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My take on Ross, Wallace, Jennings, Bowe

As you know, Stephen Ross spoke on the state of the team Monday. And I came away from the talk absolutely certain that the Dolphins have some sort of plan for 2013 -- because the owner mentioned this plan half-a-dozen times.

But when I asked him what that plan is, I was disappointed to hear the answer Ross gave. 

No, as I write in my column in The Miami Herald today, I didn't intend to hear a blow-by-blow of what the Fins are about to do. I was, however, hoping for something beyond, "Win."

Frankly, I left Monday's talk not knowing if the Dolphins -- a team with approximately $46.8 million in salary cap space this offseason -- are expecting to be a big player in free agency or not.

In one breath, Ross said he'll pay whatever it takes to get a player. In the next breath he said free agency is not the answer. Sooo, the message was a little garbled.

I guess I'm just a poor immigrant that no understandy Inglich goot.

After writing my column Monday evening, I heard from a Dolphins employe in the know who told me the Dolphins will absolutely dive into free agency and happily pay top dollar for top-tier talent in free agency. He told me that is what Ross meant to say.

I hope that is true.

We'll see.

I hope the Dolphins pick the best deep-threat receiver in free agency and sign him. Yes, that to me would be Mike Wallace. (And yes, he drops some). But I like the idea of Miami not needing 14-play drives every time on offense to score touchdowns. This team needs a 50-, 60- and 75-yard bomb over the top of the defense every once in a while.

Explosive plays on offense make me write happy.

Most great teams have them.

The Dolphins have very few.

Mando unhappy with few.

Anyway, I suppose a guy like Greg Jennings is also a possibility, but while fans have a growing fascination with him, I'm not quite sure he's the deep threat Miami needs. Don't get me wrong, he's very good. If Miami cannot land Wallace, he's he next best answer.

If Miami lands Wallace and Jennings ... awesome.

But he would not be my priority. He'd be No. 2. He's older than Wallace by three years. He's going to be 30 next season. He's been injured. He's declined his last two years. And he'll be very expensive. So I see some red flags.

Yes, Wallace has some flags, too. But they blur to me as he's running a 4.3 past defenders. To me, he needs to be the UFA priority once free agency opens, assuming he's on the market.

Many of you also like Dwayne Bowe. Pass.

He's not a deep threat. He's also older than Wallace. He kind of reminds me of Brandon Marshall. And that didn't get the Dolphins in the playoffs.


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I think Ross is wise to go vague in his comments on plans. Yes, we want to win. Yes, free agency isn't the answer. It never is because you want to get the draft has to offer. With that said, it's very wise not to tip your hand. Remember, every other coach, especially those with new teams, will be dipping in the same pool of free agent talent. I would appreciate it if Ross and Ireland keep silent and jst go about getting the talent needed to make this team dominant again. You never hear Belichek or Kraft divulging their plans. We should take a lesson. It goes without saying, that if we miss out on the free agent talent out there this year, then the Dolphin organization will lose ALL credibility with the fanbase as an org that is serious.

Steven Ross, the worst owner in sports?

DC, I would counter that Jennings is no better than Jordy Nelson or James Jones. The system deployed in GB offensively is amazing. Every game it gets spread around. It makes them all look good. I would actually say I've seen Jordy Nelson make a lot more big plays the last few years than Jennings.

Jennings will be looking for crazy money as Armando also eluded to & he's entitled to ask for big money. However, Miami is not entitled to give it to him.

Wallace has youth & superior speed which allows the offense to still function even if he's taken out of the game.

His presence alone opens will dictate soft coverage & a safety over the top. 1 less guy potentially in the box for the run game. He can run clearing routes all day for Bess & Hartline & the TE.

I know he dropped some balls this year but, I'm not worried too much about that. Wallace can do things for this offense that Jennings simply can't.

Does that mean Wallace is better than Jennings? Not necessarily but, in this case, Wallace would be more valuable to Miamis offense.

