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Incognito on his way to Pro Bowl

The concern about the well-being of the Dolphins offensive line has been an on-going thing but at least the Dolphins got some measure of positive news on that front late Sunday when The Herald learned guard Richie Incognito has been added to the Pro Bowl roster.

Incognito will be replacing Baltimore guard Marshal Yanda who will be indisposed. Yanda will be preparing for and playing in the Super Bowl instead.

Incognito, who started every game at left guard, is not generally considered the best Miami offensive lineman. That is probably center Mike Pouncey.

But Incognito's obviously in the right place at the right time.

Incognito confirmed the news on his twitter account. He tweeted, "Aloha ... 1st Pro Bowl," Sunday evening.

"I want to thank my mom and dad for supporting me in everything I've ever done," he later said. "With them this is not possible. Aloha."


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There were 5 rookie QB starters this past season.
3 went to teams with playoff talent and so they went to the playoffs.

2 went to teams with crap talent and so they are on the road to a crappy career.

Guess which category our rookie QB fits into?

That is not true

Captain is busy fixing the team please let him do his work undisturbed.

Are you having a good MLK?
I am drinking 40s of Old English and oscar canosa is eating fried chicken but not chorizo.

Clemons And Jones! Did Pretty Well As Safety's This Year!!

For Both To Be Playing Together In a New System!! For The First Time!! They Didn't Give Up MANY Big Plays!! Need More Turn Overs! But They Are Both Young Enough That They Can Be Better NEXT Season Playing In Year 2!! OF The Coyle System!!

The LB's Are The Problem On The Defense!!

If They Are Not Going to Get Rid Of Dansby!! We Need Players That Can Give Him And Burnett A Breather!! During The Game!! OR A Long Drive!!

1 or 2 LB's! That Can Develop This Coming Season!! So We Can Let Dansby And Burnett Walk After The Season!!

Oscar are you around where are you oscar

Jeff and joe are presently at the senior bowl with our whole staff scouting and meeting our future stars . Here goes nothing

oscar is celebrating MLK right now. He is eating fried chicken. He is not eating chorizo. I do not know if he is drinking Old English or not.

other posters thinks he's such and embicile. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 21, 2013 at 01:32 PM

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"Actually, IMO, There should be such thing as"

Posted by; Yesterday's Gagging 4ever

WOW! That didn't take long, very first sentence of the very first post on the new page and you already sound like a f&^*ing caveman! lmao! I love that you go around calling everyone stupid, it's f&^*ing priceless.

Also, great understanding of capitalization's. Proud, proud parents somewhere out there.

PHINS 78,,,,,,,,


Phins78, @5:00. I doubt he ever met them.

loved seeing the pats lose again


Will anyone be splitting darkoak to celebrate MLK?
I will be splitting Irishoak but not as a celebration it's more of a nightly habit.

Mark in Toronto:

TELL ME ABOUT YONGE STREET. ALSO THE FOLLOWING NEIGHBORHOODS: Yorkville, Rosedale, The Annex, Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, Lytton Park, Deer Park, Moore Park, and Casa Loma.


pats choke again, great day. belicheat overrated big time



The Patriots were jackhammered in that second half, pummeled into irrelevance by a Baltimore team that neither feared or cared about New England's supposed "dynasty." The Patriots were absolutely powerless to stop it.

And by the way, it is now nearly a decade since the Patriots last won the Super Bowl. A fine team? No question. But the "dynasty" crap needs to stop. That is reserved for actual champions.

Gang of Dumbos

All of you that blog here all day, every day, day in and day out.

Nobody with any real, good paying job that requires responsibilityand results could possibly have time to play on the blog so much.

You all do not know football. Lazy ass turds.

This blog is a reflection of lower class America, with all the petty arguing, name calling, silliness and sheer lack of normal writing skills.

ENG.ED......... AGREE,,,,,,



guys do you think the Miami players selected for the pro bowl who are about to become free agents will try and use that for leverage when negotiating a new deal??

No one is more afraid of NE than Mando; I guess ou could say that Brady is mando's daddy.

Thankfully Tanne is not afraid of NE. Henne is not afraid of NE either that is why he has put up 1200 yards and 8 TDs in his last 3 starts against NE.
Unfortunately both are surrounded with crap talent but at least they at like men.

Acting like a man will always be more important than some s hitty football game.

