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No. 1 Dolphins free agent must re-sign? Brian Hartline

The most important Dolphins free agent for the team this offseason? You could argue Randy Starks. Some believe it is Jake Long, although I totally disagree there. Other think Sean Smith, although I see him as very inconsistent and wonder how he'll react to getting paid.

Nope, I believe it's receiver Brian Hartline.

As I write in my column in Sunday's Miami Herald, the Dolphins cannot have a second consecutive season in which they lose wide receiver talent. They need to add at that position and, frankly, Hartline is a certainty while players such as Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings are not.

The fact is neither we nor the Dolphins know exactly what will become of Wallace and Jennings before free agency begins. Yes, they're slated to be UFAs. Yes, they would add talent to Miami's needy offense.

But we cannot be certain they'll be available because free agency doesn't begin until the middle of March. And teams have a window during which they can sign their own free agents. And most good teams don't lose their good players.

So no one knows if Wallace or Jennings will be availabe. The Dolphins do know Hartline is a good player and is available now. My column lets Hartline talk about his feelings on returning to Miami and how he'd feel if the Dolphins don't re-sign before the start of free agency.

Hartlne, by the way, agrees with me that Miami can't be losing WR talent and hoping to get better. 

“As a football guy, to get rid of your leading receiver in back-to-back years. I think that would be tough," he told me. "It’s tough to do. And I understand, they’re in a tough situation and I’m not in a position to say how to do it. I don’t do that. That’s not my job. But that’s hard to do as a franchise if you want to build something. If it costs a little more than you expected, well, that’s the nature of the NFL sometimes.”

A lot of fans often get caught up in the free agency trap of arguing about what a player is not. We all know Hartline is not a No. 1 receiver.

But good teams focus on what players are. Hartline is a good No. 2 wide receiver and if he's you're No. 3 you have a stellar WR corps.

What else is Hartline?

He can play any WR position because he knows them all. He's good in the locker room. He isn’t high-maintenance. Yes, he had one instance where he got frustrated with a coach who was asking him what he saw on the field and because he had already explained himself previously and still the ball wasn’t coming to him, Hartline shut down and simply didn’t talk.

But that was one passing moment this year. He doesn’t jack up the quarterback on the sideline. He doesn’t threaten to punch coaches if they don’t get him the ball, as one previous Dolphins receiver did in 2010.

“I was wrong but you have to let how to handle it,” Hartline said. “I understand now that  I was acting hard-headed because it was a game situation. I was frustrated. It happened once because it’s a passionate sport. But it won’t happen again. It was wrong because you need to learn how to handle it. I didn’t blow up on anybody but wasn’t helping anybody so I’ve learned from that.”

Hartline wants to be signed by the time free agency opens. The ball is in Miami's court. Once free agency begins the ball is in Hartline's court.

“You know, I tell you what, if I do go elsewhere, I’ll tell you what I told Jeff [Ireland]: If we get to free agency, as much as you guys interview me, I’m going to be interviewing you," Hartline said. "Like we’re 7-9. How do you see us getting better? I want to know, too. I want to win. I need to win. That’s what I’d do with other teams, too. I’m going to interview them as much as they want to interview me.

“I want to see myself buying into wherever I see myself at – here, there, wherever. Once I buy in, I’m all in. I want don’t want to be doubting people. I know there are trusts that build over time. But as much as they’re buying into me, I’m buying into you.”

Whatever happens -- whether Miami signs Hartline before free agency or not -- the receiver understands the next couple of months will be busy.

“It’s going to hectic," he said. 





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Kris, I'm not sure how old you are but from where I sit 22 year olds aren't grown a%$ men, far from it. He just started paying his own bills this year and he's one year removed from going to rally parties at sorority houses.

I see a kid who wants to say all of the right things. He wants to play the part. He brought out all of the old tired cliches these coaches beat into their heads. "You're not injured, just hurt", "you play unless you can't walk". Fine for a vet who already made his money. For a rookie who is counting on an average of 7 years playing time to take care of him for the rest of his life it's just bs. He is trying to do and say all of the right things because he has heart but also wants to make an impression.

IMO if Brady, Brees, Manning, etc were ever injured so badly they couldn't walk they would take themselves off the field because they have enough experience to know that they will hurt their team by staying. If RG 3 is too young and inexperienced to know that the coaches should be protecting him.

But I will say he should have known better I guess. I concede that part of it and I place blame fully on RG and Shannahan. After all RG lied as well (It looks like he told Shanny the doc said it was allright and Shanny never checked with Andrews because he trusted what RG was saying.

Phins 78....

believe what you're eyes tell you....

Posted by: ALoco | January 07, 2013 at 02:16 PM

This makes no sense at all. LMAO

Hey "Aloco" what is your opinion on the RG3 debate? Can you chime in with a post that is more than two sentences long? Do you have that much brain power or is that not what this character does? Hey bring out one of your different names and chime in. This character is boring.