CommonSense, it probably solves our biggest need by making that pick with as talented a player as there is in this draft but man would the fans hate it ....

Tannehill is the worst QB in his rookie class but DC Doofuss like him because he's healthy? LOL

Ross likes the direction?? Our owner is as delusional as he is cheap. Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

everyone has their own opinions, and as dolfans it is good to know that it is the ones that belong to philbin and sherman that really matters the most, i mean, this duo does have a keen eye to evaluate talent, but to blindly except this without voicing an opinion would make life as a dolphan colorless... so with that in mind, in my OPINION, all that last nights championship game did was shine an even brighter light on what i believe to be the dolphins biggest deficiency and that is the NEED for a drive sustaining tough guy POWERback. dolphans everywhere are going to be screaming for LACEY and that is good because that will put emphasis on this need. LACEY does seem to have it all, he will be the determing factor in many games as a pro, he would be an exciting addition to an offense like miami who desperately needs an identity and firepower, but maimi may already have this in place with a guy named JONUS GREY, he has a year in the system and is on our roster, but other then that there has been no other information to help fans evaluate the state of this need. i would very much like to know how our coaches feel about him, and how they think he stacks up to alabama's lacey. mando, what do you think?


I know you are the #1 Brandon Marshall hater on the blog....

but you can't blame ANY of those coaches fired on Marshall....

McDaniels was fired for drafting TEBOW in the 1st RD...and running round the staduim FIST-PUMPING loke a major @sshole after beating Belichat and the Patriots to get to 6-1....I believe they finshed the season 6-10....

Sporano...NUFF SAID...Agree????

Lovie Smith was fired because he couldn't do the ONE thing you have to do as a Bears HC...and thats BEAT the PACKERS....and making the playoffs would have been a nice side note as well....Bears have missed the playoffs 4 out of the lst 5 years....Marshall can Hardly be blamed for that....

Totally agree on Wallace. He has to be our #1 FA target.

To add to that Mark....

McDaniels also traded away his QB and top 5 WR in 2 consecutive seasons....

a fireable offense to any competent owner....

If we come out of Free Agency and the draft without a suitable repacement for Marshall this year....that may be enough to get even Ireland shown the door....

TGH, the HOF'er Cris Carter said the most important characteristic of a player is "are you available." But forget what he says, let's listen to a moron such as yourself who can't see past his own hatred for the team. You're probably the same retard who says Tannehill sucks, but let's put Matt Moore in there, that will get us to the Playoffs. Go play with your Tanko trucks and your Lego's.



wallaces speed is what u need to catch all of tannehennes over throws.

Tannehill is the worst QB in his rookie class but DC Doofuss like him because he's healthy? LOL

Posted by: TGH | January 08, 2013 at 09:57 AM

TGH, thats the same moron that wanted us to draft a sophomore Klowney and couldnt even spell his name. Out of touch out of towner that needs to check his facts before he spews his nonsense on here.

how did nd win those games with that scrub at qb.?.
and f that lb. he was useless.

listen 2 the win column,
not some loud mouth pos moron on the tube.

yeah,it was a good loss.

I don't get the love shown to Ireland. Even the "he's done just OK" crowd.

2010 draft was a friggin nightmare
2011 draft - Pouncey & ?????
2012 - Martin, Miller & possibly Tanny.

And lets be HONEST for a second, 2012 was a good draft because those 3 guys I mentioned, many people had 1st round grades on them & they somehow slid, cept Tanny.

I've said it many times, it's not hard to look at a draft board & see 1st round talent sitting there & to draft them. I mean, it's a no brainer.

The question is, what would Ireland had done if those talented players weren't there? I contend, we'd be looking at the disasters that were the 2010 & 2011 drafts. That's his track record.

I don't understand the confidence people put in this bozo. 1 outta every 3 is BAD. I guess we'll have to deal with him, unfortunately, for at least 1 more year.

Kris, i wasn't even inncluding McDaniels in that equation .. that would make four.

