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GM Salguero's outline offseason plan

My offseason plan for getting the Miami Dolphins to the playoffs in 2013? I'm glad you asked.

First of all, you have to understand I come at this from a multiple-pronged approach. I don't just think the Dolphins are broken on the field. I think they need mending off the field -- as in with their fans. The truth is going to a Miami home game has no special meaning down here anymore.

Sure, the true believers and lifers do it out of loyalty and love for the sport or team. But I want more than that. I want Dolphins home games to be a must-attend events because the team has swag and plays with moxie and life and, yes, has a chance to do something exciting every week.

So if I were the general manager, I would approach this offseason in which the team can have approximately $46.8 in cap space as the Miami Heat approached the 2010 offseason -- the one in which they signed Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

It's an all-in offseason, folks.

If I make the playoffs, I get a contract extension. If not, I'm fired.

That kind of offseason, if crafted properly, is going to create buzz about the team and make for a winning roster. That means the team will look improved before it even plays a game, causing fans to buy tickets. And the team will indeed be improved on the field, causing more ticket-buyers when they actually see the product on the field.

And do not scoff at the need for ticket-buyers. This year the Dolphins had their worst home attendance since 1989. There was no significant homefield advantage at Sun Life Stadium. I want that to change. I want that place to shake -- both literally and figuratively.

So the Dolphins need to be audacious to get people to the game and then need to prove their strategy successful to keep them excited and coming back and part of a home field advantage.

Having said that, my offseason plan would be an all-of-the-above approach. I would look at spending big on quality free agents, I would look at re-signing my own quality free agents and letting the mediocre ones walk, I would look at trades, I would approach the draft with the desire to add playmakers not grunts.

That stuff the Dolphins did last year when they have us sitting on the edge of our seats come final roster cutdown time because of the three or four players they're going to add when those players get cut from other teams?

That's a loser's approach.

That approach means you are relying on other teams' trash to be your treasure. That is going into a sewer and hoping to find a blossoming rose.

The Dolphins not only did that, they expected players such as Anthony Armstrong, Jabar Gaffney and others to be significant contributors. Are you kidding me? That's telling me there was no plan in place and you're making it up as you go.

I want my team to be together after the draft. I want them together most of the offseason. I want them to work and sweat together in the offseason conditioning program. I want them to come together as a team during training camp. I want them winning together in the preseason -- and yes, I said winning. To me, the team must win the first quarter in the preseason when my starters are playing their starters. I don't much care about the final outcome of any game except the third when my starters play into the third quarter. But if you're not winning the first quarter of the other games, something is wrong.

Anyway, I don't want to be adding guys a couple of days before the season opener and hoping they somehow fit the program. That means you don't have a clue about team chemistry. That means your plans went awry. That means you're flying by the seat of your pants.

Winning NFL teams are not constructed by the seat of the GM's pants. Poop is constructed by the seat of the GM's pants. Not great teams.

So what is my audacious plan?

Start with the offense. It has to start there because Miami's offense is terrible.

First thing I do is re-sign wide receiver Brian Hartline. The guy finished with 1,083 receiving yards and a 14.6 yard per catch average. The yardage was 16th best in the NFL. The average was 25th best but ahead of Andre Johnson, A.J. Green, Anquan Boldin, Malcom Floyd, and Pierre Garcon.

He had only one TD catch, but I can think of at least four plays in which he was wide open down the field and was either underthrown or overthrown, killing a handful of TDs. So I see value in this guy. And he stays on my team.

I also want to re-sign Randy Starks because Miami's defensive line is a strength that need not be dismantled. I want to re-sign TE Anthony Fasano at a cheap price to be my blocking tight end because he is not a downfield threat in my offense.

I also want to re-sign Jake Long but he would have to take a cheaper, incentive-laden deal that pays him more if he stays healthy. The truth about Long is not only has his play been declining, but he's not finished either of the past two seasons. My Dolphins will be in the playoffs and if a player is likely to be on injured reserve at the end of the season and not available for the postseason, he's worthless to me.