One thing for the anti o-line posters. Notice that between the two teams how many 1st and 2nd round pick o lineman (esp tackles there are). Count em - 6 out of ten were drafted in the first two rounds. Identical bluprints. All four tackles were 1st picks and one guard for Sf a 1st pick and one 2nd round guard for baltimore.

Now I will wait for posters to say we will be ok with Martin at LT and some 6th round pick or vet retread playing RT.

With another first round grade tackle on our roster (doesn't ahve to be Long - Albert, Volmer, etc, whoever the front office thinks is the best), we will have a similar makeup those two great lines. Either draft one high or signing a good vet on his game will need to happen.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 21, 2013 at 11:41 AM

Mark, quite right. You know as well as I football games are won by the team who control the line of scrimage. This was true before the forward pass and it's true now.

I think that some on here are a bit confused about the game. It's true a team needs to have a good QB. And WRs, TEs and so on. But the O-line has to block to give the QB time to throw the ball. Go back and look at the film and count .0001, 0002....Tannehill almost never gets .0003. I honestly don't know if Tannehill is able to look off LBs & CBs because 2 seconds isn't enough to do it. Same thing on run plays - no holes. Incog made the Probowl but can't for the life of him pull.

Same thing with D-line. I see no consistent penetration and no hands up when QB is obviously passing the ball. Jeeze, they teach this in Pop Warner. Some say pass rusher (DE in 4-3) is what we need. Fact is you can't rush from the outside like every situation for what should be obvious. Sure, it would be nice to have another Wake and if 'he' comes along, grab 'em. But the D-line is the best way to put pressure on the QB.

But I think there's a feeling on this board that because this team has wasted so many pics on O-line, we should be satisfied with the line and concentrate on skill positions. I kinda see that but the fact is, we need both. The scary thing is remember who's doing the picking.

Let's face it there are 2 people in here. One is posting under my handle. The other is posting under 30 handles.
The other is also a patient of Dr. Oscar Canosa who specializes in multiple personality disorder.

You are contradicting Mando.
The only thing needed to win in this league is an elite, franchis QB.
For confirmation you need only speak to Marino, Ryan, Rivers, Romo, Stafford, Freeman, Bradford etc.
They are all elite franchise QBs and so they never lose even when they play each other.

Wow, I am watching local news in Philadelphia and two Flyers players spoke candidly about being a gay couple.

I think this would be a historic first, no?

I can't even count how many guys had to say "no" before they got around to offering the pro bowl slot to Incognito.

For all the guys who are advacating the only way to beat Brady is by putting him on his ass,may i just say,the Ravens did'nt even sack him.

The Ravens won because of great QB play,playmakers on the offense and good cornerbacks who can cover.

Please,no more talk of Miami selecting a pass rusher in the 1st. Grab a WR or a CB period.

I hope Ireland was watching the game and realises we need to put up points and stop opposing WR's

"Passing league," eh?

The two best RUNNING teams in football are in the Super Bowl.

Who cares if two guys on the Philadelphia Flyers are an item?

Only old farts care about that stuff anymore. I'm from the younger heneration hat has more important crap to worry about than who sleeps with who.

More power to them.

YG (from earlier),

You've totally lost me, man. First of all, I believe the Niners will chop Smith. I believe his contracts counts something like $11.5 mil against the cap next year. No way they'll keep him around and I don't see someone pulling off a trade, unless they re-negotiate. With guys like Vick, Moore, Fitzpatrick and even Flynn likely to be around there will be a limited market for him. I also think there will be a limited market for Moore too.

The other part is that Kaepernick, under the new CBA, can't get a new contract until his rookie one expires. I heard word over the weekend that Russell Wilson's agent was going to ask for a new contract for his guy, despite it not being allowed.

With all that being said, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Matt Moore ends up as backup in SF next year.

If you saw Matt Ryans' press conference, then you saw a little mama's boy pussssssy. Weak. He'll never win a big game.


I don't believe those of us that want a pass rusher in the first are saying we have to 'sack' Brady. But we do have to pressure him into making mistakes and throwing before he's ready and the plays develop. If you give him all day to throw he will KILL you. The Ravens confused him yesetrday by mixing things up. I don't believe we have the personnel to confuse him. Drafting WRs and CBs, while a need on this team, isn't going to be the reason we're able to beat him.

Somebody must be worried about what I say here. As well they should, the right words change you if you read them. Although I haven't posted here for hours.