I was thinking Shanahan in Denver ... when both marshall and Cutler were there.

Marshall is a dikk. He melted down emotionally in front of the country. bears didn't beat a winning team other than Indy in Luck's first pro start. (I think)

Cutler and Marshall could've beat at least one winning team since they're so great no?? I mean Tannehill beat two playoff teams in his first year and he's apparently a bust and Marshall is the NFl MVP according to the trolls here....

BM leads the league in dropped TDs every year in the NFL.
None of his teams have made the postseason and all of his coaches have been fired.

more than anything in this upcoming offseason... more than another receiver, more than a young corner; more than an upgrade at tight end, etc etc. blah blah blah

what the dolphins really need is to get tannehill up to speed so he can not go into next year doing rookie stuff like... taking drive killing sacks; not getting rid of the ball; missing wide open receivers; and just basically understanding down-and-distance and how to KEEP DRIVES ALIVE AT ALL COSTS

also, the dolphins need to work with philbin, who can be a great coach in this league for a long time, but he needs to figure out stuff like... when should i over-rule that dumb call by the oc; why aren't we blitzing in this situation? (see patriots game/4th quarter); actually we're gonna go for it here and not come off the field

real existential football stuff these two entities need to work on

otherwise, you can dress up the dolphins with more free agents and shiny new draft picks, but if these two areas don't get significantly FIXED then trust the buchter, we'll be right back here at 7-9; maybe 8-8 pizzed off and crying for the owners neck

The Good News: With our first 5 picks we will be drafting: OL, RB, DL, WR, CB

The Bad News: Those 5 picks will replace Long, Bush, Starks, Hartline, Smith who will go to winning teams in FA for more money than Ireland's lowball offers.

Agreed on not finding a replacement for marshall. That was my whole problem with the ordeal. it wasn't getting rid of that mutha f**ker, it wasn't replacing him adequately.

Ireland needs to get it right no doubt. Last draft just bought him time ... but the clock is ticking.

I am going to go out on a limb here and agree with Ross on one very good point. Money doesn't always translate into winning. Reaching on an overpaid FA does nothing other than set the team back on bidding for other capable FA's that might be available now, next year etc. The FA crop of WRs stinks this year. Mike Wallace, while undoubtably the best of what's out there, is a home run hitter and NOTHING ELSE. He's a prototypical definition of an overpaid FA who will get paid on the basis of one good year. And guess what folks, it wasn't THIS year. Greg Jennings can't stay on the field. I'll pass. Go draft some fresh legs. This team is more than a WR away from winning. Half the team still needs to be re-built.

Get rid of Ireland and that will be the best off-season move the Fins can make. I swear this guy has nude pictures of Ross and his mistress.

I say Pass on all three, Wallace, Jenkins and Bowe. Build via the draft at WR. I wouldn't mind solidifying the OLine via free agency but build the rest through the draft. There are some very good players in the top 2 rounds at WR this draft.

More Bad News: Tannehill needs to be replaced if they want to win.


I feel bad for RG3....and I believe he is jacked up...both mentally and physically....but in NO WAY does that make the Tanne pic look better....

concussion aside....3's injury was of the freakish nature...and something that could just as easily happen to any QB running for a 1st down and trying to make a play....

the real problem with Washington is the HC/OC.....the Shanny's should not have played RG3 for @ least 3 weeks to a month after his injury....but they had him on the practice feild just a day or two later to show off for the press...playing mind games with the Browns..and ultimatly...3's career....

WE ALL saw 3's leg bend the wrong way...and we have ALL been watching this Phenomal QB regress the past 3 games...getting slower and slower (weakness)...and becomming a QB who coudn't hit the broad-side of a barn....

3 placed GOD like trust in the decsion making ability of 2 time SB winning coach Mike Shannahan....and Shanny rewarded him with a possible shortened career....

I think its sickening....

Cadillac, I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees that about marshall. NEVER HIS FAULT... can't win with guys like that ...