So Long has to undertand that I want committed players and in his case that means, he'll have to agree to a hometown discount. If he wants to get paid the most he can and be something of a mercenary go elsewhere. Here, he was treated like a king as the first overall pick. He earned more money than any offensive lineman for years and years and years. Here, he didn't quite play up to his salary the last two years.

So if he wants to build on the roots he's laid in South Florida and wants to be part of something special and is truly committed to the Dolphins, he's going to have to play for less here.

Remember the Heat analogy? Wade, Bosh and James took less money in Miami than they might have elsewhere. If it's good enough for them, it has to be good enough for a guy like Jake Long.

If, however, Long is all about the money. He walks. I keep Jonathan Martin at left tackle and I draft the best available tackle sometime in the second or third round to play the right side.

By the way, the free agent tackle business is a two-way street. Sebastian Vollmer is slated to be a free agent. So are Ryan Clady, Branden Albert and others. Maybe, if Vollmer is on the market, I sign him, improve my team and put a hole in the New England Patriots offensive line.

What about the other free agents?

Reggie Bush is a good guy in a tough spot. He's likely to go into a free agent class that includes Steven Jackson, Shonn Greene, Rashard Mendenhall and others. And he plays a position that Miami is already strong in (with Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, and Jonas Gray on the roster). So if he wants to come back, it has to be on the cheap.

He's a great leader. He's a great worker. But he's a luxury. And, in the case of Miller, he's something of a progress-stopper.

So I want him on my team. But other teams may want him more. And I'm okay with that.

Sean Smith? Very interesting to me. He was nails when asked to play man-press against big receivers such as Larry Fitzgerald and A.J. Green early in the season. But then he kind of fell off the table in November and wasn't that much better in December.

He struggles with smaller, quicker receivers. He doesn't seem totally comfortable with the Dolphins system.

One publication said the Dolphins are going to put the franchise tag on him. The Dolphins told me that's hogwash. He's solid but not a playmaker. My goal this offseason would be to upgrade at his position and that doesn't mean keeping Smith and paying him nearly 10 times more than he made in 2011 to do it.

I let him walk.

Chris Clemons? Solid but not spectacular. He can stay at a bargain. Jairus Byrd is a free agent and more of a playmaker than Clemons. The Bills are shaking things up so no idea if Byrd is in their plans or if he wants to get away from a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 12 years and is starting over. Just sayin'. Dashon Goldson is also scheduled for free agency but I doubt San Francisco lets him go.

Tony McDaniel? He can stay at the veteran minimum salary with no guaranteed money, otherwise, phfft.

Onto free agency outside the roster:

My goal, again, is improve the offense first and quickly. That means if Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings are available, I sign probably one of them. If all is wonderful and great and amazing and the dollars make sense and I have the opportunity to get both, then I get both.

A four-wide of Jennings, Hartline, Wallace and Davone Bess might be the best four-wide in the NFL.

A three-wide of Jennings, Hartline and Bess or Wallace, Hartline and Bess is pretty darn dangerous, too.

Wallace to me is the priority. The Dolphins need a deep threat. Yes, Wallace bascially only runs 9-routes. But he's the best in the NFL at it.

The reason I add at least one veteran wide receiver (in addition to Hartline) is because I need the offense to be immediately improved. Rookie wide receivers take a while to get it. I need a guy that already has gotten it and is ready to produce the second he hits the field.

GM Armando Salguero passes on Dwayne Bowe. He is not a deep threat. I don't love his target-to-catch ratio (almost 2-to-1) and I'm not sure he's a winner. Plus, the kid wants big, big, big money. No thank you.

I'm looking at cornerback Darius Butler in free agency. He's a former high-round draft pick. He's improving. He is very small. He's very young. He's an excellent person. I like him in nickel situations. He has something he wants to prove. He's from South Florida, so this is the place for him to do it. He also might come sort of cheaply.

Onto the draft:

Yes, yes, yes, the Dolphins should draft the best player available. They have the No. 12 overall selection. And, by the way, I do not trade down in the first round. Miami has enough picks already. I have five picks in the first 90 selections. That's more than enough.

