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Everything Jeff Ireland told the media Tuesday

Yes, Jeff Ireland spoke to the media today.

He used over 4,000 words. Here are all of them:

(On the Senior Bowl being his favorite time of the year and what he’s looking for there) –“Well, you know it is. It really is my favorite time of the year. It’s obviously the offseason. It’s what’s our life blood for personnel people and it’s really the last opportunity where we’re going to see the draft class be in pads and actually playing football. From this point on, it’s Olympics in shorts from that standpoint. It’s really one of your first opportunities to be in a meeting room with the players and get to know them personally a little bit. You’ve heard a lot about them and this opportunity gives us a great perspective of what’s going to be in the draft this year. So it’s an exciting time for us."

(On how he would assess this year’s draft class) – “Well, we’re still assessing it to be honest with you. There’s some names on the junior class that I didn’t expect to see on there. We’re filtering through that, a lot of those things. We do a lot of junior work, but the draft class is what it is. We don’t sit around putting grades on the draft class. We evaluate them one-by-one and we’ll grind through it as efficiently as possible and look at the players that fit our system and fit our needs and fit the makeup that we’re looking for in the locker room.”

(On how much it benefits to have head coach Joe Philbin being there) – “It’s just more time that Joe and I get a chance to spend together. I that’s invaluable to the set the vision forward. Joe and I, we’re splitting a suite… so we’re spending a lot of time together talking about players. We’re watching free agents together and that’s important. The more time we get a chance to be with each other and talk football, the better off we’re going to be as a football team. So it’s great to have him here.”

(On what it feels like going into the draft with nine picks, especially all of the high ones) – “Yeah, it feels really good. You feel like you’re positioned well with draft picks. You have an opportunity to really do some good for the future of the franchise. I’m looking forward to it. We have five picks in the top three rounds and that’s important. It’s going to be a big day for us, big weekend.”

(On if he expects to stay at the 12th pick or if he’s open to moving) – “Yeah, we’re obviously open to anything. Today, you’re obviously you’re going to say you’re open to anything because you’re a couple months away from the draft, but we always go into it looking to move up and your scenarios to move up if the player that you’re looking for is there. And then you’re also looking to move back if you get shutout. I don’t think I’ve ever sat in a position where I’ve had, if you’re at 10 or 12, then I’ve had 12 guys. It’s usually you feel like there’s, if you’re at 12, there’s 10 guys. If you’re at eight, there’s six guys. If you’re 22, there’s 18 guys. You always have to have a plan, a contingency plan to move up, move back and so it’d be good to have picks to be able to do that.”

(On changing his scouting philosophy in comparison to coach Philbin’s scheme) –“In some aspects, it is (different). Certainly, defensively it’s changed. Probably more defensively than offensively, but you have a scouting philosophy that you get into. I’m a big firm believer of prototypical sized players, regardless of what scheme you’re going to play. If you’re going to play a 3-4, I want prototypical players in the front seven. I like big corners. Offensively, schematic-wise, again, I’m going to be prototypical and maybe looking for a little different offensive line type, maybe a little bit more athletic. Again, the draft and scouting philosophy is going to be high character, intelligent, passionate, competitive guys. That mixed with Joe’s schematic standpoint, that has to marry and I think it’s going to marry very well.”

(On if he thinks the team had enough firepower last year and what the team’s primary needs are)– “Obviously, you finish the season 7-9 and no one’s satisfied with that. The object of going into a season is to win the division. I think there’s a gap between the one and two in our division. In terms of fire power, look, we had two guys that were over 60 catches. We’ve got to find guys that are scoring touchdowns and getting the ball in the end zone. We’ve got to find guys that are disrupting the passer on defense, disrupting the receiver getting into the route on defense as well. We’re not looking, going into this draft, that we’re looking at one primary area. We’re looking to upgrade in a lot of different areas.”

