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My take on Ross, Wallace, Jennings, Bowe

As you know, Stephen Ross spoke on the state of the team Monday. And I came away from the talk absolutely certain that the Dolphins have some sort of plan for 2013 -- because the owner mentioned this plan half-a-dozen times.

But when I asked him what that plan is, I was disappointed to hear the answer Ross gave. 

No, as I write in my column in The Miami Herald today, I didn't intend to hear a blow-by-blow of what the Fins are about to do. I was, however, hoping for something beyond, "Win."

Frankly, I left Monday's talk not knowing if the Dolphins -- a team with approximately $46.8 million in salary cap space this offseason -- are expecting to be a big player in free agency or not.

In one breath, Ross said he'll pay whatever it takes to get a player. In the next breath he said free agency is not the answer. Sooo, the message was a little garbled.

I guess I'm just a poor immigrant that no understandy Inglich goot.

After writing my column Monday evening, I heard from a Dolphins employe in the know who told me the Dolphins will absolutely dive into free agency and happily pay top dollar for top-tier talent in free agency. He told me that is what Ross meant to say.

I hope that is true.

We'll see.

I hope the Dolphins pick the best deep-threat receiver in free agency and sign him. Yes, that to me would be Mike Wallace. (And yes, he drops some). But I like the idea of Miami not needing 14-play drives every time on offense to score touchdowns. This team needs a 50-, 60- and 75-yard bomb over the top of the defense every once in a while.

Explosive plays on offense make me write happy.

Most great teams have them.

The Dolphins have very few.

Mando unhappy with few.

Anyway, I suppose a guy like Greg Jennings is also a possibility, but while fans have a growing fascination with him, I'm not quite sure he's the deep threat Miami needs. Don't get me wrong, he's very good. If Miami cannot land Wallace, he's he next best answer.

If Miami lands Wallace and Jennings ... awesome.

But he would not be my priority. He'd be No. 2. He's older than Wallace by three years. He's going to be 30 next season. He's been injured. He's declined his last two years. And he'll be very expensive. So I see some red flags.

Yes, Wallace has some flags, too. But they blur to me as he's running a 4.3 past defenders. To me, he needs to be the UFA priority once free agency opens, assuming he's on the market.

Many of you also like Dwayne Bowe. Pass.

He's not a deep threat. He's also older than Wallace. He kind of reminds me of Brandon Marshall. And that didn't get the Dolphins in the playoffs.


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If you have a solid OL, every one of your offensive plays and the teams execution should rise. We need much more of that with our Fins.


Need better O-line play, need a better starting RB, need a better TE, & need better WR's. Other than that our offense is in pretty good shape...Not.

I think the NEED is to great to pass up....

The Falcons gave away a WHOLE draft because of a need....2 years later....best record in the NFC.....and they had a true #1wr....

So I am ok drafting for need.....

Ireland took a project QB @ # 8 last draft....cause he saw the need....the need to swindle the fan base and owner into getting one more year.....

So I say yes.....the need is to great....

can ross please sell the team i cant stand him i didnt learn nothing what he said yesterday worst part he kept ireland again he will never fired ireland has long ross owns the team!


You may need to re-watch Hall Pass. The part where they are scoping chicks at the club. Their guide tells them that if you look at a hot chick next to ugly chicks, she gives off the impression that she's hot, when in reality she might be a dog.

Same with football players. The dang 3rd string QB on Alabama looks like Dan Marino. That's the best team in college. Warmack looked legit. Put put him here in Miami, next to Martin or Garner or Jerry. Put him next to Fasano and Hartline and Bess. Put him in front D. Thomas.

Uh-oh, you now have a very ordinary player.

Gotta watch out for that, it can be a game-ender.

Mark, while the oline did great for Bama, I think your sleeping on Yeldon and Lacy. How many times did Teo break through the line only to be dusted off like a gnat by Lacy and Yeldon, please quit giving the Bama line all the credit when Yeldon and lacy also dominated

WHDP, yes, the 9ers have three 1st picks on their o line.

I wouldn't get specific with you either Armando and I will tell you why. Anything Mr Ross tells you will be published and judged next season when things aren't going well.
Win is a great answer and tells me that he believes in his front office to do their job well. We know he will spend the money. I mean, what do you want Mr Ross to say?
It's safe to say Mr Ross will allow J. Ireland to resign, trade, FA, and/or draft whomever his front office decides on.
You can only speculate on who this years free agents will be anyways.
Wasn't it you with the stupid lose on purpose blog about a 2 months ago?

