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Growing consensus: Egnew won't make it

I was a guest on the Joe Rose Show this morning on local radio station WQAM when the conversation turned to the tight end position. And Rose, a former Dolphins tight end, said the Dolphins need to sign or draft someone to play the position this offseason because in part ...

"I don't believe Michael Egnew is going to make it," Rose said.

And I wasn't surprised he said it because, I'm hearing that a lot from folks I'm talking to lately.

I've talked to two players the past three weeks that told me they don't see Egnew, a rookie last year, making it out of training camp next year.

"He should have been cut this year," one told me.

That doesn't account for Egnew learning to block and learning his assignments better and getting stronger and faster this offseason. But another player I spoke with said none of that will ultimately matter with the former third round draft pick.

"He's a p---y," the second player said. "He's not a football player."

It does not end there. I talked to Former Dolphins OLB/DE Kim Bokamper about Egnew the week before the season ended. He also said he does not believe the kid will ever be a factor. He's seen enough.

"You look at his body, look at his hips, he's built strange," Bokamper said. "He's not built like an NFL tight end. I had to cover tight ends and deal with tight ends my entire career and I never saw one built like that."

All of that sits atop the fact that Egnew made offensive coordinator Mike Sherman so disgusted in training camp that he told the kid during one offense meeting, "If I were the general manager, I'd cut you."

Egnew was inactive the entire season, except for the final two weeks when injuries (specifically to Charles Clay and Davone Bess) opened up enough open spots on the gameday roster to allow him to be active.

He played some early on in the final home game against Buffalo, but didn't catch a pass. He played less in the season-finale against New England the following week, getting mostly garbage-time snaps late in the fourth quarter.

Not exactly improvement.

Obviously, the Dolphins likely will allow Egnew to come to the offseason conditioning program, offseason camps and training camp to see if he shows anything.

But the growing consensus of him being on the team when the 2013 opens?

Not likely. 


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The Booker was a bust! LOL

Not exactly news here. We saw him and wrote about him at that Time. He looks like a Neanderthal man.

facts are ireland is a awful gm and we are stuck with him

Yesterday's Gone,

I think it was Adewale Ogungleye that we trade for Booker. Booker was just terrible though. He was so good with the Bears and their terrible QB's I dont know what happened. It seemed like every pass thrown to him was a drop.

based on the jets cap problems, almost 20mil over, dustin keller should be a high target in FA.

but we got picks in that booker trade too.

Nice how white folks have to consistantly take away from black folks. They just cant be better. There has to be a long drawn out explanation on why they are better and how white folks are responsible for it in some fashion. Geez, what a joke. Get over yourself.

From seeing Egnew on Hardknocks he seems to have a major self esteem issues. You can tell by his mannerisms and the way he'd react to a bad moment.

Sometimes these kind of issues can really paralyze a person from achieving even simple tasks.

And if you think that's a joke. Then you're wrong.


DO:PIN 78..................WINN DIXIE
WHDP.......................IN PRISON


Marty Booker was acquired for Adewale Ogunleye. Armstrong was just allowed to walk. To the Raiders I think.

Reality is worse here. Who trades a sack amchine and a bookend for a peak Jason Taylor for a pedestrian WR??

YG I didn't mean they bred to be athletes on purpose. I thought that was obvious! I'm saying because of what they went through it simply turned out that way. Thought I explained that pretty well damn you. :)

And by the way I was mostly joking, pulled a lot of it from a Bill Burr stand up routine. If you haven't watched the guy, check him out people. Incredibly funny!

I'll agree with cavemanna way earlier.......not sure he was the 3rd rated TE pre-draft but he was fairly high, top 5-6 I think.......one source projected him to be a 3rd-4th round pick......unfortunately Ireland bit but its not like Egnew was out of left field.


Also, Saying black people are better athlete is just a stereo type. In innercity ghettos education isnt highly stressed. Black or whit youre surrounded by poverty. Usually the only way out is through Athletics.

So just like the suburb kid may focuse all his attention into education. That inner city kid is focusing his into athletics. Theyre both "working out, one's working out his mind while the other is working out his body.

In the inner city, that kid may have 2 parents who were hs dropouts, or single parent who was the same. The subrd kid probably has both parents who are either college graduates, or at least 1 yr of college.

So guess which household education is stressed most? I can go on and on, but point is, we cant try and "colorize these things. There's far more to it than you think. Colorizing it only lend faulty foundation to "stereo-typing".

why not let this guy play wr?he was one before!no need to block!otherwise he's toast, worth a try i think!