(On the team has to have more explosive players to get into the playoffs next season) – “I think this is the year that you’ve got to do something. We’re looking for playmakers on offense. That’s what we need to do and the players have to be available for you to, you can’t make that up. They’ve got to be available to you and they’ve got to be available in free agency and in trade situations and certainly the draft. All of those avenues are going to be available to us from a cap stand point and a draft pick stand point. We’ll take every single opportunity and avenue that we can to procure some better players on the football team.”

(On if it’s better for the team to find a veteran receiver for Ryan Tannehill because of the learning curve with young receivers)– “There’s a method to that madness for sure, but also, he’s a young player and part of our philosophy is going to build the bulk of the roster through the draft. I think 31 other GMs would say the same thing, but that’s going to be our philosophy is the bulk of our team’s going to be built through the draft. I think we have one of the youngest football teams in the National Football League and that’s all certainly by design. With nine draft picks, it’s going to be a young team next year. Again, we’re in a position, a very good position, to utilize some of our cap space to bring some veteran players on our football team and then we’re in a very good position to bring some young players on our team from the draft stand point. That’s got to be a good mix and we plan to mix it.”

(On the production of this past year’s rookie class)– “Yeah, I feel very good about the whole class. You sit back and you’re after the season and you wish you would have gotten some more play time out of this guy and some more reps out of this guy. But for the most part, they all got good reps obviously. I put a lot of onus on practice reps and participation in practice and for the most part we stayed healthy. I’m very optimistic about the draft class. I’m very optimistic about the 2011 draft class, some of those guys that have participated and played well. We’ve got some good young players that are really ascending fast, so I’m very optimistic about our young team.”

(On if he wishes Michael Egnew played more)– “You know, sure. Certainly, I wish he would have been out there more. Players develop in certain stages of a career. Some guys they skyrocket fast and some guys it takes them a little bit more time. We had some really good players at that position. I think (Anthony) Fasano’s a great pro. (Jeron) Mastrud does what he does. He’s very efficient at what he does. (Charles) Clay, you’re trying to get Clay reps too. Never really had an injury. We claimed another guy (Kyle Miller). So we had some flexibility in situations where we couldn’t get Michael active. But absolutely and I think the last part of his season, he was moving around really good. I’ve got a high regard for him. He’s going to have a good season this year. I feel real confident about.”

(On how he feels about the tight ends and if it’s as important to find a playmaker at that position as wide receiver) – “I like the tight end position, but we need playmakers on the football team, regardless of where we get them – at the tight end position, running back position, receiver position. We just need playmakers. That’s kind of the plan and it’s a clear vision of… At least Joe and I have a clear vision of what we need to do for this football team and whether it’s, again, tight end, receiver, slot receiver, outside receiver, running back, tight end. We feel like if we can get some more playmakers at those spots, we’ll be good.”

(On the team’s current free agents and if the franchise tag is possible for any of them) – “It’s one of those avenues that we have there available to us. To negotiate in the media right now, I’m not going to give you my plans and what I plan to do from a franchise stand point, but it’s certainly available to us and we’ll use those avenues to make those decisions moving forward. But to say who I’m bringing back and who we’re not bringing back, I would say this in a blanket statement that all of those guys have contributed to this football team in various of ways. A lot of those guys I’ve drafted, some of them(I) traded for, some we’ve signed off the street or signed as free agents. It’s a great group of character guys in the locker room. I wish you could have them all back, but we’ve got some tough decisions to make here moving forward and they’re not easy and you wish you could have them all back. We’ve got a clear vision of what we want to do (and) a good plan. We’re starting here quickly on trying to get some of those guys back on the team. So we’ll have to see how those things go.”

(On putting together a roster given the team’s lack of success in the last four seasons) – “You don’t look back. You look forward. With a new football coach, you have a very young team, you look back and you’re trying to build. You look at where your youth is and where your veterans are and you look at where your offense is and where your defense is. I think we have a great scheme on all three sides. I just think you just have to take it one step at a time. You have a building block with a couple of different pieces and you’re trying to keep some of the foundational pieces as you’ve had that have helped you have some success. But we’re going to move forward on a day-by-day basis and build this football team from the inside-out and go from there.”

