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Championship Sunday: Brady, Lewis, Jake Long

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- I'm covering the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game today.

It has become something of an annual rite that these two teams meet in the playoffs. They met last year in the title game. They have played six times since 2007 and this will be the third playoff meeting between the teams.

And all that time, the rest of the AFC East that is charged with knocking the Patriots down in the regular season has not been able to do it. The Dolphins did sneak in to win a division title in 2008 in what now seems like a mirage. And believe it or not, the Jets have had the most success unseeding the Pats from their playoff perch.

And still that hasn't been enough.

The primary reason? Let's face it, it's the quarterback. Tom Brady.

I believe as long as Brady is playing for the Patriots, the rest of the AFC East teams will be playing for a wildcard slot because Brady and the Pats are simply too dominant. So when will Brady, 35, go away? When will the door open for the other AFC East teams?

As I write in my column today Tom Brady is not declining. And in comparing him to Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas and others, Brady isn't suffering the ravages of time. Check out which QB I believe he is comparable to as he ages.

If my comparison is correct, it might be 2018 before we're done seeing Brady in New England, folks.


One legend that will be leaving the NFL after this season is Ray Lewis. I appreciate that dude. He is a great player. He is a great leader. However you feel about that long-ago murder charger (later dropped) is not the topic today.

The topic today is whether Lewis gets a chance to go out on top by advancing to the Super Bowl. Or whether he will bow out after this game.

On another matter, I want to share with you a good example of how uncertain things are for the Dolphins these days.

On Saturday, Jackie Long, the wife of Jake Long, tweeted what is a clear statement of how little certainty the Dolphins have given the Dolphins offensive lineman.

"Getting a little tired of not knowing where we'll be next year!" she tweeted. "I don't wanna move but if we have to leave I better start organizing!"

This seems like a sign that the Dolphins are quite willing to let Long walk this offseason if the price is not right on a new deal.


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Any of you guys who think Tanhill is even close to what Flaco is right now are not watching all the throws this guy makes.

Posted by: shula71 | January 20, 2013 at 09:48 PM

You have to be the dumbest poster in America right now for even posting this. Compare Tannehill to Flacco?

No one but you even had that thought on their mind dude. Were you aware this was Tannehill's 1st season vs Flacco's 5th season, plus Flacco is surrounded by far superior recieving talent?

Stupidity has no bounds! LOL....

RAVENS would not be DENIED!!!!! BEATING the PATS at HOME!!! Awesome! WATCHING Bellicheat and Brady's faces? PRICELESS!!!!

All 8 playoff teams from last week have huge talent and all scored lots of points against top teams.
Why would any free agent come here when he could go to one of those teams?

Ginn = Bystander who just happen to be traded to a team not invested in him to do SH#T and still win....

Must be nice!!!

By the way Mr Pyle. Is that Gommer Pyle?? How can you possibly say fixing the most important spot on the field is dumber than Monkey poop.

You were that impressed with Tanhill this year. Their are people who are reporting that we should double down on QB just incase.

Why double down. Maybe Baltimore will find a way to give Flaco his money. Probably so. But why in the crap would you throw 100 million at Manning last year. Sign a QB who has played more receiver than QB. And not take a chance on really making the Offense Dynamic.

You really think Signing Wallace who drops as many as he catches and can run what one or one 1/2 routes is going to make this team dynamic.

You have a darn good D. They almost got us to the playoffs. It was our boring, same old crap offense that killed us.

Signing Flaco will make us way better than Wallace ever will. And Before you scream WR. Yes it means you have to draft a WR earlier than we are probably planning. And yes you have to sign a cheaper stop gap. I prefer Boldin, but their are a few other names.

Go Dolphins!! I think that sucky QB just was voted player of the game. Get real guys.

Well Gooooolie!

Anyway Captain Dashi is hard at work fixing the Phins; please let the Captain do his job.

who is dumber, shula71, phins78, kris?


Do you even proofread or think about any of the posts you write about? I mean seriously dude, Flacco with his talent and T-hill[his first year no less] with his talent comparable to each other?

You truly have absolutly NO sense in what you say on this blog. Unreal!!!!


