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Championship Sunday: Brady, Lewis, Jake Long

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- I'm covering the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game today.

It has become something of an annual rite that these two teams meet in the playoffs. They met last year in the title game. They have played six times since 2007 and this will be the third playoff meeting between the teams.

And all that time, the rest of the AFC East that is charged with knocking the Patriots down in the regular season has not been able to do it. The Dolphins did sneak in to win a division title in 2008 in what now seems like a mirage. And believe it or not, the Jets have had the most success unseeding the Pats from their playoff perch.

And still that hasn't been enough.

The primary reason? Let's face it, it's the quarterback. Tom Brady.

I believe as long as Brady is playing for the Patriots, the rest of the AFC East teams will be playing for a wildcard slot because Brady and the Pats are simply too dominant. So when will Brady, 35, go away? When will the door open for the other AFC East teams?

As I write in my column today Tom Brady is not declining. And in comparing him to Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas and others, Brady isn't suffering the ravages of time. Check out which QB I believe he is comparable to as he ages.

If my comparison is correct, it might be 2018 before we're done seeing Brady in New England, folks.


One legend that will be leaving the NFL after this season is Ray Lewis. I appreciate that dude. He is a great player. He is a great leader. However you feel about that long-ago murder charger (later dropped) is not the topic today.

The topic today is whether Lewis gets a chance to go out on top by advancing to the Super Bowl. Or whether he will bow out after this game.

On another matter, I want to share with you a good example of how uncertain things are for the Dolphins these days.

On Saturday, Jackie Long, the wife of Jake Long, tweeted what is a clear statement of how little certainty the Dolphins have given the Dolphins offensive lineman.

"Getting a little tired of not knowing where we'll be next year!" she tweeted. "I don't wanna move but if we have to leave I better start organizing!"

This seems like a sign that the Dolphins are quite willing to let Long walk this offseason if the price is not right on a new deal.


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On the same day that advocates rallied against gun control in US state capitals, disaster struck at gun shows in three states.

Let's face it, Marino choked like a virgen ho.

ATL sold the farm for Julio

WASH sold the farm for RG3

And both are playoff teams

While the Dullfins still stink.

Matty Ice never had the benefit of holding NoodleArm's clipboard for a year that is why he always chokes.
BTW Matty always choked in college also. Look it up.

Marino, biggest choke artist in sports history.

No Ring Dan stunk in the playoffs.

I don't know about you guys, but any of those Players I've seen Today look beter than any of ours except for Bush and Pouncey. Of course, that can't be, can it?

Brady's throwing motion is classic. A work of art.

It is true, Senso. Brady has the most beautiful form of any QB I've ever seen.


Bush is a free agent.
We have 35 players under contract.
Wake and Pouncey would start an any team in the league.
The other 33 need to get busy building the renovation.

John Harbaugh is not even half of his brother as a HC. Belichick killing him.


His poise, posture, delivery, form...are like a moving Greek statue.

Marinho's throwing was uncanny, but extremely effective.

Brady's throwing is pure....the Model.



NO SHAME.......

Kap and Wilson have set the bar for Ryan Tannehill. He has the attributes, now he needs to direct them. We will know by the end of next season how much upside he has. It should be a lot, but we just don't know yet.

Aloco, I compare everything. It gives perspective.

Matt Ryan Is Not that good!!


Joe Flacco Is Even Worst!!

On The Long's!! Jake Will Get His Money! Or He will Get Franchised!!

Can't Wait Til Free Agency Begins!

We Need To Make This Offense Better! And Try And Keep Most The Defense Together! Yes, Even Dansby!!

Resign Clemons At The Right Price!!

That Has To BE IMPORTANT!! Keeping Your Safetys' Together!! Clemons At The Right Price! Can Help The Defense Get Better and Not Worst! CC And Jones, Should Be Able To Hold The Fort Down, For The Next 4-5 Years!!

Patterson OR Smith?

Better Said, DP at $4.6 or Smith at $8-$10 Mil?

The Fins Can Go Into Next Season With


And N.Carroll As The NB!! And Still Be BETTER Than This Year!!

Not Saying! Don't Fix The CB!! Just That S.Smith Is Not A Priority!!

You all know, if Marino played by todays QB friendly rules, he would have been the best ever ever. Brady is playing under the girlie rules.

Fins Offseason Priority


Jake, Starks, Clemons, Hartline!!

I saw some throws that Marino made that I haven't seen any other QB before or after him make. Unreal stuff.