(On Ryan Tannehill’s season and if he compares him to anyone) – “You’ve got to look at how he affects this football team. I try not to compare him to RGIII or Russell Wilson or Andrew (Luck) because we’re in a different place from a football team stand point. I was pleased with his progress. I think, right now, you can say, I think he’s played 35 or 36 games in his career now and I think that’s where those guys start to really make a big jump in their ascension of development. So I’m exciting about his development. He’s got a long way to go. He would be the first person to tell you that, but I think he showed some signs of promise and hope that he’s going to be a very good player in this league.”

(On what the next step is for Tannehill) – “It’s consistency. I think he can certainly… You can look at a lot of different things and say he can take a step better in accuracy, in ball placement, getting the ball out faster, tempo. There’s a lot of things that he can get better at, but he showed signs of moving the football team and getting the team in the end zone. We’re excited about his progress, but again, he’s got a long way to go. He’s got to keep working at it.”

(On the position strengths on this draft) – “Again, I don’t get into grading draft classes. I really don’t. I look at the positions that we’re looking at, where we need to upgrade our football team and we attack that. Scouts take it one player at time and putting the draft board together. The draft board right now has a bunch of names on it. Until you get to April and you really start carving that down to just what we want and what we need and what fits us, I don’t really put a value on draft classes and it’s hard to say that right now because we’ve got probably 250 more names on the board that won’t be there in April.”

(On how much he gets accomplished in pairing down the draft board between this week and the Combine) – “The pairing down comes really in March to be honest with you. We’re just gathering information. We’re still in such a heavy information gathering process and, again, this is really some of the first time you get a chance to talk some of these kids and so sometimes you have a preconceived notion of who they are and what they’re made up (of) until you really get a chance to visit with them and kind of break them down a little bit and see what their football knowledge is and their personality and their character. All of that information’s coming in and we’re not at a carving aspect with that stuff.”

(On how tough it is to evaluate Tyrann Mathieu) – “You’ve just got to gather it all in and, at the end of the day, you’re going to ask yourself, ‘Is he what you want on your football team or is he not what you want on your football team?’ That’s going to be a collective decision between really Joe and I and our staff. You have to keep an open mind. You’re going to gather the information. You’re going to talk to the young man and you’re going to find out there’s two different sides of the story. As you guys know, I don’t know if you know, that the media sometimes might elaborate certain things. So we’re going to sit down with every individual that we feel like has a great football talent and we’re going to try to find out what that kid’s made of.”

(On the depth of the wide receiver position) – “I like some of the… We haven’t seen some of them. There’s going to be some juniors that we haven’t really broken down yet. I’ve seen a lot of the junior receivers that are in the class, but there’s actually a few that I haven’t seen. I think it’s a good class. Again, you guys put a lot of stock into the grade of a position, but I don’t know what that means to be honest with you because sometimes I’m looking for a position that has great depth in the fourth, fifth and sixth round. I’m sure you guys are talking about the first rounder’s and I think there’s certainly some guys that belong in that round and we’ll see if they fit what we’re looking for."

(On the traits that he is looking for in a wide receiver in the West Coast offense) – “Well number one, you are looking for guys that catch it. You laugh, but that’s the number one critical factor of the wide receiver position in my opinion; guys that can catch the ball consistently and have a big range of catching radius. Speed is obviously a big aspect of that and in this business they pay the other guy covering them, so there is going to be some contact opportunities and you want guys that can catch in traffic and catch with contact. I think the fourth aspect, not in any order, would be run after the catch. We’re looking for guys that can make plays.”

(On how far away he thinks that Dolphins are from competing for a conference championship) – “Well you know there is a gap and we’ve got a long way to go. I mean I look at our division and I look at it like I am obsessed with our division. I don’t really look outside of our division right now. You know the New England Patriots had twelve wins and we had seven, so there is a five (win) gap difference between first and second place right now. So we’ve got a long way to go, but we’re going to do everything in our power to improve that football team. To put a timeline on that, I can’t do that right this second.”