Omar is not 'people' LOL. He is an ignorant dumb jack ass that does not merit a job in journalism.

You also are a jackass to think his stupid word has any weight. You are one dumb fk. If you got your GED, go back and get it again.

I didn't know it was possible to have ZERO life experience until I came to this blog.

Flacco just said what I've been saying for 5 years, "You need to throw the ball and keep throwing the ball to beat the Pats".
We used to have a QB that could do that.


Tomorrow is MLK how will you celebrate?
I will be drinking 40s of Old English

Im so glad that guys like shula71 have ZERO influence on personal decisions around here.

My god, to give up on your rookie QB after just one year with as much experience as he's had at the position to go out and break the bank for a QB that up to this point has been questioned in baltimore about winning the BIG game in his 5 years there is almost on the brink of INSANITY!


Do you use a wrapper with the fellas?

Get Sense,

This was Flacco's 8th postseason win.
Not his first.

Regardless Free Agents with a choice do not sign here.

Guys Flacco is getting franchised. He also is going to want 18 or 19 million a year. He's not an option, so its best to just not dwell on it.

What is a wrapper?
I was in HS in the70s before the blunt was invented so I do not know everything about current black culture.
I do like to split darkoak but not as much as I like to split Irishoak.

Words Bomb


But your forgetting that in order to strecth the field, one must have the quality of talent to attack their opponents secondary, which the ravens have, the dolphins do not., But thanks for making that point clear my friend!

I'm in on signing Flacco! The guy's a winner!

Get Sense,
I am more impressed by QBs that put up big yards on the Pats using scrubs like we and Jags have.

How are you celebrating MLK tomorrow?


My next prediction? Coach J. Harbaugh's team will win the SB!!!!

Fk Brady in the postgame intervew. Everything is about him. He gives no credit to his slayers. Fk wimp chica.

Words Bond

If I had Torrey Smith, Pita, Anquan Boldin, and a beastly running back in Ray Rice to go along with a VERY phyiscal ravens Defense, I might have find some postseason success too as a QB.

Hell, Mark Sanchez found his way into two AFC title games, your not crying out for his immediate signing here in miami, are you?

Flacco put up 28 on NE while Tanny GOT SHUT OUT!!

Belichek skips post game interview.


Imagine if Flacco was afraid of the Pats like Mando is.

I cant believe anyone here actually believes Flacco will leave Baltimore. The Ravens will break the bank to keep him now that they know he can lead them to a sb appearance.

Geesh, the dumb things that get said around here at times. Do you think Shula would have ever let Marino go in free agency? Marino only led us to 1 sb appearance too. LOL...

PatShit = Mando

Flacco put up 28 on NE while Tanny GOT SHUT OUT!!

Posted by: Monte | January 20, 2013 at 10:19 PM

This is why miami Fans are such IGNORANT morons when it comes to understanding the mentality of a TEAM game and witnessing better Overall talent compared to their own.

You sir are Dumb and clueless

Teams don't jettison players at the height of their career. Fkacci > Ryan. Why some of you are babbling like he will be avaible is nonsense.

Besides, 9'rs are going to beat them with a less experienced QB.

Get Sense,
Anyone can succeed with all of those players and a Harbaugh coaching.

Matty Ice has Julio Jones, Roddy Whte, Tony Gonzalez, Michael turner and Jacquizz Rogers.

That does not impress me.

Replace Harbaugh with Soprano, Oher with Columbus, Rice with Ricky, Pitta with Fasano, Torrey with Brandon Marshall and Boldin with Bess and then put up 450 yards against the Pats on MNF.
Now that is impressive!

Word'sBond = goat diahrrea. what a pile

When Flacco wins = Miami fans go nuts and want to sign him

When Flacco loses = Miami fans instantly compare him to a choke artist in the playoffs

When Ryan wins = miami fans go INSANE and complain about miami passing him up in the draft

When Ryan Loses = Miami Fans claim that Ryan is overrated and will Never win a SB

Which fan are you today?

add Word'sBond to the list of very dumb bloggers and with a dumber name. useless.

Did you see Matt Ryan's press conference???

What a freaking pussssy wimp loser.