Specific answers require specific questions Armando. Learn how to ask a question that doesn't allow for a 1 word answer like win.

ARMANDO, this lesson is free.

You....Do you plan on looking at free agents this season Mr Ross?
Mr Ross...Well, I will let Jeff take care of blah blah....

See how easy that was?

Clue, maybe T'eo just hoodwinked everyone all year. Who knows, I don't know. And the interior line was great yesterday for ALa. However, it was far from being a one off. I put some trust on what scouts are writing about some players and Warmack's reviews were extraordinary before yesterday. AGAIN, I'm NOT PUTTING HIM #1 ON OUR DRAFT BOARD, BUT HE SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10!

DC, never bring up Hall Pass to me again. I'm trying to forget I ever spent money to watch that shite. fukkin movie blew chunks.


You have a solid oline for two reasons:

1. To have a better than average run game

2. To make sure your qb consistently has 3 to 3.5 seconds to throw the ball.

No matter how great a oline you assembled, 3 to 3.5 secs to throw is the best you can consistently hope for.

Ideally, you want your wr's to be able to separate in 1.5 to 2.5 secs. The other .5 to 1 sec, you want the ball to already be out of your qb's hand.

Even with the greatest pass protect oline in nfl history, your qb wont "consistently" get 4 secs to throw the ball. Even with the greatest run blocking oline, your run game isnt going to run block for 5yds every play. You may be able to avg 5yds per carry, but, it doesnt mean 5yds every run play.

So you still need to be able to enhance these great things with very good to great skill positions players too. Or either way, all is lost.

Over recent years, I've just come to the realization that the playoffs are simply for OTHER teams.

We're all talking nonsense here really. Apparently the team has "a plan." I highly doubt BPA is part of that plan. Re-signing our FAs, seeing what's on the FA market in March, then filling in the other needs is most likely the framework of said plan. IF re-signing Long is their priority, then I can just about promise on my life that Warmack or any other OL will NOT be the #1 pick (or 2 or 3 for that matter).

It's fun to speculate, but we don't know the plan, so right now anything can happen and anyone can be drafted at any position.

I think the NEED is to great to pass up....

The Falcons gave away a WHOLE draft because of a need....2 years later....best record in the NFC.....and they had a true #1wr....

So I am ok drafting for need.....

Ireland took a project QB @ # 8 last draft....cause he saw the need....the need to swindle the fan base and owner into getting one more year.....

So I say yes.....the need is to great....


I'm 1000% with you. The need is BEYOND great but I'm not so sure that the WR's in this draft great.

Julio Jones was a TOP NFL prospect at WR & has been the best pro that has come out of Saban's factory. Bear in mind that he has had a LOT of kids drafted w/in the last five years. That's saying something...

DC, definitely agree that if Long is re-signed or a replacement is found in free agency, then you should scratch off any O lineman's name off the list in the first two rounds. Too much work to do elsewhere to be overloading the line.

Mark, Warmack is just a guard dude, no way he gets picked in the top 15. BTW Teo won every single defensive award awarded to a LB but Bama made him look like a beee-atch yesterday.

Agree with DC @ 4:23.....

The WHOLE AL. Line was dominate....they were in beast mode.....Womack will be a player in this league....let's just hope it's for somebody else....


I am open to other options if we sign 2LEGIT FA WRs in the 1st 3 days of Free Agency.....not those scrubs Ireland has brought us the last 2 years after other teams have cut down to there 53 man roster....

WHDP, yes, the 9ers have three 1st picks on their o line.


I don't understand why people refuse to see that it ALL happens up front with the big uglies. Football is not a complicated game & clearly Bama mauled ND last night b/c their O-line was dominant.

It's a fact that he Seahawks, the Niners, the Broncos, the Patriots, the Falcons, the Redskins, the Ravens & the Texans all have get very good/great O-lines. The only two teams that made the playoffs who DO NOT have great O-lines are GB & Indy which is why Luck & Rodgers have been sacked so many times this year & why they don't run the ball very well.

Clue, not sure he is just a guard. You never thought Steve Hutchison was exceptional?

Kris @ 4:05,

Thanks for the plan laid out.

It would seem that your's and my plan is not crazy different.

In fact it appears you would have your choice WR Keenan Allen ahead of G Chance Warmack.

I would re-sign Hartline and you would have Keenan Allen.

We are both onboard for adding Wallace. I would have Jennings second as a FA and you would want Bowe 2nd. I would take Bowe but only as a 3rd WR FA option. Bowe is much more diva like than Jennings. Also Jennings will know more about what Philbin is trying to do so he can help teach other WR's imho.

