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Incognito on his way to Pro Bowl

The concern about the well-being of the Dolphins offensive line has been an on-going thing but at least the Dolphins got some measure of positive news on that front late Sunday when The Herald learned guard Richie Incognito has been added to the Pro Bowl roster.

Incognito will be replacing Baltimore guard Marshal Yanda who will be indisposed. Yanda will be preparing for and playing in the Super Bowl instead.

Incognito, who started every game at left guard, is not generally considered the best Miami offensive lineman. That is probably center Mike Pouncey.

But Incognito's obviously in the right place at the right time.

Incognito confirmed the news on his twitter account. He tweeted, "Aloha ... 1st Pro Bowl," Sunday evening.

"I want to thank my mom and dad for supporting me in everything I've ever done," he later said. "With them this is not possible. Aloha."


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If you lose your starter for the season early in the year you are done regardless.

Posted by: Word'sBond | January 21, 2013 at 07:43 PM

Tell that to Kap on his way to the SB. Tell it to Earl Moral. Tell that to the young Brady. Tell it to Hostetler.

You have a very short memory.

The hell with Sean smith I don't know what anyone sees in that dude

Speaking of Pat White... what moron makes the backup QB a part of the 1st offense?
Tony Soprano that's who.
And then when you need the backup to play but he cannot because he has broken ribs how do you justify that?
That a sshole was an o-line coach at Dallas and couldn't even do that right.
How fortunate was Matty Ice not to get drafted here?

Our team will be very different next season , hopefully the dead wood will be gone replaced by young playmakers

The Giants were 10-0 under Phil Simms before Simms suffered the injury.
Don't get me started on Jeff Hostetler. Or Kent Graham for that matter.
I'm not finished with Pat White.

Look at how that turned out he's now labeled a chocker and a coward

Our dolphins will win the afc east next year

I agree Nj,

Sean Smith is utter gash. The only reason i'd be happy if we resigned him,would be if we offer him no more than $2 mill a year.

Sorry,but thats all he's worth imo

Pat White rushed for more yards in college than CJ Spiller AND threw for more than 6000 yards AND is the only QB ever to win 4 Bowl Games (not all BCS bowls).
How much of an a sshole do you have to be to f uck that up?
Belichick, Payton, Holmgren, Reid, Carroll all could have gotten big production from Pat White.
And don'tbring up the helmet to helmet hit on the sideline that gave him the concussion.
The most fragile QB any of us has ever seen was none other than the NoodleArm.

My meds are wearing off quick and I'm becoming enraged.

I was having a wonderful MLK until 15 minutes ago.

Everyone seems to think the fins will target one of the 3 wr free agents. Even if they go after one of them they will have to considerably overpay. If someone like Wallace gets offers from pats Seahawks etc Ireland will not overpay. Plus no one wants to deal with Ireland So we will draft some wrs and hopefully 2 yrs from now they will develop. We are the ever rebuilding franchise

What is with this love affair with Matty Ice? As in ICE COLD?

He can't win a home playoff game up 17 points with the best receiver corp in the NFL???

1-4 in the playoffs?

Beat by a guy with less than one season experience?

Think people. And get a water purifier.

I don't want to perpetuate the Ryan debate, but if he can't hold a huge lead with Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez...SHEESH!

How the heck you think he'd have done on this team?

How can anyone possibly believe he would have had more success here than there?

You'd all be screaming bust and blaming Ireland no different than now.

And that is the point.

sat what u want, i would still take matt ryan over our current QB. Atlanta's def. lost that game. if u can't stop the run(Frank Gore is a beast) then u will lose to SF.

Matt Ryan is a meek poozzy boy. I think Tanne has way more upside. We have the right Ryan.

Matt Ryan is a lot like Henne, he gets on fire for one and a half quarters and then turns to dust.

..YG..From earlier. The point about aquiring a quarterback was not to make a huge trade, or use a premium pick(1-2 rounds) But to explore free agency, or use a mid round pick as competiton for the backup spot, worst case scenario. A guy that is hopefully competant should Tannehill get hurt, or after satisfactory time step in. I don't know if Devlin is the guy or not. My gut says no,or this wouldn't be an issue in my opinion.

This is no way a knock on Tanny. We are just shorthanded at Qb. I think it would be in the teams best interest to find another quarterback.

Armando and many others who are obviously followers believe that we should get FA wide recievers. ask yourself why these teams allow there #1 reciever to explore FA. Because there on the decline! J.Finley is the only FA I would want to sign. Big, physical and can be a playmaker in our offense. Also, no great TE's in this yrs draft passed the first rd. draft contrelle patterson(Tenn) or Keanon Allen(Cal). it won't take long for 1 or both to devolop. FA or rookies, both have to learn a mew offense either way.

