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Incognito on his way to Pro Bowl

The concern about the well-being of the Dolphins offensive line has been an on-going thing but at least the Dolphins got some measure of positive news on that front late Sunday when The Herald learned guard Richie Incognito has been added to the Pro Bowl roster.

Incognito will be replacing Baltimore guard Marshal Yanda who will be indisposed. Yanda will be preparing for and playing in the Super Bowl instead.

Incognito, who started every game at left guard, is not generally considered the best Miami offensive lineman. That is probably center Mike Pouncey.

But Incognito's obviously in the right place at the right time.

Incognito confirmed the news on his twitter account. He tweeted, "Aloha ... 1st Pro Bowl," Sunday evening.

"I want to thank my mom and dad for supporting me in everything I've ever done," he later said. "With them this is not possible. Aloha."


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Cote, Check this Video out....


WHDP, Maybe I'm overly optimistic but I think if get a real top 2 receiver and an athletic TE while keeping the talent level the same elsewhere then we will have a good offense providing Tannehill progresses to be a top 15 qb (as measured by pass yards) while keeping his mistakes down.

"Kaepernick has that refuse to lose attitude. Reminiscent of the great Terry Bradshaw."


RG3, Andrew Luck, & Russell Wilson all have the same quality. You can't be a winning QB w/o that drive.

Actually, IMO, There should be such thing as
"A Pro Bowler" period.

Just name a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team "All Pro" list at each position. Then name a "Honorable Mention" list of 22 starters on both sides of the ball after this.

IMO, this should be done with all of the pro team sports. No need to have them play eachother.

It only matters in college football to guage where to draft guys after seeing them compete against the best of the best on their level.

The Most Important Players On The Field!! For The Superbowl!! Are the MLB!!

Ray Lewis!!

Patrick Willis!!


We Will All See!! What Flacco Is Made Of!! Next Season!! And K'Nick Is To Young To be the Leader!! He Fits The T.Brady Role!! Great Defense Young QB!

At The End Of The Day!! Ray Will Motivate The Team!! And He Will Be Leaving his Heart On The Field!! For One Last Time!!

The Ravens Benefit The Most From The 2 Weeks!!

Ray Can Stop The Option!!

Even Though I Would Love To See Randy Moss Get A Ring!!

Kaepernick has that refuse to lose attitude. Reminiscent of the great Terry Bradshaw.

Posted by: Jay | January 21, 2013 at 01:50 PM


RG3, Andrew Luck, & Russell Wilson all have the same quality. You can't be a winning QB w/o that drive.

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | January 21, 2013 at 01:56 PM


Now do you guys see what I mean about the "Love Boys Brigade"? Jay basically made the comment based on Kap play yesterday. Last I checked, the players WHDP named did not play yesterday. They watched on tv just like the rest of us. LOL.......


Dont worry man. The rest of us fully comprehend exactly what you meant. LOL....

4 Wr's! No TE's!

OK! So Incognito Can Stay For 1 More Year!!

We Only Need To Find Another Guard!! And Resign Long!!

Doesn't even Have To Be A.Levitre!!

On The 4 Wr's!! Have Fun Deciding!! Dashi Knows Ireland Will!!

2 Rookie Draft Picks!!

San Francisco is not just America's finest city but also its new City of Champions.

The Niners will joing the Giants atop the heap in two weeks. Glad to see such a truly great city with literate, classy residents enjoying such success.

"WHDP, Maybe I'm overly optimistic but I think if get a real top 2 receiver and an athletic TE while keeping the talent level the same elsewhere then we will have a good offense providing Tannehill progresses to be a top 15 qb (as measured by pass yards) while keeping his mistakes down."


Sure we need that but the running game MUST be more consistent. Lots of question marks with Bush about to hit FA, Thomas, & Miller.

I have no idea what is going to happen with Long & the rest of the Oline but the right side needs to play a hell of a lot better. I don't believe Martin is a RT (he definitely needs to improve at whatever position he's at) & I have my doubts about Jerry as a starter.