Cadillac, I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees that about marshall. NEVER HIS FAULT... can't win with guys like that ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 08, 2013 at 10:40 AM

The 90's cowboys & 80's giants would disagree! primadonna's, hotheads & criminals won Superbowls!

Mando, Its Not You. Its Just Ross Is A Bad Public Speaker. Nobody's Fault. Well, he Could Just Give A Written Statement!!

Not To Stir The Pot.. But You Forgot To Mention Hartline.

To Dashi it is 1 of the 3. Wallace, Hartline, or Jennings. (Agreed. Bowe is A Non-Issue!)

As With M.Flynn and T'Hill, and M&M, Last Year. We Should have Inside Info. (Except On Wallace.)

Hartline Or Jennings?

At The Right Price. My Money Is On Hartline.

The Fins Should DRAFT A Wr!! Maybe 2!! And A TE!! (Not the One From ND! He's Alright! But to Dashi He Reminds Me of Fasano 2.0! )

Jennings If he Is Good! And I Mean Really Good!! (And Philbin Seems To Be A Pretty Good Evaluator Of Talent.) The Fins Will/Should Pick The Right One. My Money Is On Hartline! Unless He ask For Some Crazy Price!

But Only 1 of The FA Wr's!! Not 2!! And Hartline Counts As A Free Agent!!


One Dream Lives! The Other One Dies!

Yes, Te'o! Is A Draft Possibility Now! (The ND Hype Machine Was Getting To Huge!)

Jeff Lacy! Is A Top 5 Draft Pick!! And He Proved That Yesterday!! Plus, Alabama Has The Best O-Line In CFB!! PEOPLE FORGET!! T.Richardson had To Split Carries with Lacy, Last Year!

The Kid Is A Beast!! A Real RB!! Ricky Williams 2.0!!

I Give Saban That! He Has NFL Players! In College Uniforms!! The Talent Level at Alabama Is Amazing!!

But Te'o Is Ours For The Taking!! Even Though Getting Womack!! Is Intriguing!! What Was It Some Will Do If Ireland Drafts Another Linemen? I Don't Know? Womack is The Only Player That I Would Pick Over Te'o! Draft Is About Value!! Not Need!! Get BPA!

And You Can Still Cut Dansby!!

Once The Fins Won Game 6! I Gave Up on The Te'o Dream!! Even Though With Last Nights Performance! Te'o Dropped Out of The Top 5 and Top 10!! Maybe Even Top 15!! The Fins Can Trade Back and still be Able To Get Te'o! Maybe Trade back enough In The First! For Some Teams 1st Round Pick Next Year!!

The Fins Should Sign R.Maualaga(MLB) and D.Smith(OLB). Combined, Both Will Cost Less Than $9 Million!! Both Are 4-3 LB'S!!

#Cut Dansby!!

And Saddest News Of All!! The Jets Cut Sporano! I Was Really Hoping They Keep Him!!

Kris, don't thnk DC was saying Tannehill is as good a player as RG3, but at least next year if Tannehill still stinks, we have our first round pick to take another QB with our new GM next April. Washington mortgaged the future and Shanahan wore him out like he was a street free agent.

Truth, when did Brandon Marshall play for any of those teams???

Speak in relevancy please. Give me an example of when Brandon Marshall made the team he went to better???

Denver got worse, Miami got worse, Chicago got worse.

Kudos to the Jests for getting rid of Sparano after 1 year..... while we keep Irescum for 5 years and counting...GEEZ!!!

Mark, the Bears were much better with Marshall.

You're confusing speed with Athleticism. The great Athlete shifts from ping-pong to Football to JaiAlai with equal ability.

That's exactly what I was saying Mark. IF (that's not clear right now) has worst case scenario and will never be the same (doesn't mean he still can't be good), then the trade up won't look as good in the future. And other teams will use that as a example of not being too aggressive. I don't say I necessarily agree, since you need to be aggressive to win, but it's just a bad situation all the way around.

