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GM Salguero's outline offseason plan

My offseason plan for getting the Miami Dolphins to the playoffs in 2013? I'm glad you asked.

First of all, you have to understand I come at this from a multiple-pronged approach. I don't just think the Dolphins are broken on the field. I think they need mending off the field -- as in with their fans. The truth is going to a Miami home game has no special meaning down here anymore.

Sure, the true believers and lifers do it out of loyalty and love for the sport or team. But I want more than that. I want Dolphins home games to be a must-attend events because the team has swag and plays with moxie and life and, yes, has a chance to do something exciting every week.

So if I were the general manager, I would approach this offseason in which the team can have approximately $46.8 in cap space as the Miami Heat approached the 2010 offseason -- the one in which they signed Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

It's an all-in offseason, folks.

If I make the playoffs, I get a contract extension. If not, I'm fired.

That kind of offseason, if crafted properly, is going to create buzz about the team and make for a winning roster. That means the team will look improved before it even plays a game, causing fans to buy tickets. And the team will indeed be improved on the field, causing more ticket-buyers when they actually see the product on the field.

And do not scoff at the need for ticket-buyers. This year the Dolphins had their worst home attendance since 1989. There was no significant homefield advantage at Sun Life Stadium. I want that to change. I want that place to shake -- both literally and figuratively.

So the Dolphins need to be audacious to get people to the game and then need to prove their strategy successful to keep them excited and coming back and part of a home field advantage.

Having said that, my offseason plan would be an all-of-the-above approach. I would look at spending big on quality free agents, I would look at re-signing my own quality free agents and letting the mediocre ones walk, I would look at trades, I would approach the draft with the desire to add playmakers not grunts.

That stuff the Dolphins did last year when they have us sitting on the edge of our seats come final roster cutdown time because of the three or four players they're going to add when those players get cut from other teams?

That's a loser's approach.

That approach means you are relying on other teams' trash to be your treasure. That is going into a sewer and hoping to find a blossoming rose.

The Dolphins not only did that, they expected players such as Anthony Armstrong, Jabar Gaffney and others to be significant contributors. Are you kidding me? That's telling me there was no plan in place and you're making it up as you go.

I want my team to be together after the draft. I want them together most of the offseason. I want them to work and sweat together in the offseason conditioning program. I want them to come together as a team during training camp. I want them winning together in the preseason -- and yes, I said winning. To me, the team must win the first quarter in the preseason when my starters are playing their starters. I don't much care about the final outcome of any game except the third when my starters play into the third quarter. But if you're not winning the first quarter of the other games, something is wrong.

Anyway, I don't want to be adding guys a couple of days before the season opener and hoping they somehow fit the program. That means you don't have a clue about team chemistry. That means your plans went awry. That means you're flying by the seat of your pants.

Winning NFL teams are not constructed by the seat of the GM's pants. Poop is constructed by the seat of the GM's pants. Not great teams.

So what is my audacious plan?

Start with the offense. It has to start there because Miami's offense is terrible.

First thing I do is re-sign wide receiver Brian Hartline. The guy finished with 1,083 receiving yards and a 14.6 yard per catch average. The yardage was 16th best in the NFL. The average was 25th best but ahead of Andre Johnson, A.J. Green, Anquan Boldin, Malcom Floyd, and Pierre Garcon.

He had only one TD catch, but I can think of at least four plays in which he was wide open down the field and was either underthrown or overthrown, killing a handful of TDs. So I see value in this guy. And he stays on my team.

I also want to re-sign Randy Starks because Miami's defensive line is a strength that need not be dismantled. I want to re-sign TE Anthony Fasano at a cheap price to be my blocking tight end because he is not a downfield threat in my offense.

I also want to re-sign Jake Long but he would have to take a cheaper, incentive-laden deal that pays him more if he stays healthy. The truth about Long is not only has his play been declining, but he's not finished either of the past two seasons. My Dolphins will be in the playoffs and if a player is likely to be on injured reserve at the end of the season and not available for the postseason, he's worthless to me.

