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My take on Ross, Wallace, Jennings, Bowe

As you know, Stephen Ross spoke on the state of the team Monday. And I came away from the talk absolutely certain that the Dolphins have some sort of plan for 2013 -- because the owner mentioned this plan half-a-dozen times.

But when I asked him what that plan is, I was disappointed to hear the answer Ross gave. 

No, as I write in my column in The Miami Herald today, I didn't intend to hear a blow-by-blow of what the Fins are about to do. I was, however, hoping for something beyond, "Win."

Frankly, I left Monday's talk not knowing if the Dolphins -- a team with approximately $46.8 million in salary cap space this offseason -- are expecting to be a big player in free agency or not.

In one breath, Ross said he'll pay whatever it takes to get a player. In the next breath he said free agency is not the answer. Sooo, the message was a little garbled.

I guess I'm just a poor immigrant that no understandy Inglich goot.

After writing my column Monday evening, I heard from a Dolphins employe in the know who told me the Dolphins will absolutely dive into free agency and happily pay top dollar for top-tier talent in free agency. He told me that is what Ross meant to say.

I hope that is true.

We'll see.

I hope the Dolphins pick the best deep-threat receiver in free agency and sign him. Yes, that to me would be Mike Wallace. (And yes, he drops some). But I like the idea of Miami not needing 14-play drives every time on offense to score touchdowns. This team needs a 50-, 60- and 75-yard bomb over the top of the defense every once in a while.

Explosive plays on offense make me write happy.

Most great teams have them.

The Dolphins have very few.

Mando unhappy with few.

Anyway, I suppose a guy like Greg Jennings is also a possibility, but while fans have a growing fascination with him, I'm not quite sure he's the deep threat Miami needs. Don't get me wrong, he's very good. If Miami cannot land Wallace, he's he next best answer.

If Miami lands Wallace and Jennings ... awesome.

But he would not be my priority. He'd be No. 2. He's older than Wallace by three years. He's going to be 30 next season. He's been injured. He's declined his last two years. And he'll be very expensive. So I see some red flags.

Yes, Wallace has some flags, too. But they blur to me as he's running a 4.3 past defenders. To me, he needs to be the UFA priority once free agency opens, assuming he's on the market.

Many of you also like Dwayne Bowe. Pass.

He's not a deep threat. He's also older than Wallace. He kind of reminds me of Brandon Marshall. And that didn't get the Dolphins in the playoffs.


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Truth you dolt, I'm not talking about guys LIKE Marshall. I am talking ABOUT MARSHALL!!! When you can get your mind around that, we can discuss. Until then, suck a tailpipe with your condescending talk. I'm not going to eat your shite.

Funny I just realized that Theisman was playing for Washington at QB when he suffered his grotesque injury. That organization must be cursed for some reason. Is it their Redskins (racist) mascot?

Why am I getting called a child from a guy calling himself Joe Mama...?

Also, RG3 is a big boy and can not play if he wants to. Last I checked he wanted to play.

The Dr. can also shut him down. The coach isn't a doctor...

The calling for Shanny's head is a joke, not the injury. You are all actin' like Mamma Griffin.

And more to the Marshall point. he's been the focal point of three teams were the coach was fired, never played in a playoff game, and played at a 2nd rate college program to boot. He's got a million dollar body with a ten cent brain and the maturity of a pre-schooler.

When he actually helps his TEAM accomplish SOMETHING, then I will retract. Until then, he can eat azzz

Armando, this dumb, clueless, tight wad, of an idiot Ross does have a plan. His plan is to keep every cent of that $48 million he has saved in cap in his bank account. And if he could save even more he will. He does not care about winning period. He obviously only cares about money. His mission is to unleash his butt boy Ireland to go for more "acorns". Sadly dumb optimistic followers will fall to his plan once again. Please do me a favor since you can get close to him in these interviews-the next time he's close to you, flick him as hard as you can on one of those big ears!

