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My take on Ross, Wallace, Jennings, Bowe

As you know, Stephen Ross spoke on the state of the team Monday. And I came away from the talk absolutely certain that the Dolphins have some sort of plan for 2013 -- because the owner mentioned this plan half-a-dozen times.

But when I asked him what that plan is, I was disappointed to hear the answer Ross gave. 

No, as I write in my column in The Miami Herald today, I didn't intend to hear a blow-by-blow of what the Fins are about to do. I was, however, hoping for something beyond, "Win."

Frankly, I left Monday's talk not knowing if the Dolphins -- a team with approximately $46.8 million in salary cap space this offseason -- are expecting to be a big player in free agency or not.

In one breath, Ross said he'll pay whatever it takes to get a player. In the next breath he said free agency is not the answer. Sooo, the message was a little garbled.

I guess I'm just a poor immigrant that no understandy Inglich goot.

After writing my column Monday evening, I heard from a Dolphins employe in the know who told me the Dolphins will absolutely dive into free agency and happily pay top dollar for top-tier talent in free agency. He told me that is what Ross meant to say.

I hope that is true.

We'll see.

I hope the Dolphins pick the best deep-threat receiver in free agency and sign him. Yes, that to me would be Mike Wallace. (And yes, he drops some). But I like the idea of Miami not needing 14-play drives every time on offense to score touchdowns. This team needs a 50-, 60- and 75-yard bomb over the top of the defense every once in a while.

Explosive plays on offense make me write happy.

Most great teams have them.

The Dolphins have very few.

Mando unhappy with few.

Anyway, I suppose a guy like Greg Jennings is also a possibility, but while fans have a growing fascination with him, I'm not quite sure he's the deep threat Miami needs. Don't get me wrong, he's very good. If Miami cannot land Wallace, he's he next best answer.

If Miami lands Wallace and Jennings ... awesome.

But he would not be my priority. He'd be No. 2. He's older than Wallace by three years. He's going to be 30 next season. He's been injured. He's declined his last two years. And he'll be very expensive. So I see some red flags.

Yes, Wallace has some flags, too. But they blur to me as he's running a 4.3 past defenders. To me, he needs to be the UFA priority once free agency opens, assuming he's on the market.

Many of you also like Dwayne Bowe. Pass.

He's not a deep threat. He's also older than Wallace. He kind of reminds me of Brandon Marshall. And that didn't get the Dolphins in the playoffs.


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I say its time to pick/play to win now. Right now. I'm not sure how much impact any of these rookie WR's will make. If you can get a beast olineman, get one of the fa WR's, that will help us more now. Jerry may be a late bloomer like Soliai was, but if anything he is a good backup, nothing wrong with depth.

Wow! It look like Lovie Smith is getting ready to sign on as Philadelphia's new H.C. Very strange Off-Season were fired Coaches are getting picked up by other teams right away.

It's official RG3 has a torn MCL and LCL will undergo surgery and how stupid is Shannahan looking today. Not for the trade but in going make or break this Yr. with a team that wasn't S.B. ready anyway.

I don't see how anyone is still talking about Te'o in the first round. Alabama this, Alabama that...well guess what, he will face tougher opponents every week in the NFL. He is a college player, he''l be average at best in the NFL and I expect him to fall in the draft to the second or third round. It is easy to look good playing sissy's, but what about with the big boys? Now we know.

Shanny thought he could buy another ring with RG3. He needs that for his own credibility because it was the great Elway that gave Shanny his rings. Well, RG3 may never be the same, and he may never be durable enough to play a full season in the NFL. Shanny is looking like he wants to retire with another ring after all these years blanked. It won't happen. He is just another run of the mill coach.

I'm late to the party guys, but let me echo what I believe Mark and Rob from OC were saying a little earlier. I think Warmack is ALL THAT and more. This guy would INSTANLY upgrade the guard position on the team which is going to benefit our running game and Tannehill. Now I'm not saying this SHOULD be our pick. My first choice is pass rush and my second choice would be a trade back and few spots.

Only reason I think Warmack should be part of the equation would be if we add a guy like Wallace or Jennings in FA and if our pass rushers were gone byt the time 12 rolls around or if we were to add a pass rusher in FA. All of that would allow Marmack to be part of the answer at 12. I think WR is too high to pick a WR and I feel the same way about TE. I like Milliner a lot but not sure I want to CB at 12 either, so Warmack should be considered also.