I know it's extremely high for a G but if Warmack is gone by 12 I would definitely put Keenan Allen in the convo. Depending on their master plan for T Jake Long they would no doubt target one of the three stud OT's to fill Long's shoes or place at RT if Martin is their LT of the future.

Your last line said: "And as you can see....it involves more than one OL....." I saw no OL moves for you at all in your post? I was wondering if that was sarcasm or an errant omission?


Portland Fin Fan @ 3:57

Welcome aboard this "Crazy Train" Portland Fin Fan!

Looks like you would make a good addition to the posters.

Hope you stick around as many have been on quite a while.


Hutchinson was a beast, Im just sick and tired of taking OL between Jake Long and Pouncey the Dolphins havent won much more games with them plus the Oline is still mediocore, apparently we need a pro bowl at every position on the oline to have a top 5 OL.

"I am open to other options if we sign 2LEGIT FA WRs in the 1st 3 days of Free Agency.....not those scrubs Ireland has brought us the last 2 years after other teams have cut down to there 53 man roster...."


Ireland doesn't know how to find play makers @ WR, TE, or RB in the draft. If doesn't sign some FA's who can still play then I believe Tannehill will be screwed again.

Although I don't understand it I don't think Ross is EVER going to fire Ireland. For some inexcusable reason Ross is convinced that Ireland is a competent GM. I strongly disagree with Ross but there's not an owner in the NFL who would keep a GM that just finished his 4th straight losing season. I really don't get it...

"Hutchinson was a beast, Im just sick and tired of taking OL between Jake Long and Pouncey the Dolphins havent won much more games with them plus the Oline is still mediocore, apparently we need a pro bowl at every position on the oline to have a top 5 OL."


If Long didn't break down from all the injuries he suffered the last couple of years NO ONE would be talking about drafting another O-lineman. Sh#t happens. Especially when you're a Dolphin fan.

On draft day I will enjoy fine luncheon meats and carbonated beverages.

Who shall the Miami Dolphins select? I will stand on my head if they draft a walrus or a snow leopard.

The Dolphins play one game a year in NEW JERSEY. They have ballerinas and Mazda dealerships in New Jersey.

Prithy that I may have this dance, Prince Charming? Well, Hollywood Scuttlebutt has it MIAMI will SELECT the CORNER..............BACK..........FROM............alabama with a first and last name.

I favor toothpaste as known in the 1960s.

QB and WR are much much more pressing draft needs then OL. I'd love to see us nab Barkley who wouldve been the 2nd pick if he came out last year.

However you want to turn it, the main Focus this year is on acquiring an O player that compliments RT.

Nice rappin Fins with all y'all.

I mean that as if we all shared the same exact opinion then it would simply be some draft version of a mutual admiration society.

It's always fun to make our quasi-pseudo-armchair GM guesses about what should or will transpire.

Mr. Ireland usually has a monkey wrench or two, or six for the grand scheme of each of us individuals getting the Fins back to prominence with "our" plan.


See ya Rob

Take er easy, until next time Clue.


I have no faith at all in this tandem of Ireland and Ross. We have been down this road before and I can see the ruts in the asphalt. Talk is just that, talk. Let's see some action!

We are going step by right step. You don't like it? Disappear.

We should wait until FA opens to get a better idea what players / positions they'll target in the draft. As a Stanford fan, I'd love to get TE Ertz. Guy has the best hands and would be the TE we are looking for. 12th is a reach, but I hope we get him in the second round (even trading up late 1st round). Also, for RB I'd take a Montee B (TD machine) or even a Stepfan Taylor (another Stanford guy). No need to take those 1st round graded backs; plenty quality should come in Rds 3-7...




what has hapened where they were talk about having more regular seson game in the nfl and less before seson games? they talk about this before but then i didnt seee if they change it for this year or next year i think it would be very good the first games are so stupid allways and noboy cares any way so they should make those for real games



Wallace is a guy you add if you already have a true alpha receiver. He is not going to help Tannehill on our current roster. If the Steelers sign him that is that, and if they don't, why should we believe his is more valuable than they do?

The plan is simple:
1) Take some time off to think about things.
2) Evaluate the talent currently on the team that are signed to a contract.
3) Evaluate the those currently on the roster about to become Free Agents.
4) Evaluate other teams Free Agents.
5) Evaluate potential draft picks.
6) Start making the 2013 Dolphin's Draft Board.
7) Shake & stir....and pray!

