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Growing consensus: Egnew won't make it

I was a guest on the Joe Rose Show this morning on local radio station WQAM when the conversation turned to the tight end position. And Rose, a former Dolphins tight end, said the Dolphins need to sign or draft someone to play the position this offseason because in part ...

"I don't believe Michael Egnew is going to make it," Rose said.

And I wasn't surprised he said it because, I'm hearing that a lot from folks I'm talking to lately.

I've talked to two players the past three weeks that told me they don't see Egnew, a rookie last year, making it out of training camp next year.

"He should have been cut this year," one told me.

That doesn't account for Egnew learning to block and learning his assignments better and getting stronger and faster this offseason. But another player I spoke with said none of that will ultimately matter with the former third round draft pick.

"He's a p---y," the second player said. "He's not a football player."

It does not end there. I talked to Former Dolphins OLB/DE Kim Bokamper about Egnew the week before the season ended. He also said he does not believe the kid will ever be a factor. He's seen enough.

"You look at his body, look at his hips, he's built strange," Bokamper said. "He's not built like an NFL tight end. I had to cover tight ends and deal with tight ends my entire career and I never saw one built like that."

All of that sits atop the fact that Egnew made offensive coordinator Mike Sherman so disgusted in training camp that he told the kid during one offense meeting, "If I were the general manager, I'd cut you."

Egnew was inactive the entire season, except for the final two weeks when injuries (specifically to Charles Clay and Davone Bess) opened up enough open spots on the gameday roster to allow him to be active.

He played some early on in the final home game against Buffalo, but didn't catch a pass. He played less in the season-finale against New England the following week, getting mostly garbage-time snaps late in the fourth quarter.

Not exactly improvement.

Obviously, the Dolphins likely will allow Egnew to come to the offseason conditioning program, offseason camps and training camp to see if he shows anything.

But the growing consensus of him being on the team when the 2013 opens?

Not likely. 


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I,m trying to be positive for the up coming FA and Draft. Ireland might catch a break by being able to land the personel that Philbin needs to make his philosphy/System work. On the O side of the ball, 5 good OL men, a Good QB and 5 other weapons equally competent of moving the chains. Same on the D side of the ball. Be it the traditional 4-3 and 4 in the back field or the nickle or dime package, consistency is what we need in all three aspects of the game, even when players are rotated in and out. Perfect example is when Bush got "HURT" our running game disappeared and that costed us. What guarantee do we have that a high profile player does not get hurt and we end up with no quality back up only mediocre players. Don't want another wasted year full of excuses. Philbin can be successful if given the right weapons and it is Irelands job to deliver what ever it is we need to win.


Thanks....it is truly a blessing....

Mark, your right @2:01 the guy went to Stanford that program is ran better than some NFL teams, believe me they get the best of the best.

YG, VERY helpful posts. Thanks man! I'm going to try that next sabbatical (though now I've gotten into the routine of working out every weekday). I heard the older you get the more sore you get (and longer recovery time). But you're saying eating carbs prevents that?

Also, anyone ever get the flu shot? I never have, and am rarely sick (knock on wood), but with this epidemic I'm thinking maybe I should this year. But I heard lots of things against getting that shot.

Been a reader here for a couple of year, love to read the comments but I don't ever make my own comments but I got to say that when u guys r just talking football this blog is extremely entertaining but when all this stupid troll stuff is all this blog Consumes is truly childish

Who with me for the new year on this blog nothing but our beloved dolphins holla at your boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I said carbs are the fuel for working out. Preparing your body the first couple weeks with stretching, excercise, and cardio helps with that.

The reason we get so sore when first beginning is because the body hasnt been prepared first, so its a complete shock to the muscle or muscle groups.

Then once getting into the weight regimen itself, both high protien and high carb intake are important. Carb for workout fuel(cant drive the car with needle sitting at empty), proteins to rebuild and repair the muscle tissues and fibers caused by wrking out itself.

Then, and I highly stress, proper rest(8hrs)(sleep). Sleep is the natural process the body uses to rebuild and repair every aspect of itself. If you can get 8hrs sleep, that in itself reduces soreness(lactic acid level in the muscles). Recovery time is more about the workout itself. Meaning ability to do more reps and sets. That about carbs(fuel to last longer).

This is one of the reasons i dont read anything the media says! Alot of false reporting and bad judgement... P---y? Michael Egnew became an All-American his 1st season starting for Mizzou. Im not sure how all of you so called "sports fans" can determine someones worth when you never seen the man play. Its funny because no one thought he would be that great for Mizzou but turned around and became an All-American! Then later became a hell of a team captain. The man is tough as nails and wont tolerate being 2nd to no one. But when his opportunity arise ill be the 1st person to say "i told you so"! But getting pissed at these pointless blogs wont do any justice. Just have to wait and watch him work!

Egnew can catch, play him as a big wide receiver if he can't pick up the blocking scheme. Tony Gonzalez played out wide all the time . I still have hope for the kid


I agree in that if they are going to keep him they cant be stuck on him as a TE. If he's a liability as a TE but an asset out wide them use him that way. Mainly a WR in college they are trying to make him something he isnt. But there has to be something else going on for him not to have gotten more looks. I hope so anyway. I'd rather it be Egnew who is dumb as a rock than it be the staff being too fixated with insisting on playing him where he is worthless.

Give him some steroids or throw him in the notorious pile of Ireland's draft busts.


I don't trust any player that can't spell his last name. Every body with any sense at all knows it is A G N E W, not Egnew. Sheeesh!

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