Does anyone else think Eva Mendes is s e x y, jeez I would love to stick my hotgog in her bun. Seriously..

Yeah,,,,lol,,, to white guys who may not know this. Every black person that exists does not grow up in a ghetto. smh


It looks to me that RGIII is one of those athletes who wants to play regardless of his physical condition. As a fan and teamate you have to admire that. But for a team that gave up FOUR high draft picks for the right to draft this kid I think they should be more cautious and do more to protect their investment. If they're not careful they're going to break the kid and then what?

I would say if they don't have confidence in Cousins to play, then why is he the team's backup? To me it looks like one bad decision after another from Shanahan. As someone who's never been a fan of the guy I can't say that this bothers me.


Well, youre not going to get one of the two top 5 rated draft picks in Jones or Moore. If you have concerns about the 2nd rated DE in this draft going bust. The why in all hell would want to draft any rated lower than him?

If Im a gm, if I missed on a draft pick, I would rather fly out at the warning track, swinging for the fences. Than grounding out on a slow roller to 1st base in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs trailing by one.

At least its a far more exciting out. LOL...

Clue actually I know what is going on behind the scenes so no, I don't find her sexy! All I can think about is the hair that she must have in places you don't want women to have hair. She's a very hairy girl, not my cup of tea!


The blame lays with both of them imo....

I said earlier today that I didn't have a definitive opinion on the subject...and that was because I didn't feel I had enough information....

I read you're post....and let that swirl around....

I have listened to former players ALL DAY...and I hae let that swirl around....

Lavar Arrington seems to have combined the two school's f thought in a way that makes the most sense to me....and that's why I will lay the blame @ both of their feet....

RG3 has already injured that knee TWICE....

He needs to take responsibilty for his safety @ some point....

If Washington would have won, Would this arugument be taking place?
I think not..

Posted by: ( . ) ( . ) MaGee | January 07, 2013 at 02:26 PM


Vontae had a good game. But what unusual about him having good games late in the year. He did the same in Miami.

It takes Vontae nearly half a season just to get in shape. Vontae thinks training camp is where you first begin to get in shape. Not the offseason.

Thats why his a s s is out of here. The kid has serious maturity issues.


I think you're trying to make it sound like draft of these kids is an exact science. It's not. I've seen a guy like T'eo mocked as high as three and as kow as twenty. This stuff isn't etched in stone.

It's part of the reason that Willis was drafted at 11 and maybe a better example, a guy like Ray Lewis feel to 26th.

I don't believe you can just read down the list and be confident you've got it right. You need to trust your eyes and gut and find out what these guys are like when it comes to things like character and work ethic. It's why I'm glad they are doing it and not us.

Yes t would Magee...

Because....like I said EARLIER....

If the SKINS had won....who was gonna play QB next week....

SO ES...without a DOUBT this conversation takes place....


Also, imo, if Vontae didnt seem so "irreversebly immature". I believe he could "easily" be a top 3-4 best corner in the entire league.

Tons a natural talent being guided by a microscopic b-b sized brain. Unbelievable!


By the way, if you watched the game yesterday, you saw Vontae miss an INT he should made in enemy territory. Looked like the same old Vontae to me.

Not as bad as the one Ray Lweis missed but still significant.

Of course when I was in Miami I dated a girl with the same last name, she had some hair in places that were unacceptable to my tastes. I broke up with her 2 weeks in because I couldn't get over it. It was like an episode of Seinfeld. So now I am biased and not objective. Eva could be hairless, don't let me ruin it for you Clue! Unless you're into that then it's all good ;)

Thats why his a s s is out of here. The kid has serious maturity issues.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 07, 2013 at 02:36 PM

Just Like Sean, Hopefully they dont reward this guy with some type of Money, The guy dropped like 15 Intercepections(Right in his hands) over the past 2 seasons.
Just saying..


I dont understand. Now I agree ablout a pass rusher and now you want to guess about taking one under the guy thats possibly available when we draft.

Wow, even in agreeing with you it turns debate. LOL...

Im back to trading down and drafting Eiffert 1st rd. Its too difficult to agree with you. LOL..

What's up losers?

Kris I definitely agree with you. I misread your first post, blame lies with both of them definitely.

Once again when Ireland lowballs a free agent, and the player signs with a winner instead for more money, Ireland did not help the team all he did was jerkoff. We still have the need but now there is one less player available.



what do you mean whats up youve been here the whole time.


78... Really????

PHINS 78....





If they dont resign Smith, I wouldnt be surprised if they just went with Marshall and Patterson, since both make starter grade money. Then Ireland adds a acorn who's had some starter experience before.

You know, kinda of like what he did in bringing Marshall and Patterson here. LOL...