Kris and Some of The Others,

Yes, We Need Play makers!! But Going For Need Over Value!! Only On Qb's and LB's! (Leaders Of Their Side Of The Ball!)

The Fins Should Be Able To Spread The Picking Up Of Needs, evenly!! Resign, FA's, Draft!

On Womack! Some Have Been Riding The Bandwagon For A While!! Way Before The BCS Game!!

Just Last Week, Dashi Said Draft Womack and Sign A.Levitre From The Bills!! (And Some have been calling For Better Guards Since Game 5!!

A O-Line Of


Will Be Dominant For The Next 5-7 Years!! Easily!!

On The Wr's!!

Hartline And a 2nd Round Pick Will Do!! Even though Wallace Will Add a Nice Dynamic!!

But Dashi Sees The Fins Resigning Hartline and Drafting 2 Wr's!!

2nd Rd Pick
3rd Rd Pick

And On The TE! Same Thing!! Resign Fasano! Draft A Player!

Rookie TE
Clay ( 4th TE, But More Than Likely Will Play A Lot Of FullBack!!)

The Offense Should Be Running Pretty Good!! With A Squad Like This!! And The Fins Will Get Younger And Better!! 2 Things That Usually Don't Go Together!!

And YG, This Mix! Allows The Fins To Still Be Competitive and Ready To Take Over In 2-3 Yrs!! When The 2 HOF'ers!! Retire!!

With The Defense Getting Most Of The Attention Starting Next Year!! The Defense and Another WR Picked high! Possibly in The 1st of the 2014 Draft!! When Real Wr's Are Coming Out!! S.Watkins! X.Lee!! That 6'6" WR in FSU!! Real 1st RD Wr Prospects!!


MY PLAN ;;;;;;;





50 PRAY ,,,,,



Luke Joeckel declares for the NFL and will most likely be the first offensive lineman off the board. Possible destinations are Philadelphia and Detroit.

Tracy ... don't forget to pray. It will take years to recover from this offseason if it isn't done right.


TRACY,,,,,SAME Q ,,,,,,,

Dashi, I like your plan too but it will unleash holy heck in South Florida if that is done ...

ALoco, I pray every night although I am not a hardcore Catholic by any standards ... I like to give thanks for what I have ...


Mark, DC

Been reading your posts from the morning and wanted to drop my 2 cents on a couple of subjects you guys were discussing.

1)Mike Wallace is the best WR in FA apart from the best one on the Pitt. roster but was looking to get an extension putting him in the upper tier payment wise and the Steelers traditionally don't put that premium on the position aside from the fact Antonio Brown is a very similar player but when it counted like their do or die game in Dallas it was Wallace that brought them out of the 10-0 hole running right thru and past the Cowboys DB's

2) If you look at the deal A.Brown signed it was alot more friendly to the Steelers than the initial #'s might indicate. He got an 8.5 Mil signing bonus but is slotted at a 540K base with the bonus as we all know spread over the life of the contract. In 2014 his base is 2 Mil with a roster bonus of 2.5 Mil (or 4.5 CAP #) in 2015 is were it escalates to 6 Mil per (Still very reasonable given the CAP escalator that kicks in 2014 and some talking about giving Hartline that money by comparison) with the bulk due in 2017 or a full 4 Seasons from now.

3) It was widely reported this was the deal offered Wallace who wanted more up front money and guaranteed cash. Given the team was already looking at going into the Season with Wallace a holdout the deal made sense for a very similar player but I believe Wallace more explosive and late in this Season played like it compared to Brown and Emanuelle Sanders. This was a money situation and they went (their FO) in the direction they felt best given how over the CAP that team was and still is.

Make no mistake M.Wallace is a very dangerous O weapon who can chase down alot of those passes that are always overthrown to our guys who lack that top end speed, period! I happen to agree with Mando and have posted it adnaseum for weeks now. I would give him the 9 Mil a Yr. and feel he makes us better right away and Mark in Toronto I agree Chance Warmmack is the best interior OL player in the draft but the best interior player in the entire draft is Star Lotulelei (DT Utah 6'4"/320) a sort of Ngata clone who may go #1 overall.

Rob in OC,

Thanks - glad to be a part of the board. Look forward to more postings.

Luck loves To Throw while Getting Pulled Down!! Because He Throws Soft!!