Darryl, We have Devlin. Sports Science did a feature on him. One of the most accurate throwers out there. Same physique as RT but not as good a runner.

..Cey..You could be absolutley right. We will see if the team is going to put their faith in Devlin or not. That would certainly help if indeed he was the plan moving forward. Personaly I don't think he is. But I could be wrong.

Hard to say Darryl. He could be a best kept secret or it could be they don't see much in him. If they let Moore walk, I think it means they like Devlin better.

if your up 17 to 0 it's your def. that lets them back in it. Matt Ryan can't run his offense from the sidelines while his def. is getting gutted by frank gore. and as far as how he would do on miami, can u say AFC Championship. Better than 7 and 9 for sure.

Hey Sinatra...I'm not sure about that one. Matt Ryan led his team to zero points in the second half. 0. If he couldn't do it with his all world receivers, he could only do worse with ours.

Words bond just shut up. Ive seen Pat White in practice. He is by far the worst passer ive ever seen. No wonder he never completed a NFL pass.

Cey has some common sense. It really is amazing how little most of these posters can think analytically.

Maybe its the GMO.

Flacco taken much later has clearly outperformed MR. Kap, Wilson, both drafted much later, have outperformed MR.

MR was not worth the #1 overall pick. He has had 5 years to show it with plenty of talent around him and he failed.

It is that simple.

Ok whippersnappers, I'm out until who knows when.


And remember your imagination is not reality.


Ireland is the disease that is destroying the Fins.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Fins need a TE.

Has the FO bothered to check if Kellen Winslow can pass a physical? He should be ok now.

Does anyone know, is there a deadline for when they have to decide who they will sign o try to sign?

Irescum has buried the team 10 ft under. And Ross does nothing?

I thought Pat White would bring his dual-threat ability to the NFL like RGIII, Cam Newton and Kapernick have been able to do.

If you go to phins.com, there's an article where Pat White accepts the blame for how things turned out. He want to get another chance to play. White's completion percentage was around 63% in college then he couldn't complete anything in the NFL. I've wondered if David Lee's tinkering with White's mechanics just made things worse for him. He always played with gloves in college. Then no gloves with Lee.

Who will give him the chance? Would he be willing to play WR or some other position?

How long till the Dolphins admit Tannehill isnt the guy?

People said Flacco wasn't the guy after the Houston game when his QB rating was 4.2. How you like him now?

Why do people keep confusing football with boxing?

No ONE person wins a Super Bowl.

You eat chipmunks.

Most of you should seriously consider adding a laxitive to your diet.

I believe if you were all more regular and took frequent satisfying dumps, you'd not be so irritated here. Where is the joy? A bunch of bitter men with irritable bowel syndrome.

The Juggernaut can win a SB by himself. For he is unstoppable.

The hate...the hate.

Certainly there is a new Constelation to be named, by All of Us.

Tannehill reminds me of that Kapernick guy. If only he had a tight end that runs a 4.3. 49ers GM is X's 10 greater than garage manager Irescum.

Tannehill reminds me more of Chad Henne. You could surround him with an all star team and he'd still suk.



There is not one single thing good about this team or my life or my stupid, drooling dog.

DC, Kris, good yuks from you guys yesterday. But that's all.

Listen, you 2 are like inveterate gamblers selling their loser strategy: "Oh! I'm so close. Just one more big poker hand... just another great horse race... another spin of the wheel... another roll of the dice..." You are fooling yourselves with your loser plans and so think you can convince others. But others aren't buying in and you just don't get it.

Check the game. NE scored 13. THIRTEEN! Even the Dolphins pathetic 17 pts/game could beat that. No need for a superpower offense. The irresistible force met the immovable object and guess what? It turns out that you REALLY CAN'T MOVE the immovable object!

Jeeze, even your own Dolphins coach Philbin has pointed out to you the way to win: make big plays, offensively and defensively; win the turnover battle; and make fewer mistakes than the opposition. It was the key to the Ravens win. Find a way to duplicate it. I beseech you... don't spend all of your young lives trying to sell snake oil to others.

Look, I sympathize with you two quick-fix junkies. I really do. You need help. Perhaps the blog's resident shrink can help you out. Oscar, where are you?

Morning Gents!

Did you read the article on Mathieu? First, he will no way go in the sixth round!! Try the 3rd round.

If he says all the right things, Ireland better pull the plug! Too much talent there.

We need a young strong talented secondary.

Forget Sean Smith!! Just let him go.

ESPN Reporting: After watching all of the playoff teams put up big points all pending FAs now want to play in Miami.

Are you related to BOHICA?








So billcale, let me ask you then, since you're stuck on that 13 points Baltimore held the Pats to. How do you account for the Denver game? Was that defense too?