Many of you, specifically Odinesye fail to understand what Armando is saying quite elequently:

Ross said the Dolphins were going to spend whatever it takes to sign some guys. And also said free agency is not the answer.

The point, I believe, is not that Ross didn't give a plan. It's that he gave two plans. He gave a confounding approach -- one all in, the other not so much.

Which is it?

That's the point here.

And if he's confused, you have to wonder if his people are equally confused or uncertain.

Hartline $7M? Hmm, the 10th highest paid receiver in 2012 and 2013 each are tabbed for a cap hit of approx $8.1M. Seems a little steep for Hartline.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 08, 2013 at 01:23 PM


As Im sure you're aware, the bottomline numbers for every nfl fa position is going up, not down. In a couple short seasons. This number for Hartline will seem like a bargain compared to what fa wr's of his ilth will be signing two yrs from now.

When A-Rod was the first to be signed for a $100 million dollar contract. Those numbers were staggering an unheard off. Now you look around major league baseball, its become common place. It's only a matter of time who becomes the first $200 million fa in baseball.

Each year in all sports, $$$ figures go up. In 2yrs alone, Hartline figure will seem more $6 million a yr than $7 million a year compared tocontracts new fa wr's of his ilth will be signing.

That's why I see $7million a year as a good number for Hartline moving forward. It may seem a little heavy now. But in a few short season it will look like a real deal. Especially if he can exceed or perform upto those numbers.

The Dolphins haven't been relevent since the salary cap was instituted. The Dolphins can no longer cover up their front office ineptitude with money like they did before.

The Dolphins haven't been a SMART organization since about 1974 (when Robbie let all his great players go the WFL). Since then, we have survived off the name of Dan Marino, who in, a way, was OUR Tom Brady (passed on by teams for lesser QB's).

You don't think that Huizenga wanted to win?
You don't think that Ross wants to win?

Team owners make more money when their teams are winning. When you buy a $1.1 BILLION 'toy', you aren't in it for profit!

It's more than just money in the NFL, it's spending it wisely and THAT is something the Dolphins have never done!

Here's hoping that trend is FINALLY broken!

That cheap SOB Ross pocketed the Hard Knocks money and Brandon Marshall's salary rather then improve the team. He's a glorified used car salesman. He'll never get a dime of my money unless he wins a SB and proves I'm wrong!

“Omar Kelly‏@OmarKelly

For all those propping up Ryan Tannehill (he’s the NFL’s 27th best QB), and Jonathan Martin (74th best OT)….get some standards!”

.where does 27 rank with the other p/o qb's this sat/sun.?

Planning to be competitive 3 to 4 years from now is conceding defeat and not expecting to be playoff contenders. We need to build the confidence of the younger players from the very begining, not have them be intimidated every time they face an elite QB. All 53 have to play they best every time they are on the field irrespective of who is in front of them. I might as well trade in my season tickets and renew them when Brady/Manning retire. There are still 4 more playoff positions in the AFC if NE and DEN take the first two, and we should plan to get one of those starting NOW.

The Fins should...

Re-sign : Hartline, Starks, & Bush.

Hartline showed he can be more than just an afterthought to an offensive game plan. His 12 catch game illustrated his chemistry with the rookie QB and that can't be understated. With extra time, more weapons and practice, Tannehill and Hartline can easily be like Stokley was with P. Manning.

Starks slid in the back half of this past season but he has made more defensive plays the last few years in the Fins front 7 than all besides Wake imho. He is not a must have but a should have as a re-sign.

Bush brings a multi-faceted player that can line-up in a ton of spots in an offense. He has speed, work ethic and desires to be a better player. With Miller getting more reps as he develops this could further produce headaches for defenses as Bush and Miller get on the field at the same time.

J. Long and a cadry of other FA's have to be case by case revolving around things like draft plans and FA plans.


So I believe in these highend numbers for the fa wr's:

1. $7million low $7.5 million high

All of the rest:(Bowe/Jennings/Wallace)

1. $8.5 million low $9 million high

Exceeding any of these numbers for any of these players imo is "too high". These are "per year numbers".

http://espn.go.com/nfl/qbr <-- 2watt where you get stats?