The offensive line makes the running game go the backs must have running lanes we might need to add a player or two and tinker with the line now that does not mean a high pick we need to put 5 guys together and create a cohesive unit .

We need a good guard and move Jerry to tackle

WHDP, I'm not that concerned with the run game. I thought it was good enough to give us balance last year. We just couldn't throw. I think when we throw better we will also run better because they will loosen up the run defense. Whether it's Bush or Miller - I'm confident either can be good enough. I'd like to have them back as our one two punch. And get each their 15 touches a game but have Bush get more receptions. At least five a game.

Maybe he is already on our roster josh samuda anyone


The level of Pony78's stupidity has no ends. In 13yrs, Bellichik and Brady has been together, 7 Afc Championship games, and 5 sb appearances.

Yet, Phony78 doesnt believe we need to be built to beat the Pats to get thier. In-f-u-c-k-i-n-g-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e! ROTFLMAO............................
I know you were in here by yourself and got really excited to see my name. Calm down, I'm not staying, unlike you most of us have lives that don't revolve around trying to pick people up in a football blog. Just some notes before I go and then you can go back to screaming to yourself about how stupid I am.

My opinion differs from Armando's. Losing the division in no way is a precursor to playoff failure. That is my opinion. But here are some facts.

1. "level of stupidity has no ends" should be level of
stupidity has no end.

2. "Bellichick" is spelled Belichick, one l.

3. Championship is not capitalized in the middle of a sentence.

4. sb should be SB as in Super Bowl.

5. "doesnt" is actually doesn't.

6. "Bellichick and Brady has been together" should be Belichick and Brady have been together.

7. "thier" is actually spelled their.

You must be in bliss.

Have a great night hanging out in a football blog. Quite the productive life you lead. Someone, somewhere, must be a very proud parent.

Phins78 | January 20, 2013 at 06:32 PM

That's a great point mark .i think we will be fine after we reload our offensive weapons

I truly see our team turning the corner next season . Our coaches are very smart and they know our shortcomings and they will be very diligent to fix our roster

Posted by: Fact Checker | January 21, 2013 at 02:18 PM

Wow, Phony 78 really needs to get a life. Using a fake screen name to repost his own post.

This is the same guy constantly crying about ohter using Fake(troll) screen names. LOL......

Hindsight is a b#$ch!

1. Picking Marshall over Boldin.

2. 2010 draft. Picking Oderick and missing on many quality players that have made a major impact (if they picked Maurkice Pouncey they wouldn't need to pick his brother in 2011 and used the 1st pick on a different position). Not picking an impact TE. Had chance at Gronkowski buy picked Misi. Had chance at Jimmy Graham.

3. 2011 draft. Missed chance to pick Dalton or Kapernick for QB competition who went in early 2nd round (might not have needed to pick Tannehill in 2012).

4. 2012 draft. Assuming Dalton or Kap were picked in 2011 and won the QB competition, the Fins could have traded down to get more picks. Luke Keuchly at #9, Doug Martin went at #31.

WHO the hell is minding the store?

I would resign hartline for the right price and sign Jennings and maybe Dustin Keller along with resigning Fasano maye even going after Andy levitry the buffalo og then we are set for a draft

"The offensive line makes the running game go the backs must have running lanes we might need to add a player or two and tinker with the line now that does not mean a high pick we need to put 5 guys together and create a cohesive unit."


No doubt. However what we do (or don't do) in FA is going to dictate what we do in the draft. If we let Long walk then Martin becomes our LT but then there's a hole @ RT & still question marks @ RG. If Warmack is still available at 12 & with Philbin being a former O-line coach it's going to be an interesting decision...

One way or another I have confidence that Phiblin will find a way to improve the O-line play next season.

I am so delighted that Brady and co. Fell on their faces yesterday totally awesome

WHO the hell is minding the store?


That's why watching the playoffs makes me nuts. Seeing all the players that the good teams find like Pitta or Hernandez that we could have had if our scouts had a f#cking clue what they were looking for.

I really felt last year a lot of team wanted no part of us and after they played us they were surprised by the way we played either in loss or in victory we are gamers just imagine us with true playmakers........