(On the criticism that he has been conservative in his tenure as Dolphins GM) – “I don’t look at the criticism. You guys can criticize all you want, but I feel like I have been aggressive where I need to be aggressive. (As far as) conservative, I think there have been some decisions that have been smart, so I don’t really look at it that way to be honest with you. But they pay you guys to make those decisions. I think we’ve done a good job in what we’ve been asked to do and good job in making good decisions, and we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do this year. I think the decisions that we’ve made up to this point to get us where we’re at in terms of our cap space, in terms of our draft picks, that’s all by design. We’ve got a clear vision of how we are going to help this football team moving forward.”

(On whether this team is looking to make the playoffs next year) – “Well you hope so. That’s our goal; win the division, and ultimately put us in the playoffs. That’s our goal every year, that’s going to be our goal going into next season, is win the division. Again, we’ve got a gap to close, but I think a good offseason can certainly do that. Absolutely.”

(On what guys from smaller schools need to do in order to catch the eyes of NFL scouts and be drafted) – “Just belong. The players that have not consistently gone against the Michigan’s, the Alabama’s, the LSU’s, and you get a guy that’s from Missouri Southern, there is a kid out there, is to belong. Compete your butt off and belong in this group. This is the best group of seniors in college football, so when you belong, you start catching the eyes of personnel decision makers. That’s the first thing that you need to do, and then be consistent.”

(On his image among Miami Dolphins fans, and what his one message to them would be) – “Polarizing is a good word. The message is that Joe and I and this organization have a clear vision of how we need to help this football team. We are positioned with an opportunity to help this football team moving forward. This is a big offseason for us, we understand that. We plan to active in every aspect of the avenues that are available to us. We look forward to making some exciting news here before too long.”

(On whether he views the offseason mission as getting Ryan Tannehill help or just brining in offensive players) – “We talked about playmakers, and I think that is important that we have playmakers. You know Ryan is one eleventh of the offense. He is a big piece of it, there is no doubt about it, but we are a team. Ryan is, like I said, one eleventh of the offense, but we’ve got to get some offensive players that can help him. Being the quarterback, and let’s not be naïve to the fact that he is the quarterback, so we’ve got get him help. Maybe it’s offensive line help, but who knows. We’ve got to get some offensive playmakers that can help us score touchdowns, because what we didn’t do a good enough job of this year was score touchdowns.”

(On whether he feels comfortable with Pat Devlin as his backup or whether he would want to draft another quarterback to backup Tannehill) – “You know anything is possible. I think Pat Devlin has done an outstanding job. He is highly, highly intelligent. His development since we have gotten him has skyrocketed. He is great in the locker room, he is great in the room with Ryan and Matt (Moore). So anything is possible for sure. I think Pat is capable of being that. To say that he is ready right now, I’m not going to lend my hand and say whether he is the two or we are going to re-sign Matt or anything like that or draft a guy, but anything is possible. They’ve got decisions to make too.”

(On how having four players going to the Pro Bowl reflects on the season that the team had) – “It’s a team game, and I think that all four of the guys that were able to go would say it is a team game.  I’m glad that the guys are able to go. Certainly Cam (Wake) and Richie (Incognito), John (Denney) and now Randy (Starks) are all really good players. They deserve to be there. We’re proud of them, and I know they are going to represent the Miami Dolphins logo and the fan base with a lot of class and hopefully have a lot of fun too.”

(On how he finds players on defense that can help force turnovers) – “You know it’s the same thing on offense as it is on defense; you need playmakers. You need guys, and on defense a lot of things…it’s a team game like I said. A lot of things like disrupting the passer, create turnovers. Disrupting the timing of the receiver getting into the route creates turnovers. Coaching helps turnovers and taking advantage of opportunities that you have whether catching the ball or jumping on a fumble. I mean, I think we coach it pretty good, and I think there were some times where we were unlucky where the ball was on the ground for what seems like eternity, and we didn’t have the opportunity to jump on it, or we jump on it and it slides out the backside, or whatever reason. But I think it’s the same thing; you’re looking for playmakers. You’re looking for guys that can disrupt the play.”