Tannehill is pathetic. Ireland incompetent. Ross a used car salesman. Dolphins a laughingstock.

To me, the most important thing Ross said, was that he inherited a poor Organization. Apparently, he understands the concept of what a great Organization is and is planning to create one. Whether he can do it here in Miami is a Horse ofa different Color. We'll see.

Hey optimist. Good football people are turning teams around in 1 year.....just so you know.

Yg, i don't think so. You see baseball is an uncapped sports with revenues gorwing exponentially. The NFL also has revenues gorwing exponentially but the owners keep them. The cap is only going up $300k next year. Average player salaries will not grow that much. The pie is still the same size. I know a bunch of players got called out for calling the NFl slavery but when you compare it to other sports ....

I dont know where Tannehill ranks but I know he led the league in 3 n outs...

“Omar Kelly‏@OmarKelly
For all those propping up Ryan Tannehill (he’s the NFL’s 27th best QB), and Jonathan Martin (74th best OT)….get some standards!”
.where does 27 rank with the other p/o qb's this sat/sun.?
Posted by: 2 watt | January 08, 2013 at 01:51 PM


Dont let these rankings decieve you.

Tannehill's #'s are based on a limited starting college qb styarting day 1 nfl, being a rookie qb period, and you shouldve also posted where this recieving unit ranked too. They were a hair shy of being completely awful.

Martin started the final 4 games at LT. How can you qualify that to anything when considering "ALL OF THE OTHER NFL LT'S" started 16 full games. So this number could be very decieving too.

Plus, Martin's only a rookie, so the numbers are also based on him starting bot left and right tackle. There are only 32 startting LT positions in the nfl. Its impossible for him to rank 74th at LT.

He started the first 12 games at RT. so only 32 of them can be ranked. Im sure amongst RT's in this league he's not worst of all, and Im sure amongst LT's he isnt worst of all. So if he's 74th best, its highly questionable how that ranking service got thier numbers. Makes totally zero sense.

Lots of excuses for TanneBust. LOL

I dont know where Tannehill ranks but I know he led the league in 3 n outs...
Posted by: Finman | January 08, 2013 at 02:08 PM


We were 27th in scoring. Without even researching, this tells me at least 5 other teams had to be worse in 3 and outs. Scoring is a very good indicator of 3 and outs. Its extremely difficult to score in the nfl with consistent 3 and outs.

Still, high 3and out counts can also have a high mixture of penalties, dropped balls, wr's not getting separation, not converting 3rd and very short(short yardage run plays), pass protection, and qb.

Does any or all of these things sound like the 2012 Miami Dolphins offense? Then you can not project the bulk of it on Ryan Tannehill alone.

I nominate YG as the chief (Tannehill) excuse maker. LMAO!!

Tannehill led the league in 3 n outs.





Deja Vu. We heard tons of excuses for Henne also. TOO FUNNY!!

I laugh at the posters who call Tannehill a bust after 1 Season on a pathetic excuse for a team with a 1st yr HC and a GM who was trading talent to stack chips for the next year. I'm not laughing WITH you, I'm laughing AT you! Clowns.


Speaking of FA plans...

I am on the side of going after WR Mike Wallace in FA. (Assuming Pitt doesn't work something out)

2012 Regular Season Stats
64 119 836 13.1 82 8

Career Stats
235 404 4,042 17.2 95 32

Jennings career stats
425 734 6537 15.4 86 53

They end up looking kinda similar it's just that Jennings will be 30 in the upcoming season and has 3 more years of tread gone off of his tires.

Even though Philbin is from GB and the Fins are trying to emulate aspects of the GB offense, Tannehill feels more like a Ben Rothlesberger type running around, extending plays so he can make a big throw. Aaron Rodgers is much more quick twitch, fast release, get the ball out than Tannehill, especially at this stage.

