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Growing consensus: Egnew won't make it

I was a guest on the Joe Rose Show this morning on local radio station WQAM when the conversation turned to the tight end position. And Rose, a former Dolphins tight end, said the Dolphins need to sign or draft someone to play the position this offseason because in part ...

"I don't believe Michael Egnew is going to make it," Rose said.

And I wasn't surprised he said it because, I'm hearing that a lot from folks I'm talking to lately.

I've talked to two players the past three weeks that told me they don't see Egnew, a rookie last year, making it out of training camp next year.

"He should have been cut this year," one told me.

That doesn't account for Egnew learning to block and learning his assignments better and getting stronger and faster this offseason. But another player I spoke with said none of that will ultimately matter with the former third round draft pick.

"He's a p---y," the second player said. "He's not a football player."

It does not end there. I talked to Former Dolphins OLB/DE Kim Bokamper about Egnew the week before the season ended. He also said he does not believe the kid will ever be a factor. He's seen enough.

"You look at his body, look at his hips, he's built strange," Bokamper said. "He's not built like an NFL tight end. I had to cover tight ends and deal with tight ends my entire career and I never saw one built like that."

All of that sits atop the fact that Egnew made offensive coordinator Mike Sherman so disgusted in training camp that he told the kid during one offense meeting, "If I were the general manager, I'd cut you."

Egnew was inactive the entire season, except for the final two weeks when injuries (specifically to Charles Clay and Davone Bess) opened up enough open spots on the gameday roster to allow him to be active.

He played some early on in the final home game against Buffalo, but didn't catch a pass. He played less in the season-finale against New England the following week, getting mostly garbage-time snaps late in the fourth quarter.

Not exactly improvement.

Obviously, the Dolphins likely will allow Egnew to come to the offseason conditioning program, offseason camps and training camp to see if he shows anything.

But the growing consensus of him being on the team when the 2013 opens?

Not likely. 


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Just take Oscar for example. "Classic Case" of troll you just ignore. LOL....

The only thing I'll say about your discussion Phins/YG, is that IF YG has multiple personalities, then he's a seriously intelligent dude to be able to manage them all as well as he'd need to without confusing himself.

Because honestly Phins, YG is one of my preferred posters here. Yeah, he's a little haywire on here sometimes, but we all probably do that every now and then. I can't remember ever having any issue with YG (even when he was DyingBreed). But I've had run-ins with ALoco, and oscar, and Home and then all those other trolls. So if YG is ALoco, he's able to keep YG on my good side, while ALoco goes back and forth. That's pretty damned impressive to not slip up. I'm talking over the course of a few years. And then if you guys are saying he's some of the trolls too, geez, how big must the guy's brain be?

I'm POSITIVE there is more than 1 poster here who is using multiple names. I just don't know who they are. Therefore, I'm just personally going to continue to converse with the posters I like. And those I don't I won't bother. And if one I like is also one I don't, well, no skin off my back. That's a lot of deception for really nothing at all in the end. I'm not losing sleep over it. It's an inside joke for 1 guy who really can't tell anyone, so that's a pretty pathetic form of enjoyment.

You, YG, are a fool. If ever you say I'm sorry, you put that other Person you said it to in a bind. Now, they have to go into the act of Forgiveness, which seems easy to do but it is really not. btw, it seems that you did not ignore my last commentary. LOL.

Over the years, on my draftboard, Ive at times been just as wrong as Ireland. Im sure many others here have been too. That's if you make your own mocks.

The only difference is, our mocks never matter.

Hell, I have my own mock this year too. owever, last I checked, I am not Dolphins gm. So there's no way for me to evaluate what Ireland will or will not do this offseason, "until all of the dealing's done".

If anyone here thinks that they can accurately predict this. Youre fast approaching top nominee for "jackass of the year".

I think Phins78 take things posted on this blog to seriously, this is a stupid Dolphins blog where many posters write stupis s h i t all the time. To actually be pissed because someone is "trolling" or calling you out is dumb. No everyone can be like you Phins78, that doesnt neccessarily make them a nut or crazy it just it what it is. BTW Phins78 Im not calling you out just stating my opinion

YG, the most fun you can have is going back to posts where people put up their mocks (I mean where they go Round 1 - 7), and see how wrong they were after the Draft. It's hilarious. How anyone thinks they can predict not only who we'll take in round 1 (I understand that), but then what THIRTY-ONE other teams decide, and then who we'll get in the subsequent rounds, adding 31 to each round, if you know anything about probabilities and prediction you have to know it's just a huge waste of time.