Do you NOT see the difference between the 2000 Ravens team and this one? Do you think this Ravens team is anywhere remotely similar to the 2000 team (defensively)? Like anywhere near their level.

This is all fun and games. You brought up Philbin, which to me is comical. He was HIRED to improve the offense. He was HIRED to transform us to a higher-scoring, dynamic team offensively. Our defense isn't all that bad. I don't think Ross OR Ireland were even remotely interested in what he'd do defensively (besides getting more turnovers). He was brought in for 1 reason alone, improve the offense. In his FIRST season, he got the GM to draft a 1st-rd QB (not done in 30 years). And then puts the guy out there to throw for more yards than any rookie in the history of the team (INCLUDING Dan Marino).

Now, last question, do you think that says anything about Tannehill being on Marino's level? Or do you think that was totally due to the new NFL, which is much more of a passing league?

If you're honest in your answers, you'll understand the thinking behind my statements and the direction I want the team to go towards (which, by the way, IS the direction they are moving).

Actually Justin, the loss is pinned on both losing offenses last Sunday. Despite the stats and ESPN highlight plays Atlanta put up - they and NE both lost the turnover battle. It's the most important stat in football - Harbaughs won the turnover battle 5-0. That's 2 extra possessions for SF and 3 extra for baltimore. Considering both games were decided by two scores and one score respectively .. that's all you nned to know. You take care of the ball and that's 70% of the game ...

DC, our defense is almost as bad as our offense despite some rankings (in terms of dynamic plays). No turnovers ... you have to have a defense that gets you extra possessions. I rather have a defense like NE that was statistically poorer than ours on a lot of yardage and points allowed metrics but got the ball a lot than ours.

If we had NE's defense, we'd be in the playoffs ... guaranteed. 2008 what was the most important stat ... we were near the top in turnover ratio = 11 wins on a talent deprived team.


I’m glad I could provide you with some entertainment on Martin Luther King Junior day…but if all you got out of it was a few laughs…then you sorely missed the point of DC’s post to you…..

I ot question for you….when did you become Staunch supporter this staunch Baltimore Raven’s supporter…It seems to me that they JUST became you’re idea of a model fanchise in the last 2 games…playoff games I might also add….where have you been while I defended Joe Flacco as a top 10 QB to this blog and took much gruff for it…..but I am getting of subject…I’m just wondering when you smelled the coffee…and realized that we need to build like the Ravens….

BTW….I still thinks that is a flawed plan…..

What’s with you guy….99 % of the NFL is building thru offence….and guys like you Billcale want to be the other 1%...because THIS YEAR the 1% looks right…this year the 1% is in the SB…this year the 1% proves some silly idea of 1970’s football that you have been holding onto since the undefeated season….

Billcale….don’t be a prisoner of the moment…lets look @ the past 10 SB match-ups and winners….

XLVI- Giants over Pats
XLV- Pack over Pitt
XLIV- Saints over Indy
XLII- Giants over Pats
XLI- Indy over Pats
XL- Pitt over Seattle
XXXIX- Pats over Philly
XXXVIII- Pats over Panthers
XXXVII Tampa Bay over Oakland

Find the anomalies…and then find the norms Billcale….can you tell me what they are….how many of these teams are repeats….winners or losers….how many anomalies don’t get back to the dance because of their style of play….hate to break it to you…but the Giants are an offensive football team now…this ain’t you’re Pappy’s Giants….

So Billcale…..you keep looking @ the trends of the NFL…and then try to do things the TOTAL OPPOSITE….me….i’ll make our offence better…..get up on our opponents….and unleash a hellacious pass rush like is the NORM in the NFL EITE teams....the one's that make it to the dance YEAR in...and YEAR out.....

Offense Wins Game!

Defense Wins Championships!!

Brady hasn't won since he had a Defense!!

Peyton Won 1 With a Defense! As Well As Brees!!

Eli Has Won Both Because of The Defense!!

Yes!! We Finally have Our Qb!! And We Need WR's!!

But To Win A Title We Need A Defense!! As Well As A Offense!!

RG3, Luck, and Wilson All Had Better Defenses!!


I believe the year P. Manning won the SB...his defence was DEAD LAST.....maybe it was 2nd or 3rd to last....either way it stunk....

Mannings formula was the same as the Saints when they won...which BTW was the same as the Elway led Broncos (2X)....and the STL Rams....and the GB packers....

ALL who won the SB with LOW rated Defences...but I believe they were HIGH in the TURNOVER catergory...


Because teams down 21 points to start the 2nd half hae to thrrow the ball...that CREATES predictability...which in turn creates SACK...PRESSURE...and TURNOVERS....

Flacco's Garbage!!

And The Midget From Louisiana Will Not Go Higher Than The 5th at Best!!

Flacco's paycheck NEXT YEAR will say otherwise...

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