My point being is that with designed rollouts or the OL failing either one, Tannehill is best after he has bought a little time and allowed his WR's, RB's and TE's to ad lib and get "more open". He and Hartline did it a number of times during the year.

Couple that with the defenseless, no touchy downfield rules of the NFL to boost points scored and Wallace is a P.I waiting to happen.

That's why, warts and all (cause they all have em), Wallace and his NFL proven blazing speed gets my vote.


The same people that loved Henne love Tannehill. Shocking! lol

IMO, Andrew Luck didnt 100% live up to the hype of "best rookie qb prospect ever". But had we even had a chance to draft him, you same trolls would have used this to say Luck's a bust too.

The way you guys evaluate qb's, he would have to be a hof'er his 1st season, not to be labeled bust. Your expectations have no place in reality. Please put down the "HALLICINOGEN'S".

They have warped your minds.

I don't see excuses I see facts.

Unlike the made up ones by the "Tannehill is a bust" crowd. Who are also in the "I Love Brandon Marshall Club"

Heres a good fact for you guys. Tannehill is above Jay Cutler in QB who has Brandon Marshall on his team. How does that happen?



stats r 4 losers.

Rob OC,

You forget one of the primary reasons Tannehill would have to by time is 2012's recievings corps doesnt consistently get "separation quickly enough". The wco passing attack is largely timing.

If the recievers arent quickly open enough, especially if the qb has quickly gone thru all of his progression. Then what's a qb to do? Then mixed that with some shotty pass protection at times.

Yes, Tannehill has great room for improvement, he'll tell us that much himself. Still part of that improvement also has to be better pass protection and a much better recieving corps. Until this happens too, Tannehill's growth is also greatly staunted.

stats r 4 losers.
Posted by: 2 watt | January 08, 2013 at 02:42 PM

Why? Because it doesnt lend credence to babbling b u l l s h i t?

winz is it.

marino,5028 yds.
48 tds.
19 int's.
0 rings.

winz. get it yet huh.?

Sorry to not jump on the bandwagon, but you are wrong Armando and so is everyone that is agreeing with you. Ross was very clear and it's unfortunate that you were incapable of interpreting it. What he meant is that the NFL is littered with teams who went for a slew of top dollar free agent signings and came away empty. Coach Shula's last team in Miami was the first of this genre. He's not going to LOAD UP in this manner. What he is willing to do is put up some money to get some REAL difference makers (e.g. Reggie White, Peyton Manning etc.), who will tilt the scales from 7-9 to 11-5 or better. He's not putting together a rock n roll supergroup.



It is a concern that digital newspapers are going pay-for-content. I don't think they are going to succeed with that approach and We need the News. Blogs are fine because they are cheap to mantain, just pay 2-3 fukkkkers under different names to write provocatory but interesting commentaries, and that will keep the Public and the $ here. Digital newspapers have to make it attractive enough for People to shell out $70.00/ year to read them.

“Omar Kelly‏@OmarKelly
For all those propping up Ryan Tannehill (he’s the NFL’s 27th best QB), and Jonathan Martin (74th best OT)….get some standards!”
.where does 27 rank with the other p/o qb's this sat/sun.?
Posted by: 2 watt | January 08, 2013 at 01:51 PM

stats r 4 losers.
Posted by: 2 watt | January 08, 2013 at 02:42 PM

2 cell... I rest my case...

Tannehill bs babblers,

You of all people should be onboard with highly upgrading the recievings corps this offseason. It will either takeway your bable of Tannehill bust in year 2(his 2nd season). Or it will greatly enhance it.

So with the addition of a high octane recievings corps. If T'hill's the bust you say he is. Then it would have only taken 2 short seasons to "authenticate" this.

83' - 99'
17 - zero's
= sux.
rings only. got it yet huh.?.

40+ seasons and counting,
but the acorns r growing.

phinz are already planing jan.2014 vacays.