Posted by: Dashi | January 06, 2013 at 09:09 PM

This is that crazy times of year that I am convinced The media fellas enjoy the most... It is simple to explain why. This is the time of you that is all about speculation, crystal ball gazing... prognosticating and just plain old guessing. Guys like Armando can poke and prod the team, the ownership AND best of all... those fans who read, listen and follow every little rumor and speculation. Getting everyone all riled up and ready to march and occupy at a moments notice'


While I agree with your point that while WRs taking time to develop is not as prominent as it used to be, I think it's still valid in today's game. Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings, Michael Crabtree, Justin Blackmon, Calvin Johnson (750 yards as a rc), Brandon Marshall, Stevie Johnson just to name a few receivers that did not dominate as rookies.

My pref. would be to pick up a Jennings type WR (and maybe a solid OG and/or TE, and use the draft for the balance of our plethora of needs: TE, OG, DE, CB, OLB..

We Have Draft Picks -
Agreed. OLine makes the rest of the offense go. Sets up the running game for success, which creates the balance to open up the passing game.

If you have a solid OL, every one of your offensive plays and the teams execution should rise. We need much more of that with our Fins.
Need better O-line play, need a better starting RB, need a better TE, & need better WR's. Other than that our offense is in pretty good shape...Not.
Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | January 08, 2013 at 04:21 PM


I wish the old liberal Lebanese guy (Joe Robbie) could come back to life and run this team again rather than this old conservative Scrooge we have now.

(but glad he wasted all that money contributing to his boy Mitt)

Sorry Limbo Ross is the one who paid for this team 1.1 billion dollars

I've only seen Warmack play in a handful of games but it is difficult to miss him run blocking at the 2nd level whipping everything in front of him out that said if we can sign ourselves the WR in FA then I would address the team with BA in terms of need at pick #12. We have been lacking an every down OLB for sometime now and Ga. player Jarvis Jones has declared for the draft and would add the pass rush of the edge aside from ability in pass D. It would be difficult to pass on Milliner but feel he goes early maybe Det. which sorely lacks in the dept. or even Philly which may look to move Nandi and or DRC off the books if not both.

Given the need at OT for alot of the teams in the top 10 in the draft both A&M Tackles (Joeckel and Matthews) could be gone which may push one of the players I mentioned to our spot and you can't discount A&M DE D.Moore here either given our Coaches familiarity with him and the need opposite Wake. I believe we need to address these players on D in order to improve us on that side of the ball in a very deep Offensive FA class.

Bama's B.Jones probably will be there at pick 2A for us and should be a better OG than Center in the NFL anyway giving us the option RD-2. There are also options at 2B like D.Amerson (CB) or TJ McDonald (S) My point is the FA class coming is deep on O while the draft is D heavy at positions of need and the idea is adding impact on both sides with instant contributors with the one exception being an interior OL but not RD-1 were an impact D player at pos. of need should fall to us easily.


The great fault in your seemingly "all-pro" at every position on the oline is several things:

1. Injury. So much tied up into the starters, you cant afford decent backups.

2. We'll have the nfl's most expensive oline. They would be a HUGE part of the salary cap. So in 3-4yrs you'll have to let somebody walk anyway.

You cant afford to keep an oline like this together for more than 4yrs. Not if your qb, wr's, and other guys emerge as superstars too.

All sounds good on paper and theory, but the reality of it's called the "NFL SALARY CAP".

Because of the cap, the most a team can afford to keep is 3 pro bowl calibre olinemen, and 2 reliable starters. You cant afford to "be great" all the way accross the board.

Pouncey is easily pro bowl material. I believe Martin has future pro bowl potential too. But because of Incognito's age and uncertaincy of Jerry's performance. Signing Levitre in fa could be a very good move.

However, signing Levitre and drafting a Womack isnt over the longterm capwise. Its one or the other. But signing Levitre would throw spending a 1st rd pick for OG out the window.



The NFL is also a popularity contest given I believe in having watched both this Season that our Pouncey is better and more athletic than his twin in Pitt. who is now the every Yr. consensus guy for the Pro Bowl sort of like J.Long being the most voted for at LT after 09 were I felt the selection a bit overrated.

Sometimes you just have to develop guys like on the last page WHDP's posting about the OL in S.F. and how high they were all picked were he wondered were RG Alex Boone was picked and he was a FA player. I remember given NFL Net. had a segment 2 years ago about on the bubble FA rookie players and if they could make it were Boone and L.Blount (then in Tenn) as 2 of the guys followed. I agree with you about investing so much on the OL because sometimes you have to develop from within mixing solid blue collar types with above average in the endless mixing and matching that is the NFL CAP.

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