Vontae Davis had 3 ints this year. Our leading CB (Smith) had 2.
Davis wasn't traded because he can't play.
Davis was traded because he wasn't going to re-siogn here and so PHILBIN (not Ireland) said, 'Well let's trade him and get something for him'.



Troll Hunter,
I have been in here most everyday since 2008.
I always enter the room with the same greeting:
What's Up Losers?

One of the guys I'd at least be interested in is DeAngelo Hall of the 'skins, if he becomes available. Not saying he's the answer and definitely not saying I'd offer him a big contract but this guys has played well lately for the 'skins. Bit up and down and a bit of a nut off the flied sometimes but the guy does have some talent.

He's due to make $7.5 mil next year for the 'skins. I don't see the 'skins paying him that kind of money. He's a guy I'd at least be interested in talking to, as a replacement for Smith.

WHDP, not to put too fine a point on it, but do you REALLY think Ireland will or should be dismissed for anything next season short of the team making the playoffs (and of course bigger gaffs than we've seen or criminal offenses)? And if the team makes the playoffs, why on earth would he be dismissed?

V. Davis gives us the FINGER again....



Try this one..

Vontae Davis had 3 ints this year. Our leading CB (Smith) had 2.
Davis wasn't traded because he can't play.
Davis was traded because he wasn't going to re-siogn here and so PHILBIN (not Ireland) said, 'Well let's trade him and get something for him'.


Really??? That's why they traded him??? B/c he wasn't going to re-sign here???

Obviously you have no memory of Vontae being demoted as a starter in training camp. It sounds ridiculous now b/c he's a better player than both Smith & Marshall but obviously the coaching staff didn't want him there. Perhaps it was b/c he's immature. Perhaps it was b/c he's an idiot. Take your pick.

Oh God MaGee! First off look at her shoulders. She's pulling them back to hide her pancake boobs. She has her shoulders all the way back and they are still flopping! Secondly that picture is airbrushed and they still couldn't hide those meant curtains that if any bigger would look like a penis!

LOL. I'm sure she's a nice girl, my wife is much hotter imo :)

I meant,,,,,meat curtains.


Great point! We would have been looking at resigning Davis and Smith. Throw in the immaturity issues and Ireland now looks genius for the move.

Plus we all know that it takes Vontae half a season to get into real shape. Then he'll give the usual 2-3 ints a year. His high in picks here was 3. So what he did in Indy is right on target to where he always is.

Wait until he gets to Indy in camp this year out of shape. Then they meet the real Vonte Davis. LOL...

Shanahan traded a lot to get Champ Bailey in Denver. He likes to have a dominant shut-down corner and that is what Deangelo Hall is.
Clever businessman that Ireland is I expect Jeff would make a lowball offer and then watch Deangelo sign with a winner for more money.
Nice idea though.

Looks like a runway with a muddy bog at the end of it down there.

Craig M....

I have been watching this Angelo Hall since I moved here...

The only way you want Angelo Hall is if you want to be pi$$ed off every Sunday...and then want to come on here and complain about our secondary being torched....

The running Joke in DC is....

They call him Angelo Hall...cause there is NO "D"....

Gotta go guys, thanks for the good conversation and the laughs! Peace


Fair enough. You might well have a valid point there. I just know he played VERY well against Dallas a couple of weeks ago and seemed to play well yesterday too. Don't believe he's that old yet and assuming the money were right, he'd be a decent substitute for Smith.

Not only that Craig M....

But when things are going bad....Hall is among the 1st players to hit the LOCAL AIR WAVES to throw the coaching staff under the bus....

Hemay not be a Locker room cancer...cause he doesn't have that kinda talent....

he is definetly a disrupter of team chemistry....

Davis and BM were both traded because they weren't going to re-sign here.
Prior to Philbin showing up we were getting nothing for players that we had drafted.
I see this as an improvement.
Do you think Long, Smith, Hartline, Starks will re-sign here?
Why would they?
The quality of life? The lack of crime, noise, filth and grafitti? Or is the winning tradition?
Let's face it for people with money to burn Miami is a nice place to visit in the high dollar areas.
Other than that no one wants to live here.
The people that live here don't even want to live here.
AAsk anyone what they would do if they won the lotto and the first answer is move.


We lose a "6TH RD PICK" because Vonte didnt play 65% of the Colts defensive snaps.

No biggie at all. Where Indy sits in the draft, it would have been a glorified "7TH RD PICK" anyway. Odds are that this draft pick would have been on the practice squad at best anyway.

No biggie at all.


Thanks. Good perspective.

I agree YG....

Its really a non-story.....

Just thought I would toss it out....and I'm sure Vontae may take some pride in knowing he cost us a pick.....

Craig M....

You are right ina way tho...

