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Incognito on his way to Pro Bowl

The concern about the well-being of the Dolphins offensive line has been an on-going thing but at least the Dolphins got some measure of positive news on that front late Sunday when The Herald learned guard Richie Incognito has been added to the Pro Bowl roster.

Incognito will be replacing Baltimore guard Marshal Yanda who will be indisposed. Yanda will be preparing for and playing in the Super Bowl instead.

Incognito, who started every game at left guard, is not generally considered the best Miami offensive lineman. That is probably center Mike Pouncey.

But Incognito's obviously in the right place at the right time.

Incognito confirmed the news on his twitter account. He tweeted, "Aloha ... 1st Pro Bowl," Sunday evening.

"I want to thank my mom and dad for supporting me in everything I've ever done," he later said. "With them this is not possible. Aloha."


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Man, it only takes abpout 10 seconds of skimming these posts to see how completely worthless this blog is. Same tedious crap from the same people day after day after day.

Some of you guys seriously need a life. I'm not kidding. It's creepy how much time you apparently spend here writing absolutely nothing of interest.


Nobody give a SH@T what you think....


That was still the best defense peyton had!

If You Can't Score! Or Score Less Than Usual!!

You Have A Better Chance To Win!!



Offense needs to improve no doubt but can't forget the rest of the team. I'm not talking about DTs or guards here .. but I'm talking about pressure players. It's all well and good to have great WRs and TEs but with that we should have good pass rushers, good tackles to protect the pocket, good players in the seconddary that capitalize on mistakes. It's all part of it.

All lead to winning the turnover battle ...

7 of your 8 finalists this year in the NFL were in the top ten in turnover ratio including your final four and conference winners (Denver being the only anomoly but also ahd a cakewalk schedule and were probably a fraud).

Put athletes all over the field to complete the good grunts we have and watch the results turn (provided tannehill also improves).

Would you also believe that Chicago had a worse offense than ours this year (yes even with most people's favourite jagoff material in brandon marshall) and still got ten wins. Why, their defense created turnovers - lots of them.

And So Will His Performance!!

Once Flacco has No Defense!! You Will Change your tune!!

Enjoy! Take A Picture!!

Cause If The Ravens Don't Win This Year!! Don't Expect Them To Win Again Until They Get A Real Qb!!


Denver did score twice on returns in that game...

and you could make a case that if not for a defensive collapse by Denver, the Harbaugh brothers would not be facing off in the big game.


I disagree you saying this is the 1% year (going against the offensive mindset of the NFL). Look at these 2 teams, NOTHING like they originally were. Baltimore isn't the 2000 Ravens. Look at all the Torrey Smith plays. NEVER did they do that in 2000. Yeah, they ran the ball well with Ray Rice, but they now have a QB who throws it deep, and 2 above-average WRs (plus a couple of good TEs). They are a very tough offense to scheme against because they win lots of ways.

PLUS, they played 10 games this Season where they scored 20 or more points (regular Season). NOTHING like 2000 Ravens. They needed their offense to win most of their games, not defense (most of the low scoring affairs were losses).

Same with San Fran. They scored 20 or more 11 times. I think billcale (and I guess Mark) are not understanding what we're saying. Defense matters. You can't be a horrible team defensively and go far. You need to be stout and make plays on the defense. But it's completely unrealistic to expect a defense to hold teams to under 17 points CONSISTENTLY anymore. And in games like that, when an opposing offense score 20+ points, then you have to match them, and be able to score more than that.

And that's why SF went to Kaepernick. He provided a more dynamic offense. And that was proven to be the correct move by the HC.

By the way Dashi, that's exactly opposite as you say. Ask Jim Harbaugh. He'd say his defense got him to the Playoffs, but his OFFENSE got him to the SB.


n my DREAM scenario....

Flacco loses the SB....

in turn...

Flacco gets franchised this off-season....he gets so pi$$ed off @ the Ravens that he refuses to even entertain contract talks with them in 2014....and he hits the market....

by next year we will know if we have an keeper in Tanne...or need a QB...and BLAM....we win the Flacco sweepstakes in 2014.....

thats what I could see happening....