(On whether this team needs another pass rusher opposite of Cam Wake) – “You never have enough of them. You never have enough of them. Again, disrupting the passer is a key element in your building of a defense. You need guys that disrupt the passer, you need guys that disrupt the timing of the receiver in their route. When you can do those two things, you’re going to play pretty good defense.”

(On whether philosophies have changed in the NFL from having elite tackles to having elite centers and guards) – “I think in some divisions, again I am a big proponent of playing to win the division, and defensive personnel in certain divisions and certain teams have put a heavy emphasis on pressure up the middle. The Justin Smiths of the world who can really pressure up the middle, you’ve got to have some good guards to lock that down and keep the depth of the pocket long. So, certain philosophies would look at that. I know our philosophy is we want to protect the pocket, we want to protect the blind side, and you just need to protect that guy however you can. So when you find a good guard, you should go after that guy, because it’s an important piece.”

(On how he would assess John Jerry’s play at guard this season and whether Jerry is athletic enough to stay there long term) – “I was proud of John. I think John actually played more plays than any offensive lineman this year. John can improve; he is still a young player in my opinion. He is certainly athletic enough. John didn’t have a great training camp, and so he was kind of working to catch up a little bit. If John comes back in good shape and I think start where he left off, he's got a real good opportunity. So I think John still has a big arrow and the arrow is up on his future.”

(On whether Jake Long is still an elite left tackle) – “I think Jake can still play in this league for sure.”

(On being able to play and him being elite are two different things) – “Well I’m not going to tell you whether I think he is elite because I’m still in a contract negotiation. We certainly view Jake, and I’ve had a good conversation with Jake when he exited the building, in fact I’ve talked to him a lot because he has been in the training room, but Jake has a decision to make and we have a decision to make. It’s a very, very difficult decision and it’s a very complicated negotiation, so we’ll have to see how things go.”

(On how tough it is for a GM letting go of good players because they do not fit a new scheme offensively or defensively) – “Well that’s difficult because, again like I said earlier, you have guys that you drafted that you believe in when you draft them, you signed them, you traded for them, but scheme’s do change. Personalities change. (When) you go from Tony Sparano to Joe Philbin, there is not only a schematic difference, but there is a personality difference. So I am marrying my philosophy to Joe’s philosophy, and those are difficult decisions. But it comes down to a draft philosophy and the draft and certainly a collective philosophy from a free agency standpoint. You wish you could keep them all, and we’ve got some tough decisions to make, but I thank all my guys that are free agents. I had a chance to talk to all of them as they exited the building and tried to be as transparent as I could with them in terms of where their future was. We’ll have to see how things go.”

(On his frustrations over having four consecutive losing seasons) –“Well I am frustrated only by the fact that I am directly responsible for the future of the franchise. We haven’t made the playoffs, so that is frustrating. I’m not satisfied, and so from a frustration standpoint and a not satisfied standpoint, it drives me even further. That’s just my makeup. I’m a pretty highly competitive guy, so that frustration turns to competitive spirit and drive to make this thing what we want to make it. So that’s where that’s at.”

(On how he expresses his emotions and how he deals with everything) – “I usually get on the treadmill at 4:30 (a.m.) and just run the heck out of it. Do I get (mad)? Sure. I get (mad) at a lot of things. I’m a pretty mild mannered guy, but I’ve got my moments, sure.”

(On his satisfaction with where the team is headed)– “I think that I’m very satisfied from that stand point, moving forward and where we are right now. You can’t change the past. You can only move forward. From that stand point, that’s our objective is to pick up where we left off and get better and drive towards winning a division and making this team better from all aspects. We’re looking at several different areas that we need to get better at. We need to coach better. We need to play better. We need scout better. All of those things. Those are all clichés, but we all believe that in this franchise. I think it would start with owner. He wants to be best in class and we want to be where the Patriots have been in the last 10 years and that’s just where we want to be. I’m satisfied right now where we’re at. We’re in a good position from a cap stand point. We’re in a good position from a draft choice stand point. We’ve got a lot of ammunition to go out there and do some things that can change the complexion of this football team moving forward. So I’m excited.”