This year is NOT about quantity. This draft has to be about quality.

So no trade down to acquire more picks. It's fools gold when you already have plenty of selections.

Miami's draft needs? It depends on how well I did in free agency. If I got the veteran star WR, then WR probably isn't the direction I'm going at No. 12 unless the quality of that WR is miles ahead of the CB or DE.

I'm going cornerback or defensive end in the first round. Let's face it, the Dolphins need to make more plays on offense and defense. Yes, they need to score more points. But they need to cause more turnovers and make more plays on defense against the opposing passing game.

The defense did a very poor job of giving the offense the football in opponent's territory after a turnover this year. That's one way to get more points, and I'm banking my defensive additions will help in that department.

That's why cornerback and defensive end is so important.

I want CBs that actually, you know, catch interceptions. I'm looking at Alabama's Dee Milliner ornMississippi State's Johnthan Banks (that's how he spells it) as cornerback possibilities.

I'm looking at Texas A&M's Demontre Moore as a pass-rusher, knowing Mike Sherman knows a thing or two about him. I'm looking at FSU's Bjoern Werner as a defensive end. I'm looking at LSU's Barkevious Mingo as a pass-rushing DE. I'm looking at Oregon's Dion Jordan, who at 6-6 and 239 is built like Jason Taylor, as a pass-rushing defensive end.

Look, Jared Odrick was drafted as a 3-4 DE. He's clearly not suited to be a 4-3 DE. He can move inside and the Dolphins can add a DE to compete with Olivier Vernon and probably beat out Vernon as a starting DE. More pressure is necessary from the side opposite Cameron Wake.

Moving Odrick inside might also help get more pressure from the inside.

By the way, New York defensive end Osi Umenyiora will be available in free agency. Pass. He's a 10-year veteran. He's slowing down. He wants to get paid. And the Giants pass rush let the team down significantly this year. Not the answer.

By draft's end, I want to have a couple of corners on my drafted board. I want an early-round wide receiver, assuming I landed a playmaker in free agency. If I sucked in free agency, I better have found a couple of wide receivers in the draft.

I need to find a couple of starting corners. I need a defensive end -- and there are plenty of options. And later on I want to add a tight end because Michael Egnew did zero to make me think he's the answer.

And, of course, I want to fill in later at right tackle (assuming Jake Long is gone and Jonathan Martin is my left tackle) because Nate Garner is a good backup, but I want to upgrade there.

By the way, I said previously that I'm for an all-of-the-above strategy. Well, that includes trades.

It has been reported that Jermichael Finley is on the outs in Green Bay. Apparently, he has maturity problems, his production is down and his work ethic isn't what it can be. So the Packers, according to the report, will either trade or release him this offseason.

Well, Salguero is open to trading for him because Salguero is sick and tired of mediocre tight end play by overachievers and perfers very good tight end play by an underachiever.

This year was a down year for Finley. He caught 61 passes for 667 yards. Fasano and Charles Clay caught 59 passes for 544 yards combined. So Finley has a bad year and he's still more productive than every tight end on the Miami roster because only Clay and Fasano caught passes for Miami.

And he's not worthy of getting? Are you kidding me?

The guy is 25 years old. He was more productive when Joe Philbin was the offensive coordinator -- with eight TDs in 2011. He is valuable in the red zone and he can work the middle of the field.

Give up one of Miami's third rounders for that guy? In a heartbeat.


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Clue, get a clue you do this all the time. In 2009 Ireland spent heavily, he was focusing salary cap space for this year. After spending heavily you can spend as much in years ahead because of the bonus prorations in years after a contract is signed.


So one of the first moves you note is to re-sign Starks because you 'want to keep the DL intact'. OK. and then you go on to list a bunch of guys you want to draft at 12 for the DL. I'm confused. Where are you putting all these guys? Listen, I like Starks a lot but it makes no sense to resign this guy. Great player, great leader, has been a warrior here. Deserves all the accolades in the world. But we need a pass rusher. We have a guy in Odrick who can move inside and do Starks' job and then we can get more of a pass rusher at 12. Honestly, I don't think you think that one through properly.