That's why I don't engage in that game. I'd prefer just stating what I think we need (not who). And then see how well the drafted players do later to evaluate the GM's talent acquisition/scouting abilities.

Guys, everyone included here. I'm sorry about wasting blog space with this nonsense once again. I work really hard but have 2 months off every Jan, Feb and I obviously need to find something different to obsess over! It's hard when you go from working 12 hour days down to nothing and Ill admit Ive lost focus. This is a Dolphins blog and I'm contributing to crapping it up by talking about this meaningless garbage. I'm going to take a break and come back refocused on our Dolphins. I will be a better contributor moving forward and I am truly sorry for offending anyone. Have a great day everyone, peace.

Phins 78 is a known moron. Who cares what he says?

DC, YG, last year went on one of his rants in Ohio's blog, provoked by me, and proceeded to insult everybody there in the foulest language imaginable. Jon did not ban him, but I believe he never wrote there again, at least under YG . Now, YG, say you are sorry.

Phins78, stop apoligizing you didnt do anything wrong dude. All of us are a little obsesive were on a freaking Dolphins blog blogging non stop about a freaking NFL team, not even close to being an important topic in the real world

Kris, I've never done something called cross fit specifically but I did do a "Training Camp" class that was done by a former NCAA player and Argonaut and Tiger Cat linebacker (a lot of linebackers in the CFL are slightly larger NFL safeties) and the class focused a lot on core strength and footwork and overall agility. It was great. I thought I was going to pass out during a couple of those courses but a funny thing happened durign that course (in addition to getting in better shape cardio wise) I also got stronger doing more traditional free weight workouts by learning how to channel my core more. It's one reason why at 38 I have a better bench than that fat poo Martin even though I have 15 years and he has 0ver 100lbs on me. I highly recommend it.

Mark, whats your bench press?

We need your I'm sorry now, YG. C'mon...

Lastly, DC at 11:57, perfectly stated. Great post. I did think that way but recently went off the rails. Getting my train rolling again now. Clue, no worries, you make good points.

Oh!, OK.

I do my own mock draft every year and its NEVER been as bad as Ireland's.


I dont dislike you man, I actually respect you as a poster whenyoure not going off on obsessive troll rants. You totally caught me off guard accusing me of coming after you in trolldom and of being ALoco.

ALoco does get "impostered frequenty". Oscar impersonates ALoco many times. For years Ive been telling guys Oscar is behind at least 50% of the trolldom here.

So if youre being "impostered, attacked by a new troll name here, or see a new troll name suddenly appear". If you tell yourself, "that's just oscar", there's 'at least" 50% chance "youre absolutely right"!

Over the years Ive learned. Oscar absolutely thrives on turning the entire blog board into uproar. He's like the pyromaniac who starts a fire just to kick back and watch it burn.

YG and Phins 78, same person?


I cant prove it, but Ive suspected for a very long time that oscar actually works for TMH. He's "paid hit patrol troll" for Armando and The Herald.

Armando never answers anything negative when pertaining to oscar. Armando say now, anyone impostering anyone will be banned. Yet oscar isnt banned yet.

Like I said, I cant prove any of this about oscar, but after years of being here, I know what a rotten egg smells like.

Oscar was also on Ohio blog. But not as a poster, but as the Herald's spy. LOL...


Clue, my max bench lies somewhere in the neighbourhood of 325lbs-330lbs (I weigh 200lbs).

Ive even seen ALoco ask Armando during "live blogs" who's impersonating him? Armando never answers. Armando know's it his "hit troll" doing this. So Armando will not expose his hit troll.

However, from year's of experience being here, "simple deduction" always points "squarely in oscar's direction". Unless oscar is one of you too.

Actually, really I dont care, just trying to give everyone a "head's up".

Think about guys,

The "hit troll" is a "longtime poster", who obviously has to be getting paid. Because it's just too much work signing in and out of, and creating hundreds of different screen names over the years, that's just far too much work to freely do. He(oscar) even imposter's those in blue.

That's why I stopped using my "blue sign in". The "hit troll"(oscar) impersonated me in colors(blue). LOL

Reason Im posting all of this, is there's primaraily one guy behind this, and instead of accusing eachother, take a long look at this may just be oscar(the Herald's hit troll). LOL...


And what was the issue with Martin? You said he benched 225lbs 10 times or something?