(On if he expects the coaching staff to return intact) – “I expect our staff to be, for the most part, intact. I think there’s going to be a couple of different changes, but not wholesale changes. It’s one or two and it’s because someone has a greater opportunity and Joe has a great perspective of how he handles those things and he certainly is a developmental type person and when a young guy has an opportunity to develop his career, he’s going to let them do that and so I think you might see some of those things.”


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..Winning the AFC East probably means that you will have to win 11-12 games. That would make you a very serious contender. It is highly unlikley that 10 wins does it. This being said. Winning this division is a very lofty goal for a team that won 7 games last year, and IMO the starting point. Ireland is right.

I think it is wrong to assume that within the confines of Irelands comment that the team doesn't start the season with the ultimate goal of winning a championship. The goal of winning a division is just a starting point. History tells us your odds of winning it all increase if you are a division winner. So IMO when he says it is the goal of the team to win the division it comes from the point of building a team that is a constant contender. Not a one and done fluke.

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I was here in game 3 of the 2008 season when Ronnie Brown took the direct snap and I posted, "This is BACKDOOR football". Look it up.
I know what every single person has said and I know when they said it.

I would have to disagree with Armandos post a few days back about NE going to be on top for years to come. When teams decline, they decline fast, there is not much warning. I think this last lost has damaged their ego for good.

I was here in game 3 of the 2008 season when Ronnie Brown took the direct snap and I posted, "This is BACKDOOR football". Look it up.
I know what every single person has said and I know when they said it.

Posted by: Word'sBond | January 22, 2013 at 08:57 PM

This is nothing more than a blatant confession that you are a name changing Troll Loser with nothing but a blog and stained magazines to comfort you.

Great Post, Mando!!

Dashi has Never Said, I Don't Like What You Right!!

Just To Be More Objective!! (Don't Just Hate The Man Every chance you get!)

You Let Ireland's Words Do The Talking!!

Agreed With Everything he Said!!

Prototypical Players!!

Heard That!!

No Little Players!!

Forget About The Midget from LSU!! Or The Dwarf From WVU!!

Love The Emphasis On Wr's! Outside Wr, Inside Wr!! Any Wr!!

And Also, We Are Going To Get Players from every Avenue!!

So Don't Expect 2-3 Free Agent Wr's!! Or 2-3 Wr's Drafted!!

Expect!! 1 Free Agent Wr!! And Maybe 2 Rookie Wr's!! One Early and one in the mid rounds!!

One Thing Is For Sure!! In Ireland's Own Words!! He knows What The Fins Need!! Play makers on Both Sides Of The Ball!! TD Makers On Offense!! T/O Machine On Defense!!

And Ireland Makes A Group Decision!! Ireland And Philbin Share Philosophy!! And Go With What Is Best For The Team!!

I remember Cuban Menace and bobbyd12 and Rob in the OC.
Bottoms Up!

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The Winning The Division Comment Is Right By Ireland!!

Why Are You Going To Be Talking Superbowl!! When You have had 4 Losing Seasons!!

Ireland Is Already On The Hot Seat!! Any Smart Person!! Won't Willingly Make The Seat Hotter!! by Predicting Superbowl In January!!

And Its the 1 Game At a Time Approach!!

You Try And Win The Division! And The Regular Season!!

Worry About the Superbowl!! Once you Are in The Playoffs!!

At Least Ireland Knows There Is A GAP!! Between 1st and 2nd!!

He Closes That Gap!! This Season!! And Helps Philbin Win The Division!!


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..Dashi. I think we are in the minority on the blog as far as Tyrann Mathieu goes. I made this point to Dc the other day. But forget about the big highlight plays he had. The guy was a liability in coverage. He was on a team with Pro talent on the back end, and on the other side of the field. He was a freelance player that had the could roam around with no abandon. It was great at the college level.

I think in the NFL he would be the weak link that gets targeted. Where do you put him? He would have a ways to go to play saftey. He doesn't play disciplined. I believe it would make him a liabilty, and put a ton of pressure on the corner backs. Can, we play him at corner? I don't think so. Remember. he was never lined up against the number one guy in college. His duties where in nickel, or on the 2nd or third reciever. And he still struggled in coverage.