In what business does one have a major decline in performance and then make the same or more money. I believe Long was out of shape and therefore has recently been injured often. Let him go if the contract numbers mean the team can not improve.

The Ravens fired Cameron as OC and hired someone worse, Jim Caldwell. That is their problem.

Brady is lucky Ray Lewis is well past his prime. Brady is fragile, a girlie boy.

Man, Kaepernick looked like a 10 yr veteran. A tribute to Jim Harbaugh.


The answer to your question is all businesses. Life is not fair.

Investment bankers can lose millions and still get lofty bonuses. There are thousands of examples.

YG again lost $ today.

Ok, cool blog here. The wife came home. Work to do. A happy wife makes a happy me.

To be envious is a terrible thing as it prevents you from achieving anything.

Senso says:
The answer to your question is all businesses. Life is not fair.

Investment bankers can lose millions and still get lofty bonuses. There are thousands of examples.
Your analogy does not apply because if the Dolphins are interested in improving the team and obtaining talent at WR, CB, TE etc.....giving Long a huge contract is not in their best interest.

SOOOOOO sick of the Ryan-Long-Ireland debateand the what if......what if.....what if....

Has to be about the dumbest thing that's debated on here. So Ryan and the Falcons lost today. Now what? Can we FINALLY put all this to rest....IT'S DUMB!!

Matt Ryan is ONE guy. So what do we conclude from the fact that he's now 1-4 in the playoffs? Who cares!! He's a Falcon. We didn't draft him. How long must we keep this crap up.....geesh!!

Craig M, do you need an enema?

Who is the better QB Matt Ryan or Dan Marino?

Is Tom Brady Going In Reverse?

Tom Brady's 1st 4-5yrs as a starting qb, it was extremely dangerous to be in a close game at the end with him.

Just this season alone 3 of 4 Pat losses were close games at the end. The lone exception was SF getting the big lead and Brady falling just short in that loss.

Here Are The 3 Close Game Brady Losses:

Wk2 Cards 20 Pats 18
Wk3 Ravens 31 Pats 30
Wk6 Seahawks 24 Pats 23

Seems though now a better overall qb, Brady's seeming to have a kink in his "late game armor".

Brady is a fem. He won't win another.

With Gronk out, Brady doesnt have much help. He's pretty much a one man team.

Flacco has arrived as an elite QB. And he's no choker.

A term heard on this blog a lot is:

Halftime Adjustment

Yes, makig adjustments when needed is fine. However, most times the only halftime adjustment needed is better "2nd half execution".

It appears this is what Im now seeing from Baltimore right now.


Just like that td Boldin just made. It wasnt an adjustment, that was mano y mano.

I must admit these Harbaughs are really great coaches.

Beli/Brady have not cemented their legacy. They have not regained the chemistry they had in their early years. Too many changes, GM, defense, they are good, but..they have failed for a long time now.


Everyone's a great coach when their team is executing. LOL...

Fin 77 = Camel diahrea, useless poster.

Ridley got knocked the f u c k out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...

Harbaugh vs Harbaugh

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!, great coaches get their teams to execute!

Just when Armando writes about the Brady dynasty, we seet it is in decline. The Pats reign ends tonight.


Its every coaches goal to get their teams to execute. It mostly comes down to how much talent a coach has on his roster.

Watching the games today it's very clear to me that teams that have a dominating a O-line, a great running game, tough defenses, & a good QB--you can win a SB.

If we build a better O-line & we get more talent at WR, TE, & RB we'll win with Tannehill. So f#ck Matt Ryan & f#ck Tom Brady.

Flacco AGAIN!

A score here really makes it difficult for the Patsies.

Looks like a Harbaugh will win a sb trphy this year! LOL...

I love the ravens aggressiveness in this game....give the pats more to worry about!!!


Pats are getting dose of their own medicine...GOOOD!!!!*lmao*

We Have Draft Picks Up Marcie In Toronto,

Watching the games today it's very clear to me that teams that have a dominating a O-line, a great running game, tough defenses, & a good QB--you can win a SB.

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | January 20, 2013 at 09:09 PM

Really, this just occured to you today? Now I see youre both stupid and slow! ROTFLMAO..............

It is a shame that the two prominent local sports writers, Armando and Omar, are terrible writers with minimal command of the English language, coupled with the fact they are most often dead wrong. Two farts in the wind for sure.



Posted by: Fin 77 | January 20, 2013 at 09:12 PM

I wouldnt go that far overboard but he has played exceptionally well this year in the playoffs compared to his most recent trips.....

We are witnessing the end of the Pats reign.

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