Bye-bye 2watt, and I think everyone else is leaving too. Having fun with your solo circle jerking today. LOL...

I will also go on record that "IF" and that is a huge IF as there will be massive pressure all around to tab TD makers the Fins decided to nab Ala G Chance Warmack in the first round I would be all for it.

Even though I would like to see a WR added with top of the class upside like Cal WR Keenan Allen or Tenn WR Justin Hunter I believe in collecting Pro Bowl players. Players that have Hall of Fame type potential.

I believe G Chance Warmack has that type ability oozing out of him. With John Jerry, we cross our fingers and hope he gets us through.

Chance is a straight dominator! He was crushing the #1 ranked ND defense as he blasted holes for his RBs. The kicker is, he has done it all year. With Chance W. playing next to Pouncey for the next 10+ years our QB sacks would go down and our positive runs would go up.

It's not a sexy pick but wining the trench warfare battle means everything to gaining W's.

If they could also figure out how to wrangle RB Ed Lacy and trade/ditch Thomas then our short yardage woes would be minimized. Sorry Dashi, I don't think Lacy is going Top 5 in the first round.

Dislike Saban as much as I do, the Fins could do a lot worse than take a couple of the best players from the best college team in the nation.

Snag the Stanford TE Ertz in the 2nd and pick up FA TE Jared Cook from Tenn and the Offense will have a major boost.


Nobody wants the Miami Dolphins to go anywhere else. Not even Ross. This is a great experiment and we wouldn't have missed this opportunity for the World.

Tanny can not be eclared a bust of yet.

Rob, I also thought Chance Warmack was the star of last night's game, not Lacy. He was second level blocking all night long. Having two dominant second level blockers on our line would be huge. I'm not for interior players unless like you say they have hall of fame potential and both Pouncey and Warmack fit the same bill. Smashmouth super athletes from the super smashmouth conference. Sign me up too.

The guy has as high a grade as there is in this draft. So if you are getting the most talented player with the 12th pick regardless of position, that is a great addition.

It would be like cough syrup. Tastes awful but I know it does a lot of good.

WR can be addressed through trades/free agency and TE in round two or trading up into the back end of round one.


I don't get the point of your article. What was it you expected Ross to say yesterday? What's to gain by telling the media what the plan is? Keep 'em all guessing....that's what I'd do.

Say what you want about Parcells but he kept the cards very close to his chest. Loose lips sink ships....

Lets see how many excuses we can come up with for HenneBust?

Lets see how many excuses we can come up with for HenneBust?

More for TanneBust? lol

Yeah, I think drafting the Guard would be a smart move as well. "fans" would hate it.

You guys are f u c k i n pathetic, I dont give a damn what Warmick did we need players who can score TD's are many of you are jizzing your pants for another OL. Just pathetic. SMH. BWHAHA, I see why Miami hasnt been relavent in years

YG @ 2:44 Sup bud!

I hear ya bud. Note my last post stating if we get a super blue chip OL guy I am fine with that.

Also agreed that our particular set of pass catchers is not going to scare many. With super speedy Mike Wallace and a fast, athletic, seam splitting TE like Jared Cook then more separation would be in the cards.

If a fast rangy WR like Justin Hunter falls to the 2nd round then maybe we have quite a make-over on offense.

New G Chance Warmack 1st rd
New WR Mike Wallace FA
New WR Justin Hunter 2nd rd
NEW TE Jared Cook FA

Coupled with a re-signed WR Hartline and WR Bess and now we are cooking with heat! Now it is early in the process so Hunter could go late 1st after combines, all-star games and pro work outs so things can change.

If I was scripting it that would make for a good Fins "Self Improvement" book.


If Tannehill wasnt ready for the NFL because he hadnt had enough college experience as some say
then he should have-

1) been drafted in the 5th rd not the 1st

2) never been the starter this season

Finman... You remember that guy called Garrard who was brought in to start? Then the rookie beat out the backup Moore? Thats how that happened.....

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