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Growing consensus: Egnew won't make it

I was a guest on the Joe Rose Show this morning on local radio station WQAM when the conversation turned to the tight end position. And Rose, a former Dolphins tight end, said the Dolphins need to sign or draft someone to play the position this offseason because in part ...

"I don't believe Michael Egnew is going to make it," Rose said.

And I wasn't surprised he said it because, I'm hearing that a lot from folks I'm talking to lately.

I've talked to two players the past three weeks that told me they don't see Egnew, a rookie last year, making it out of training camp next year.

"He should have been cut this year," one told me.

That doesn't account for Egnew learning to block and learning his assignments better and getting stronger and faster this offseason. But another player I spoke with said none of that will ultimately matter with the former third round draft pick.

"He's a p---y," the second player said. "He's not a football player."

It does not end there. I talked to Former Dolphins OLB/DE Kim Bokamper about Egnew the week before the season ended. He also said he does not believe the kid will ever be a factor. He's seen enough.

"You look at his body, look at his hips, he's built strange," Bokamper said. "He's not built like an NFL tight end. I had to cover tight ends and deal with tight ends my entire career and I never saw one built like that."

All of that sits atop the fact that Egnew made offensive coordinator Mike Sherman so disgusted in training camp that he told the kid during one offense meeting, "If I were the general manager, I'd cut you."

Egnew was inactive the entire season, except for the final two weeks when injuries (specifically to Charles Clay and Davone Bess) opened up enough open spots on the gameday roster to allow him to be active.

He played some early on in the final home game against Buffalo, but didn't catch a pass. He played less in the season-finale against New England the following week, getting mostly garbage-time snaps late in the fourth quarter.

Not exactly improvement.

Obviously, the Dolphins likely will allow Egnew to come to the offseason conditioning program, offseason camps and training camp to see if he shows anything.

But the growing consensus of him being on the team when the 2013 opens?

Not likely. 


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Posted by: CommonSense | January 09, 2013 at 03:46 PM

Exactly and I'm done on this subject after this post. It's better for the Herald to have the multiple hits. Content is never a factor. It can be as crappy of a blog that has ever been on the net and no one would know. It's all about the thank you we got the other day for the AMOUNT of hits. Never mind half of those hits are posts like ,,,, "Henne=Tanny". "Irescum is the worst",,"D Thomas took up 3 picks".

Just the same exact one liners over and over. Like someone is purposely trying to drum up hits or insite others into trying to prove them wrong. Just say the most shockingly stupid thing you can and tons of people will argue with you.

Proof? I reposted a comedians bit from a stand up routine, admitted it was from the comedian and that it was mostly a joke, and yet people still argued for two pages about it.

Sorry, I'm done now.

Haha Phins78... now that you mention it. Maybe Home = Mando : )

Should Houston's GM be fired for letting Jason Allen go too??

Oh Boy, who's mad about the Jason Allen thing? LOL! How far are we going to go back to find things to complain about?

That damned Shula! What was he thinking when he wanted Emtman!

Got to go guys, have a great night! Peace

Phins, peace out. And don't get me started on John Bosa!


I guess Armando's a liar. He publically stated on this blog: YG never impersonates anyone.

You can go on with your unsubstantiated "comspiracy theories' if you like, thats your perrogative.

However, now I see you for what you really are, hust as other posters have labeled you. From this point on, since Im a OBSESSION OF YOUR CONSPIRACY THEORIES".

I will no longer post to you and would greatly appreciate if you did the same.


Heck, ALoco attacks me, yet I dont say PHINS78 is attacking me under thje ALOCO name.

Stupidity knows no bounds. LOL...

YG kill the act please your busted!

Seems to be an awful lots of PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA on this blog.

Are you people taking your meds?

The new phrase should be he "jeffed" it.

Add another player to the chump pile.

The day Ireland is fired is the day the phins franchise can finally start to improve.

YG,Any chance Aloco showing up Soon..LOL :)?

Consensus: Ireland didnt make it

When Irescum is fired ticket sale will boom.

we traded Marshall away for WHAT????

Posted by: Kris | January 09, 2013 at 11:48 AM


For two third round picks.

The first was used on Olivier Vernon, who had a solid rookie year and has much upside.

The second pick is in this year's draft.

The Egnew picks was NOT the selection acquired from Chicago. Not sure why people continue repeating this fallacy.

Posted by: dt | January 09, 2013 at 11:54 AM

Who cares if he was or wasn't taken with the Chiago pick! Marshall was traded & no one brought in to replace him.