Since the Skins winning streak....Hall's play has improved....the entire defensive unit has....

but I think in the long term....he is a TOAST SANDWICH waiting to happen....



Phins78, Just back from lunch.. Hairy!? Did you get that from just watching her on TV, I havent notice her to be any hairer than a regular chick on TV.


Im from Miami, but wouldnt really want to live there. If I won the powerball lottery it would be Palm Beach for me.

Still considered "the greater Miamt area" but only 45 minutes away. I would still spend lots of time in Miami. I just no longer want to live there. Palm Bch would be my perfect "medium".

LOL At 78...
YOu go Booooooy.

Miami is a great place to live. Its beautiful compared to the frigid freezing north.

WHDP, not to put too fine a point on it, but do you REALLY think Ireland will or should be dismissed for anything next season short of the team making the playoffs (and of course bigger gaffs than we've seen or criminal offenses)? And if the team makes the playoffs, why on earth would he be dismissed?


I don't think we'll make the playoffs next year. You look at WR, TE, RB, CB, DT, DE, etc. & this team is not as close as some people think. We're going to lose seven starters to FA & although I only think Hartline truly deserves a new contract--losing that many starters is difficult to replace.

Yes we have $45 Million in cap space but who knows how the money will be used & what holes will still remain??? Right now our RB's are Daniel Thomas & Lamar Miller. Our TE's are Clay who just underwent surgery & Egnew. Our two best WR's are Bess & Matthews. Our best CB barley played this year & the rest of our CB's are a f#cking joke.

And yes...We have 11 draft picks but draft picks are only as good as the players you get. We traded two 3rd rounders for Marshall & so far we used one on Egnew. I'm sorry but picks like that are not going to get this team to the next level.

Kris@3:01, I agree; it looked yesterday that he might start an on-field fight with his own team mate when the guy was just trying to get him away from starting trouble with some Seahawks. What a knucklehead. Definitely not Philbin type.


The thing about Hall is he ALWAYS gets INTs, ALWAYS! Of course, he ALWAYS gets beat too (kind of like Assante). So it just matters what's more important to you. A guy who plays conservatively, and doesn't get turnovers, or a guy who gets beat a lot but also has some turnovers.

Right now, we have CBs that take chances, get beat and don't get any turnovers. So I'd take a Hall-type player as an upgrade.

BUT, I wouldn't take Hall, because of the other things Kris said (he's a cancer in the locker room, hothead on the field). And he's old. AND, worst of all, he went to Va Tech, which I can never ascribe to (being a Wahoo).

Oh God MaGee! First off look at her shoulders. She's pulling them back to hide her pancake boobs. She has her shoulders all the way back and they are still flopping! Secondly that picture is airbrushed and they still couldn't hide those meant curtains that if any bigger would look like a penis!
LOL. I'm sure she's a nice girl, my wife is much hotter imo :)
Posted by: Phins78 | January 07, 2013 at 02:54 PM

A big NO on Hall for me. The guy is a cancer. There's a reason he's called MeAngelo Hall.

We Have Draft Picks

I've seen this error a lot on this site and I just wanted to correct it. The third round pick we got for Marshall for this year we used on Olivier Vernon not Egnew. I know it doesn't matter much, just makes feel a little better about the whole thing when the trolls come around.

1.resign hartline
2.sign UFAs CB Darius Butler, FS Jarius Byrd and DE Micheal Bennett. This does two things. improves the defense, improves the ability to get turnovers, and allows Miami to let starks go , moving Odrick where he belongs to DT and allows Miami to use Draft picks on offense. One of the ways to improve your offense is to get the ball back for your QB. More series more chances.
3. allow Long Smith Starks Clemons,Bush to walk.
Big plays dont just come from the passing game. Lamar Miller can be that big play player also and at times this offense was stymied bc everything had to go thru Bush first and yes he was our best playmaker but no one else was able to develope bc of it.
4.Draft OG Warmack first. Yeah yeah i know another OL? Theres no stud WR to take at 12, we dont need more picks so trading down doesnt help either. Why not get the best OG prospect in past ten yrs and REALLY help Miller become a big time threat? Hes also adept at zone blocking that rewquires moving that Incognito isnt able to do. and hes proven his ability against the best including Georgias DL that has two first rd LBs and 2 first rd DT.
5. darft Corderelle Patterson with first 2nd rd pick. Most dynamic WR in the draft.
6. draft Deandre Hopkins with the 2nd pick in the 2nd rd. proved he produces in the clutch and in big games 3rd and 16 in the bowl game vs top defense LSU.
7.Draft the next best available OT with first pick in the 3rd rd in case Garner doesnt pan out.
8. Draft Fla. TE jordan Reed with 2nd 3rd rd pick. led gators in receptions with a crappy QB and has A. Hernandez athleticism. Exactly what we need.

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