You could also make a case that if a giant asteroid hat hit Earth yesterday you wouldn't be typing on this message board now.

Why do sports fans always do this? Come up with these inane hypotheses that this or that 'wouldn't have happened' had a play been different/someone not hurt, etc.

Well, DUH. Hey, the ocean wouldn't be wet if it were the desert, too.

So stupid.


I say 1% to appease the overly defensive minded on here...but you are correct....by he standards of the 80's 90's...and even EARLY 2000's...none of these teams would be considered a defensive juggernaught....

Next season, we all will see the real Flacco!!

Mark Sanchez went to 2 AFC Title Games!!

And We All Know He Is Worst Than Henne!!

Ryan Tannehill Is And Will be Better Than Flacco!!

Flacco's Contract!! Is The Reason!! The Ravens!! Won't Have Boldin, Reed, a Couple Other Players!!

Trust Me!! I Rather Pay Jake $10 Mil, Than Flacco $15+M!!

Getting married ruins a man. Neither Brady nor Tiger Woods have won anything since marrying their sluts.

Man watching the playoffs really showed how terrible our offense is. Notice how every single team, even the losing teams, score about 20 points in the first half effortlessly?

We struggle to get one TD per GAME!!!

Winning teams put up 25 points in the first half and then coast to a 35-25 win.

I hope everyone sees what's going on. It's a thing of beauty and most people will scroll right by it without giving it a second thought.

Does anyone think it's just coincidence that Ross' business is buying a stadium in LA, one of the cities begging for an NFL team? Ross is saying all the right things about not wanting to move the Dolphins and while that is probably true not wanting to and never going to are not the same. He isn't saying he never will.

He is putting the thought in the minds of local officials. The fear of a possible move by the Dolphins just may garner some more votes and get him the money he needs for renovations. As much as two of you in here hate everything about the team you certainly don't represent south Florida's fan base. The Dolphins helped put Miami on the map and are very involved in the surrounding communities not only in the charity they do but in creating a lot of employment opportunities. Allowing the stadium to fall behind the rest of the NFL isn't in the best interest for the area. And now local politicians have one more thing to worry about.

If you still think Ross is an idiot you obviously don't have much going on in the way of independant thought. The man is a self made billionaire and will figure the football thing out as well. He is playing this project deal perfectly.

I could care less about defensive ranking ... give me turnovers. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Houston, NY jets, San Diego, and Carolina all finished top ten in defense. Who cares???

Top ten offenses include New Orleans, Detroit, Dallas, tampa Bay, and Indianapolis. Who cares????

Now top ten teams in the turnover ratio - 0.686 win percentage between them - that's the ticket!! New England, Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco, Houston, Baltimore, and Green bay in the top ten. You have to be competent offensively but not top 5 by any stretch.

Phins, I have thought about that. If the Dolphins moved (say to LA) would I remain a Dolphins fan)? Answer is probably yes (since I don't live in Miami). I see how Baltimore fans became Ravens fans after the Colts left (to Indy). But some didn't (and stayed Colts fans). The legacy of the organization (Griese, Perfect Season, No Name Defense, Marino, Shula, etc.) will be tied to the Dolphins organization, not the city of Miami.

I wouldn't want to see it happen, but say Miami gets another team, I'd probably still be a fan of the Dolphins (wherever they went), not the new Miami team.

Mark, how much less could you care? You said you COULD care less. Meaning you do care and have more room for less caring.

If you had said you couldn't care less it would have meant you're at the very lowest point you could go in that caring. Couldn't possibly care any less because you don't care at all.

Please don't take this personal I've been trying to correct this misused phrase in here for some time. Just a pet peeve of mine. Maybe your pet peeve is people who try to correct anothers grammar! Lol

Sorry Mark ! But if I can put a stop to "I could care less" in here my lifes work will be complete. :)

DC and Phins 78...

If this team were to move....then for ALL the reason's and legacy's you pointed out DC....I would feel free to make my allegiance to another team...probably would become a homer...and root for whatever home town I settle down in....

The wife is deadset on on a retirement in Texas....

So it would probably be the Cowboys or the Texans...