The draft really is shooting fish in a barrel after the first 10-15 picks. The key is to acquire more picks, if possible, as Miami has done this year.

THIS is why the Patriots have been so successful at the draft. They miss just as much as anyone else, but they ALSO realize that more picks means more chances to hit the occassional bullseys.

If you watched Hard Knocks he just came across as dumb. And too self conscious. I think the NFL will eat him alive.

"The black athlete seems to be superior to the white athlete in the major sports (Football/Basketball). The numbers don't lie. And they aren't picked because of their skin color, they are picked because they are the best of the best.


Let's deal with the NFL for a second. There are certain positions like RB, WR, CB, & Safety that are almost completely dominated by black athletes b/c of the pure speed that is required at the position. That's just a fact.

But to say that a DE fell in the draft b/c he was white is ridiculous. Wasn't Chris Long the 3rd overall pick??? JJ Watt didn't drop to Number 11 b/c he was white, he dropped to Number 11 b/c ten teams thought they were taking a better player. Did Clay Matthews drop to 25 b/c he was white or b/c he was a late bloomer who had a one great season at USC.

How come white TE's or white LB's or white OLinmen are not judged differently??? Did Gronk dropped to the 2nd round b/c he was white??? Wasn't Heath Miller a first round pick??? Kuechly was taken at 9 last year by the Panthers so why didn't he drop???

not sure I'd sign Keller......talented but the kid cant stay on the field

From last blog and Mando should know better!

Saban chased Drew Brees and never made any secret about that being his guy. It was just our misfortune that then new Saints H.C. Peyton wanted him to and signed him then to a very risky 7 Yr./49 Mil. contract while Culpepper signed a much more friendly 5 Yr./26 Mil. deal. Simple economics because some of you seem to forget Saban NEVER chased Culpepper that was one of those bang bang things he signed off on after Peyton inked Brees to a risky risky deal given he could have easily been Pennington.

That particular Dolphins team had 10 Mil. a Yr. tied into JT alone without bringing up Zach, Madison, Kevin Carter, Chambers and a host of others at over a 6 Mil. a Yr. average. Upon arrival Saban (who loves DB's) had to part with Patrick Surtain given we couldn't afford another huge salary on that D were the bulk of our money with only the exceptions of Chambers, Ricky (retired) McMicheal and Carey was tied up by the Speiman/Wannstedt regime to replace him with a rookie and does anybody really believe that was his 1st choice given at that time our CB's were considered one of the best duos in Football.

I believe he quit on us absolutely no doubt (and in the slimiest of fashions) but there were circumstances as he alluded to regarding the CAP and I believe at this point he doesn't see the need in rehashing all of that given he landed on his feet nicely. The one spot were Saban was absolutely terrible was in the draft were he seemed to wear blinders because I think he thought he could build straight out of the SEC as the Jason Allen, Ronnie Brown, Travis Daniels ect.. selections showed but the Culpepper deal was more about a team in that era that was always at the CAP ceiling and that was an issue before the disaster 2-14 Season that brings him to us. He may have been forced to stick it out more and actually try but Wayne the king of the sweetheart deal were you can walk away with full benefits in toe made his decision easy like he did with Parcells as well and probably came up with the idea after suing Ricky and winning that NFL contracts can swing in favor or against and depending on the wording could sway people his way.

phins78 you are a bit nutty.

look at the MLB, black athletes are almost non-existent, same goes for the NHL.

Phins/Clue, I'm going to have to disagree with you there. I'm not of the opinion that there are "biological differences" between the races. Frankly, the genome project blew all that nonsense out of the water. African-Americans and their white counterparts are 99.8 (or 9)% identical.

The "breeding" of the slaves, while accurate, doesn't reflect the current African-American populace. Today's African-American yes, has African lineage, but it also has the lineage from the white population the slaves intermingled with (or were raped by). So they have a lot of different blood in them (so aren't perfectly engineered human beings for sport).

The reason I believe there are more blacks than whites in some sports (football/basketball) has more to do with socio-economic factors than anything else. People generally adapt to their situation. A lot of these athletes come from depressed areas (either inner-city or rural). Their schools generally aren't well-run or geared to teach the highest standards. Many also come from broken families. And many don't see good role-models in their communities. So, they realize very early that in order to get out of their situations, they need to get paid. And the 2 ways they see around them that they can do that is through the drug trade or sports. And then, they put in the time. Playing from a young age, practicing, learning their craft, excelling. That's when the small amount of "god-given" talent helps, but ultimately it's what gets them over the top and into the Pro's, not the greatest factor.