No way you re-sign Hartline AND land Jennings AND Wallace. Not going to happen. What kind of money are you going to pay Hartline to be the THIRD receiver on this team. I don't think he wants that. He wants more 1,000 yard seasons and he wants to be paid as a number two. I think as soon as realizes the Dolphins have cold feet about him he's going to NE.

Taking a CB at 12 would be a complete waste. Not a value pick at all. So I think it's pass rusher or a trade back to get one of the TEs or a WR. I'd add ?Jennings and draft a WR like Hokpins in the second.

Andy, I like Vaccaro a LOT too but to me he's a BIG reach at 12. He's not Earl Thomas IMO. I agree this is a position of need in the team but I think we can address it in the 2nd or 3rd round. I wouldn't pick him at 12. JMO.

Mark, 02:03PM, exactly. Well said...

craig hartline would start over jennings

Strong in RB and then u mention Daniel thomas. That guy hasn't done crap. Plus he's hurt all the time.

yea well, with irefiend and company, drafts havent worked either in making this team progress toward a winner...so your damned if you do and damned if you dont...somethings gotta change the outlook of this Franchise, i dont care weather its in FA or draft, but miami needs to be aggressive somewhere in the middle this offseason...


Your in KC. What are your thoughts on Bowe?

Mark, where is Loadholdt these days? He's be an interesting guy for line.

I also think Jarius Byrd would be a great pick up in FA for S. Not sure if he wants to stick around Buffalo or not but this guy's an under-rated athletic talent. I think he could be a real sleeper addition for us, depending on the money.

Anyone thinking this team will improve is kidding themselves.

Daniel Thomas...Another Ireland joke...

Let hartline go to NE...*lmao*..He wont even be that big of asset with all of NE's weapons on offense...even a guy like Nolan carrol could stick to him on one on one coverages and make him a non-factor....

Hometown discount with Long?

He'd still not be worth it. Sayonara!

How the hell does anyone know Hartline will end up in NE??? Amazing all the crap people make up on this blog...

It'll be interesting to see what the market is for Jennings. I expect there will be more play for him than Bowe, despite the injuries. Not saying a better player, but a better teamate and cheaper. WE might have some competition for his services.

Yea I agree with poster @2:12....Daniel Thomas is not a featured back and considering his up and down lack of explosiveness and his injuries, im not sure miami doesnt let him walk this offseason...


It's called an OPINION.....sure seems like you've got enough off them.

Craig M (for moron)...I wasn't planning on talking to you today...So do me a favor and stfu...ok?

actually i can see hartline ending up in KC or Philly...maybe even the jets if he goes to free agency, they seem to like miamis leftovers lately!!!

...I am in total agreement with Armando as far as Bush goes. I am interested to see what sort of attention he gets in the free agency period. Let another team overpay for him..I would welcome him back with a contract that guaranteed him no money, and was less then a 3 year deal. It is CRAZY to think Bush has value as anything more then a specialist, or situational back during this next contract..How many running backs get better after their 6 year in the league? It rarely happens. We have seen Bushs ceiling here, The only thing else left is the good possibility of injury, and less contribution, not more.

I have nothing against Reggie, he has played hard here. In fact the best moment of the year for me was bush leaving the field to s standing ovation in week 2. I can't remember the last time a Phin player got a standing O this early in a season. Anyway..I know the object of this years free agency is to get playmakers, not lose them..I don't think we lose much if Bush is goes, in fact I believe we have the chance to get better.

Craig, I thought he was still in Minnesota. I could be rong though.

At least we can ALL agree that Jeff Ireland has it under control, and under his expert management the Dolphins will be an elite team in 2013. Yes?

Here's my plan:

1. Move Martin to LT, draft a RT & say goodbye to Long. The money he's due should go to fill the massive holes. I'd rather potentially have a Safety, WR & CB over 1 declining, injury prone LT.

2 Don't resign Reggie. Good guy n all but, you don't pay big money to RB's who don't even crack 1000 yards. We have 2 guys capable of that now. If he's cheap, sure!