"I am so delighted that Brady and co. Fell on their faces yesterday totally awesome."



This is the fourth regime since 2005 we need to remain stable in the front office . That's probably the best excuse for our ineptitude .

I think philbin is the perfect coach for us . Look at the difference in the packers since he left that sez it all

oscar,just won in the 4th @ gulfstream.
yippe cayeh mo fo.

Why would any great players want to waste their efforts for such a perpetually sour, non-supportive and ignorant fanbase like this one?

I would think they'd much rather spend ther career in a place like Denver, Seattle, Green Bay, etc. where great support is a tradition and not the domain of a tiny minority, as in South Florida.

On a list of NFL fans that deserve a winner, you guys would be right there at #32.

Now I think back to the golden-hued days of GLORY in our grand old dame the Miami ORANGE BOWL!! How the cheers echo across time still...carried over the clouds of memory to TODAY AND BEYOND!! How the sun bathed us all in the sweet nectar of VICTORY those long ago Sundays as our MIAMI GLADIATORS bestrode the field as champions! From the mist and haze they emerge--one by one--Csonka, Warfield, Morris, Little, Mandich, Fleming, Scott, Buoniconti, Langer, even Charles Leigh, he he comes now! And then the MASTER emerges from the bank of clouds, DON SHULA!! Oh, to feel that thrill again oh, Lord, this is my prayer unto thee.

Crap team = Crap fans

I recall reading along time ago that the core players of the Fins two SBs were NOT picked by the almighty Shula.

In other words, Shula might have the most wins record for a HC but he and his staff missed on many picks. On high 1st round picks especially.

Maybe the Fins need to find those old pre-Shula talent evaluators if they're not dead.

Interesting facts:

Joe Flacco, 8 playoff wins(maybe more) in first 5 seasons.

Harbaughs, 7 seasons coaching NFL 7 playoff appearances

I believe Flacco is not an elite QB but the last two games have made me believe he's only a rung down.

Deleware? a Division II or III school?

Do the Fins have anyone looking for nuggets (not acorns) in those divisions?

Ross and Irescum dont deserve a winner. They've done everything wrong.

Every politician that voted in favor of public support for the Marlins stadium is no longer in office. can the politicians take a hint? LOL

Ok. You guys hated my Flaco thought pattern. So who do you guys think we should target. If Wallace, Jennings, Welker, Boldin wont come to Miami.

Is their another acorn out their. Or do we then focus on the TE in free agency and go heavy WR in draft.

So back to reality. Or the fog of reality. Lets say no respectable WR wants to come to what many say is the great mess called the Dolphins.

We then have to change strategy and figure out who else would make the free agency period worthy of our grand fan plan.

So who are the lesser known gems that we could fix the many problems we all see.

Just trying to talk about something beside Jake Long and the obvious.

Go Dolphins!!


You Guys Would've Wanted To Give Dalton or K'nick To Spo?

On The 2010 TE's?

Sporano Swore That Fasano Was The Answer!! And Misi And Odrick!! Are Ok. We All Know Sporano Had No Say In That Decision!!

Who Did The Pat's Pick That Year?

2010 New England Patriots Draft Selections

1(27)Devin McCourty CB Rutgers
2(42)Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona
2(53)Jermaine Cunningham LB Florida
2(62)Brandon Spikes LB Florida
3(90)Taylor Price WR Ohio
4(113)Aaron Hernandez TE Florida
5(150)Zoltan Mesko P Michigan
6(205)Ted Larsen C NC State
7(208)Thomas Welch OT Vanderbilt
7(247)Brandon Deaderick DE Alabama
7(248)Kade Weston DT Georgia
7(250)Zac Robinson QB Oklahoma State

12 Players! And Only 3 Of Them Are Good!!!

What A Hack!!

Gronk, Spikes, Hernandez!!

All The Other Players Are Nobody's!!

We must upgrade the QB position. Tannehill is a bigger dissapointment then Henne.