Typically, whites in this Country have more avenues. More choices. So some pursue sports, but many don't. And then it just becomes a numbers game. If you have 100,000 blacks and 50,000 whites pursuing professional athletics, of course you're going to have a disparity in the pro ranks (between races). That's just math and common sense.

So we're way more similar than we are dissimilar. White men CAN jump. And black men CAN use their brains. Sociological reasons have just encouraged us to pursue different options.

YG, the Wr your refering to is Marty Booker, and Trace was getting up there in age and a FA the next season, Wanny didnt want to lose him for nothing


Booker & a 3rd round pick were traded to the Dolphins from the Bears for Ogunleye not Trace Armstrong. We didn't want to pay him remember???


Im just saying what happened 400yrs ago has zero bearing on today. It isnt like blacks are naturally born better athletes. Economic conditions play a greater role in this.

Ride thru the inner city sometimes. You see the kids outside playing all of time or hanging out. Then ride thru the suburds and you wont find it nearly as much.

Kids in the burbs usually spend far more time inside than kids in the inner city. So even as kids, inner city kids are developing into better athletes simply because they spend more time outside running around.

However, that does very little towards developing thier minds educationally. IMO, this isnt a race think its a eco-social thing that causes this to occur.

I wonder if Sherman was part of the reason we took Egnew? Looks like Egnew had a good game and a decent game against Sherm's Aggies. Being in the Big 12 maybe Sherman thought the guy could play. I guess his opinion changed during training camp as we saw in Hard Knocks lol.



A 10 catch for 87 yard game in 2010 and 4 catch for 51 yard game in 2011.



Posted by: ilikeit | January 09, 2013 at 02:15 PM

Stop being a politically correct nut. No one is saying anything bad. Did you not read my post? They are better than us at athletics. How is that some sort of put down to you? I'm sayiung they are good at something and you are taking that as a bad thing?

And you can't allow your mind to do the math? Black people grew up in Africa and other places living very hard lives. They evolved over time to adapt to these conditions. White people lived a more coddled life and evolved over time to adapt to those conditions. It's a commentary on the human condition throughout the history of the world.

White people didn't make it happen and no one said they did. There were slave owners all over the world and lots of African tribes actually raided other tribes, stole their women and strong men, and used them as slaves in their own villages.

So African Americans over time, throughout history and because of their surroundings have developed better when it comes to strength and conditioning.

Considering the fact we all came from Africa so we all had the very same beginnings how do you explain the obvious discrepancy in ability?

We never traded Armstrong away(we traded for a 2nd round pick to get him) & he signed with the Raiders not the Bears.

An Escobar in Miami ... AWESOME!!!

Posted by: Phins78 | January 09, 2013 at 01:58 PM

Trace Armstrong is only my example of if Werner at least turns out to be that, its a good deal to draft him if available at #12. All Armstrog did was quietly rack up multiple double digit sac seasons.

Good points at 2:17 YG.

Me: Minutemen, Blak Flag, X, Replacements, Husker Du, X-Ray Spex, Television, Elvis Costello, Pere Ubu, Pixies, Buddy Holly, Brian Eno

You: Bon Jovi, Jimmy Buffett

sabans a fool who cant hack it in the nfl

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | January 09, 2013 at 02:26 PM

This was never the point. See what I say about your comprehension? It was only about WERNER becoming at least Trace Armstrong would be a great thing.

You guys go off on wild tangents and miss the bread and butter of most posts.

One of the glaring misses in Ireland's tenure. Ireland should have been replaced because of Egnew. Not because of one miss, but because this particular miss represents a number of misses in the first three rounds of several drafts where Ireland has missed more than he has hit. I like him as a person but he has has yet to find a talent that everyone else didn't identify first, and he has missed on several that were reaches at best. Who is the one guy that Miami has drafted in Ireland's tenure that the other teams say "how did we pass on that guy? Answer: He doesn't exist!

Taste, you forgot the Sex Pistols and the Ramones.




Great points DC, VERY INTERESTING TAKES GUYS. I'm glad we can have a debate on this without everyone getting bent out of shape and calling each other racists.

With that said please note that most of what I said was taken from a comedian I love to watch and was mostly meant as a joke. Obviously the differences go much deeper than that. I thought I could make some people laugh (I probably have half a liver and I'm going to D him up in basketball"?!)but as usual my jokes are taken as some sort of manifesto. lol

If only DC would let me use smiley faces!

The overwhelming majority of African-Americans have PLENTY of "white" in their racial ancestry. To not know that is to not know basic history.

Differences are driven by cultural and economic factors. There is ZERO biological difference between two shades of the same human being.