Last post on this subject:

Armando knows the only way to stop at least 80% of the trolldom here, is not to ban oscar, they would have to "fire oscar". LOL..


Armando wrote his blog recorded record number of hits this year. How much was your bonus? LOL...

Mark, you must be a jar head or something. I took steroids a couple of years ago and my max was prob 300. I stack test with deca.

DC has pretty much hit the nail on the head Phins 78...

Like you...I like to deal in the REAL....I enjoy getting perspective from REAL posters with real OPINIONS...even/especially when they differ from mine...I enjoy the challnge of trying to change somebody's mind with my written word...or haveing my mind switched by opposing poster...

So fake nonsensical "names" (post) used to really pi$$ me off....

I used to think I could change the blog by calling out and exposing the ones on here who I felt were fake....by doing so...the blog would realize who they were...and shame them (for lack of better word) into posting about football...or ignore them until theu went away.....

Sadly...the average attention span of the average American is about ONE MILI-SECOND....so by the time I went back and forth with some troll for 2 pages or more....the American mind is so jumbled up....they coudn't tell me from the troll...and as far as the REAL posters were concerned....we might be one and the same....

DC taught me this...maybe a month or so ago when somebody stole my name (in Blue)....and I ranted and raved for hours....only to be told by DC that he thought I may now be the troll....

From my perspective....I have no idea how he could have come to that conclusion....but I had to realize that NOT EVERYONE readin will see things from my perspective....

I like DC...and consider him one of the SMARTER and more LEVEL-HEADED posters on here...with no agenda but...other than to improve the team....

So if he (DC) coudn't tell...then Ihad doubts about how many others could as well....

So from that point forward....I engage trolls on my terms....they get ONE POST....TWO @ MOST....

After that I don't even read their negaive or deragatory comments...what would be the point...he (they) only want to fight....they don't want to debate....and if they can cuss you out....all the better in they're minds....

SO I tell them "Good Day"...and keep it moving.....in hopes of finding somebody on here that wants to talk FINS Football....

but that is just my long and drawn out 2 cents

I have made a lot of $, Yes.

Clue, not sure what a jar head is?? Should I be offended, haha?? I've never cycled. I took creatine for a few months way back when but that's it.

DC, Martin's issue is that he benched 225 somewhere around 15 times meanwhile the average OT reps 25+. No joke, there was a punter at the combine who outbenched martin. Cordy Glenn who was taken a couple of picks later by the Bills benched 31 times.


I'll keep you posted in about 2 weeks time....but in my experince....it takes about 6 weeks to really get a transformational change....

I am looking for a better mile time...2 mile time...and better over all strength and endurance....those will be my standards by which I judge this system...

Im not a fan of the way everyone has been slamming this guy. If he was a project when we drafted him, then give him an offseason to mature and develop. If he doesnt, then we are like 31 other teams that take a shot on someone and it doesnt pan out. I feel bad for the guy because Im not sure that he isnt really trying, but he isnt cut out for it.

Posted by: Kris | January 10, 2013 at 12:57 PM


Once I finally came to this conclussion I got into far less fights and begin to take "trolldom" far less seriously.

None of its "personal anyway", It's just "The Herald" doing thier "business". Thier business is to generates as many hits as possible to charge "thier sponsors" the "highest rates" possible to advertise on thier blog page.

It's business, not personal.

Kris, that troll was pretty smart. He posted in blue, and let's be honest, who really clicks on a blue name to make sure that's the poster you think it is? So I just figured it was you, until you mentioned it, and I clicked on one of her (because from now on, IMO, ALL trolls should be labeled a "she") posts, and noticed it linked back to your name, but their post was never posted on your page. VERY TRICKY!!!

Then I knew that wasn't you. But yeah, had me mystified for a bit.

I even post to oscar when he makes "a real" football statement. Its not personal. LOL...

Mark, Jar Head is typically a US Marine, but in this instance Im using it to describe someone who is a muscualr fella (You). Agreed not sure what Martin was doing in the weight room in college to be so weak

Clue, just looked up jar head. Marine?

No, not a marine. I'm actually an accountant (CPA).

Everybody needs to chill out. Most of Ireland questionable draft picks came under Bill Parcels. Bill always hated the Dolphins.I believe Ireland had a great draft last year. I would not have picked Tannehill, I believe that Kirk Cousins is Tom Brady and he would have been my 2nd round pick.I know laugh all you want but I would take Kirk over Rg3 or wilson. This coming free agency and draft will put us in the playoffs for the next ten years. Go Dolphins


that is a pretty good bench for a 200 LB man....

my max on the bench is 345-350....but lifting that heavy is hard on the joints....