Yes he made some big plays. He seemed to be around the football a lot. I just think the freedom he was allowed in college to do this will not be practical at this level. I would not touch him before the 5th round, if at all. This doesn't even include the issues of his character.

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Great Post!!

Agreed!! We Look At Players!! Not Just Names!!

Just Cause A Guy Has A Tebow-like Following In/From College!! Doesn't Mean He Will Be A Great Pro!!

Anybody who saw his last game!! Saw TM is A Jimmy Wilson Clone!!

And We Don't Even Know If he is That Good!!


And He Only Played 1 Season Of College Ball!!

Then You Take In The Personal Issues!!

TM is Not A Philbin Guy!!

A Smart Football Player!! That Loves Football!! Is All About Football! And Is A High Character Guy!!

And CadillacDeVille and CashMoney.
So what?

But keep the facts straight s hithead.
I am the load provider.
You are the load swallowers!

Anyway I got an NHL fantasy team to manage.
I'll check you guys out when phree agency starts.

What is sad that within a day or two all the regulars will be posting with this sperm head again. You know it.

Most of you are so desperate for football chat you will accept any drunken pervert for a fix.


Same Thing With S.Bailey!!

Or Any WVU Player!!

S.Bailey, T.Austin, and G.Smith!! Might Be OK Players!!

But They Play In A System!! That Makes It Easy To Produce!!

S.Bailey Runs 2-3 Routes Top!! Is Short!! And Probably Not That Strong!!

They Always Move Him Around!! Makes it Easy To Get into your routes!!

Now Would You Pick A Short Wr In The 2nd or Earlier!!

Instead of A Prototypical Wr!! 6'3" 215!! With The Same Skill Set Or Better!!

Plus, You Heard Ireland!!

#1 Priority For Wr's!! Is To Catch The Ball!!

The Main Reason!! Even Philbin loves Bess!! The Hands!!

So A Prototypical Wr With Hands!! And Scores TD's!! Is A BIG Priority For Ireland!!

But Some Will Still Say!! Ireland Doesn't Care!! Or Knows What To Look For!!

How Is Using Other Names To Post With Trolling?

You Clowns Do It All The Time!!

And NONE of You Admit It Is You!! When Posting Under Another Name!!

Except Dashi!!

DaShe writes like he is upset over breaking a fingernail. No? LOL.

And You Guys!! Can't Possibly Be Always Angry At The World!! 24/7!! Twice As Mad On Sundays!!

If Somebody doesn't Agree!! They Don't Agree!! OK!! BIG F'ING DEAL!! Man Up!! Sissy!!

Just Try And Make Your Point!! And See If Somebody Else!! Gets The Message!

We All Aren't Elected To Receive The True Meaning Of The Message!! It Takes Longer For Some of Us To Understand The Word!!

And Your The B'tch That Actually Cares About Breaking A Nail!!

You Sissified Ladybug!!

Dashi, I agree with you on the West Virginia players. The last undersized WVU player the Dolphins took a gamble on was Pat White. DeAnder Hopkins is 6'1" or 6'2" and impressed the hell out of me all year. He came up huge against the best defenses (Florida State, LSU).

If we used say our 4th rounder to trade up from our 2A pick to get a playermaker like Hopkins, Ertz, or Eifert I would be thrilled.

DeAndre *


If we got, say, both DeAndre Hopkins and Cordarrell Patterson, we're set at wr for the next 7-8yrs easily. FA wr's only represent 3 effective years at most before we're looking to restock all over again.

Then, if we got the TE Fauria with a 2nd rd pick, and Stedman Bailey were still available with our 1st 3rd rd pick. We could very well have the top recieving unit in the entire league just in 2013 alone.

Only a ManFem uses the word btch like DaShe on all fours.

HeShe still hasn't figured out who SheHe is LOL.

Who Da She? He She? She He? HeSheDaShe?

Ireland has more busts then Dolly Parton!


