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Growing consensus: Egnew won't make it

I was a guest on the Joe Rose Show this morning on local radio station WQAM when the conversation turned to the tight end position. And Rose, a former Dolphins tight end, said the Dolphins need to sign or draft someone to play the position this offseason because in part ...

"I don't believe Michael Egnew is going to make it," Rose said.

And I wasn't surprised he said it because, I'm hearing that a lot from folks I'm talking to lately.

I've talked to two players the past three weeks that told me they don't see Egnew, a rookie last year, making it out of training camp next year.

"He should have been cut this year," one told me.

That doesn't account for Egnew learning to block and learning his assignments better and getting stronger and faster this offseason. But another player I spoke with said none of that will ultimately matter with the former third round draft pick.

"He's a p---y," the second player said. "He's not a football player."

It does not end there. I talked to Former Dolphins OLB/DE Kim Bokamper about Egnew the week before the season ended. He also said he does not believe the kid will ever be a factor. He's seen enough.

"You look at his body, look at his hips, he's built strange," Bokamper said. "He's not built like an NFL tight end. I had to cover tight ends and deal with tight ends my entire career and I never saw one built like that."

All of that sits atop the fact that Egnew made offensive coordinator Mike Sherman so disgusted in training camp that he told the kid during one offense meeting, "If I were the general manager, I'd cut you."

Egnew was inactive the entire season, except for the final two weeks when injuries (specifically to Charles Clay and Davone Bess) opened up enough open spots on the gameday roster to allow him to be active.

He played some early on in the final home game against Buffalo, but didn't catch a pass. He played less in the season-finale against New England the following week, getting mostly garbage-time snaps late in the fourth quarter.

Not exactly improvement.

Obviously, the Dolphins likely will allow Egnew to come to the offseason conditioning program, offseason camps and training camp to see if he shows anything.

But the growing consensus of him being on the team when the 2013 opens?

Not likely. 


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They're the best and fastest but it doesn't mean anything because they have white in their blood line? Is this the point that was just made?

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WHDP, I'm not saying blacks don't seem to be better at some things (dancing) and whites better at other things (hockey). I'm just saying it's not clear if the main reason is biological or something else.

Either way, I'm still waiting to see an Asian NASCAR driver.

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He was a third round pick. Get over it. ALL NFL teams miss on draft picks. especially third round picks. I would be more concerned about jonathan Martin. He really needs to improve and fast.

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Posted by: ALoco | January 09, 2013 at 02:53 PM

EXACTLY! "Trash,,,,,Alco".

Just like I said! Glad you agree.

Look at the history of TE's from Missouri. THEY SUCK!!! Wouldnt sherman have some input in his drafting since he did have to play the guy? Did they have to gameplan for him?

Phins 78, Watch out or Aloco is going to name you president of the gang of defeat or something along those lines.. :)


It's funny because here you don't understand how to use the English language but a few blogs ago you slipped up and wrote like a professor from Harvard.

So which is it? Are you incredibly stupid or are you just a phony like I have already said?

And where is my answer regarding my racist comment? Where's the proof behind your accusation dimwit? You're so pathetic.

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For the 100th time YG = ALoco, how can I figure this out months ago and you guys are still responding to ALoco like he's another blogger?

YG = ALoco

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Yeah, those are the Bryant Gumbells and Urkels of the world. Lebron James is 100% black, no white in those jeans.

Phins78 | January 09, 2013 at 02:37 PM

You don't know that and on it's face sounds rather ignorant phins78. One of Americas greatest Presidents Thomas Jefferson fathered 17 children with a slave woman on his plantation just because he isn't Rod Woodson (1st generation mixed race) doesn't mean the rest don't have it in there genes as well.

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You got to get up earlier than that jackass.

YG = ALoco

If you spend enough time in here you'll finally figure it out..

Posted by: A Regular Here | January 09, 2013 at 03:06 PM

Interesting Theory, Tell us how you came to this hipothesis??

"For the 100th time YG = ALoco"

,I said it the other night and YG flew off the handle. I was saying it in jest and he freaked out on me. I asked why he got so defensive over a joke but he never answered. I'm starting to believe you are correct on that one. It's also weird how every time he disappears Aloco seems to show up and knows the whole days conversation inside and out.

People are so messed up.

hippo the sis?

My country had a white man in our 4*100 metre relay team. We thought we won the bronze medal but the white guy committed a lane violation and got us disqualified.

True story.

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The other thing is, when YG first started posting a little while back he was a complete tool. He used to pick fights with everyone, attack everyone's posts.

And then a few of us called him out and all of the sudden he turned a new leaf. I commented on it because it was nice to see he realized he was being a bully and wanted to change. But the change was so sudden. As if he's just playing a bunch of characters and it's that easy for him to change personalities.

Most of us in here are consistent in our posts. Love us or hate us we're usually the same. It's the people who change personalities on a dime that you have to watch out for.

And low and behold there is a new poster called ilikeit. Yeah I know, dumbest sign in name ever but he picked it. Because he's apparently running out of ideas.


Ive come to this conclusion because there was a couple of times YG would all of a sudden start writing in caps, we all know ALoco YG alter ego writes in caps.

Also the only time you see ALoco on the boards is when YG is posting as well.

This is the weirdest part, YG would also have converstations with his alter ego ALoco. Talk about weird! LOL

Hey man, I like it.

