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Incognito on his way to Pro Bowl

The concern about the well-being of the Dolphins offensive line has been an on-going thing but at least the Dolphins got some measure of positive news on that front late Sunday when The Herald learned guard Richie Incognito has been added to the Pro Bowl roster.

Incognito will be replacing Baltimore guard Marshal Yanda who will be indisposed. Yanda will be preparing for and playing in the Super Bowl instead.

Incognito, who started every game at left guard, is not generally considered the best Miami offensive lineman. That is probably center Mike Pouncey.

But Incognito's obviously in the right place at the right time.

Incognito confirmed the news on his twitter account. He tweeted, "Aloha ... 1st Pro Bowl," Sunday evening.

"I want to thank my mom and dad for supporting me in everything I've ever done," he later said. "With them this is not possible. Aloha."


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word's Bond,

The greatest thing about "winning teams" is most times they already have a great player at a listed fa's position. Its usually a "bad team" that needs a players at that fa's position.

Good teams usually can draft a player 1st-2nd rd at the same position far cheaper at that position. Reason being, is that "good teams" most often dont have "numerous" positions needing fill.

Its more rare than not rare, that the best fa's go to the best team. Most times the "NEED" isnt there for the 'good team" nor are the dollars right.

Kris, I came in last night and read a story that suggested Brady was going to play until 2018 and since the Pats win the division every year no other team has a shot at success until Brady retires.

I then suggested that seeing how the Jets made it to two AFC Championships ( while placing second in the division) it was certainly plausible that any other team could repeat their run.

I was then called many names by YG for stating my opinion. The jist of it was that he thought I was stupid for having an opinion.

My post is in reference to that whole thing. So my post today was based on that conversation and a bit out of context for this blog. I'm old enough to realize we have bigger problems then the Pats.


I didnt want to bust harmel's bubble. Sometimes a man thats used to being wrong needs to be right just for the sake of his own unstable sanity. LOL....

The best way to "get to" somebody is to tell them the Truth about themselves, as they cannot escape It.

If only we had gotten Harbaugh a few years ago...Ross had the right idea, just couldn't execute.

Phins 78.....

I read that article....and I have my own thoughts on Brady and the PATS to go along with that article....

I'll post them later....i gotta run....

Kris, I came in last night and read a story that suggested Brady was going to play until 2018 and since the Pats win the division every year no other team has a shot at success until Brady retires.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 21, 2013 at 10:30 AM


I cant believe youre now complaining about a story Armando wrote. You usually come in licking Armando's balls every story he writes. Right or wrong.

Geesh, you seem to get dumber by the post. LOL...


The best way to tell the TRUTH about somebody is to ask if their mother's a ho'. LOL...

The reason you have more typos is because all of the blood rushes from your brain to your crotch when you see my name. You obviously saw my picture at one point and now become incredibly aroused when seeing my name pop up. Then you pop up. Then you try to kick me or punch me, just like a little school girl does when she likes a boy. I'm flattered by all of the attention dude but I'm married, you will have to suck someone elses c%&k.


O guess when you read that Pats story, your stupid a s s didnt know it was written by your "super pimp" Armando. Had you known this, you would be slobbing all over his knob right now. LOL....

The reason you have more typos is because all of the blood rushes from your brain to your crotch when you see my name.


Everyone in this blog knows this only happens when you read one of Armando's stories. Except for, intead of the blood rushing to your crotch, it rushes to your tongue hoping to give Armando another knob job. LOL...

"I cant believe youre now complaining about a story Armando wrote. You usually come in licking Armando's balls every story he writes. Right or wrong."

No one is complaining except you YG. I was simply stating an opinion that differs from the writers. That's what we do in here. And I disagree with Armando plenty, he would certainly back me up on that.


The only time you disagre with Armando is when he wears a rubber while youre giving him a slob job.

Oh yeah, you also fight over the flavor of "edible panties" Armando wears during your boy on boy escapades. LOL....

I'm sure Mike Wallace and Reggie Bush and Brian Hartline and jake Long can all find a spot on a winning team.
Even great players retire and need to be replaced.

4-5 years ago I used to believe that top FAs would sign here. But after NoodleArm and Fasano and Columbus and olshansky and NayNay etc I do not believe that anymore.

Hey dumb jackass, where was the afc championship played? In Fozboro, right embersole? Doesnt this also mean that the afce's sb road ran thru Foxboror?

Boy, you are even more stupid than first imagined.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever

Am I? Were you trying to call me an IMBECILE maybe? And then you call ME stupid. AND THEN, try to cover by saying your posts contain typos? That's not a typo you f&^*ing half tard it's a misspelled word.