More than 1 way to skin a cat Mark. Most of the teams you mentioned there had high offensive turnovers. Limit offensive turnovers and you get to the same place (in turnover margin).

By the way, best turnover margin (I believe) in the regular Season was Washington. Didn't even win a Playoff game.

So looking at 1 statistic alone is misleading, no matter what that statistic is.

Phins 78...

my pet pever phrase is...

"same difference"....wtf....

Kris, by no means is there a right answer to that question. I wouldn't hate (or scold) you for making that decision.

For me, it hasn't been an easy ride being a Dolphins fan. Probably would have been easier being a Redskins fan. Even a Giants fan (where my parents and most of my family is from). That ties me (in my mind) to the team unfortunately. For better or worse. They win, I win. They lose....I continue this annual rite of bitter disappointment. Wish it weren't so.

Guess I hit a nerve Phins, I stand corrected. I couldn't care less. Lucky you caught me after I feel nice and relaxed after a nice dump ... or I might have cared less .. or more ... or something ...

DC at first I thought the same thing but now I'm changing my tune a bit. Flying to Florida is a lot easier than the west coast but not the deal breaker for me.

I think it's the fact that I couldn't care less (lol) about west coast teams. Maybe it's my east coast byass but the 9ers being in the Super Bowl does nothing for me. I have no interest in any of those teams out there. I would still root for them in a way but they wouldn't be the Miami Dolphins anymore so my fan contract would be null and void.

I could easily slide into the Giants fan base because most of my family are Giants fans, the team plays three hours away and they practice at Suny of Albany which is 20 minutes from my home.

But no worries, the team isn't going anywhere imo. I just think it was a brilliant move by Ross to light a fire under the counties a$%.

Thanks for not verbally pummeling me Mark. Glad you took that dump! Seriously I meant no offense, sorry if I came off condescending in any way because it was not my intention.

"Same difference". Ahhhhhhh the classics.

Like people who say "supposebly"

Lets offer Flacco 18 mill as a FA. QB problem solved.

DC, you are right that there is more than one way to skin a cat. You can be a high powered offense that forces teams into interceptions after going out to a multi score lead (NE), or you can be a conservative offense like you mentioned that keeps the score tight and never turns the ball over (wash), or just be a super athletic defense that forces their will on the other team, etc, etc.

But where you are wrong is that the stat is misleading ... it is not. A .658 win % is not a misnomer.

So the point is .. you can do this many ways but unless you have supreme athletes at key positions (DE, CB, S, OT, QB, RB, WR, TE) you aren't going to do shite ...

Lol if it's the same there can't be a difference! I hear ya.

O Phins78 lives in NY this explains why his posts are half retarded, his brain cells are frozen. While its 75 degrees in Miami Phins78 frrezing his arse off enjoy 7 degrees buddy. LOL


And ur wrong about highest t/o ratio. That is NEw England. Good team, no? SF and Baltimore were 8th and 9th so also good there. (Washington was 3rd) Can't dispute that of the final 8 teams, 7 of them were in the top 10 in t/o ratio. You can't dispute a fact by picking out an exception - especially one where a key cog was on one leg.

Phins 78 = out of touch out of towner = CLUELESS

DC, Kris; please, please, please... if you won't listen to me... listen to Mark... or Dashi... ;)

JK- To me, you guys keep talking too much about finding a savior (or 2) for next year and I don't see that happening. The team just simply needs too many pieces. If the Dolphins cramp the salary cap this year with big names and they don't deliver, they'll be in a world-of-hurt for several years to come.

And I'm not stuck in the past, any more than any sensible fan that believes that you build a franchise starting with fundamentals. The Dolphins don't have the basic pieces yet. Some of the guys on this year's team won't even be in the NFL next year- that's how bad their play has been. Of course, that's nothing new to Dolphin fans, who have watched too many players in their youth go on to become homebodies.

I favor building a balanced team: good offensive play and good defensive play. Too many teams with one or the other have short life spans in the NFL. While I'd like to see the Dolphins in the Superbowl next year, I know that's not realistic and will settle for seeing solid improvement on both sides of the ball. Then a playoff berth- or, at least competing strongly for the playoffs- would make me feel the team is on the right track.