I weigh 230-235...but am also 6'4...so I have some height and weight on you....

This kind of strength no longer intrigues me....and these Cross-Fit athletes have peaked my interest....

Like you said...the moves are core related...and also mux in some Olympic type lifting moves....I expect to be coached up quite a bit....thus they high cost...

Yeah Mark, I'm coming around to your position (thinking about my own benching). Right now I'm doing less weight/more reps, so I workout with anywhere from 185-195 doing 4-6 sets of 8-10 reps. So a big guy like that should be able to smoke me. Unless I'm studlier than I think!

YG hides behind his many screen names and his Computer knowledge which we admit is vast, but not enough. One of these Days, he will get nabbed. Guaranteed.

Guys a guy with average strength should be able to lift there own weight. No average man can bench 300 plus pounds so thats def the exceptions

Thanks Clue, I'm nowhere near ready for Mr. Olympia or for Mr. Anything for that matter but I'm happy with myself. I started lifting when I was 18 and never stopped. I think I got hooked because I was an asthmatic child and was pretty sickly. Luckily I grew out of it and I guess it always made me want to push myself.

Now, my gf's cousin is some kind of beast. he actually played fullback for memphis and is 6'4 270lbs. guy is constantly eating. he's one strong baaastard but whopped as heck by his 115lbs wife - haha

Mark In Toronto,

I think any oline position is more about footwork and technique than raw brut strength. Does Martin need to get stronger? Absolutely.

But if playing oline in the nfl was primarily all about "brute strength". The league would be absolutely "littered" with all pro's.

I think Martin's technique, for the most part, just gets him by. But if he continues to work on both improving his technique more, and strength building. Barring injury, in a few years he could become absolutely beastily!

Just as long as his committment to excellence is there, it will happen.

Hey Yesterday.

Why drag me into the/your paranoid world of duplicate monikers or posting as someone else?
If you could go back for years you would see me sporadically posting under the same name on both the Dolphins and Panthers stories and blogs. I rarely use the message threads to hold conversations with other posters and I dont start nor engage in arguments. So just because I dont LIVE HERE like you do does not mean I just "showed up". If you dont like what I write, that's fine but I have no interest in playing the name games. Just leave me out of the cry baby paranoia.

YG @ 1:05...

It was pretty enlightening to say the least.....and my blogging experince here has been much better....


I should be thanking you....it was you who opened my eyes.....

I feel better Mark. At first I felt pretty weak when you were (showing off)...I mean describing your bench. But you say you never stopped since 18. PHEW!!! I went on a sabbatical around 20, just returned about a year ago (so yeah, almost 2 decades). So most of my muscle turned to flab and now I have to regain my strength. My guns are coming back though.

Just wondering, but if the guy can't play tight-end and he was originally a wide receiver, which by the way the Fins have a shotage of, why not try him out. See, that is the difference between the great coaches and the mediocre ones. Great coaches put players in positions that they can excel at. Bad coaches just try to fit the player in the position they were drafted for at any cost. Try Egnew at receiver or he will wind up in NE and Belichek will make him great. Look at Egnew's college bio. The guy is no shmuck.

LOST in all of this is a HUGE event from one of the REGS....


My newbie will be 6 weeks on Sunday....


except for the lack of sleep...and diaper changing....

get rid of those two things....I woudn't change it for the world....

when you get that 1st smile....man....you will see...

My Newbie laughed for the 1st time the other day....I think it was just the baby's body doing a systems check....cause nothing funny was happening @ the time...

but it was still cool to here that future laugh....

Kris, i hear you. True strength and fitness comes from pushing your core. I'd love to do more of those classes but they don't mix with my work schedule so I do a lot of stuff on the treadmill and try to make my workouts a lot quicker while maintaining my strength. I don't like to sit anymore than 40 seconds to one min max between sets (even my heaviest ones). None of my workouts will last more than an hour but on weekends it's nto uncommon for me to be in the gym twice. Once in the morning for cardio/core and then in the early afternoon just to lift.

I kind of chuckle now when I see guys waiting five minutes or longer between sets and using the gym as a nightclub by trying to chat up all the girls. When I'm in there, the headphones are on, and focus is onw hat I'm doing so I can get out of there and watch some football!!

I believe Ireland had a great draft last year. I would not have picked Tannehill, I believe that Kirk Cousins is Tom Brady and he would have been my 2nd round pick.