..Dashi. Great points about the linebackers in this Superbowl. Ray Lewis, and Patrick Willis are going to be the attention grabers. But what make these teams so good are the partnerships both teams have. Navarro Bowman actually leads the Niners in tackles. But it is what he can do off the ball that makes the interior of the Niners defense so good. Baltimore counters with Danell Ellerbe. He may be the defensive MVP for the Ravens. His best attribute is his coverage skills. Nobody completely shuts down the Pats TE's, and sure they were missing Gronk. But we have seen them be efficient on offense in his absensce. Anyway, his versitility is key. I have seen him in these playoffs covering running backs out of the backfield, tight ends, and even on slot recievers. Not many linebackers have the skill to be trusted to this task.

These 2 players matched with the greatness of Lewis, and Willis form the 2 best inside linebacker corps in the league. I expect that Ellerbe will be used as a shadow to Kaepernick. his play IMO could go a long way in who takes the cup.

Ireland will never get us an elite QB.

Hi there Dashi!!

Regarding draft picks:

A good GM can look at athletic measurables and can study game tape to judge instincts and determination. You can also gage a players character based on his behavior record.

A GM cannot determine how hard a guy will work once they get a huge paycheck. They cannot tell if he has the desire to be coached up for the pros. They can't tell if a guy is willing to do what it takes to be the best at his position or if he is simply okay being a contributor.

No team can possibly hit on every draft pick, even in the top 3rds! But a winning environment and high team character will help more picks reach their full potential.

On The Fins 2010 Draft?

1(28) Jared Odrick DE Penn Stat
2(40) Koa Misi OLB Utah
3(73) John Jerry OG Ole Mis
4(119)A. J. Edds ILB Iowa
5(145)Nolan Carroll CB Maryland
5(163)Reshad Jones FS Georgia
7(212)Chris McCoy OLB Middle Tennesse
7(252)Austin Spitler ILB OSU

8 Picks 3 Good Players!! Plus 2 More Contributors!!

5 Out Of 8? Not Bad!!

On The Excess In LB's? We Were Running a 3-4! And We Already Missed On A Bunch Of Free Agent LB's!! From Building Thru Free Agency With Parcells!! Back In 08!!

Odrick, Jones, Misi, And Carroll!! ALL Contribute To Our Defense!!!

Odrick Is Better Than Langford And Merling! Combined!

Misi Is Way Better Than Crowder! Or Q.Moses!! Or Even M.Roth!!

R.Jones Is The Truth!! A Find In The 5th Rd!!

And Even Carroll Has Outplayed His Draft Position!!

Heck Give Ireland 4 More Picks Like The Pats!! And Ireland Would've Found At Least 2 More Players!!

His Reputation Is Already Been At Stake!! His Job Is On The Line This Year!!

Looking back on draft "Possibilities"... and "Should have, Would have" outcomes is a waste of time, emotion and could be done with any team in any draft. If you want to place a finger on why Miami has drafted poorly in "SOME" Cases... Look no farther then the constant churning in the coaching staff. This may well be the first year since 1989 that Miami does not make a significant coaching, management or front office change. Coordinators want guys for they're systems, HC want QB's and Linemen to protect them... Leave the Dolphins alone long enough to allow something good like what has taken place in Baltimore to happen... and we'll all be the happier fans for it... Clamor for everyone's head after every season and get ready to NEVER even approach what teams like that have accomplished. Once you get a core team built, solid and focused, changes are easier to make without major upsets... But throw a new Coordinator in Tannehill's face or D-Co in the Defenses ear every year like Sparano did... and get ready to suck and suck bad.

..Shula71. I don't think that you idea of adding another quarterback this offseason is a bad one. I don't think for a second it would, or should be Flacco. (The Ravens aren't letting him go) But we need an alternate plan should Tannehill fall on his face. I think that it would be prudent to explore one of our mid round picks on a quarterback.

This may be unpopular. But IMO it is the right thing to do. Some may say we have our backup plan in Pat Devlin. Maybe we do. Perhaps I am wrong here. But I don't see him being a factor. We should have a fallback plan. A guy not named Matt Moore, a guy that is developed in this system that could be called upon in the future should Tannehill fail.

