugh is not any Coach.

Harbaugh down 17 on the road, did not panic. He stayed with his game plan because he knew he was right.

Brady's offense is more dangerous than

The Rams with Warner
The Chargers with Fouts
The Fins with Marino

Of course the rules favor QB's now.


I give "BIG PROPS" to Kap. Not only did he overcome a 17pt deficit being "INEXPERIENCED" in this position(title game). He did it with his "ARM", not making one "BIG PLAY" with his feet, as we all expect that he can.

Kap, looked top 5 qb in the pocket and the way he engineered that Niner offense. It was an "ELITE" performance.


Yep. Agreed. It was as if they wanted the ATL defense to over compensate for him to run, and he beat them throwing.

Two back to back stellar performances playing totally differently.

Very impressive indeed.

I think the Matt Ryan talk is now mute.. He barely squeaked out a win against Seattle last week, against a rookie QB. This week he lost to a QB with even less starting experience even after having a 17 pt lead.

Ryan is a fraud. He is the reverse of Peyton, it is the team that makes Ryan look better than he is.

Harbuagh was a pretty good QB in his day, just never elite. I think we are seeing he was elite in the mind, but didn't have the physical attributes to be a great QB, but that experience gave him all he needed to be a great coach.

Ok guys I dont care what happens. Go After Flaco, you can say Rice all you want, but that man is dynamic behind center.

You want to change the power structure. Sign Flaco, Welker and Boldin. The rest can be fixed in the draft.

Wallace is a better Ted Ginn.

Let Flaco come in and teach Tanhill or maybe replace the rook. Why take baby steps when you can leap to the front.

shula71, that post was dumber than monkey poo for too many reasons.


Mando is afraid of Brady and NE but Flacco is not.



If Kappe wins Super Bowl he will accomplish in 8 games what marino could not do in 18 years.

you should not be allowed to post here if you are under 18 or really, really dumb like shula71, phins78, and bible ray. add kris.

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