I believe the Niners will chop Smith. I believe his contracts counts something like $11.5 mil against the cap next year. No way they'll keep him around and I don't see someone pulling off a trade, unless they re-negotiate. With guys like Vick, Moore, Fitzpatrick and even Flynn likely to be around there will be a limited market for him. I also think there will be a limited market for Moore too.

Posted by: Craig M | January 21, 2013 at 06:34 PM

How dumb is that post? Smith is has proven he is by far the best QB in that bunch with the best future. How do you mention Flynn who couldn't beat out a rookie? Do you believe all the laundry detergent commercials too?

They will either get something worthwhile for Smith or have the best QB do in the NFL.

'best QB duo'

Matt Moore will be gone. Devlin is 6'4, 220 and more accurate. Look for the team that hires Sparano to hire Moore.


I have NO idea what you are talking about or even who the f8ck you are. But usually when someone starts off with 'how dumb is that post?', it's cuase for me to tell them to f8ck off!! However, I'll make an exception this time. Smith was NOTHING until Harbaugh got there. If you want to run out and pay big bucks for Smith, then go ahead. I'm telling you he counts too much against the cap and will be cut. I'm sure you won't be around when the cut comes...

If you have no idea what I am talking about, how is it you responded to what I am talking about??? So even your response is dumb.

Look, Vick is on his last legs and has failed on his last team, besides getting hurt often. Not worth an investment. Fitzpatrick??? The guy sucks, he'll never start again. Moore is very average. Alex Smith towers over those guys, he proved it 2 years in a row and won't be competing with those washed up rags.

Who the heck are you to tell anybody who counts too much or not? Based on what? Tea leaves? Tarot cards. Or is your uncle the GM of the niners?

The Ravens didn't even put Brady under pressure Craig. At times,Brady had all day to throw but yet still wasn't successful.

If we haven't got the personnel to confuse him,surely thats on the scheme and not the players?

Haagen Daz,

Thanks for your input....ciao!

I'm telling you he counts too much against the cap and will be cut.

Posted by: Craig M | January 21, 2013 at 06:55 PM

He is telling us. Isn't it amazing how people just project themselves to be 'in the know' based on absolutely nothing more than a hunch?

mark its simple, we dont have the players that the ravens do

I guess I entered during kiddie hour. Craig has resorted to name calling.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but....oh never mind.

Dusty it is that simple. The coaches can't make any plays. Given the right amount of talent, almost any coach but our last few can make them winners. Like basketball, its a game of adjustments, you adjust until you find what works best. Nothing works best with no talent.

brady and the chokers cant wait to see his new gay dance hes got for us this off season lol SUCK BALLS PASTIES

Haagen Daz,

Last post to you (I hope),

When you start your post calling people 'stupid', that would called name-calling. If you have a problem with it, then don't start it.


Add Starks to the pro bowl list as well. Apparently someone likes our players more than most fans do.

If we can bring back the bulk of our free agents and add few playmakers and have a decent draft, maybe we can quit talking about how good Brady is and having the Henne / Ryan debate.

So the plan is to give Brady all day to throw the ball and hope for a pick or incompletion? Seems silly...
It's very clear we need, pass rush, WR's and a real secondary.

Craigie boy, too bad your English is not as good as your Italian. I never called you stupid. I called your post dumb. Big difference. Don't make things up and don't take criticism personal.

CB Cary Williams of the Ravens will be a ufa this offseason as well.

He turned down 5 million a year last year though. Is he better than Sean Smith??

This off seson is sure to be interesting. More questions than answers as usual.

I don't think we will ever sign the quality of players in FA that we signed last season.
Legadu NayNay and David Garrard were both moved immediately to the top of the depth chart.

On the subject of backup QBs:

If you lose your starter for the season early in the year you are done regardless.

If you are a team filled with crap talent and the backup has to play what difference can it make?

If you are a good team and you are playing a crap team like us or Jax or KC again anyone can handle the duties.

But what if you are fighting for a playoff spot at the end of the season and you need your backup to come off the bench against a team like Houston and you need the backup to throw 4 TDs, who you gonna call? Matt Moore? puh-lease. Or the starter fails the concussion test on Thurs so the backup has to start against NE and you need someone who routinely puts up 400 yards against NE who you gonna call? Devlin? Hanie? Thigpen? H ell no!

Pat white anyone............NOT

Dudes I can't freakin wait for free agency to start lets get it on already

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