So Long has to undertand that I want committed players and in his case that means, he'll have to agree to a hometown discount. If he wants to get paid the most he can and be something of a mercenary go elsewhere. Here, he was treated like a king as the first overall pick. He earned more money than any offensive lineman for years and years and years. Here, he didn't quite play up to his salary the last two years.

So if he wants to build on the roots he's laid in South Florida and wants to be part of something special and is truly committed to the Dolphins, he's going to have to play for less here.

Remember the Heat analogy? Wade, Bosh and James took less money in Miami than they might have elsewhere. If it's good enough for them, it has to be good enough for a guy like Jake Long.

If, however, Long is all about the money. He walks. I keep Jonathan Martin at left tackle and I draft the best available tackle sometime in the second or third round to play the right side.

By the way, the free agent tackle business is a two-way street. Sebastian Vollmer is slated to be a free agent. So are Ryan Clady, Branden Albert and others. Maybe, if Vollmer is on the market, I sign him, improve my team and put a hole in the New England Patriots offensive line.

What about the other free agents?

Reggie Bush is a good guy in a tough spot. He's likely to go into a free agent class that includes Steven Jackson, Shonn Greene, Rashard Mendenhall and others. And he plays a position that Miami is already strong in (with Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, and Jonas Gray on the roster). So if he wants to come back, it has to be on the cheap.

He's a great leader. He's a great worker. But he's a luxury. And, in the case of Miller, he's something of a progress-stopper.

So I want him on my team. But other teams may want him more. And I'm okay with that.

Sean Smith? Very interesting to me. He was nails when asked to play man-press against big receivers such as Larry Fitzgerald and A.J. Green early in the season. But then he kind of fell off the table in November and wasn't that much better in December.

He struggles with smaller, quicker receivers. He doesn't seem totally comfortable with the Dolphins system.

One publication said the Dolphins are going to put the franchise tag on him. The Dolphins told me that's hogwash. He's solid but not a playmaker. My goal this offseason would be to upgrade at his position and that doesn't mean keeping Smith and paying him nearly 10 times more than he made in 2011 to do it.

I let him walk.

Chris Clemons? Solid but not spectacular. He can stay at a bargain. Jairus Byrd is a free agent and more of a playmaker than Clemons. The Bills are shaking things up so no idea if Byrd is in their plans or if he wants to get away from a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 12 years and is starting over. Just sayin'. Dashon Goldson is also scheduled for free agency but I doubt San Francisco lets him go.

Tony McDaniel? He can stay at the veteran minimum salary with no guaranteed money, otherwise, phfft.

Onto free agency outside the roster:

My goal, again, is improve the offense first and quickly. That means if Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings are available, I sign probably one of them. If all is wonderful and great and amazing and the dollars make sense and I have the opportunity to get both, then I get both.

A four-wide of Jennings, Hartline, Wallace and Davone Bess might be the best four-wide in the NFL.

A three-wide of Jennings, Hartline and Bess or Wallace, Hartline and Bess is pretty darn dangerous, too.

Wallace to me is the priority. The Dolphins need a deep threat. Yes, Wallace bascially only runs 9-routes. But he's the best in the NFL at it.

The reason I add at least one veteran wide receiver (in addition to Hartline) is because I need the offense to be immediately improved. Rookie wide receivers take a while to get it. I need a guy that already has gotten it and is ready to produce the second he hits the field.

GM Armando Salguero passes on Dwayne Bowe. He is not a deep threat. I don't love his target-to-catch ratio (almost 2-to-1) and I'm not sure he's a winner. Plus, the kid wants big, big, big money. No thank you.

I'm looking at cornerback Darius Butler in free agency. He's a former high-round draft pick. He's improving. He is very small. He's very young. He's an excellent person. I like him in nickel situations. He has something he wants to prove. He's from South Florida, so this is the place for him to do it. He also might come sort of cheaply.

Onto the draft:

Yes, yes, yes, the Dolphins should draft the best player available. They have the No. 12 overall selection. And, by the way, I do not trade down in the first round. Miami has enough picks already. I have five picks in the first 90 selections. That's more than enough.

This year is NOT about quantity. This draft has to be about quality.