All the politicians that voted for the Marlins stadium are all OUT OF OFFICE now! Can the politicians take a hint? NO HANDOUTS TO BILLIONARES!

Guy in Miami, I don't live outdoors and when I go outdoors I wear clothes that keep me warm for the two months of below freezing weather. We also have these things called furnaces in the North that heat our homes.

Just change your name back to your original douche name so I can school you some more.

There is only one f%$&ing moron in here who goes around calling everyone stupid while continuing to prove he is a know nothing child who can't read or write. You're fooling no one c%$k face.

YG give the phone back to your classmate and pay attention. English class is not the place YOU should be slacking.

Phins78, if that guy changed his name back to the original, it would be "home". he isn't allowed to do that though since he was banned and has to come here and hide like the shamed person he is.

By the way, that "home" is also originally from New England ... so stop posing as a local.

Great opinion "tradition". Thank you for illuminating our minds with your wonderfully thought out posts. You add so much to this blog.

YG is in class? man, he's slow, considering the guy is 60 years old. Still has the mentality of a 13 year old though. Odd cat.

Seems Ross is involved in everything except building a winner.....the logo, moving the team, celebrities, the stadium, hard knocks......everything but winning.

Why does the Herald allow these out of town freeloaders on this blog when they supply ZERO REVENUE to the Miami Herald or to ANY of its advertisers?

Hahha, another classic "Home" quote @11:44. mando, I thought you banned this worthless new Englander

I always see outlandishly stupid posts here but the current leader in that regard are those that somehow imply a logo change is interfering with the footall side of things--as if the entire organization is consumed with this and ignoring the draft, free agency, etc.

Do you people have the slightest idea how competely moronic you sound? Do you ACTUALLY think a freaking DESIGN change affects anything else going on??

Jesus. I can't even imagine how some of you manage to walk and breathe air at the same time. You're at a level even below 'Neanderthal.'

Mark and every other sane person in here. I can't believe what a total psycho this person is. I would love to meet him once. Like the freak show at the circus you know? I'm so curious about what he looks and sounds like. Does he have extra toes? Giant head? It's fascinating to me!

I don't know ANYONE who would waste time in a sports blog stalking strangers. It's pathetic! Lmao

He's in here 24/7 right? And when he's not here it's like he has an alert system that tells him when we start having a good conversation. It goes off and he rushes in to try and put a stop to it. Just not in the mood to sift through his endless nonsense today. Later guys, maybe I'll be in the mood to ignore him another day, todays not that day and I will only add to the problem because I seriously want to put my hands around this guys throat and choke the last breath out of him right now.

billcale, tell me again where I said I wanted a 1-2 year fix? You sound like I'm advocating spending right up to the CAP all on FAs. I NEVER said that.

I want a FA WR, mostly because I believe a young QB NEEDS a veteran WR to trust and have as a fall back on any play (and the ones we have aren't good enough).

Other than that, there's maybe 1-2 other FAs I've endorsed (i.e. Jairus Byrd and Paul Kruger) for positions of need. And that's because, like you say, we'll never find everything we need in the Draft. And I want a team that can win now AND in the future. AND I don't believe the fan base will EVER accept the slow, methodical approach to team building you're advocating (3+ years approach). Dude, the GM will be long gone if we don't win now. And then we're starting over almost..again.

Not sure how FA alone suggests the team is in win now mode. Maybe if you trade all your picks away, but we have like 10-11 picks. That's a 20% of the team right there. In ONE year. And only picks I ever discussed giving up this year is to move UP in the Draft to take a better player. I never said trade picks for a FA this year.

So you're understanding of my direction for the team is incorrect.

It is obvious that YG, with his insulting ways, should be banned from here. It is also obvious that Armando keeps him here because he is a huge producer of hits here and that's how this Blog makes its $. Nevertheless, we other Posters here, cold communicate much better about the Dolphins without the presence of YG here. What to do? Keep on trying to eliminate YG from here or,using our resources, close Armandos Blog and open up a new one, sans YG.

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