That is utter incomptence drafting a rookie QB & having him throw to bums. Say what you want about Shannahan & how the redskins spend money wastefully, they loaded RGIII up with playmakers on O.

Ireland did the opposite. Is it any coicidence they were far better than Miami? Or how about Luck in Indy with TY Hilton & the 2 TE's? Is it just a coincidence they were better than us too?

Saw alot from some dude MiamiD20 in the offseason who said Garcon was overrated & they overpaid. How silly is that argument now? Garcon was worth the money.

I'm just curious, is it supposed to make us feel better that we used the Marshall pick to take Vernon?

Who, by the way, really did nothing all year except on special teams?

YAY! We traded a Probowl caliber WR for a backup DE & a scrub TE. I'm Jacked!

Marshall was traded for Egnew. Thanks again Jeffy!

3 picks for D Thomas was MORONIC!

another high draft pick bust on the ireland resume. who's he going to convince ross to fire for this misstep?

YG, you know he loves to accuse everyone of being someone else. I see him whining about that very point with many other bloggers. hHe thinks they are all 1 in the same which is the height of naivity.

How do I know he does this? He just did it to you & he did it to me last week. And I sure as sh*t ain't you! No offense!

He's not the only 1 either. Hint - Canada. It's like they get off on it. Forget the possibility that multiple people dislike someone. No, it's got to be just 1 guy hiding under other names.

Canada was asking Armando in the live blog the other day to "Check me out". LOL

Ninnys will be ninnys. What can you do?

Is Ross in a coma? WTF?

Marshall was a bum too but we should've invested in a WR somewhere no doubt.

I guess Ireland has Egg-new on his face. Along with whatever he gets from his "duties" with Ross( to keep his job).

Where is Philip Merling?

Mark, we finally agree on something it seems. BTW, I like the phrase Truth used earlier:

"He jeffed it"

Where is the Clyde Gates?

Saban "jeffed" the Drew Brees deal

I cant find Pat White

Is D Thomas a pro bowler?

Wanny "jeffed" Ricky Williams career

Where is Vontae Davis?

Apologists, hang on to this gem, maybe you can use it in a couple of years ... Egnew was Parcells pick.

I beleive that going into the draft the fins had the 9th (their own) and 10th pick (Chicago's). Miami actually had the 9th pick in the 3rd round (their own)and selected Vernon. They then traded their 10th pick (from Chicago)in the third round to the Charges to move down 6 spots and selected Egnew. Therefore, I do think that the pick that eventually landed Egnew was from Chicago.

Regardless even if it had been the other way around, if Ireland would have had just one pick in the 3rd round, what makes anyone think that he would used it on Vernon. If he really liked Egnew and only had one choice, he could have taken him instead of Vernon.

The Marshall pick was used on Egnew.

Ireland drafted Dan Marino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know that I am going to sound like one of those apologists right now but I remember several sources reporting that the Egnew pick was actually Philbin's. Philbin actually asked Ireland to draft Egnew. He invisioned him being a pass catching Tight End in the mold of Finley in Green Bay. I guess that did not work out to well. I don't know if Ireland will grant Philbin another draft wish after Egnew.







Orlando Dolphan LMAO!

3 picks for D Thomas was J Lo's idea!


It was a joke. Regardless, even if it were the case that it was Philbins pick, why would Ireland dumb himself down to make the pick. Just say no, you are supposed to be the GM. On a related note, it wouldnt say much for Philbin if he thought Egnew was going to be an asset at this level.

The fact is, its the Gang of Dumb and Annoying Loverboy Sissies that ruin this blog.


jason allen, hilarious guy was awful just like ted ginn

I hear you Grier. I agree that Ireland should have consulted with his scouts and trusted himself and not used a third round pick on Egnew. If it would have been a fith or 6th rounder, then he could have gambled but to use a third round pick on this guy is unacceptable.

I guess Phibin better stick to X and Os and leave talent evaluation to the GM and the scouting department.


I see similarities in posts I see under other screen names "similar" to Phin78's writing style. Yet I dont accuse him of being these people. Maybe he is, maybe he isnt, I can really care less.

By making false accusations other posters are posters they are not. He's only proving himself to be a big whiney, and paranoid, "KING BABY"! I guess he also know's who really shot Kennedy and next he'll be doing a tv documentary explaining how "the moon landing" was really a hoax.

These paranoid schizophrenics know no bounds to proving themselves wrong.