Good points, guys....


I don't know if Teo falls that far....but it is highly probable he will be there when we pick....He still has the combine (which I believe ha now HAS to attend)....to raise his draft stock....

Rob in OC....

That was sarcasm....you called me on it....


Ok let's not go crazy a guard at 12 overall are you kidding it will be a pass rusher a cb or a wide out and you call Jeffey stupid this draft is getting deeper by the second a lot of depth this year

I'm not scouting players 40 hours a week. I'm not going to say who we should or shouldn't pick at 12. I am just going to say right or wrong, if Ireland takes OL with the first pick, it won't be popular with the fans, and it will be detrimental to ticket sales. We can't ignore these pressures exist.

One thing I will say...we have a nice handful of picks. This is a year to forget about trading down and pick quality, finally, for once and for all!

Poor rg3 but I saw this coming what a shame


I like T'eo but I was never onside with picking him at 12 anyways. To me picking the guard is a better pick and even that's like my 3rd or 4th option. T'eo, I believe, will be a very good player, but they said the same thing about Aaron Curry when he came out and he want 4th to Seattle. Not even sure he's there any more, is he?

This is a make or break offseason everyithing is set up for us nicely let's just hold our breathe on this

I like the pass rushers at no.12 if not a cb if not keenan Allen if not I don't know

Kris and Some of The Others,

Yes, We Need Play makers!! But Going For Need Over Value!! Only On Qb's and LB's! (Leaders Of Their Side Of The Ball!)

Dashi....Respectfully....this is the first part of you're plan.....and it it FUNDAMENTALLY flawed form the standpoint of it being OK to draft NEED over VALUE in LEADERSHIP positions.....that is a HUGE NO-NO imo.....these LEADERS need to be able to produce....so they LEAD not only with RANK of position....but by PRODUCTION ON THE FEILD.....

RG3...Wilson...and Luck were ALL voted TEAM CAPTAINS because they were LEADERS in the NFL @ there position.....

Tanne wasn't even considered a leader on his own team....and that could be because vets weren't even sure he was the best player @ his own position on the team.....

Mingo Montgomery or datrone jones that's what I'm talking about a true difference maker

Or maybe Werner

Curry was a bust. He was cut. Oakland picked him up and he only lasted a few weeks. So the scouts never know, no matter how much experience they have.

Pressure changes your opponent in many ways and it helps your secondary out big time

If no impact O weapon is added in FA (I believe we will and be one of the 1st to move on somebody) we better all hope Ireland doesn't reach on somebody at pick 12. The scariest part of the Off-Season for me would be to see us take the same approach (Parcells way) were we keep looking to build from the inside out looking to fill the skill players in later Rds. and agree that Sun Life will resemble a graveyard come next Season in that scenario. It's why I believe the pressure is there to make a FA impact for Ross.

Hartline And a 2nd Round Pick Will Do!! Even though Wallace Will Add a Nice Dynamic!!

Again Dashi....if we plan on going into the NEXT SEASON with Hartline as a #1....a 2nd rd pick who won't know the playbook until after the bye....and Bess......

The I guess we will be holding WR try outs until the last week of the regular season again....on its face it sounds WORSE to me than what we got now....Hartline is a square peg (#3 wr) that you are jamming into a round whole (#1 wr position)....that is much better suited for a dynamic receiver such as a Bowe,,,,Jennings...or Wallace....and not in that order.....

Well that's the mystery of the draft you just don't know

I prefer Jennings and hartline and bess then sign Dustin Keller and draft speed in round 2

i prefer wallace to begin with, then go from there

And On The TE! Same Thing!! Resign Fasano! Draft A Player!

Dashi.....imo...Fasano is the WORST starting TE in the league.....he does nothing for a rookie/struggling QB......

He can't get open.....in the event that he does get open...there is a high probability that he will bounce the ball off of his STONE hands,,,and a LB will pick it off for a pick 6.....the 2nd most likely thing that will happen is that he will flat-out drop the pass....and EVERY once in a while....he makes a highlight catch....but that is the ANOMLY...not the norm.....

Fasano is garbage...and every second he is on our team...the TE corps is worse for it.....

but we can thank Ireland for making that Tanne's #1 option @ TE.....and forcing our QB to play inside of a 20 yard box.....

Here is our recent history with speed receivers.