"Embersole",,,,,,imbecile. So you missed the i that is 5 keys away from the e. You added an r for a c which are on different lines on the keyboard. Oh wait, this is so bad I'm having trouble deciphering! The r wasn't for the c , it was just a random r thrown in for good measure! The s was for the c! I don't even know where the o came from.

Hey at least you got the l and e correct! lmao

Listen dummy, if you're going to call other people stupid you might want to learn how to read and write.

This used to be a respectable franchise.
Now it is no better than a corpse that gets found by a drifter and sodomized.

Where in the f&^k is "Fozboro"?

Is that where Fozzy the Bear lives?

As much as I would like to spend some time pointing out how ridiculously uneducated you are I have better things to do. I will be able to entertain you for 10 more minutes or so. Do you have anything else for me to pick apart piece by piece or are you done being schooled for the day?

How are you people celebrating MLK?
40s of Old English anyone?
Or Coqui 900?

Everyone in this blog knows this only happens when you read one of Armando's stories. Except for, intead of the blood rushing to your crotch, it rushes to your tongue hoping to give Armando another knob job.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever

"Intead" of obsessing over me you might want to figure out why your jokes sound like they are coming from the mind of a 10 year old.

For the record:
John Kiernan is the name of the drifter that was caught sodomizing a corpse he stumbled upon in the woods of upstate NY during the Tawana Brawley scandal in the mid 80s.



"Everyone in this blog"

I love when you type this over and over. As if you speak for everyone in the blog and they are all your friends. You only speak for you and all of your made up names like Aloco. Quick YG, switch to Aloco and call me a rofer, that's a funny bit.

Made even more hilarious by the fact that everyone has automatic spell check and you purposely ignore the proper spelling of the words so people think Aloco exists.

oscar canosa,
My dear friend who has taken the name of the doctor that specializes in treating those with multiple personalities: today is an American holiday, it is appropriate to eat fried chicken today; it is not appropriate to eat chorizo.

The gay stuff, love it. I'm so hurt because you think I'm gay.

I just realized something. YG can't spell and has a horrible comprehension of written word.

He thinks calling people gay is a riot.

He usually disappears from 9 to 3 on weekdays but other than that he is in here 24/7.

Today is Martin Luther King day and schools have the day off.


Just looked it up. It was Huizenga that made the improvements including the updated scoreboard, not Ross.

Alco is here on a weekday too? What a mystery.

Matty Ice is getting killed in all of the Falcs blogs. Imagine if you replaced Julio Jones, Roddy White, Gonzalez, Micheal turner and Jacquizz Rogers with our crap talent.
Then John Clayton would be calling him a bust.


Matt Ryan would have us competing for the SB every year.

Guys how about the Ravens?
Doe's this mean that the Patriot dynasty is over?
We can only hope.
And BTW,Aloco,Whats a Donky?

Matt Ryan > Dan Marino

Flacco qb rating vs Texans=4.2
Fans in Baltimore=don't care.
Tannehill + WR's that can catch=playoffs.

"a project that will range in cost from $375-400 million and create 4,000 local jobs."

Yeah, who in their right mind would want tourists paying an extra $1.10 per room? And who would want the Dolphins to get a tax break on the building to help fund the renovations?

To the mentally challenged it sounds like a scam. To anyone with half a brain creating 4,000 jobs in a down economy is a God send, especially when it doesn't effect the tax payers of that state.

A few observations from the weekend:

A LOT of REALLY weird points made on here this weekend. First of all you got the whole Jake Long vs Matt Ryan BS? WHO CARES!! It's done. It's ancient history. Do people sit aroun and spend as much time talking about 'what if Al Gore had beaten Bush in the controversial election'? It's all 'pie in the sky 'stuff. I don't think yesterday's game has proven anything about Matt Ryan, one way or the other. You want to know why Ryan's teams have had more success than Long's Dolphins the last few years? Take a look at the rosters when they were both drafted and take a look at the moves made by both teams and the stability in the organizations with both teams. IT'S NOT CLOSE!!

Secondly, what was all this crap about sitting Kaepernick yesterday when the Niners were losing 17-0? I'm mean.....REALLY? Guy's been off the charts since he took over and some wanted to bring a conservative QB in who hadn't played since week 11. It wasn't Kaep's fault that the team was down 17-0. Totally AMAZES me what I read on here sometimes.