And no one's saying Tannehill is good because RG3 got hurt, but if RG3 is out for 2013, and Tannehill gets his team to the Playoffs, then people will see that qb class in a whole new light.

Dude, its really unfair to judge Marshall on his time with Henne. Cmon Man.

for some reason, even the WR's with the most gifted hands seem to have more drops in Miami than most wr's (i remember chris carter dropping passes when he played in mia). Greg Jennings is often hurt, I flat out dropped him from my fantasy league and picked up fartline.

I'm concerned about damiel thomas's concussion issues...I think he was having head issues and not knee issues.

Tradition, were they really?? because I remember them playing in an NFC championship game with Lovie Smith and Jay Cutler ... until Cutler tapped out anyway ...

What was that ... last year, year before ... not too long ago anyway.

The RG3 thing. A draft pick is always a gamble, they can be a complete bust or get hurt. Now if you trade multiple years of picks you eliminate the margin for error. Now doesn't seem like a smart move to do that for an undersized running QB, no matter how talented he is. Just my opinion.

And can you crybabies quit it with the Tannehill sucks crap? If you actually watched a few games this year and didn't see progress or the makings of the best QB this team has had in a long time you are delusional.

Tannehill is a great Athlete, fairly accurate thrower and smarter than Most. A can't miss.

"ESPN's Adam Schefter suggests Anquan Boldin could be a cap casualty this offseason.
The Ravens are headed for salary cap issues in 2013 and haven't even locked up impending free agent Joe Flacco yet.

Boldin, who turns 33 in October, is owed $6 million in 2013 -- the final year of his contract. He hasn't topped 921 yards or seven touchdowns in any of his three seasons with the Ravens. It's possible that Saturday's Divisional playoff game in Denver will be his final one in purple."

Dashi, I overlooked Richardson last year (mainly because I didn't think we should waste a 1st-rd pick on a RB). But, I have to say (and beerphin needs to hear this too since he was on that bandwagon early), that kid is a great player. Playing all those weeks with broken ribs, doing everything he did this year. Stellar RB. I was very impressed with him this year.

Not saying I want Lacy 1st round. But I'm not overlooking him like I did Richardson.

That's right Tradition, unfair to blame Marshall on his time with Henne although he also dropped TD passes with Moore ... and Cutler... NEVER HIS FAULT...

No thanks to maualaga Dashi. Dude overruns plays all the time and he sucks in coverage.Anytime he gets slightly behind someone he gives up. Like yer boy dansby.

Mark is another out of touch out of towner. AND A CANADIAN!! LOL CLUELESS! Stick to hockey, dude.

Mando, 14 play drives,eats the clock and wins more games then a "hope and prayer pass attack" incomplete passes causes the game clock to stop. and loses games. Running and complete passes wins games. How many over thrown TD passes to Hartline did we see this yr?

Shanahan, Is What We Thought He Was!! A Egotistical Sociopathic Maniac!!

My Problem With RG3 Isn't RG3!! Its Shanahan!!

The Fins Have A Better Staff Around T-Hill!! Than RG3 Does In DC!!

Plus, To Many Picks!! 3 First Round Picks!! Is A Lot!! When You Are Close To The Salary Cap!!

Picture we Drafted RG3!! Who Would We Get With A Draft Pick!! Not With a First Rounder!! And Some of you Would have us With only 1 Second rd'er!!

These ALA backs are straight ahead runners(like D. Thomas) and not one-cut backs like Lamar Miller is. Lookout!

As usual, the Fin's fans (A true misnomer) don't have a clue. No, Armando, you are not a "poor immigrant." You are just a wise ass with very little talent trying to scratch out a living. If you thought that Ross was condescending to you, he had little choice. The man has been an elite businessman at every level doing it the hard way - earning it. In a normal business situation, you would not even be able to get a meeting with him, let alone offer up your snide critic.