So no trade down to acquire more picks. It's fools gold when you already have plenty of selections.

Miami's draft needs? It depends on how well I did in free agency. If I got the veteran star WR, then WR probably isn't the direction I'm going at No. 12 unless the quality of that WR is miles ahead of the CB or DE.

I'm going cornerback or defensive end in the first round. Let's face it, the Dolphins need to make more plays on offense and defense. Yes, they need to score more points. But they need to cause more turnovers and make more plays on defense against the opposing passing game.

The defense did a very poor job of giving the offense the football in opponent's territory after a turnover this year. That's one way to get more points, and I'm banking my defensive additions will help in that department.

That's why cornerback and defensive end is so important.

I want CBs that actually, you know, catch interceptions. I'm looking at Alabama's Dee Milliner ornMississippi State's Johnthan Banks (that's how he spells it) as cornerback possibilities.

I'm looking at Texas A&M's Demontre Moore as a pass-rusher, knowing Mike Sherman knows a thing or two about him. I'm looking at FSU's Bjoern Werner as a defensive end. I'm looking at LSU's Barkevious Mingo as a pass-rushing DE. I'm looking at Oregon's Dion Jordan, who at 6-6 and 239 is built like Jason Taylor, as a pass-rushing defensive end.

Look, Jared Odrick was drafted as a 3-4 DE. He's clearly not suited to be a 4-3 DE. He can move inside and the Dolphins can add a DE to compete with Olivier Vernon and probably beat out Vernon as a starting DE. More pressure is necessary from the side opposite Cameron Wake.

Moving Odrick inside might also help get more pressure from the inside.

By the way, New York defensive end Osi Umenyiora will be available in free agency. Pass. He's a 10-year veteran. He's slowing down. He wants to get paid. And the Giants pass rush let the team down significantly this year. Not the answer.

By draft's end, I want to have a couple of corners on my drafted board. I want an early-round wide receiver, assuming I landed a playmaker in free agency. If I sucked in free agency, I better have found a couple of wide receivers in the draft.

I need to find a couple of starting corners. I need a defensive end -- and there are plenty of options. And later on I want to add a tight end because Michael Egnew did zero to make me think he's the answer.

And, of course, I want to fill in later at right tackle (assuming Jake Long is gone and Jonathan Martin is my left tackle) because Nate Garner is a good backup, but I want to upgrade there.

By the way, I said previously that I'm for an all-of-the-above strategy. Well, that includes trades.

It has been reported that Jermichael Finley is on the outs in Green Bay. Apparently, he has maturity problems, his production is down and his work ethic isn't what it can be. So the Packers, according to the report, will either trade or release him this offseason.

Well, Salguero is open to trading for him because Salguero is sick and tired of mediocre tight end play by overachievers and perfers very good tight end play by an underachiever.

This year was a down year for Finley. He caught 61 passes for 667 yards. Fasano and Charles Clay caught 59 passes for 544 yards combined. So Finley has a bad year and he's still more productive than every tight end on the Miami roster because only Clay and Fasano caught passes for Miami.

And he's not worthy of getting? Are you kidding me?

The guy is 25 years old. He was more productive when Joe Philbin was the offensive coordinator -- with eight TDs in 2011. He is valuable in the red zone and he can work the middle of the field.

Give up one of Miami's third rounders for that guy? In a heartbeat.


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When it comes to the "name changing trolls" I never bite on the invitation to fight. Why? It makes no sense. I ignore and move on. They love it when you take the bait.

Thier only purpose here is to attack everything Dolphin and pick fights with anyone who bites. That's thier only purpose. LOL...

Also hearing that Todd Haley's getting an interview for the HC job in Arizona. Was he already the HC there. That one makes no sense to me. Weird!

"Hahaha, DD, that Charlie Brown post was classic. Lucy,you little b***h, take this!!!"

Mark, not sure if you watched it but Saturday Night Live did a spoof of Charlie Browns Christmas. It was a broadway musical and had Al Pacino (sat night live actors immitating all of the roles) as Charlie Brown, Edith Falco as Lucy, Larry David as Linus, and Michael Keaton as Shroeder.