Next, what's with all the 'sign Joe Flacco' talk I'm reading on here. First of all, Flacco's done an EXCELLENT job in these playoffs. I didn't think he had it in him. I need to tip my hat to him. He's been outstanding! He's earned a new contract. Ravens aren't letting him go anywhere....next topic!!

billcale had it RIGHT on. You guys that want to think you need to outscore the Pats in order to beat them are smoking some good stuff. Good luck with that. The blueprint has been shown many times on how to beat them but some of you guys want to continue to re-invent the wheel. Kris said it best this morning, upgrade the offence (no one's questioning that) but we need pass rush help. Brady and the OL were exposed yesterday and that's what we need to do. When was the last time the Pats scored 13 points? DC, nobody is saying the offence is OK and it's OK to score 18ppg. Not NEARLY good enough. But I believe it's about gunslinger battles with Brady you'll lose more often than not (see the opener two years ago with Henne and Brady). That wasn't the Ravens approach yesterday and it was well executed. ZERO points in the second half for Brady and the Pats.....unheard of.


Picking Jake Long = BIG BOTCH

Ross has a lot of nerve asking for handouts after ruining the team.

As far as Matt Ryan's concerned:

Not looking to beat up on a guy who's done a good job leading his team to good regular seasons. But where was he yesterday in the half? Seriously? Did they score any points in the second half? Hasn't this been the pattern with this guy? Same thing last week versus Seattle. Everyone was singing his praises last week and I said he's done nothing YET. I said 'I'd be nervous if I was an Atlanta fan playing SF this week' and I was laughed at. Who's laughing now?

1-4 in the playoffs now, with an All-Star roster, a lot of those losses coming at home. I'm looking forward to hearing from the Ryan apologists and what the excuses will be next. Of course there won't be any, just a bunch of name calling. I heard a lot of talk about how he hurt his should late in the game yesterday but it looked to me like he was searching to see if he had a heart. Still to be determined.....

I'm going to go out on a limb and go with a Harbaugh lead team to win the SB. FINALLY.....a bet I won't get wrong....



It's not a race. I'll wait until they get through it....or they bypass it.

There was stuff I needed to say.

Ross bought a team that went 1-15 the following season for 1.1 billion dollars. One of the most expensive buyouts in NFL history for a laughing stock of a team and a stadium that is so outdated it's considered among the bottom ten in the league.

He wasn't able to fully take over the team until 2010 when Huzienga sold another 50% (he still owns 5%). That means Ross has had the team under his control for a full 3 seasons.

Stop putting Huzienga on a pedestal, he was a senile old coot who was loyal to a fault, more loyal to mediocrity than Ross is loyal to Ireland. Huzienga is the one who set this franchise back. Huzienga is the one who hired Parcells, who than hired Sparano and Ireland.

Ross has had three seasons to make his mark.

In the 20 years Huzienga owned the team we won 6 wild card games and never made it out of the divisional round with a win. No championships, no Super Bowls. And the stadium was given a face lift every once and a while. In the meantime the real problems concerning the stadiums future viability were ignored.

Stop with the Huzienga is the man nonsense, he did nothing for this franchise. His limited success was directly due to having a franchise QB in Marino.


Posted by: We All Know | January 21, 2013 at 11:16 AM

Yes YG, my posts could never be as intellectually stimulating as yours. What a wonderfully delusional world you live in.

Phins 78 speaks the truth on Huzienga, The guy was the Driver driving this once proud franchise to the Cliff, Unfortunitly I think Ross is going to drive it OVER the cliff.

Let me re-iterate for Kris and others, 'I was DEAD wrong about Joe Flacco'. He's done a GREAT job and deserves all the accolades for his play in the playoffs.

Now Mr. Ryan. Your turn. Should me you're not the p*ssy I think you are. Your move....

One thing for the anti o-line posters. Notice that between the two teams how many 1st and 2nd round pick o lineman (esp tackles there are). Count em - 6 out of ten were drafted in the first two rounds. Identical bluprints. All four tackles were 1st picks and one guard for Sf a 1st pick and one 2nd round guard for baltimore.

Now I will wait for posters to say we will be ok with Martin at LT and some 6th round pick or vet retread playing RT.

With another first round grade tackle on our roster (doesn't ahve to be Long - Albert, Volmer, etc, whoever the front office thinks is the best), we will have a similar makeup those two great lines. Either draft one high or signing a good vet on his game will need to happen.

"1-4 in the playoffs now, with an All-Star roster,"

Craig I agree and disagree to a certain extent.

1. Yes, absolutely the team should be doing better with that roster. Those guys are loaded top to bottom.

2. I don't agree that it is all on Matt Ryan. Just like I never agreed that Matt Ryan was the reason for their success.

I don't know. I'm just so tired of this constant ignorant stance in this blog. It's as if people don't realize there are 52 other players on a team and multiple coaches, gms, trainers, etc. all who have a hand in a teams success.