Of course bama rb's run tough look how hard their lb's hit. Soft runners would get killed in practice and deplete saban's stable in a heartbeat.Toughness is probably one of saban's main recruitment requirements.

I guess I'm just a poor immigrant that no understandy Inglich goot.


That's not it. He spoke out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand he says he's willing to do whatever it takes to win & on the other he said that he doesn't think FA is the way to go. He said that teams have tried to build winners through FA by making big splashes & it doesn't always work. My guess is that he was referring to Haynesworth & Mario Williams but he did gloss over players like Peyton, Julius Peppers, & Vincent Jackson who clearly made differences to their teams.

My guess--or my hope rather--is that he was trying not to tip his hand &/or trying to be deferential to the people in the organization who ultimately are paid to know what is best to build a team. I don't care what fans say I believe that Philbin knows what he's doing & will be a very good HC. Can't say that I have the same confidence in our GM but he's not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

However what Ross didn't touch on is that when you are in dire need of WR's & CB's that you can plug in as starters right away well then you have to pay big money in FA to get those guys. Is there a risk involved??? Absolutely so teams need to do their own due diligence & find the players that will fit what they are trying to do.

Given that Tannehill was a rookie with a grand total of 19 college starts playing in an offense completely devoid of any credible downfield threats and piss-poor TE play, I think it was only realistic to expect him to put up monster numbers and lead Miami to a Super Bowl appearance.


T.Richardson was Good. But Just Like With Ingram the Year Before. The Backup Was Better.

Lacy is the First Alabama RB With Legit Size!! Ingram and T'Rich look Like MJD! Lacy Looks Like Ricky!! 6' 240lbs!

If Lacy Shows Up at The Combine!! He Will be a Top 5 Pick!

Lacy Doesn't Dance!! And He Runs Hard!!

The Whole Game Yesterday!! Alabama Was More Physical!!

But he would not be my priority. He'd be No. 2. He's older than Wallace by three years. He's going to be 30 next season. He's been injured. He's declined his last two years. And he'll be very expensive. So I see some red flags.

Yes, Wallace has some flags, too. But they blur to me as he's running a 4.3 past defenders. To me, he needs to be the UFA priority once free agency opens, assuming he's on the market.


You make a great point. Neither signing is a slam dunk b/c injuries are impossible to predict for either player BUT Jennings, although older, knows the system that we run, he knows Philbin, he's extremely versatile, & we'll know EXACTLY what we're getting as a player & a person.

Wallace is basically a one-dimensional player that may or my not fit what we do & the coaching stafff don't know what he's like & how he would fit in with the rest of the team.

T.Richardson was Good. But Just Like With Ingram the Year Before. The Backup Was Better.

Lacy is the First Alabama RB With Legit Size!! Ingram and T'Rich look Like MJD! Lacy Looks Like Ricky!! 6' 240lbs!

If Lacy Shows Up at The Combine!! He Will be a Top 5 Pick!

Lacy Doesn't Dance!! And He Runs Hard!!

The Whole Game Yesterday!! Alabama Was More Physical!!


I like Lacy too & there's no doubt that we need a RB like him. He appears to be everything Thomas is not--physical, powerful, hard to bring down, & some speed. BUT he's not a top 5 pick. Not happening.

However Dee Milliner is DEFINITELY going in the top 10.

Ross may be good at real estate but he's a football IMBECILE....

I don't hate the Tanne pick...I just kinda despise were he was taken....

I know this Johnny Football is/wasn't ELIGIBLE for the draft...

but how in th HE!! does Ireland wind up with the 2nd best QB on the team....

Kinda like Saban picking the 2nd best RB on the Auburn team.....

This is the stuff that kills me.....It's decsions like these that lead to 10 years of mediocrity....

check that...mediocre is to strong of a word....

10 years of irrelevance....he kind of irrelavance that gets you 30 second clips during 3 HOUR pre-game shows....

Stick to your sister!! If you live 1,000 years you'll never be as wise as me!!

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