Pretty funny, check it out on you tube if you missed it. (When Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown he calls her a "b^&ch and says "get the f&*k outta here"!

Posted by: The Blog | January 03, 2013 at 11:08 AM

What are you crying about now f*&k tard?


Nice post! I'm all for getting Grade A players for the entire team...offense, defense, special teams, practice squad, etc., etc. The Dolphins need them, and they haven't had enough of them to be used in each phase of todays NFL game.

At the same time this team upgrades at every deficient position, the coaches need to upgrade the play calling, and stopping making the game week in and week out that the Dolphins put on the field so predictable.

The Dolphins need to change up the playbook, and focus on getting into the endzone. Two years in a row, touchdowns have become a luxury in Miami!

Put the pieces in place. Study, practice, and implement.

When that combined with personnel changes happens DOLFANS everywhere will be much happier!


I saw that one. Classic stuff. Not sure who the guy was doing Al Pacino but it was classic. I think Martin Short was playing Larry David. All in all, very funny!

..Mike Glennon QB NC State..

I don't know much about him except he is climbing up the draft boards. He is tall, has a rocket arm, and is as problems with pressure, and mobility...Reminds me a bit of Ryan Mallet.

Looks like its pretty much a done deal Andy Reid will be the Chiefs new hc. Espn says it also means Pioli could be out because Reid wants more personnel control.

Also, I believe the Chiefs having 1st overall pick(Geno Smith) gives Reid the wco-style qb to rev things up in a hurry. This is what makes KC "chief" amongst teams in which Andy Reid would like to land. Plus throw in the fact that the Ciefs had 7-8 pro bowlers this year.

Andy Reid and the Chiefs should hit the ground running in 2013.

Posted by: The Blog | January 03, 2013 at 11:08 AM

Who are you? No one knows who you are because you hide behind too many names and don't back your posts up. That makes you an epic pu^^y. It's so funny because I knew you would comment after I posted about your hiding ways you little bi%^h. That's what you are, a little scared bi%^h. ROFL at your stupidity.


Thanks for the Glennon update. I don't know a lot about him but I heard he has a good arm, tall and raw. Interesting to see how high he goes. I've seen him top ten and I've seen him second round.

Not sold on Geno Smith but then again I wasn't sold on Cam Newton coming out either.


There you go picking a losing battle again. How in the hell can you win a fight with "name changing trolls"? They just continue to attack in "countless names".


Phins78, some people will just not be happy unless they're unhappy. Sad that some people choose to live this way ...

Has Joe been fired yet?

Phins78, some people will just not be happy unless they're unhappy. Sad that some people choose to live this way ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 03, 2013 at 11:31 AM


These arent sad people, this how they get their "daily entertainment. They think its sad and funny we would take them so seriously.


Craig the actor playing Pacino was one of the players from SNL. He's really funny, prob the funniest on the show. He was discovered by Ben Stiller at a tornado shelter in the mid west! Too funny. Bill Hader is his name.

THis blog is garbage because of the comment section.

YG YOU'RE RIGHT. Can't argue with a coward in hiding. You will notice I answer back, get him all riled up, and then ignore him for the rest of the day. I like to sit back and watch him make a fool out of himself and he bites every time. Long gone are the days that I continue the back and forth. Now it's just sport for me. :)

..I haven't paid attention to the quarterbacks this year(we have ours) I watched a bit of the Syracuse WV game to check out Bailey. I don't know how desperate a team has to be if Smith is going to be the number one quarterback taken(that was as poor a performance as I have seen from a potential top pick)..I'm glad we are not in qb desperation mode this offseason.

Mark I assume you're talking about the tweet. So true and so sad. I just can't understand it. To live a life with no hope has to be really depressing.


That's pretty much how I handle the name changing trolls. 98% I totally ignore them. The other 2% I make 1 or 2 comments and Im done.

They absolutely love the all day back and forth. then they feel theyve accomplished thier goal of getting underneath your skin. lol...