You guys have been fighting for years over this. Every time Matty wins a game it's "Oh my God the Dolphins messed up because Ryan is a God and that's why the Falcons win". Every time they lose it's "See I told you Matt Ryan isn't good enough to win a playoff game".

It's not all on one guy. There are so many reasons a team wins and loses. I don't know, sometimes I think some people in here would be better off watching a sport like Tennis. Then every time someone wins or loses they can truly pin it on one person.

..Craig M..I have to disagree with you as far as what the formula was for the Raven victory yesterday. It had nothing to do with the pass rush. Brady wasn't under diress all game, in fact I don't think They sacked him. They did it by being physical with them. The corners got their hands on the recievers, the safties played a comfortable 2 high shell, and the linebackers(Elerbee should have been the game MVP for what he did in the game last night). Did a good job of contolling the middle of the field. But I don't think the pass rush was the standout reason the Ravens won.

They have defenders that they can move around to create confusuon. They have the ability to show a look to Brady, then disguise the coverage because of the ability of guys like Elerbee to drop back into coverage. What it does, and you could see it. Brady usually already knows where the ball is supposed to go by the pre snap read. You are already screwed. This is why it seems like his line is so great. He gets rid of the ball. The Ravens have the ability to creat choas, and confusion. Brady has to process more information which makes him hold the ball a bit longer. That split second is everything in the NFL.

So IMO without the ability to have players(corners) that can play physical. Linebackers who can play run and pass, and safties who understand their responsibilities(as good as Jones was last year, he left the corners out to dry a lot by being out of position) The pass rush will not matter because we won't be getting to Brady anyway.


I'll tip my hat to Ryan if/when he does it, as I've done with Flacco. To this point he heasn't....so NADA.


Don't you know you can get 'anyone' to play tackle in this league? After all, the 'experts' on here have told us that to be so. They've told us 'there's 12 teams every year who don't need top tackles to go to the playoffs'. That's the theorty anyways.

Actually, I have some chicken tenders acquired a Publix at 5 bucks a lb that I will consume momentarily. This computer is working great after I installed the new Program. I can type fast now.

And to call Ryan a pu$%y? Come on Craig! You're better than that! :)

Who's the real pu&^ies? The guy who just played in an nfl championship game or the guys hanging out in a blog talking about it! lol ( That obviously includes me!)

Bro, did the Ravens lay the wood down on those NE receivers!

who ARE the real ........ sorry



Now, you're getting better in your Grammar, YG. See?


Not sure my comments came out right earlier. I guess the point I was making is, this idea that we have to get into shootouts with Brady to beat him is a losing proposition. I've seen lots of teams do this, including us and lose. You've done a much better job breaking down the game yesterday than I did. You're right, pass rush was not what beat him but rather confusing him. We've seen this before when the Jets played him.

I'm just not sure we have the personnel on this team currently to do this. It's why I'm suggesting a different approach, rather than the shootout approach. By no means, am I saying the offence doens't need upgrading either....it definitely does.

Craig I know the back story and I understand what you're doing. I give you credit for sticking up for our man Jake.

In saying that, another person doesn't have to be torn down to prove your point. They are both tremendous athletes and have earned a certain amount of respect for their accomplishments on the field.

I know that people really lay into Jake and it bothers you. As a Dolphins fan it bothers me too because I am loyal. I don't ever want to hear my players being bad mouthed. But in talking bad about Ryan you are doing the same thing they are.

This whole debate is ridiculous and needs to stop for everyone's sanity. It's over, done, history, we all need to move on imo.

..There are probally reasons that the line looked suspect this year. Think about it. 1 Rookie quarterback. How many times were the protection breakdowns Tannehills fault? We won't know, but mediocre quarterbacks get sacked more for a reason.(and don't give me Aaron Rodgers, the Pack O line sucked, at least we run block)

2 The fact defenses knew we were limited offensivley allowed them to play more aggressive without fear of the big play. We all heard the famous Mayock line about the Phins offense being "stuck in the redzone" The best description of this offense all year. Think about that for a second.

Offesnive firepower, won't just help Tannehill. It is going to help the whole offense. I would bet(and we may see, as I don't think the line is going to be much different) I would bet that with some playmakers. This line will look quite a bit better next year. We have to have the abilty to score points. This has to be the focus this offseason. We can draft lineman high in the draft forever. That has been a proven recipe here for the last 10 or so years..And it tastes like fast food garbage.

Imalways amazed when Posters refer to ALoco like he's not YG. What part of YG = Aloco dont you ppl understand. Refer to ALoco to YG cause there the same person!

For the last time

YG = Aloco

I figured this out months ago and some of you still dont know.


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