3. Re-sign Hartline

4. Let Starks walk

5. Resign McDaniel & rotate him & Odrick inside

6. Find a WR in FA, forget drafting one early! We don't have years to develop. Jennings or Wallace!

7. Sign a FA Safety

8. Find a FA CB

9. Resign Smith to a #2 Cb contract or say bye bye & draft another CB in rd 2, maybe even Rd 1 if ones worth taking.

10. Not sure about Fasano but, we do need a blocking TE.

11. Try to find a cheap replacement for Dansby & cut him if the cap hit isn't too big

12. Cut John "Lard butt" Jerry and / or Richie Incognito the second you have a chance to draft or sign an athletic Guard. (You can't run the WCO with two immobile guards)

13. Early in the draft try to find an edge pass rusher to pair with Wake.

Also, enough of trading back for mediocre garbage!

Ireland should try trading UP instead of back for Acorns!! Or, how about trading picks for established players some other team may be looking to unload due to cap?

D Thomas is a joke of pick, he was a QB in JUCO and the SOB Ireland still draft the guy. Just amazing

DC Dolfan, uh, no. I don't agree. LOL!!

Haha, and everyone thought Canadians were passive and overly polite. Look at Montreal and Craig mix it up ... Awesome!!

Trade 3rd pick for Finley. Sign Jennings ,Byrd & a top CB in FA. resign Smith & sign/tag Starks. Draft picks; rd1- WR . Trade 2 & 3 rd picks to move up into late 1st rd & draft ND's TE. use other 2rd pick on OT.
Fake GM points- 1) A top FA corner and Smith, Marshall & Patterson returning we'll have 4 solid CB's. 2) Finley & ND's TE change how we can attack teams.
3) Jennings , Bess & 1st Rd WR ...Nice!!!!!
4) A play making Safety in Byrd

...Going back to my earlier point on the last thread.
If Bush would be willing to stay here in a reduced role. I would be ok with that. we have seen what he offers as a feature back. It is ok. Middle of the pack. I would like to see us get better here, and i think that we have the personel to do so already on the roster.

..As a situational guy, no more, no less. Use him just like they did in NO...That IMO makes this team better, and allows us to move forward to find a true first rate feature back.

Just to add on to that, I think bush knows that 1 year of 1000 yrd will not earn him much praise with teams looking for RBs...his agility is there but you can see he is not an upfield runner...in many games where he struggled, it was becuase of his lack of power to push through holes through the D-line....he is a specialty player, no doubt about that and that wont get you a big payday especially in todays league...

I think some teams will look at him and maybe pay him more than what miami will want him back for but i dont think it will come from a playoff contending team and he might be better off of accepting less to stay here rather than look for his third team in three years...just sayin!!!

LOL, I wouldn't mind re-signing Bush...But only at the right price...If not, well, too bad...

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all is one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

Ditto all that bush talk with hartlines situation as well....

That hurts Montreal. I thought we were all in this together.

Daniel Thomas = 3 Irescum busts

And where might those Football Lebrons, Wades and Boshs be? You find out, you be sure to tell me, ya hear.

If it wasnt for Reggie Bush we'd be drafting #1

Winning NFL teams are not constructed by the seat of the GM's pants. Poop is constructed by the seat of the GM's pants. Not great teams.

preach it mando. LOL!!

DC, I just don't trust Ireland. It's been how many years now? Sure we're in this together but how many playmakers has he brought to Miami since he's been here?? What makes you think he'll suddently be able to do so?? I'm tired of it. I've been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. He should of been fired a long time ago...And I guess I'm not the only one who thinks like that...They just had their worst home attendance since 1989...That tells you everything you need to know...

I tell you, it is very hard to evaluate ANY of our RBs performance this year with the 2 Gs we had and Long there. They jusr don't fit a zone-blocking System.

#1, that's why I said at the right price. I'd never turn down a play maker. But, in Reggie's case, it has to be cheap.

We need to move past Reggie as a Runner & start using him more the way S. Payton did & the way NO uses Sprolles. That's where Reggies's value is. Miller will be a more effective RB. Less dancing, more + yards.