Bills to interview Chip Kelly? Might be good for them. Certainly better than Wisenhunt or the D coordinator from Arizona they already interviewed. Buffalo has to stop hiring other peoples fired coaches and grab someone up and coming from the college ranks. They are also set to interview Mike McCoy the article says. Is he really that good or did Peyton Manning just make him look that way?

I also agree Phins78 is the b i t c h of the blog. The guy never stops crying about what other guys posts. Give us a favor and leave..

Craig, where I think people get confused is that they think because I'm a proponent of bringing Long back, that I'm saying that they give him the sun and the moon. And I don't think that. I like the line a lot better with Jake at LT and Martin at RT right now. Jake even playing to the low levels he played at this year still did the job pretty well and wasn't used as a projectile like martin was to be hurled at our QB.

Now if Jake wants to earn a cap hit of $10M+ a year, then it may make sense to let him walk. he may have permanent damage to his body because of his injuries or this may be limited to one season - last year he was good despite what people say. None of us here can answer that question - that's up to the people in the know to decide. However, we can't go into next year with this line. We will still need to add an OT. whether it's a vet good RT at minimum in free agency (my preferred route), that is still going to cost at least a cap hit of $6M+ per year. Look at what Justice got in KC. If not, we will spend the 12th pick in the draft or one of our 2nd rounders and that means no pass rusher, WR or TE in the draft. one of them will be passed and that makes me sad. So I figure if we are going to spend money on an OT, why not spend it on the devil we know and the guy that's given us four pro bowls and not some unknown commodity??

We do not have a ready made tackle in waiting. Garner is not the answer over the course of a whole season.

And some people will say Martin played well against Jax and Buff. hello, Buffalo is one of the worst defenses in the league and Jax acquired an over the hill, overpriced pass rusher on waivers because they simply suck at generating any pass rush. I think you could've played Tedd Ginn at LT in those games and been ok. Against SF and NE, he was a danger to his teammates with his lack of adequacy.

I hope Jake and the Dolphins can find some reasonable agreement. if not, I will not feel as comfortable personally ...

I have to agree that nobody knows the state of Long's health except himself and the trainers and Doctors. Besides he's commanding a huge salary that is passe in the League for your average L tackle. Just have to wait the FO decision on him.(I hate pre-Season).

YG, It's funny because after I say my peace they spend the rest of the time thinking they are making me mad or look bad.

The funny part is I don't know them and could not care less what they think of me. Can you imagine the ego someone must have to think that we would care what some half wit stranger thinks about our posts? WOW! HAHAHA

And I absolutely love when they start calling us gay like it's supposed to make us mad. That right there is clear evidence we are dealing with a very immature individual. The last time it bothered me that someone called me gay I was probably around 12 years old. Gay isn't something to be ashamed of but this moron thinks otherwise.

When Andy Reid becomes KC hc, I also believe there's a huge chance Bowe will be resigned.

I believe Reid will take Geno Smith. So why would he let such a huge target and "safety blanket" for the incoming rookie qb walk in fa? Doesnt make sense to me.

In fa, I believe it comes down to Wallace and Jennings, with Jennings probably most likely to sign. Still that's tedious, Im not yet 100% convinced he leaves GB, but if he does, Miami is the most likely landing place.

If we cant get Jennings, then we may overpay to bring in Wallace. Then Wallace would have extra negotiating leverage against us and Ireland may feel its urgent to walk away with at least one of these fa wr's this offseason.


I could be wrong, I don't believe Kelly will go there. It's a shame actually because pretty much nobody wants to go there. That's the reason they end up with all the retreads like Gailey and Jauron. I actually think Whisenhunt would be a good fit there, as would Lovie Smith. I'm not sure McCoy's going to end up there either. I have him going to Chicago.

I'm still amazed that Mike Zimmer isn't being talked about more. He's a guy I thought would have been great for Miami to have hired. Smart guy and his players really lay it on the line for him.

Craig, Glennon is the Qb from South Carolina I believe,. It looks to be a horrible draft for QBs as Barkley and Geno Smith both fell off. If Tannehill was in this year's draft, he'd be the first QB off the board no doubt and may even have been the first pick overall.