John Avery
Tedd Ginn
Edmund Gates


They still need to be FOOTBALL PLAYERS.

I would prefer a bigger running back at some point of the draft a real pile mover unlike reggie

Wallace is very appealing too

Raw speed is a misleading measurement. They need a quick break, they need to get off the jam, they need to run crisp routes...they don't need fancy 40 times.

Wow. Rob Ryan fired.

vinny sounds like a scapegoat to me, hes gonna go to jets now im guessing

There is NO DENYING the ability Warmack has at OG that said the comparison to the 49ers taking Lupati that high are fundamentally flawed given the circumstances. The 49ers made that move given they had one of the 3 best RB's in Football with F.Gore. Whose the power house RB we'd be looking to grab a pulling Guard for with a premium pick?? If we had Ricky Williams in his prime while adding a WR in FA then I get it but you can always grab Bama's Center B.Jones RD-2 and move him to Guard as well while addressing the pass rush in a deep D class in the draft.

no trading down and definitely no OL with the 12th. DE,CB or a WR. basically the best available in those positions. that will assure us a playmaker to start immediately. if you want to waste a pick, don't do it with ur #1. there are plenty of OL men in later rds. Two 2nd rounds, de and WR. I say this because CB will probable be our first pick( dee millner). WR is deep this yr and lots of talent in later rds. (patterson, hunter, ect...).


The Jets signed former Cowboys DB Dennis Thurman as their DC already and yes sounds like he was scapegoated in Dallas but probably turns up as DC in one of the newly open spots. If I were him I'd try and latch on with A.Reid in K.C. or wait out the new Coaching staff in Arz. given those teams are stacked with the talent he'll need to play his style of D.

dusty fanny, whose talking Jets?


I thought Rob Ryan under-perfomed immensely as a DC.....

aside from looking like a WWE wrestler (slightly younger Lou Albano).....it was largely believed that the Cowboys Talent was high....but the coaching was not matching....

I doubt he will be out of work long....

I consider this more of a warning shot.....shot directly over the bow of a one Coach Garrett......You sir are on notice....


The puke greeners dumped their entire Coaching staff so if twinie Rob is out in Dallas it would kind of make sense the Ryan boys would look to join up but not going to happen given former Dallas great Dennis Thurman got the gig from Rexy "feets" Ryan. Besides I don't think anybody really wants to be in N.Y. next Yr. with a little over 70 Mil tied up in 7 players there a mess we can at least enjoy to talk down about.

I expected PAT WHITE to be the dual-threat Russell Wilson and RGIII have turned out to be.

I've wondered what could have been if he was given another year. Maybe he would have gotten better or switched to another position. I still think it was a mistake cutting him.

All Cowboy coaches are on notice after their first season. Jones is ancy.

dusty I misunderstood your post.

fin my main concern is that the Jets will get the architect of the current 49'r roster.

It looks like Buffalo made a good hire. They skipped the media hype and found what they wanted.


Given Rob Ryan was minus his entire interior D (no DT and both MLB's for his 3/4 out) I don't see how you can lay the blame on anything outside of bad luck. I would also like to see the stat for most P.I. calls this Yr. because M.Claiborne must be at the top of the list struggling in man coverage but he was a rookie. If anything I guess Ryan is guilty of not adapting into more of a hybrid 4/3 to cover up those huge running lanes inside which did Dallas in more than anything. I could care less really one way or the other given I wasn't a fan of there Dad or now of them but if you look at the situation he was in the firing was a bit premature.

Good call fin...they suffered way too many key injuries. I don't think Garrett has it as an HC. Expect this to be his last year. Cowher for the first time in ages hinting he does intend to come back.


Perhaps his firing is premature.....but like you...I am not a fan of any of the Ryan Clan.....except maybe the dad...you gotta love a guy that UPSTAGED Mike Ditka @ his own Super Bowl win....

and to this day (is he still alive) refuses to make up with Ditka....

WWE wrestling man.....

Our team needs attitude. Screw milky Philbin cheese whiz and bring in Ryan to whip it up.

I am a Dolphins fan that lives in PA, and Wallace is not the answer. I have seen many of the Steelers games this year and he takes plays off, drops passes, and doens't like to go over the middle to catch balls. I think the Dolphins are in a good spot to take the #1 receiver in the draft this year. Bess has hit his ceiling so we still need another WR, so Bowe looks like the best option to me.

agree fin and dallas offense is a joke, never runs the ball ever. so many 3 and outs

game has passed cowher by. he waited to long,hope hes happy where hes at now


in the above post.....