Long > Ryan

Brady + Belicheck + Ryan = no class ego fkers

You guys that want Flacco, ok, good QB! But win or lose the SB the Ravens aren't going to let him go! 99% of you can't even name his back-up without looking it up!!!

Selo, Matt Ryan was crying on the sidelines, he knew his 2 turnovers lost the game.

selo, Eyot, Get Sense, Mandlebrot, Monte the moron all show up at just the same time that Aloco, Kris, Dashi, Captain and oscar canosa disappear.

Ha ha ha

redsky, please understand 80% of the bloggers here are really fk stupid. Their idea of smart is rising to manager of the car wash.

Get Sense,

IMO, there's no greater choker in the game today than Tom Brady. Brady's 1st 4yrs the Pats had that great D. Brady won 3 sb's with that D intact.

Now, without that great D, Brady's 0-2 in sb's and 0-2 in afc championship games. This doesnt even include playoff losses that werent afc championship appearasnces.

Brady's been a "perrenial playoff choker" without the great defense that was assembled when he first arrived in New England.

Therefore, imo, Brady's the greatest playoffs choker in the game today.

Belicheat is the biggest sore loser b!tcha$$ coach in the league. Show some f.in.g class and stand there and answer a few questions!

Sell, I've been on for 5 years, you're being kind when you say 80%!

Brady 2-4 in afc championships post the great pats defense.

Selo, spellcheck changed it to sell, my apologies.

redsky...I'm checkin you off as OK in my book. You're on top of it.

Are you kidding me, some of the people here are the dumbest football fans anywhere in the world. Now Flacco is the greatest QB ever and THill sucks, what a knee jerk reaction from the typical ignorant know nothing's. The athletes on the field in which Mr. Flacco was throwing the ball to, the separation they got for him to throw the ball, the plays they made when the ball was in the air. It's apples and oranges compared to the dolphins, it's funny how stupid people can actually be when they are talking about something they know nothing about. The defensive stops, the pass protection, the number of different receivers who get open, the running game, Baltimore has been here before, they had the experience. The dolphins need better players but they are heading in the right direction, THill will be fine in the long run and Philbin is the right coach to get it done. It's year one for this group and already the idiots want to tear it down. FA and the draft will set us up for a major step forward next year, the idea that FA's don't want to come to Miami is just crazy as is the idea that Ross is a cheap owner. We are all a little impatient but give this group a little time to straighten the ship and stop acting like Jets fans, it's really embarrassing.

Belijerk 0 - 4 in post game interviews when he loses. Poor sportsmanship. He is not a man.

YG4G, I'm celebrating the NE loss as if, almost, the Phins were going to the SB. That's how starved I am for a winning Dolphin team.

The pats are officially exposed as patsies, all that glitters is not gold. brady is a glitter boy with no soul, belichek is a sore loser and terrible role model.

Selo, thx, I don't post often, too many fools insulting each other to discuss football intelligently. I decided to drop by and check on some friends, I'll add you to that list.


Im not celebrating by getting a drunk on. But im in a celebratorious mood nonetheless. The Pats losing in playoffs and sb's the past8-9yrs has been our only super bowl. Throw in a couple Jet playoff losses too. LOL

Rishard M reminds me of a young Bess. Trade Bess , save coin to upgrade. That's how successful teams stay that way.

In retrospect, Shula and Lombardi remain as the two great coaches, men of integrity, men of class, the coaches by which all others are measured by. Nobody has come close to stepping in their shoes just yet.



Please dont jinx Rishard Matthews by saying he reminds you of a young Bess. Bess is still a young Bess with only 5td's in 5yrs.

Please, no more 5td in 5yrs wr's. Nooooooooooo.....

YG4E, THAT's WHAT I'm SAYING!!! That's the closest we'll be to a SB. I hope I can live to see another Miami SB, but I turn 60 this year. I'm starting to have my doubts! So I'm for anyone that beats NE, NY and the Bills!!

ray lewis talks way too much about god for my tastes. he belongs in church.

dolfans should see now that not even the so called great qbs win always. peyton and brady, two best of the era, slayed

Ato, who cares! They beat the Pats, to the point where Bellicheat hid is his office and didn't come out for a press conference! If God had anything to do with thr NE loss, I'm grateful!!!

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