If we were only a wr away, or a wr and one other player away form winning a SB title. Then I would be 100% onboard with grabbing one of the fa wr's.

Right now we're this offseason and next year's offseason away to seriously competing to dethrone the Pats for the AFC East crown. I believe that even if we did everything right the next upcoming offseason. I still dont realistically see us in a SB game before 2015.

So why sign 2 wr's(Jennings/Bowe/Wallace) who will begin to become "shrinking violets" in 2015.

Doesn't anyone wonder why Ireland is spouting off? Why the team insiders are feeding Armando the Gullible the same line?

They want to lead others astray. That is the game. It's nothing new. It's also nothing new that most fans forget that each offseason.

Right now, what I really get from Ireland in this press interview, is "a whole lot of misdirection".

It's aimed at both the agents of this team's fa's, and aimed at other gm's as to what he's really planning to pursuit during the draft and free agency.

Now, Ireland, getting it all right in the end is a totally different story. But Ireland's always been good at "misdirection". So much so, he usually "misdirects himself". LOL......


Seems we both were thinking the exact same thing. Both post are stamped 10:19 with the exact same message, differently written. LOL....

Its useless to get a WR until we have a QB.


I read back some comments earlier today and people were formulating opinions about what they liked or didn't like about what Ireland said.

Ireland said nothing.

In the future, maybe the Miami press should skip these offseason gm interviews until "all of the dealing's done".

Heck, the press could have gotten more factual info from Ireland today had they asked where did he buy his attire, what color's his toothbrush, and what did he have for breakfast this morning.

It would have been more productive than what we did recieve. Which was absolutely nothing. Completely by design, of course! LOL...

YG, I see your against signing the big name FA WR's. Would you resign Hartline?

It really is a wonder Armando can't see he is being used.


It just goes to show how gullible and idiotic many posters are here. In their own brains they know everything. In "real time" they know absolutely nothing. LOL...


I would resign Hartline at the right price. Not a penny over $6 million a year and that really stretching it. Hartline would be my insurance in case I didnt get everything in the draft I wanted to get as far as recieving corp is concerned.

Now if I did get everything I wanted, I still have Hartline signed at a contract amount that isnt to difficult to move. Then I would just put hartline on the trading block for perhaps another building block in 2014's offseason. Or a decent 2nd or 3rd corner, depending on what that team has available.

Yes, gullible. If you want to glean anything, your best chance is to consider the opposite of what he says. He probably wants other teams to go all out for the FA WR's so he will have a better shot to get who he wants in the draft.

I wish that Bellichik would offer us a 2nd rd pick for Hartline, the way he did for Welker, once we resigned him. LOL....

With what is available in this year's draft it would be unforgivable for Ireland to not get 2 receivers in the draft and that's whether or not he signs a guy in free agency. There's just way too much talent there:

Terrance Williams
Cordarelle Patterson
Justin Hunter
DeAndre Hopkins
Tavon Austin
Da'Rick Rogers
Markus Wheaton
Quinton Patton
Robert Woods
Keenan Allen
Tavarres King

With that much to choose from there's no way he could possibly say he didn't have the opportunity or he couldn't pick a guy who fits what they are doing on offense. Too much talent.

Listen Up D'jango!!

You are going to need more than some, Corny Tran'ee Joke!!

When We All Know Even A he she Knows More Football Than You!! Nevermind, The Great Dashi!!

Sounds Interesting Though!!

Trade Our 2a and 1 Of Our 3a or Lower Picks!! For Another 1st Round Pick!!

2 First Round Picks!! 1 2nd Rd Pick 1 3rd Rd Pick

That Is 4 Quality Players!! 2 Of Them Should Be Impact Players!!

2 Wr's!! In The First!!

Ireland Wants To Get My Respect!! He Will Do This!!

2 First Rd Pick Wr's!!

Sounds Good Enough To Me!!

Fauria currently has a 7th rd projection. Why would you want Ireland to spend a 2nd rd pick on someone he could get much later? Wouldn't you rather he pick a tackle or guard that could start on the right side or even a cornerback?

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