I want to clarify that I am not ripping you're post.....I just disagree with them...

You may be on to something....and it is entirely possible that you are far more in-tune with Irelands thinking than I am....you being a supporter of his and all....

I am of the opinion that those moves you suggest keep us mired in mediocrity.....but I will concede any and all points that you may be right on....should they take place over the next few months....

Ross is not a football guy. Ross is a sports fan.

He has to rely on others for advice.

Leadership starts at the top, and he has none in the world of football.

Who did Buffalo hire ? The H.C. of Syracuse U down the road in up State N.Y. and that's a good hire a .500 Coach from some College team which hasn't been relevant since Donovan McNabb played there back in the 90's?? Nobody in there right mind wants to go there. Every player worth anything that ends up there leaves A.S.A.P.

BAD situation since FA rolled around in 93 and the team declined off it's peak Yrs. in a Franchise flirting with a move North of the boarder. It didn't work in the NBA and will have less success with the NFL. They have there own Football League over there and I don't think with all due respect to CANADIANS that alot of Pro Athletes not in the NHL want to relocate there.

fin4life marrone was a great hire at least on paper, huge upgrade over gailey. marrone is well respected around the league

Double the number of talent scouts for the draft.

Twice as many eyes should turn up something more than acorns.

and to this day (is he still alive) refuses to make up with Ditka....

WWE wrestling man.....

Kris | January 08, 2013 at 08:29 PM

I felt Buddy a bit of a blow hard. I did enjoy the punch he threw at the OC in Houston with the Oilers. I believe it was Kevin Gilbride, funny over the top WWE stuff for sure!

They did make up by the way at the teams 25 anniversary party for that S.B. Title. It was Ditka though who made the 1st move by admitting maybe they were better together than either new but saw them hug it out all smiles.

I am a Dolphins fan that lives in PA, and Wallace is not the answer. I have seen many of the Steelers games this year and he takes plays off, drops passes, and doens't like to go over the middle to catch balls.

chris | January 08, 2013 at 08:34 PM

Maybe so but I love those inside slants in traffic I've seen him turn into loooooong TD runs and he backs the Safety's up for sure besides not being a possession type over the middle I have seen him make those catches.

Glad to here that Fin4Life....

No point in taking that to they're graves.....

Both of those guys accompished quite a bit in the NFL...and the league is better for having made room for both of them.....

There was no better football than Buddy Ryan's Eagles against the Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys.....or even Eagles/Giants when Vie Sykahema was bunching the goal post....

No stupid defenseless receiver penalties....and no unnecessary roughing the QB.....just for sacking him....

Just great games....

fin4life marrone was a great hire at least on paper, huge upgrade over gailey. marrone is well respected around the league

dusty bottoms | January 08, 2013 at 08:43 PM

I really don't know a great deal about him except he was with the Saints under S.Peyton for a while their pickings were slim though given I don't think alot of Coaches covet that particular job.

I don't think Garrett has it as an HC. Expect this to be his last year.

Vinny | January 08, 2013 at 08:26 PM

He's a product of the good old boy network with former Dallas legends like Aikman always singing his praises about the great young mind he is along with Irvin on NFL Net ect...

Also for some reason you always here it on Fox with JJ as well and believe alot of it lends weight to Garrett.


I also like the Marrone hire in Buffalo. I didn't know this guy but I've read up on him a bit and I've heard him in interviews and he's very impressive. The guy's a disciplinarian and has had success everywhere he's gone. Yes the Orangemen were only 25-25 in his four years there but prior to him going there they won 10 games in FOUR years. Sounds like he wants Pete Carmichael from NO as his OC and Pettine from the Jets as his DC. If they can find their QB, improve their OL and add another WR opposite Stevie Johnson, look out. They could be back in a big way! They also have to figure out how to get the players on defence to play a LOT better. Lots to be done but I think the Marrone hire will prove to be a good one, just as the Philbin hire will prove to be a good one here.

Your move Jets.....

Just great games....

Kris | January 08, 2013 at 08:57 PM

Classics for sure Kris! Buddy telling the media to inform JJ there were no more East Carolina's on the schedule was funny and of course the infamous head hunting game. That entire Div. in the era was fun to watch.

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