I mean, people here are complaining we used an 8th pick on tannehill. However he had a scouts inc grade of 93 last year. This year, the highest QB grade is 88.

Some people still have the nerve to say the kid didn't play up to snuff in his rookie year but man - at least we didn't pass on QB last year to be stuck with picking one from this group ...

I'm pretty hard on Ireland most of the time but this is a good point made by Dave Hyde.

"The hard part of grading Ireland is the first few years when Bill Parcells ran the show. Ross isn't dumb. He must know who pushed for what decisions and saw that players Ireland wanted were trumped by Parcells' decisions in some cases. He must have seen that if this team had followed Ireland's way it would be better off right now."

"Bottom-line: This will be the off-season that defines Ireland, for better or worse."

Mando, it all sounds great but the likelihood of all of this happening??? ....A pipe dream!

Phins, I will check tht out. And I don't think there's any chance Kelly goes to Buffalo. I mean, you're an offensive guy, you want to run an up tempo offense and you will tie your career to Ryan Fitzpatrick and some second tier rookie or Alex Smith who Harbaugh couldn't wiat to replace?

No, I think he goes to Carolina ... Chip Kelly and Cam Newton in that spread offense will put up some nice points.

In pointing that out I must also point out that the 2011 draft isn't looking good Ireland backers. Pouncey is the only one trending up, Clay is a big if.

Not saying Ireland should be fired now, I know he will be here through this draft and season, just saying I agree with most that this is his make it or break it year.

Craig m....

I am glad you saw my post for what it WAS...and not for what it has MORPHED in to....

now on to football....

Alex Smith is a VERY dangerous QB under the right circumstances....I blieve before he got benched he was leading the league in completion percentage...or was near the top of the league in QBR....bottom line....he has learned how to become VERY EFFICIENT....and I believe he has aquired some leadership attributes over the past 2 year success....

The Bills...to me seemed like a rudderless ship....lacking the direction and conviction to make the next step....

With a Game Manager like A. Smith @ the helm....and a Coach who will get the immediate respect of the players hired....the Bills could again turn into a dangerous team....and NOBODY wants to play a moivated Bills team in December...in Buffalo....

mark @11:45am,

That's how I see it too. I'd like to see Jake back at a reduced price. We're going to have to add a tackle if we let him go, likely through FA. Regardless, there will be question marks whoever we add. I just don't but this crap that Long is done. These guys that are saying that will HIDE when he goes on to play well somewhere else and then their argument will be, 'well he wasn't worth the money because we never won with him here'. It's a revolving argument.

The bottom line is, Long at a greatly reduced price, is one less problem to wory about. Otherwise, I see us adding someone who until he's proven himself will be a question mark and right now Martin is still a question mark at LT. There's no denying that.


Just because Harbaugh wanted to replace him...doesn't mean it was the wrong move...

ANYTHING short of a SB apperance say it was the WRONG move to replace Alex Smith...Good luck Harbaugh...but if thes guys flake out in the 1st rd....and its because Kap nuts up....Harbaugh (whose job is VERY secure)....will have a difficult time with those READY-TO-WI-NOW vets that were assembled and primed by another coach....


The Bills need to do something with that defence. They're not doing anything until that unit greatly improves. I actually like some of the talent they have there, it should just be playing better. They also need to add another WR (maybe second round) and improve the OL.

YG, I don't believe Bowe will be back in KC. He's shown his true colours. Not sure what their cap situation is but I wouldn't be surprised to see them as players for Wallace and/or Jennings.

Yeah I don't know where the chips (pardon the pun :) will fall but you're probably right on Kelly. I see them hiring Wisenhunt or the D coordinator.

My reason being, Buffalo's defense is talented. I know they didn't rate out great but I blame that more on Wanny. They have the players to compete defensively. And both of those coaches come from Pittsburgh and are great defensive minds. They should hire one of those two and then match them with a top notch offensive coordinator, someone who has a knack for developing QBs.

That would be my plan if I were Buffalos GM.