Posted by: mark mosier | January 10, 2013 at 01:09 PM

Getting back to football, can we parse this post mark (not to pick on you)? So, you believe Ireland had a GREAT draft, but you don't believe the FIRST-ROUND pick was good. Huh? So, what was so great about it? Jonathan Martin (see Mark's comments)? Egnew (see this entire blog)? Miller/Vernon?

Don't get me wrong, I think this was an ABOVE-AVERAGE draft (for Ireland). He did what no one did on this team for 3 decades, drafted a 1st-rd QB. He got some starters (Tannehill/Martin). He got a couple of possible playmakers (Miller/Vernon). But he didn't get a year one SUPERSTAR. He didn't hit on a late gem (maybe Matthews, not sure he's a "gem"). THAT'S what I'd call a great draft. This draft was good, better than the others. But not enough true superstars if you ask me (at least year 1).

My Newbie laughed for the 1st time the other day....I think it was just the baby's body doing a systems check....cause nothing funny was happening @ the time...

but it was still cool to here that future laugh....

Posted by: Kris | January 10, 2013 at 01:35 PM

Very envious Kris. You're a lucky dude.

Kris, DC

Kris, keep pushing the limits. Good to see that you take your phsyical well being sersiously. From personal experience, it makes getting older easier, haha.

DC, you're doing just fine. The point is not how strong Martin is compared to me you or Kris or Clue or anyone else. We all have jobs that don't require us to beat a man in a physical feat. This is all fun, hobbies, interest to us. For Martin, it's his life. he gets paid an abscene amount of money for it. there are a lot of stakeholders involved in his physical development.

Huge difference!


I go on workout sabaticals at times too(LOL). However, during these time(less physically active) I increase my protien vs carb intake at least 2 to 1.

When less active, the body stores carbs as fat, then actually feeds on the protiens(muscle)before it feeds on fat(carbs). Thats why we get fat and muscles seem to shrink. Incresing protiens helps to keep mucle mass longer. But there's nothing better for the muscle than contonuous exercise.

So when going on workout sabaticals, remember, increase the protiens, reduce the carbs. When wotking our regularly, increase the carbs, because they provide the fuel to keep the muscles working. While the protien itself builds the muscle mass.

Using this formula I can workout for 30 days and my body looks like at least 3 months. Proper rest is also very important. The body needs 8 hrs sleep to properly rebuild and repair.

Thats why get into proper shape is the combination of proper exercise, diet, and rest. It takes all 3 to be your very best. minimizing either of these 3 increases risk of injury and not developing properly.


No, strength alone is not a determining factor in who plays OT in the NFL. However, he is so deficient that having him out there is dangerous at LT. I mean what If Aldon Smith had hurled him at a cheerleader or knocked the Goodyear blimp out of the sky? Imagine the carnage.

Seriously, he's weak sauce and I have serious doubts about him at LT. Even with a full offseason weight program under his belt, he won't be up to par. It will take years and even then , that's if he all of a sudden shows committment to something he's never cared about before. It's a big question mark if this guy is our LT.

DC, get a license for those guns!!


Just like my 1:46 post to DC, it may not be that Martin did not regularly work out enough while in college, it could be he wasnt taught properly how.

In the pro's they'll have highly paid nutritionist, and top weight training people working with him. He'll now get the proper carb and protien counts he needs to have, advised on the proper rest he needs, and proper techniques for weight training. Plus continue to work on and upgrade his LT techniques.

With all of this, the only thing that can go wrong, is desire. Desire is the only thing that can not be taught.

YG, Stanford under Jim harbaugh was a professional program. he didn't got to East Lafayette A&M. Toby Gerhart, Andrew Luck, etc, etc did not having issues. Stop making excuses for the kid - he's a slug. Who else would've let someone else carve a dikk in your head during training camp??? He's soft.


Oh yeah, when Ive been on my workout sabaticals, I dont began working the weight regimen first couple weeks with stretching, exercise, and cardio. Then week 3-4 I begin weight training.

Im getting older so to reduce chance of injury I try to prepare my body for the work its to do first. Knock on wood, Ive never had workout injury, and my muscles and body seems to recover from workouts much faster. The soreness isnt as severe or long neither.


If you re-read my post, then you'll see Im not trying to make excuses for the kid, just pointing out what it will take for him to be successful.

If he does those things, he should be a fine pro LT. If not, just as you called it, he'll be "a slug". LOL...

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