ANOTHER FINE IRELAND PICK!!! The guy guesses & gets maybe 2 or 3 of 6-8 picks!!! Ireland is why this team has sucked for his whole time in!!! FIRE IRELAND ROSS & LEAVE THE FINS LOGO ALONE!!!


Phins78 disappears and this "GRIER" shows up with a similar writing and speaking style. But who really cares.

Was this guy Phins78 a former host or panelist on the 70's tv game show "WHAT'S MY LINE"? Geesh, this immature embersole needs to catch up with the 21st century.

Posters like Phins78 spend 50% of thier time here feeding into trolls(proving even the trolls are smarter), 40% of thier time here complainingthe trolls are the problem(but continuosly feed in).

The remaining 10% of thier time here is spent accusing everyone else of being someone else and useless football related posts.

Im not a troll supporter, but considering all of the above things, posters like Phins78 are at least 50% of the problem and trolls the remaining 50%. Yet a poster like Phins78 is too blind and dumb to see this.

I wonder which player called Egnew a p----y? My guess is that it was Incognito. That is a major sign of disrespect for a teammate to go out to the media and call him that. Incognito is crazy and does not care and what can Egnew do about it if he found out? It is not like he is going to kick Incognito's butt.

Posters like Phins78 is after only one thing. That's to turn Armando's blog into a 4-5 poster circle jerk that failed under OhioDolphin.

He doesnt want a free public blog. He wants a free private circle jerking, nipple pinching, Everyone exchange each other's s h i t on thier noses blog.

Lets everybody be wrong and call it right. LOL...

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 09, 2013 at 05:54 PM

Let's no forget TanneBUST-sadly he'll be here another 2 years before we draft another college TE to play QB. Noce work again,Northern Ireland!

Can we all agree that drafting Michael Egnew was not the fault of Jeff Ireland?

What I really dont understand is posters like Phin78 run off to OhioDolphin's blog, thinking they had exactly what they wanted, and "IT FAILED MISERABLY".

Now he's back here complaining once again how awful this blog is.

Armando's blog's been here at least 5yrs, that Ive been here anyway, also before I came.


Wasn't it Phins78 that started that list awhile back of who the 'approved' bloggers were?

What a dirkhead.

Notice it is the very same few posters whining about trolls day in and day out that do the most fighting with others here.

The trolls can at least be entertaining once in awhile. The PhinPhag club can only be irritating.

Just when I was getting optimistic about the possible offseason upgrades. Talk of another wasted high draft pick.

It's difficult to build through the draft as a lot of you folks rightfully suggest with picks like that.

I really hope Jeffy lets Philbin and Sherman have alot of input this offseason. (maybe complete input)

I mean just look at Tampa's first 3 picks this year in the draft and compare with ours.

Mark Barron-stud safety
Eric Martin-rookie of the year candidate
Lavonte David-stud MLBer

Whats really disapointing to me is the picks Tampa made weren't rocket science. You could have looked in any major sports publication or website and they would have said they were potential playmakers.

You don't have to be a super scout or a genius to figure some of these out.

Just stop all the over thinking already and get us some playmakers!

How to such utterly dumb and ill informed people like Armando and Omar Kelly hold the jobs they have?

Kelly is reporting on Ross today saying he gave Parcells a guaranteed open ended check. Even the cockroaches in Florida know it was Wayne that did that.

Ireland's #2, Brian Gaine is interviewing for Jets GM position.

I wonder how many of the hits and/or misses in the draft were his?

Assuming Gaine made the majority of picks that were hits, the next draft could be Ireland's downfall.

Our definition of an O explosive Playmaker, is someone that whenever he touches the ball, can go 30 yds or all the way. A la Reggie Bush. We tend to like those kind of Players, Ross and I, and that's exactly what we are going to try to get.


Dashi and Micheal Johnson, Agree.

Breeding Helps!

We are No Different From Any Other Animal! If You Breed For a Certain Quality, You Get a Certain Quality.

Now Does Being Broke Help?

Yes!! You Put Forth More Effort!! The Little Leagues Put Forth More Effort!! Coaches Teach Harder!! They Want It More!!

Look At Baseball!! Who Are The New Hybrid Athletes Running Baseball?

The Guys Who Lived In A Shack Most Their Life! And Learned at a Young Age!! Baseball is A Way To Get Rich!!

Yes, You Play The Game Out Of Love!! But At a Certain Point that Love Changes And You Want To Get Paid!!









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