Let Bush dance after he catches the ball and is covered by a LB or a S. No more dancing behind the line!

Miller in the backfield & Reggie out wide or in the slot. That's a mismatch.

Everyone knows the #1 need on this team is playmakers. Bring in Jennings or Wallace. Preferably Wallace since Jennings is getting older & injury prone as well.

Bring back Reggie Cheap & spread him out. That would lessen the amount of WR's you'd need.

Same would hold true w/DB's. Marshall healthy, Smith back at a reasonable price, Patterson. We could get away with only needing 1 DB if Smith signs.

Team has so many holes you could start just about ANYWHERE & that is an indictment on Ireland.


1-FIRE THE GM.......






7-SIGN A QB IN FA ........

Miamis ONLY FA signing this offseason

None other than the NEWLY retired RAY LEWIS for 4 years 25.7 million guaranteed

Irefun-d strikes again!


As a TE possibility in FA, Jared Cook. He's 23, does not have maturity issues and is quite the pass-catcher.

Have heard Percy Harvin may be available for trade this off-season...Wonder if we'd like this kind of speed?


Why don't you go back and cut paste some of my comments from 8-10 hours ago so you can try and make me look bad. Must have been a GREAT way to have spent New Year's Eve. Pretty weird behaviour bud!

I'm hear to talk Dolphins football with some fellow fans. Seems like you've got another agenda. I made the comment to you earlier because you commented on one of my posts about me 'making crap up'.

I'm perfectly happy not talking to you....so why don't YOU go fukk off!! Capiche?

I honestly dont think either Ross, Ireland, or Tannehill will ever see the playoffs. Combine the three and.....hopeless. JMHO.


Sorry the comment was 'why don't YOU stfu'. OK?



Very good post mando, both the substance and your writing. Bravo.

I like bush but not as the #1 back. He's a good situational player similar to how the saints used him. To me bush is worth 2-3 million/year max.

I wouldnt trust Irelend to watch my kids or sell my house let alone turn a football program into a winner

I wouldnt trust ross if he belived his sh%t was made of gold let alone believe Ryan Tannehill will be in the HOF in 30 years


need a qb.

LOL, I agree with you at 02:48PM 100%...I didn't always agree with the way Sherman and Philbin used Reggie this year...But whatever...The faster we forget this miserable season the better...I knew it was over after that 37-3 debacle against the Titans...That was a real TKO if I've ever seen one...

Armando, we'd take you as GM over Ireland 8 days a week!!

I would add that, just like last year, all bets are off as far as adding an elite QB through free agency. Look what Manning/Broncos did.

This is the ultimate MOST IMPORTANT thing about this and several of mando's recent posts -- it's all about the QB. An elite QB changes everything.

And this is not a knock on Tannehill or giving up on him. Nothing personal. He's still young (obviously) and has a good attitude. If we can bring in a great vet, do it, Tanne can sit for a year like he should have done this year, he can learn, he can still be elite one day.

Krist Steve Young sat for like 8 years before really starting his HOF career.

If we can get Manning or Brady, we do it, bring them in.

The QB's job should never be safe.

the definition of insanity is to allow Ireland keep making the picks and expecting a 10 win season. With Ireland picking we'll be 6-8 win team no more no less. mediocre.

Montreal, posts like 2:47pm will NOT get you invited to the Ireland formal dance in the Spring! You'll be on the outside looking in (like a drunk Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places).

Keep it up and you won't be invited to the Ireland Xmas 2013 Bash EITHER!!!

At least Ireland is working with a HC now that has a defined Philosophy. Philbin wants to run what is called a WCO and have zone-blocking by the OL. Sparano, up to what I know, never defined his Football Philosophy. Now, Ireland just has to get the Players that will fit Philbins System, and he'd better be successful at it.



Craig M, my pleasure. And since you're so interested in what I do on New Year's Eve, here's your answer. I stayed home because my 3 kids and the wife are all sick. But I will post it up again...Give me a few minutes...Classic case of someone making up so much BS he gets lost in it and contradicts himself without realizing it...Until another poster tells him(!)...Here you go...

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