I like the Playoffs, though. Although I respect and admire Dick Sotckton's Football knpwledge, I have my own opinions.
Houston over Cinci. Stockton doesn't trust Matt Schaub. I don't either, but the Texans have a great pass rush.
GB over Minnesota, a given.
I'd be surprised if Andrew Luck can overcome the Ravens. Too much Playoff experience for the latter ones + Ed Reed.

Craig, to take your comment on Martin one step further - I think martin is a failure right now with the potential to get better. i have zero confidence in him against any competent pass rusher. Why anyone would not be open to Long playing there at a reasonable contract is beyond me. Guy is a four time pro bowler - the most pro bowls of any player drafted since 2008. What on God's green earth more do people want out of someone???


I see moving on from Charles Clay this year. In two full seasons he has made only 1 thing clear:

He's very inconsistent.

IMO, after 2 seasons, you only want to know two things about your player. Is he rising or is he falling? Clay seens to be doing neither.

This will be a very crucial preseason for both Clay and Egnew. Clay has to show he's rising. Egnew has to show he's better than Clay's been just to make the team. Because I believe 1 of the first 3 picks will be TE(or fa) and Fasano will be the 2nd TE.

And why are you People trying to improve other Teams, specially in our Division? One of the worst things that has happened to us this off-Season was the firing of Chan Gailey. Think, think!



I say Bowe's back in KC when Andy Reid comes in. Espn says when Reid comes in Pioli may also be out.

So if Pioli's out, everything Bowe was previously connected to has been "clean-housed", which gives Bowe a "clean slate" in KC. Think about it buddy?

yeah philbin. top job is 4 t/o's.
not to score points. uh huh.
oh looksy tanneputz, he's open,
ooooooh u over threw him again and again and again and again and again.

db, reids old lady is from ariz.
she'll pull his nut sax over there.

Now, Wash vs Seattle is a ducey. I have acquired the firm belief that RG3 can move his Team on anybody, but so has always could Russell Wilson. But I believe RG3 is the greatest of the 2.

Sorry, Indi wasn't trending up until they signed Luck. He had the toughest job out of the top 3 and that's why I believe he should win rookie of the year.

Posted by: Kris | January 03, 2013 at 12:02 PM

YES! 100% agree and I was just talking about this the other day. Smith was absolutely on fire before sustaining the concussion. Top 2 in the league in most categories.

But I'm still mad at him for spurning us and choosing the non-loyal 9ers! Serves him right!

Thanks Phins 78....

Alex Smith stock may never be higher...but like you said...his ability to cash in is @ an ALL-TIME low....

Smith is @ the mercy of Harbaugh and the 9ers organization....and they have ZERO reason to trade him for peanuts...

Owner Stephen Ross met (discreetly) w/ Mike Giddings Jr. about GM position in the last 72-hrs.

YG Zach Ertz. Where is this kid expected to go in the draft?

Man, I know we need a DE and or CB but if this kid is sitting there at 12 I would have a hard decision to make. 6'5", catches everything, great blocker, closest thing to Gronk I have seen.

If we were to sign Wallace or Jennings, and then draft this kid? Holy s&^t! Our offense skyrockets to the top of the league. Love what Ertz brings, don't know if I could pass on him when I already have a top 10 defense.

The key to the Dolphins future will be obtaining a top GM.

"I think that continuity thing is a coaches' copout," says Mike Giddings, director of Pro Scout, Inc., a private personnel service for 11 NFL teams, .

Kris, not saying Alex Smith can't Qb in the NFL. However, I don't think he is what Chip Kelly envisions in his crazy pinball style offense though.

Phins 78 is a jackass.

What we do or say in here will have no bearing on which coach the Bills hire. I wouldn't worry, they will probably get it wrong. Ralph Wilson hired his no experience granddaughters to help run the team two years ago. Yikes!

you can't coach bad players giddings says.

having line coaches evaluate players is a bad idea.


If Chip Kelly thtinks he's gonna bring that College mumbo jumbo to the NFL and have success...lol....

Then I will see him in 2.5 years when he is the hottest College coaching prospect on the market...like Saban.....

Phins78, personally I go BPA at 12 (probably a pass rusher) and then leverage my other picks to get back into the first again to take the TE, then pick WR in the 2nd.

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