Tannehill is going to get the proper time to prove his worth, and I'm sure the team feels good about him going forward. I just think we need an insurance policy behind him just in case. Aquiring a quarterback may not seem like a huge priority. But with the group we have now. I think the position should be explored.

BTW...... Where is "ALOCO".. (AKA)Home... (AKA) That little white dot in the center of Chicken shiznit...? I figured him to be right here running his pie hole about how wonderful the Patsies were...?

Guess not... Huh?? Home?... BTW... Say hello to Walker lately??


I agree we need a backup plan but it should be an experienced QB, someone that can start on a weeks notice in case of injury.
Chad Pennington is available and willing to take the Phins money.

Is anyone besides me tired of posting and reading the same crap over and over again.
Every f'ing hour of every f'ing day.

I'm beginning to realize that this is among the least educated, most delusional and clueless fanbases in the NFL.

The 2012 Dolphins were one of the youngest teams in the NFL, with an entirely new coaching staff and a rookie quarterback running an offense sorely lacking in downfield speed.

What on Earth were you people expecting?? A Super Bowl run?

A 7-9 record considering all the factors involved was actually BETTER than most predicted for the team before the season began, yet to hear the childish moaning here you'd think the team just came off a 2-14 season with a roster full of established veteran stars.

I know many of you think you come across as knowledgeable and astute observers of the team but in reality you sound like complete nitwits.

jim, you have to ba a nitwit to still be a fan of this sorry franchise.

As long as Tanne does not suffer from the Sophomore Slump we should do better next season.
Also we will be starting rookies in place of Long, Hartline, Bush, Starks and Smith and that should help also.

A QB with 9 games experience is going to the SB. 3 rookie QB's made the playoffs. Rookie QB is no longer an excuse for stinking.


Regarding a backup plan to Tannehill, 1st of all, when a team has a backup qb at least as good as Matt Moore, he always walks 1st chance he gets in fa. These guys arent stupid, they want to make big money too. No one wants to pay a backup qb no more than $4.5 million a year max and he'll have to be the best backup in the league to get that.

2nd of all, nearly every team in the nfl is screwed should thier starter go down for a significant length of time. Currently only 2 teams(Pats/Niners) maybe in the best situation should their starting qb goes down.

However, Alex Smith is probably off season tradebait, Kap's most likely to get an extension either before the season or before season ends(2013-14). Which will mean Alex Smith is far over paid to be a backup.

The Pats have Ryan Mallet, entirely different situation. He's drafted as the heir apparent to Brady. Plus, Mallets only under a 3rd rd contract.

So youre proposing a blockbuster trade or use of a 1st rd pick to have someone already in place should Tannehill fall on his place. Neither of those two things are going to happen. Economically teams are not going to have huge investments in two qb's at the same time.

YG, are you ever going to learn how to spell? No one takes you seriously whn you write like an illiterate.

Coincidently, should Tannehill fall on his face, he'll look exactly like at least 30 nfl backup qb's. Usually starting qb's that go bust do become backup nfl qb's. LOL...

Posted by: Anonymous | January 21, 2013 at 04:32 PM

Thier-Thier-Thier-Thier-Thier-Thier. Why? When its far more fun pissing you off. LOL....


Great Assessment On The LB's In The Superbowl! True, Since Both Teams Run a 3-4!! You Need 2 Real Good MLB's!!

Willis and Lewis, Are 2 OF The Alltime Greats!! But Bowman and Ellerbe Are Also Very Good!


They Have 1 Great Pass Rusher!! And Other Players That Get TO The QB!!




If you want me to spell better, then pay me fool. Until then back to your mother's lap and suck that tit baby boy. LOL...

Imagine what a bust Matty Ice would be if he played here with this crap talent and imagine how bright Tanne's future would be if he had Julio Jones, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, Michael Turner, Jacquizz Rogers and Harry Douglas to do the work.

Rookie QBs that go to teams with big time talent have big time careers.
Rookie QBs that go to teams with crappy talent have crappy careers with the exception of Steve Young who was able to get himself traded from the worst team in the league to the best.
Too bad Tanne it's all about being lucky.

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