Trust me guys, YG, just admit youve been posting as ALoco and I will reveal which regular poster I am.

Now YG should "come back" and tell us its bs and we are all paranoid aholes. That's how this usually works.

YG is ALoco, got it. And every other name that mysteriously pops up to agree with him (first time ever in the blog) when you are in a debate.

ARH is assumming anyone gives a SH** who they are....

Phins 78, Gotta agree with you about YG4E, When he started to post it was Dyingbreed,Then Yesterdays gone,Then LOL,The Yesterday's Gone 4 ever, You might be right.

Why do you guys always pick on YG and ALoco!?!?!
It's not right man

Mr Ireland has the eyes of Mr MaGoo. The funniest cartoon on TV, ever. It ain't so funny when he picks your football team.
The greatest fear in flag football is having Ireland pick the team you are on. You know you are going to have all the fat ugly pimply girls that can't run but can sort of play line and you are going to sit on the bench.
And the coach is going to be Tony Sporano.

LMAO YO, A regular here, check this out, hold on, it's a beauty if I can find it quick.

Forget it Regular, I don't have time.

But here was the jist of it. YG was making a point that no one agreed with. After a couple of pages of this Aloco shows up and says something about how YG is the smartest poster in here and he wanted to hear what he thought about the draft or something stupid like that. Then YG said thank you to himself and answered the question that he himself posed.

There are no words.

When your third round pick is a bust your in trouble. Thier were so many better choices available at tight end and reciever when Ireland made this pick. Pay $450,000+ for a player who can't even block or catch the ball. Ireland better sign or draft a top tight end quick to atone for this huge mistake.

Well, take it for what it's worth, but I was on here one time (not sure, maybe a year or so ago) when Mando was chatting with us little people, and people were complaining about posters using multiple names. And someone accused ALoco of doing that. So he asked Mando to confirm if he used multiple names, and Mando said ALoco only posted under that name.

So either Mando is in on it, or he's lying, or they are different posters.

Phins78, LOL. Notice that YG has fallen off the face of the earth all of a sudden, I think he knows he's busted. LMAO

DC, No offense to Mando, but he doesnt know crap about whos using multiple names and stuff like that. All he knows how to do is upload is blog on the Miami Herald site. LOL

Kris that's awesome.

Not that you agreed with me because there have been many times we have just agreed to disagree. What is awesome is that you are able to change your opinion when the facts are there.

So many pig headed people just won't allow their minds to be changed even when they look back and see it differently. They think it makes them weak when the opposite is true.

If we can't change our minds through debate there is no reason for it, no one ever learns. You're not always going to agree but sometimes it's impossible not to after looking back, especially when new evidence is presented.

You guys have swayed my views plenty of times and I'm happy to admit it because it means I learned something. I was able to see a point from someone else's point of view and realize that my thinking was off.

When this happens, the dumbest of the dumb accuse others of "flip flopping". They will never get it and I'm glad that some of us in here do (get it).

It's obvious that Ireland made a BIG mistake with this kid. All GM's make mistakes. My question is what did the Dolphin scouts think of him??

They do have some impute too. No?

DC Armando wouldn't know. They can't even ban people from this site. I learned all about it the other day. People have iphones, tablets, there are hot spots every where to use these devices as well as their home computers. You can have multiple email accounts and use all of them from each different device to create sign in names or just to hide your address.

There really is no way for Armando to stop it or to know who is who if you want to be sneaky about it. Plus, the banning people who steal names doesn't work like I said so he really has little recourse unless they set up a real sign in for people like other blogs do. Two posts after Armando warned people they would be banned the pos was impersonating me. And then today he was impersonating Kris. There's no way multiple strangers are coming in here and getting in on impersonating people. I have never witnessed this in any other blog.

Well, guys,Thoughts on Ireland picking up the right guy's this upcoming FA,Draft?, I'am at 23% that he'll pick up the right guys.

Jason Allen was tied for third NFL in INTs the year we let him go. time to trade Ireland.

Actually, if they used something with actual logon names and passwords. It would fix the problem. But then there would probably be 20 post a day.

One thing I would like to know that I've never been able to understand, why is $ and Power so important to some People?

Back to this article.... So a sports radio host and a former player (niether have anything to do with the team, correct?) say they don't think he will make it. And this has merit by itself?

dolFanSF, really?

Yeah regular, they both just happened to leave at the same time. And then they will appear at the same time and leave at the same time again. Aloco appears when he is bored with the conversation or he disagrees strongly with a post. That way he can hide behind the Aloco name while being a dillhole.

And then when the conversation is going strong and it's a good one with YG Aloco never shows up.

I'm telling you , he was WAY too mad over my post the other night asking him why he typed in all caps. Said he has a caps lock too and is allowed to type in all caps once and a while.

It seemed very obvious he was mad at himself for the slip up and tried to cover by acting outraged over the accusation. He is someone who knows computers as well and knows how to navigate the net anonymously when sites don't have the right safe guards.

Oh well, I can only ignore from now on.

3 Doesn't seem like a lot man. I guess if you make up facts you can support any argument.

3 w/MIA and 3 w/Hou in 2010

Word, 6 still isn't a ton. Missed that.

I guess they haven't fully been able to understand the Big Picture.

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