The overwhelming majority of African-Americans have PLENTY of "white" in their racial ancestry. To not know that is to not know basic history.
Differences are driven by cultural and economic factors. There is ZERO biological difference between two shades of the same human being.
Posted by: Humanity 101 | January 09, 2013 at 02:33 PM


Ramomes and Sex Pistols! My bad!

I never said you were putting anyone down. I said if you can comprehend things correctly that, even though as you pointed out blacks are genrally better athletes you still have to slide white credit in there for it.
Also, new evidence is strongly suggesting not that all humans did not originate in Africa.
In closing, as you said every race along the lines has both participated and been victims of slavery so based on this wouldn't it be a wash and your statement even more irrelevant than it already is? No reply neccessay as I dont really care what you have to say in return


Eggnew as the 5th rated TE on the team YOU MORONS.


"The overwhelming majority of African-Americans have PLENTY of "white" in their racial ancestry."

Yeah, those are the Bryant Gumbells and Urkels of the world. Lebron James is 100% black, no white in those jeans.

how many blacks are on the pats.?

"So we're way more similar than we are dissimilar. White men CAN jump. And black men CAN use their brains. Sociological reasons have just encouraged us to pursue different options."


The top black athletes are faster than the top white athletes. That's just the way it is. There were a few REALLY fast white guys like Don Beebee in the NFL but those guys are few & far between. I don't think it's a coincidence that the fastest WR in the NFL is Mike Wallace, the fastest RB is Chris Johnson, the fastest TE is Vernon Davis, & the fastest player I've ever seen was Deion Sanders.

The day I see a white man beat Usein Bolt in a race--I'll change my mind.

All though no one will understand, that too was a joke! Lighten up! This got way too serious boys.





NO SMILEY FACES PHINS!!! Just kidding man. You've earned your stripes I won't call you feminine.

Posted by: Humanity 101 | January 09, 2013 at 02:33 PM

It drives me crazy to no ends when I hear white people say a black person is well spoken just because he speaks proper english. When a black person speaks proper english its always "specifically pointed out" like just because of that person's skin pigment, it's somethng that wasnt supposed to be possible.

In slavery times blacks werent allowed to show any signs of education or they would have hell to pay. So aturally "ebonics" became neccessary for survival and to avoid punishment from thier "white oppressor".

So "ebonics" have been passed down from one generation to the next. Sometimes old habits are just very hard to break. But it doesnt mean one is naturally unintelligent because he speaks in ebonics. Stpidity comes in all colors. There are 'well spoken" not so bright people that exist in huge numbers too.

Have you not been reading this blog long enough to understand this? LOL....

How man 'blacks' on the Pats? Probably about 75-80% of the team, like the rest of the NFL.

How many white sheets in your closet?





Look at black people in other countries. Many many of them are very well spoken. Difference is they didnt have spend many generations of "speaking ebonics" as a tool of survival from "white oppressors". AKA slave masters.

How many Jewish Sports legends can you name?

What in the hell are you crying about.

I'll respond because I want to. If you don't want to read it that's your prerogative okay Paula Abdul?

"you still have to slide white credit in there for it."

No you don't because like I said black people were slaves LONG LONG before whites got a hold of them. I never credited whites with that, you did. I said black people were slaves and you apparently think that only white people owned slaves.

AND ("In closing, as you said every race along the lines has both participated and been victims of slavery")

I never once said that, you made that up. Stop telling people what they don't comprehend. You're putting words in my mouth, completely taking my post out of context, and then telling me I don't comprehend something because we have different opinions? Your opinion is no more fact than mine.

Marty Booker was acquired for Adewale Ogunleye. Armstrong was just allowed to walk. To the Raiders I think.

Reality is worse here. Who trades a sack amchine and a bookend for a peak Jason Taylor for a pedestrian WR??

Mark in Toronto | January 09, 2013 at 02:16 PM

Trace Armstrong was acquired by Don Shula in his 95 S.B. or bust campaign (traded 2 and 3 for him) which ended in an acid Locker Room with 17 former #1 picks and an all out mutiny led by S.S. Gene Atkins (maybe the biggest Cancer in team history and doing life in a Fed. Pen. today)

He was allowed to walk by Wannstedt in 2001 given he was almost 36 and the Raiders 6 Yr./20 Mil. offer was rediculous to say the least. Ogunleye wanted something compatible to the 7 Yr/70 Mil. deal we gave JT and it wasn't happening although here we got peanuts in return (seems Wannstedt always got took in trades remember in Chicago 2 #1's for Steve Walsh) Wally as he was known should have netted in his prime at the very least 2 second rounders.

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